Why Would 50 Cent Want Bow Wow Ethered?

This half a feud between Bow Wow and Yung Berg didn’t seem to have much legs until 50 Cent got involved. Things may just get interesting.During a recent chat with XXLMag.com, Berg revealed that 50 suggested that he demolish Bow Wow. To let Berg tell it, Fif offered to appear on the remix to “Do That There,” a song on which YB already dissed Bow, and advised the Chicago rapper to follow-up with a full-fledged diss record.I must say, after chopping it up with Berg, I started liking the kid. Dude is pretty funny, but it has nothing to do with his mic skills. With that said, I’m not too sure YB is lyrically superior to Bow Wow or vice versa. Sure, the 50 Cent co-sign could, and I stress “could” give Berg some cred, but it isn’t likely to do much for his rhymes.Meanwhile, I’m clueless as to why Fif would want to see Bow Wow demolished. He’s played puppet master with Fat Joe and Papoose recently, but that move was understandable considering that he’s been feuding with Joey Crack for a few moons now. I can only think of two reasons for Fif’s latest pet project.During the interview, Berg recounted coming up in the same circles as Bow Wow while signed to DMX‘s defunct Bloodline imprint. Though I’m sure he didn’t mean it, Berg came off a bit envious. Listen for yourself.Berg’s Not Hating On Bow Wow[Audio:http://www.xxlmag.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/04/sequence-02-1.mp3] Similarly, Fif and his first nemesis Ja Rule came up in close Queens circles. Not that I believe him or anything, but to this day Ja Rule claims that Fif was jealous of him and got mad when he didn’t dap him at a video shoot. G-Unit haters would go as far as to say that Fif wanted to be Ja. If there’s something to the envy theory, maybe 50 wants to help because Berg’s situation reminds him of his own.50 Cent & Ciara…The only other reason I can think of is Ciara. Bow and Cici allegedly dated a few years back. Meanwhile, rumors has it that Fif and Ciara are more than just friends. Word is they’ve been trying to pull a Jayonce and keep things as private as possible. Interestingly, Berg said Ciara and Bow were both at the 300 bowling alley in Atlanta the last time he spoke to the little guy. Gossip columnists had a field day with that one, implying that Bow and Cici could still have something going on. Of course, this is all speculation. I just can’t see why Fif would randomly want to end Bow’s career. He must have his reasons. What do you guys think? Why the hell would Fif want Bow ethered? Yung Berg obviously doesn’t. Dude said he doesn’t wanna crush him because he could see he and Bow “fucking bitches together.” Speak on it!

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  • inkz

    who knows? maybe dudes really bored.

  • Maddolies

    I’d Prefer If All 3 Of These Garbage Artists Leave The Rap Game.

    • Pierzy

      Hell yeah. Speak on it!




    man hes featured on a song with brandy`s brother……..thats the first step to irelevancy…..

    • akaTheRealist

      co-sign. he’s prahlly on there just to get some of Ray’Js allowance he gets from Brandy anyhoo

  • http://hiphoponmymind.blogspot.com DJ Daddy Mack

    wow. um. i might listen to yung berg now, not bcuz of curtis’ cosign. fuck curtis. i just hate bow wow. he’s been trying to get out of that kiddie rap stuff, but once you done it it is hard to get out. bow wow should just hang it up and get a degree or some shit.

    also, no homo to this: “Dude said he doesn’t wanna crush him because he could see he and Bow ‘fucking bitches together.’”

    i would never do some shit like that.


    50,Bow wow wnd young berg sucks!!!!!
    So who give a fuck about these faggots,.
    They Fools are responsible for about 30% of the Garbage in the Radio anyway……
    Mc hammer>50Bow wowberg

  • Kevin L. Clark

    Yung Berg and Bow Wow — pause. 50 Cent trying to get Berg and Bow Wow into the mix — pause. Jackpot doing another blog on XXL — priceless.


  • Kike Nigger

    Catching Chlamydia>>>>>>>>Bow Wow and Young Berg

  • A Genius

    IDK… Why FIF would say that unless he is signing lil BERG.. And in that case G-UNit is OVER… WHo puts a target on Lil BOW WOW.. BOW WOW.. really… DEF NOT GANGSTA, It can’t even be a battle because nobody would believe BOW, real Lyrical homicide… 50 betta worry about doin my dude BUCK dirty, thats all I’m saying.. CA$HVILLE TENNAKEY

  • OG Matt Herbz

    What’d be real fucking funny would be to see Bow Wow take offense to this shit and start firing back. Imagine: Bow Wow stepping on the stage walking through the fireworks and shit while he’s sporting a bulletproof vest like 50. Then he goes and spits the meanest murda verse anyone’s ever heard in their life and kills off 50 and Young Berg and the same time. Now wake up and pull that needle out your arm, nigga…

    This beef is “Certified Wack” by none other than myself, Herbzino. Good connection you made between 50′s come-up and Berg’s come-up, but you don’t mention how this could all be another attempt by 50 to stay relevant in the younger demographics…which it most likely is.

    Peace to all the White Niggaz on the grind.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • myspace.com/yeahirap

    wtf three of the worse rappers this is such a gimmick like most things but anything involved with bow wow young berg beef come on lil homie handle it at recess call it a day

  • http://www.rockthedub.com khal

    that story is such bologna. why even feed into that bullshit. yung berg name drops 50, bow wow and snoop and now its like OH SHIT, WTF. the piece is contradictory and seems like dude is just trying to get some hype.

  • prakash

    easy; fiddy wants to end bow wow over ciara.

    actually, it is kind of funny that she even messed with dude

    fiddy can t be hard if he is messing with a chic that bow wow got. its very humbling and embarrassing.

  • phatsam

    bow wow must have said something that got back to fif after fif was with ciara

  • phatsam

    to prakash: thats the dumbest statement i have read in 08 so he would be hard if he was with your mom with the bullet wounds beard and tats of rick ross on her back.

  • Mark

    why even bring ciara into it? Sandra who took the photos of that bowling event even said ciara didn’t know bow was there, so nice try making out that they still together.

    bow and 50, don’t like either of them but they aren’t on the same level, 50 has a huge career, bow peaked when he was 12. I doubt 50 cares weather or not bow wow is in the game, what he does has nothing to do with 50 and vise versa.

  • http://myspace.com G-UNOT!!!

    50 is a bitch, nd i think he jus jealous of Bow…
    G G G G G G-UNOT!!!

  • Sarah

    you guys are gay for bringing a girl into this, ciara aint said shit about either of these 3 lames. And her and lil bow werent at the event together, ciara was in vip and bow went home when nobody talked to him lol. Freddy O said that and he took photos from the event.

  • justice4All

    50 career is in the toilet so he want’s to bring someone down with him. Shameful actually, that’s a grown man and he’s still playing these silly games.

  • Arcey

    Who is Young Berg?!! really?!!

    the beef… G-unit LP got pushed back, so he doesn’t want to fuck up promotion like he did on “curtis” i.e. too many weak singles way ahead of the release date so it’s another way to keep his name out there.
    2nd: also Young Buck ain’t really responding (we’ll see, tho!) so it deaded his chance to start beef.
    3rd: Jimmy Iovine told him not to beef with Game & i’m pretty sure Iovine has lots of T.I’s (isn’t one n-e ways)as friends to again blackball 50 way worst than Irv Gotti back then…

    but then again maybe 50 is just EVIL like a cracker

    p.s. 50 name dropped Bow Wow at least 2 times in the past see “Wanksta” & “Love Me” (8 miles)

  • Jerz!

    Sooo he might want to be in business w/ the kid. He probably doesn’t have anything wrong with Bow Wow, just gave Berg the advice he would need to be successful. So relaxxxxxxx, it’ll be alright.

  • http://myspace.com/bmmrecordz23 looney

    i got guns da size of lil bow wow dats fif on wanksta so he really name drop like give him props

  • http://www.incilin.blogspot.com Incilin

    FUCK! I interviewed Berg the other day and he hinted that Fifty was putting something in his ear but I really didn’t peruse him to say what. I give him a free pass for god knows why. I feel like a fucking dick. Good catch.

    With that being said, I gota admit I kinda liked Berg too. He aint really some kinda great lyrical rapper, but dude got hits. Which I give him credit for. He’s got some ego, but he’s pretty cool.

    As far as the beef itself, Berg already won. If it goes down, then Berg (an up and comer) will likely get the best of Bow Wow (whose actually a veteran of sorts) Kinda like 50 and Ja, but no not really. BTW Berg has this supergangsta style too, a la a younger Lupe moving bricks (there’s a great Youtube on it, look up “Stolen Moments” with a 15 year old Berg rapping about “moving more birds than that Kentucky fried cornel nigga”). Berg might have a little more juice than you think. But yeah, it’ll be pretty pathetic.

    If Bow Wow goes for peace then he looks even more like a bitch than he does.

  • nosbig

    i know what 50 is doing.. or i might

    you see berg dissed Bow Wow in the song right?.. but 50 says don’t just diss him DEMOLISH HIM take him out of the rap game. Thinking about what he has done to Ja Rule and Fat Joe.

  • http://www.myspace.com/sniperskaos Kaos

    Berg can just see him and Bow fucking each other…frequently.