XXL Mag = The Lakers

[Blogger's Note: Desckabaisses, one of my many nicknames, is a Creole term used when playing dominoes. It basically means winning on both ends. I've won before and I'm bout to win again.]

X-X-L‘s been running this rap ish for a few calendars now.Well, newsflash! XXLmag.com is on the same mission. As many of you know, the team recently lost go-to guys, Eskay and Brendan Frederick, so the squad is rebuilding. Enter the Twin Bill, Jayson “J-Rod” Rodriguez and I, Carl “Jackpot aka Hdottt aka Desckabaissses” Chery. You may not know our names, but you are most likely familiar with our work.

Jayson Rodriguez (L) with Rahman Dukes & Shaheem Reid (MTV)… Jay Reports

-Papoose To Marry Remy Ma In April
-The Game Leaves Jail Early
-DJ Drama Arrested In Atlanta Mixtape Raid

Carl Reports

-50 Bets Career, “If Kanye West Outsells Me, I Want Put Out Any More Music
-Soulja Boy Denies “Superman That Hoe” Rumors
-T-Pain Says Ray J Has “A Huge Meat”

Jay started out at Allhiphop.com a few years back before leaving for stints at Vibe Magazine and later MTV.com. We met as competitors while I made my bones at SOHH.com. I later briefly served as BET.com‘s Senior Music Producer until Datwon Thomas offered me the chance to co-captain this ship with Jay.

Datwon Thomas (XXL EIC) (L) & Carl Chery (R)…

Now, onto the Basketball analogy. SOHH = the San Antonio Spurs. They’ve been consistent for years and currently hold the title. Ask Alexa! Allhiphop = the Miami Heat. They won the title before the Spurs, but slipped in the standings this season. [Blogger's Note: Obviously, Allhipop didn't slip nowhere near as low as the Heat did.] HipHop DX = the Phoenix Suns. They’ve been consistent as well, but never made it to the Conference finals. And us, well… we’re the Lakers of course. With the Twin Bill in the front court, folks expect us to win. XXLMag.com is the team to beat and people are talking. Taking a page from Elliot “YN” Wilson‘s book, I’ve listed industry Twin Bill reactions compiled from e-mail/aim convos and second hand reports.

-”A little birdie told me you bout to go to an extra extra large site” – Jennifer Sharpe, Sharpe Agency.

-”Rumor has it that you’re going to XXL.” – Mariel Concepcion, Billboard.com.

-”I heard you’re sleeping with the enemy.” – Ali Asghar, SOHH.com.

-”I still don’t believe it.” – Sean A. Malcolm, King Magazine.

-”A little birdie told me you heading over to Harris to smash it over there.” - Hanif Sumner, 5W PR.

-”What? When did this happen? Damn! You move fast.” -Nyle Washington, Susan Blond Inc. PR.

-”Son, I know. Lol That’s all I’ma say.” - Aqua Boogie, Allhiphop.com.

-”Love!” -DJ Drama.

-”You moving quicker than me. Good luck with it!” – Estelle.

-”Yo dude! Are you serious?” -Jackson Jeyanayagam, Waggener Edstrom PR.

-”Jayson Rodriguez is leaving MTV? Wow! Ya’ll about to kick it over there, uh?” Kevin Clark, Radio One.

-”Yo, Carl is taking over the industry.” – Lexy, StraightOutOfNYC.

-”You’re the talk of the town now, sir.” -Lowkey, BET.com.

-”You guys are about to take over the world.” -Reckless, SOHH NYC.

-”Datwon is building quite a team over there.” Gina Torres, GTorres Media.

-”Damn! Ya’ll going to XXL? It’s like the new Roc-A-Fella over there.” – Roberto Santos, Cornerstone Promotions.

-”Damn! Ya’ll big dogs now. Ya’ll gon overtake the magazine.” -DJ Vlad. 
-“Wow! Big things poppin!” – Kim Osorio, BET.com.

-”We bout to go at it! We bout to duke it out!” -Jerry L. Barrow, Giantmag.com.

-”It’s On!” – Jesse Gissen, SOHH.com.

-”Monday is the big day right? We’ve been training for the past few weeks. Superman is going to the competition so you know…” -Danica Dow, SOHH.com.

-”It’s like Draft day. You got niggas in bidding wars? You Kevin Garnett.” -Brian “Bdott” Miller, XXL Magazine.

-”You two are truly the right dudes for this. Ya’ll making me look like a genius.” -Datwon Thomas, XXL Magazine.

-”Damn!” – A lot of people.

-”Wow!” – Erik Parker, SOHH.com and a whole lot more of people.

They said it, not me. But enough with the horn tooting. The industry buzz doesn’t mean much if you guys don’t feel what we’re doing. I’ll be picking your brains here. In addition to serving as an editorial of sorts, Blogger’s Note will be a space for me to provide behind-the-scenes stories, forecast new site features and most importantly spark discussions. There’s a lot of work on my plate, so expect just that. More blogs, more videos, more exclusives, more everything! On that note, shouts to Coach Osorio and GM Cowan for the last gig. I had a ball! And shouts to the Spurs, the Heat and the Suns. I’ll shake your hand after the game, but until the buzzer goes off, keep your eye on that rock. May the best team win. Speak on it!

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  • http://xxlmag.com Bol

    Sweet, a basketball analogy.

    • DevilintheFlesh

      Maybe these cats outta start using Hip Hop analogies. This site has feldafukoff lately. Maybe yall outta let Bol run this mufucka. His blogs are the only reason I visit this shit much anymore. oh yeah and yall can call thisis50.com the Celtics cause he’s the newcomer and he’s running shit…..Something to think about.

  • http://www.sitv.com Jesus Talks

    suerte mi gente

  • CHUN

    This is billy’s gig. Sports analogies are so cool though. You guys are sure gonna take over the world or whatever…

  • http://www.giantmag.com Kevin L. Clark

    Good shit, Jackpot! Keep up the good work!

  • Jova

    Website has fallen off since YN left (except for Bol and Mr. Sunday) We’ll see if homeboy can bring something good to this website. For me my fav website is hiphopdx because of the music they post, they give you underground and popular records, and also the album reviews, they dont just review your regular rappers, they do everyone. They the ones that got me in to Blu

    • AntiHate

      I definitely concur with that. They cover underground and mainstream and up and coming cats. XXL bloggers might be a little more amusing, but ya know.

  • Gina T!


  • http://themodestbastard.blogspot.com The Modest Bastard

    I say, “Boo! Y’all are both wack!” Just kidding. Congrats… and L’chayim!

  • henry

    wait whos this guy

  • http://www.harshpatel.com Harsh Patel

    This nigga’s post gave me a headache.






  • TheUltimate

    This blog needs paragraph breaks. I’m not even going to try reading this entire post. Is this the best you can do?

  • http://www.ronmexicocity.com ron mexico

    so i guess you’re kobe?

    or are you mitch?

  • Try Again

    If this post, with all its typos and grammatical mistakes, is an indication of what we can expect, then perhaps Carl Cher(r)y should go back to SOHH — where knowledge of the english language is optional for the writers.

    Try proof reading next time homie.

  • Just Being Real

    LMAO… XXL and all these clowns are too busy patting themselves on they back to win at anything. Nobody cares who’s behind the site, so say behind the scenes and stop trying to be celebs.

    Thats why this sh** been fell off because you guys focused on being celebs yourself… f*ck outta here.

  • Connor

    do you know why this post is like basketball

    there is a whole lot of ball-handling

    • EReal


      WAMP WAMP!

      Man, lemme tell you something. SOHH is fucking ass crack, straight up. The most biased, hater filled, garbage ass hiphop site evar. Real fuckin talk. I got a couple regulars over there, we use Reckless’ blog like a fuckin CHAT ROOM. Their bloggers are complete ass, they let all the good ones go, including Ron Mexico, who I recommend, and replaced them with the shittiest bloggers on the net, including one SOHH GAYANT who acts like a female to write the “Ya Heard” blog.
      One word. ILLSEED.
      HipHopDX is the OkayHater of the major blog sites, people like it because they push underground to the forefront, and for the most part its a mature site. But its also got alot of uppidy up backpacker fuckery.
      I would say it like this.
      SOHH= Elementary School
      Allhiphop= Middle School
      HipHopDX= High School
      XXLMag= College (WHEN ITS ON POINT)
      But it isnt right now, this transition period has been horrible. Its obvious to me whos gettin paid round here, lol.
      Bol is holdin us down, but the bangers, news, blogs, everything is fuckin stale.
      I wouldnt go pattin yourself on the back, when you havent cleaned up the fuckin mess yet homie.
      I got faith in your team, as an avid reader of this site, subscriber to the mag, and not so avid user of blocktalk. I hope yall bring the ruckus, because on every other site I blog at, I use XXLMag.Com as my URL, and yall been makin me look bad.
      But if this completely off point, self masturbatory YN-esque rant is a sign of things to come, well…

      1 hunned.

  • http://poisonousparagraphs.blogspot.com/ Dart_Adams

    Did you just do an entire blog using basketball analogies describing yourself and your people as “the best” (no DJ Khaled) and neglect to ever compare yourselves to what it far and away the best team in the NBA..the Boston Celtics?

    You lost for that and just some overall horrible execution overall.


  • EReal

    LMAO @ The Comments Section

    Welcome to XXLMag.Com homie. ROFL.


    ……………..AND XXL WILL CONTINUTE TO BOOED LIKE THE DALLAS MAVERICKS…IT PLAYS BOTH WAYS HOMIE…not sayin i will cuz a lot of shit on here be irrelevant…some shit be instresting…yet irrelevant. I aint goin for a certain team..but i wouldnt compare myself to the Lakers…Hell i wouldnt compare myself to Ginobli but I think Bol and them would be somewhere around there…being that he aint no kinda celeb…..yea….i think the 6th man award sound bout good.


    i guess i dont get a spot on this…..fucc it lol


    WORD? So, what happens when the “Spurs” beat y’all? Ain’t nothing worse than bitches that talk about themselves. I’ll be on nahright.

  • iNfAmOuS

    You’re 0-2 homie. You’re more like the Miami Dolphins of this shit. Try putting some thought into your blogs. Whatever happened to ‘comin out strong’?

    And cosign with EREAL…’LOL at the Comments Ssection’ and welcome to XXLMag.com…

  • http://hiphoponmymind.blogspot.com DJ Daddy Mack

    Draft you say? hmmmmm. (Free agent here) lol. Good luck, man. I look forward to more.

  • I beg your pardon

    if xxl is college, allhiphop is like a masters degree or something. dx is like the special ed curriculum and sohh is definitely elementary school…over all they all have a place tho, it just depends where you are in life.

  • http://superplus.net DJ Super Duke AKA Jean C . Chery

    Well I feel you Deskabesse….you win either eay. Are we cousins…

    DJ Super Duke

  • http://www.akirathedon.com AK

    *kills self