Did Iron Man Get Ghost With Tony Starks…

I am going to see the ‘Iron Man’ movie tonight anyway despite the fact that its being reported that John Favreau, the filmamker, cut out the cameo of the Wu-Tang’s best emcee. What the fuck is that about? This is another case of Hip-Hop using its influence to introduce shit to a new generation and the people that profit from that shit still throw Hip-Hop under the bus. The dude from Audioslave, Tom Morello, still has a cameo in the film though. SO maybe Hip-Hop wins by default?


I campaigned hard to see Ghostface in this movie. Sure enough, he ends up on the soundtrack. Bollocks! This movie better be so tight that I don’t miss having big Ghost get his props for making the Iron Man franchise feasible.

I haven’t heard anything about the movie from Ghost one way or the other. Big Ghost had no problem throwing ’8 Diagrams’ under the bus because he didn’t like the way he was used on that project. In all honesty, if Ghostface said some sideways shit about this movie he might get blacklisted by Hollywood so I don’t blame him for not speaking out. Maybe his acting really sucked too.

I don’t think Ghostface is as good an actor as Tupac was. Keep in mind that Tupac was reciting Shakespeare since junior high school. Tupac was born to be an actor. His problem was that he started to really believe he was that nigga from the ‘Juice’ movie. By the way, ‘Juice’ is the greatest Hip-Hop feature film of all time. All these other movies are just swagger jacks of ‘Juice’.

I’ll let you fools know what is up with this ‘Iron Man’ movie and whether we should protest because Ghostface Killah was left out. Listen, people have all these Sean Bell signs left over so we might as well get our protest on for something.

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  • dj ashy fingerz

    I saw it on the deuce on tuesday..it was better than I was expecting…but I was hoping to see ghost too. Don’t remember Tom Morello either.. And of your boy Favreau put himself in the flick

  • Larry Brite

    Ghost might sill be in it – Favreau let the critics see the real movie but left the extras for the movie released on friday (or whenever)

    If ghost did get cut (out the movie) than he’s deff. on the soundtrack

    i got that from mtv.com – makes sence too (the news)

  • http://www.rockthedub.com khal

    glad someone else understands the greatness that is Juice.

    that nigga name was G.Q.

    • ga_finest08

      Pac’s character in the movie was Bishop, and the best scene;

      Bishop: U got to get the ground beneath yo feet, the wind behind yo back, otherwise u ain’t shit.
      G.Q.: U trying to trying to tell me I ain’t shit?
      Bishop: I ain’t trying to tell u shit!, I TELL YO MAMA U AINT SHIT!


  • Brixxxx

    At least we still have those 30 Rock Cameos. He killed on that ‘Muffin Top’ joint.

  • Lil Danzig

    And Donaughey kinda rhymes with ‘party’, which is cool…

  • Pierzy

    “Juice” will always be the greatest hip-hop film of all time… “Know The Ledge” just solidifies it.

    Anyway, Ghost is a wild dude. I saw Wu in Atlantic City last week (even better than expected) and, after waiting 2+ hours, they came out. Well, five of them came out, but eventually they all came out minus RZA & Meth. Anyway, Ghost was on stage at the start but after about 10 minutes, he bounced and never returned. Not even Raekwon (who is becoming the definite leader of the latter-day Wu) had a clue where Tony was – anytime it was his verse they looked for him to come back and when he didn’t, they (and the crowd) did it for him. Maybe this is what happened in the movie…he just walked away in the middle of the scene… Would it really surprise you?

  • The Spaniard

    “By the way, ‘Juice’ is the greatest Hip-Hop feature film of all time.”

    Very true.

    Here is my artistic masterpiece…

    “Juice: The Spaniard’s Directors Cut”

    “Q, we’re going to rob old man Quilles tonight”

    “Yeah? Good luck with that fellas. I’ll be at my fine ass girlfriends house laying plenty of pipe. And after that, I’ll be spinning at a local DJ contest earning some cash. I hope you three morons don’t get raped in jail, or killed like Blizz…dummies.”

    fade to black…roll credits…

  • Malik C.

    Stay after the credits to see Samuel L. Jackson. He was cut, but if you know comic books then you should already know who he plays.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com jackpot

    I don’t know, Billy. I wish Ghost was in the flick, but I don’t feel any way about his cameo being cut. I just hope the flick lives up to the Marvel cartoon. Fingers crossed.

  • tony starks

    in an enemy land..”aahhh just by destroying starks interprise we could cripple thier national defence system so you proffesor Venkrol the worlds greatest expert on electricity must device the destruction of starks mighty gaurdian IRON MAN”.

  • http://www.ronmexicocity.com ron mexico

    they did use ghost for the background music/video that stark and rhodes were gettin twisted to on the private jet.

    but i too was waiting for a full-on ghost cameo.

    the movie was still hella dope, tho.

    • ill G

      hahaha u said “hella”

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  • http://msn.com byrd

    i want the track that tony and rhodes are riding out to on the plane but its not on the soundtrack i rolled the credits to get the songs name and ghostface and that beat with that flow