2008′s “Where Are They Now?” List

While I don’t consider myself one of those dudes who laments the past, it’s pretty interesting to me how beatmakers go through these periods where it seems like they’re on every album, and then they disappear for a while. Obviously this is a business, and you’re workload and output will be affected largely but who’s picking your tracks and who wants to pay for what, but still, some dudes seem like they’ve just flat out disappeared. Now I’m not claiming to be some all-knowing walking discography for hip-hop producers, so if someone is on this list and is doing something or has done something RECENTLY on an album that you know of, post it in the comments. Because I’m honestly interested in knowing just what the hell some of these producers are up to. Also, for the East Coast producers on the list, is the decline of New York rap to blame for these dudes all but disappearing?

1) Bink- I know he did something on Freeway’s Free At Last album, but has there been anything else?
2) Nashiem Myrick- caught myself listening to “T.O.N.Y.” last night and had a “where the fuck is this guy?” moment.
3) Charlemagne- last seen contributing to Cam’Ron’s Killa Season album
4) Tye Fyffe- Brought 50 Cent “Straight To The Bank,” then went straight into hiding
5) Clark Kent- is he too busy being a DJ to actually make any beats?
6) Ayatollah- he did a track on the EMC album that just dropped independently, but before that it’d been years since I heard an Ayatollah joint.
7) Battlecat- anyone know what he’s up to?
8) Buckwild- I thought he’d never make this list, because he was the king of sneaking on people’s albums. It’s been a whille though.
9) Dan The Automator- last seen producing video game soundtracks.
10) The Heatmakerz- Seems like when that sped-up soul sample shit went out of style, so did they.

This is just the start of the list. Next week will be another installment. And it’s no offense to these guys, I’m just really baffled as to how people fall off the radar, whether it be by their own choice, or the way the current of the music business is swinging.

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  • Trey Stone

    not that i haven’t heard good beats from dudes, but considering the Heatmakerz were basically second-rate Kanye/Just Blaze, it’s not really surprising that they’d only be around for so long

  • bbbones

    buckwild is supposed to have a banger on the Saigon album, automator will be releasing “deltron 3030 part 2″ soon

  • Phil

    Wow, I’d have to agree with you on all those counts there! Bink did kill it on Freeway’s album, but that’s it. The Nashiem Myrick mention is crazy cuz me and mine were just wondering why Diddy didn’t bring THIS dude back into the Hitmakers fold. He was probably the best one in that team. He did “Who Shot Ya?”!!!!

    I thought Battlecat would be on Snoop’s new album, but Soopafly and Teddy Riley crushed that isht.

    As far as the Heatmakers…I think their attitudes shut them down. They had a very assembly-line like mentality to their work to me.

  • P-Matik

    Bink! is back down in Norfolk, VA in his studio down there. I don’t know more past that though.

  • dj ashy fingerz

    i just got an email saying bink was hosting some party in Miami 2nite

  • Be a Nigger Too

    Ummm… Bink! is on Rick Ross’ cd and it is arguably the best produced beat on the album (We Shining). You should’ve put Scott Storch & Jazze Pha on there.

    • Burnout

      Why? Scott Storch and Jazze Pha don’t make good enought beats as it is. I’m certain they’ve got a couple joints, but damn.

      • Be a Nigger Too

        I never said their beats were the best, but they have been M.I.A. lately after having HUGE runs

  • ri067953

    Yo, I ain’t missing Battlecat because he worked the same drums and samples into his production. All his tracks sounded the same.

  • Bmore

    I want to know where Rashad Smith (Tumblin’ Dice) has been. He had some serious heat back in the day. Any ideas?

  • greyskull

    Ayatollah is supposed to be doing the bulk of the production for Shabazz and Hell Razah’s new group: T.H.U.G Angels

  • gooch

    you’re right about Bink on the Rick Ross album… i totally forgot that joint…. that was like Rick Ross rocking on some Roc-A-Fella shit, I remember it now

  • Neven

    Battle Cat was on the last Swollen Members album Black Magic 07 with Evidence and Alchemist doing the most of it

  • oneking

    # Because I Love It (Amerie album, 2007)

    * “Paint Me Over”
    blink did a few tracks this year

    # B.A.R.S. The Barry Adrian Reese Story (Cassidy album, 2007)

    * “Damn I Miss The Game”

    # Free At Last (Freeway album, 2007)

    * “Still Got Love”
    * “When They Remember”

    # Trilla (Rick Ross album, 2008)

    * “We Shinin’”

  • Pierzy

    Battlecat’s been all over lately but I feel you on Nashiem Myrick. That dude’s joints used to bang!! Where’d he go? Does Puff have him locked in the basement like dude in Austria?

  • http://www.xxlmag.com jackpot

    How about Midi Mafia? Where them dudes at?

  • Ali

    ur forgetting 1 guy…Lil Jon lol….i aint saying he’s good i actually hate his beats but u gotta admit…..where tha hell is he? haha

  • Justan

    Buckshot was on the air with Peter Rosenberg two weeks ago. Check It: http://www.rosenbergradio.com/category/real-late/


    uh speaking of….did Mannie Fresh work out that deal with Def Jam South? Wheres Carl Mo (pastor troys camp) …never mind i just answered my question….Dj Premier…I aint heard nothen recently from Lil Jon either. Hell where the FUCK is Dr. Dre., Erick Sermon,Dj Quick,and Rockwilder, David Banner, Oranized Noize, Neo tha Matrix, ….man all these cats are missin off the radar…

    My point is that Producers real are supposed to lay low and be center stage when someone make a hit……thats just me thinkin though.

    I think Jazze Pha did snoop dogg`s single..

  • http://governmentnames.blogspot.com GovernmentNames

    Bink also did tracks on albums by Cassidy, Amerie and Chuck Brown in the past year, so yeah, he would’ve been good for a “Where Are They Now?” list before that, but not so much now.

  • 2Gutta

    Bink was on Rick Ross new album We Shinin

  • Whoa

    Bink was on Rick Ross new LP Ty Fyffe did G Unit I’m leavin Charlemagne did Young Buck New York City