While I don't consider myself one of those dudes who laments the past, it's pretty interesting to me how beatmakers go through these periods where it seems like they're on every album, and then they disappear for a while. Obviously this is a business, and you're workload and output will be affected largely but who's picking your tracks and who wants to pay for what, but still, some dudes seem like they've just flat out disappeared. Now I'm not claiming to be some all-knowing walking discography for hip-hop producers, so if someone is on this list and is doing something or has done something RECENTLY on an album that you know of, post it in the comments. Because I'm honestly interested in knowing just what the hell some of these producers are up to. Also, for the East Coast producers on the list, is the decline of New York rap to blame for these dudes all but disappearing?

1) Bink- I know he did something on Freeway's Free At Last album, but has there been anything else?
2) Nashiem Myrick- caught myself listening to "T.O.N.Y." last night and had a "where the fuck is this guy?" moment.
3) Charlemagne- last seen contributing to Cam'Ron's Killa Season album
4) Tye Fyffe- Brought 50 Cent "Straight To The Bank," then went straight into hiding
5) Clark Kent- is he too busy being a DJ to actually make any beats?
6) Ayatollah- he did a track on the EMC album that just dropped independently, but before that it'd been years since I heard an Ayatollah joint.
7) Battlecat- anyone know what he's up to?
8) Buckwild- I thought he'd never make this list, because he was the king of sneaking on people's albums. It's been a whille though.
9) Dan The Automator- last seen producing video game soundtracks.
10) The Heatmakerz- Seems like when that sped-up soul sample shit went out of style, so did they.

This is just the start of the list. Next week will be another installment. And it's no offense to these guys, I'm just really baffled as to how people fall off the radar, whether it be by their own choice, or the way the current of the music business is swinging.