This half a feud between Bow Wow and Yung Berg didn't seem to have much legs until 50 Cent got involved. Things may just get interesting.During a recent chat with, Berg revealed that 50 suggested that he demolish Bow Wow. To let Berg tell it, Fif offered to appear on the remix to "Do That There," a song on which YB already dissed Bow, and advised the Chicago rapper to follow-up with a full-fledged diss record.I must say, after chopping it up with Berg, I started liking the kid. Dude is pretty funny, but it has nothing to do with his mic skills. With that said, I'm not too sure YB is lyrically superior to Bow Wow or vice versa. Sure, the 50 Cent co-sign could, and I stress "could" give Berg some cred, but it isn't likely to do much for his rhymes.Meanwhile, I'm clueless as to why Fif would want to see Bow Wow demolished. He's played puppet master with Fat Joe and Papoose recently, but that move was understandable considering that he's been feuding with Joey Crack for a few moons now. I can only think of two reasons for Fif's latest pet project.During the interview, Berg recounted coming up in the same circles as Bow Wow while signed to DMX's defunct Bloodline imprint. Though I'm sure he didn't mean it, Berg came off a bit envious. Listen for yourself.Berg's Not Hating On Bow Wow[Audio:] Similarly, Fif and his first nemesis Ja Rule came up in close Queens circles. Not that I believe him or anything, but to this day Ja Rule claims that Fif was jealous of him and got mad when he didn't dap him at a video shoot. G-Unit haters would go as far as to say that Fif wanted to be Ja. If there's something to the envy theory, maybe 50 wants to help because Berg's situation reminds him of his own.50 Cent & Ciara...The only other reason I can think of is Ciara. Bow and Cici allegedly dated a few years back. Meanwhile, rumors has it that Fif and Ciara are more than just friends. Word is they've been trying to pull a Jayonce and keep things as private as possible. Interestingly, Berg said Ciara and Bow were both at the 300 bowling alley in Atlanta the last time he spoke to the little guy. Gossip columnists had a field day with that one, implying that Bow and Cici could still have something going on. Of course, this is all speculation. I just can't see why Fif would randomly want to end Bow's career. He must have his reasons. What do you guys think? Why the hell would Fif want Bow ethered? Yung Berg obviously doesn't. Dude said he doesn't wanna crush him because he could see he and Bow "fucking bitches together." Speak on it!