Don’t blow my house up, bro

When I saw a few weeks ago that a Muslim rapper had put out a dis record going at hipster rappers, partly because he was pissed at those dumbass scarfs they wear around their necks, of course I found it somewhat amusing.

After all, it involved two groups that lend themselves quite nicely to my brand of stereotype humor.

If it involved a single rapper I gave a shit about, I probably would have done a story on it. But, alas, it didn’t.

However, I had to go in the other day, when a guy sent me a copy of “Lesson C,” this guy named Mic Terror’s response to  Mazzi’s “Lesson A.”

(At some point in time or another, there was a “Lesson B,” involving Q-Tip, but I don’t care enough about hip-hop to figure out what it has to do with the price of tea in China. Sue me.)

Mic Terror wasn’t actually named in “Lesson A” (who even knew there was such a pesron?), but he’s from Chicago and he wears tight pants, so you can see why he might have had an issue.

“Lesson C” basically consists of a bunch of hilarious anti-Arab slurs, which, as I mentioned in the post I ended up doing on it, was perhaps not the most creatively impressive tack for a dis record, but damn it if it didn’t being one of the more humorous dis records I’ve heard in a minute anyway.

You know the old saying about people who live in glass houses, which of course is just gonna be compounded in a childish-ass genre such as hip-hop. As I mentioned in my post on “Lesson C,” it’s not like Nas won his battle with Jay-Z because he brought up a bunch of good points in “Ether.”

Speaking of classic dis records, Mazzi (one wonders if he’s familiar with the group Mazzy Star) actually went so far as to pull the classic Company Flow “Linda Tripp” maneuver on Mic Terror for his response to “Lesson C,” “Class Dismissed.”

(My bad if you’re a young kid, and hence have no idea what I’m talking about, or why a rap group would name a song “Linda Tripp.” Maybe try Wikipedia.)

Mazzi somehow got Mic Terror’s phone number and called him up. (Word on the street is that he lives at home with his mom.) To Mic Terror’s credit he didn’t actually confess over the phone that he thinks Mazzi is dope and that he only dissed him because he wanted to be down with him. Nah, Mazzi’s just not a good enough rapper for that kind of thing. But Mic Terror does come off a little bit soft.

For what it’s worth though, you get the idea there was a genuine fear this guy Mazzi might try to blow up his house or some shit. If you listen to the phone call, Mic Terror is basically playing it cool until Mazzi is like, “I got your phone number, I can get your address.” At which point Mic Terror is like, “Whoa, hold on a sec, bro! I was just fucking around on the Internets.”

At one point, I think he even says something to the effect of, “You don’t have to take it to the level of threatening people.” Which would suggest to me that he viewed this guy calling his house talking about how he’s got his address as out of bounds. Where as, when Mic Terror was talking about shooting Mazzi in the head in, “Lesson C,” he obviously just meant that metaphorically – because it’s in a song, natch.

As far as the rest of the song goes, there wasn’t a whole lot that struck me one way or another. It’s definitely not the kind of dis record that could stand on its own as any kind of strong statement sans the phone call tacked onto the beginning of it.

Two things I did notice: a) I could be mistaken (sometimes I have a hard time deciphering rap lyrics, because I’m not really black), but it sounds like Mazzi made a reference to the gay parade. Did he just reference and/or rip off Eli Porter, and if so, what does that mean? and b) I like how Mazzi says he’s gonna use Mic Terror’s tactics against him, but then he specifically avoids anything that has to do with Mic Terror’s race.

What do you sensitive Muslims think? I thought this was one of the more interesting rap battles I’ve heard in a minute, but I know both times I’ve posted about it on my own site, people threw all kinds of bitchfits, talking about how no one gives a shit, and then of course trying to turn it around on me. That’s just because none of these guys are famous right, and people go on the Internets to see pictures of famous people, which comfort them, right? Speak on it.

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  • westernbeef

    Mic Terror really played himself! For real!

  • B

    Damn, Mic Terror, how you gonna go out like that? You need to paste a link where I can find this conversation. The way I’m imagining it is already hilarious… “Hello, can I please speak to Mic Terror?” “O, just one second… BOBBY, some guy named Mazzi is on the line…” “Don’t trip mom, I’ll get it on the basement phone…”

    Mic Terror, you lose.

  • The Spaniard

    Company Flow “Linda Tripp”

    “I don’t want beef with you guys…I LOVE Company Flow!”

    “I don’t even know you dude.”


    • Liam


      “i feel like Selina, the preident of my fan club is trying to kill me”

      • LowEndofDaChi

        lol, one of the best diss records ever

        Ahhh, the Napster days

  • og bobby j

    muslim rap beef….what is going on these days….hip hop is offically dead when you cant skateboard in some 4th grade girl jeans past the raggy bubble head beanpie man without a conflict…..

  • henry

    i was born in 1990 so someone explain the company flow thing and Bol how come on ur myspace it says ur spanish

    • Bol

      I’m not hispanic per se, but I’m filled with lust and machismo.

  • Jungle

    Mic Terror’s diss was way better. F whatever else anybody has to say

  • chad bro chill

    woahhh there mis terror’s jeans are wayyyy too tight i bet he tucks his dick between his legs (no homo) and puts his balls on either side to make a division sign (nullus)

    • Capital G

      What? A fuckin’ division sign?! I can’t stop laughing at that shit. Something is wrong with you homie, that’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard.(God bless this man’s sense of humor)

  • fredMS (sensitive muslim)

    fuck a hipster and his scarf.

  • thoreauly77

    um, i havent heard that yet so i can’t say, but the mic terror diss was terrible.

  • pimptrickgangsterclick

    picture of Mazzi with Ahmadinejad = classic

    After taking a look at his crew, I must admit that I too am a shook one.

  • Detroit P

    I thought the basis(other than the Arab slurs) of mic Terrors Diss, was that Mazzi should kill himself..not that he was gonna kill Mazzi..but either way..both disses weren’t really that good..but Mic Terror did sound really weak..i don’t kno who to give the L to…so I’ll take it..I mean I did waste my time watching the videos

  • Incilin

    This must be the corniest beef I ever heard of. Sound like some Myspace shit. Sound like some 8th grade rappers beefing with each other.

  • ty from linden blvd

    i was browsing thry and came across both videos.the only reason why i watched either video was because i recognized that kid mazzzi’s face from some of those hip hop on demand rap battles.

    both tracks were wack.shits lost and forgotten case closed.

  • ty from linden blvd

    rofl @ “don’t blow my house up bro”