The ego trip collective brings us their latest rap music survivor contest with the show 'Miss Rap Supreme' premiering tomorrow night at 10pm on Vh-1. I'm wondering though if the ladies still care about rap music like that to be a dedicated viewing audience. I know that the fellas still give a fuck about Hip-Hop, but do they care about the trials and tribulations of a woman seeking to find fame and fortune in the rap game?

The last female that I honestly wanted to hear rhyme was Rah-Digga. After she got all glammed up I felt like she lost some of her flavor. I also loved Lil' Kim when Notorious was still alive and before she got her first nosejob. There are a bunch of other female rappers I lsort of listened to, but they all served as concubines to the alpha-male counterpart of their crew. Except Missy Elliot, and I can't say that I have ever liked her as a rapper. Missy might be one of Hip-Hop's greatest entertainers, but as a rapper... I think Magoo writes her shit.

Before someone shouts out Jean Grae or even Lady Luck I have to tell you that I don't know who either of them is. Lady Luck has that verse on the Pharoahe Monch remix, but after that I couldn't tell you who she is. Jean Grae has been on everyone's list since forever yet she still can't manage enough headway in the industry to get her shit out. Does the industry know something that we don't? In this case prah'lee. The point of this show can't be to rehash old careers. No one will watch that shit, unless you place a camera on Foxy Brown 24-7. Speaking of Fox Boogie, she is about to get out of the clink next week. Somebody needs to spool up the DV tapes for that circus.

Which asks further... Why are we watching this program in the first place? Will 'Miss Rap Supreme' bring rap music back into the hands of the entire community? Will folks buy the iTunes single? Will this be another lowest common denominator type series? Will a motherfucking tree grow in Brooklyn? I'm fucking with ego trip's show for sure, but if they are just going to have a catfight every week then I might as well go to Cat Fight City.

As a matter of fact, I'm going there now.