I can't figure you folks out sometimes. You act like you give a fuck and respect other countries like Africa, but you won't listen to any music by rappers from Africa. I think y'all are full of shit. Africa is hard fucking body. I think y'all are scared to fuck with African music because y'all are bitchmade.

This made me wonder though why no rappers have used the name of African despots as their stage name. Okay, that isn't entirely true on a technicality since Tragedy does go by the name Kadafi. And Derek X calls himself Sadat X at times. Northern Africa is really the Middle East now so I don't consider that to be part of Africa anymore.

I want to see some rapper call themself Idi Amin, or Mugabe. How hardbody is the name Mugabe? That shit starts with the word 'mug'. How sick would a rapper be if he called himself 'AIDS'? No I mean, how sick would he have to be? AIDS ain't no joke in Africa. Awww, who are we kidding? No one will listen to some gatdamn African rapper because they will only rhyme about civil war, the diamond trade, drought and colonialism. Who cares about that?

The Soundscan numbers are in and the Roots have sold two billion albums in their first week. They even beat out 'Iron Man' as the most popular media event of the past seven days. No matter how many records the Roots actually sold they are winning with the videos they released for the album. The songs are dope and the production values for the videos are relatively modest considering the videos look as good as they do. Music videos didn't kill the production of albums, but a good video can make a great album even stronger. I hope the Roots get a Grammy for 'Rising Down'.

Whoever is talking about releasing 'The Cater III' in June should reconsider. If they pushed it back until August I bet they could make at least one great video to launch that record. I mean a really good video. Hire that Chinese Korean Mexican cat that did the Roots recent videos and go down to New Orleans and shoot some footage of Wayne walking through the Ninth Ward. That place is still as fucked up as some some places in Africa.

Can we all agree for overall hardbody status that Africa > Haiti > Detroit > New Orleans > Camden, NJ? Top five isn't bad at all.