Why Prolyfic’s children are starving

Maybe I’m just that oblivious, but I’m always surprised when someone is known for making crazy statements about people, and then that person actually turns out to be an insane asshole.

Case in point, this guy Prolyfic.

Earlier this year, I brought you the story of how him and Lupe Fiasco had gotten into it on the message boards over at okayhater.

Lupe had entered the legendary den of haterdom in order to troll for new artists. He was looking for the next Phonte or whatever – even though there’s hardly a business case for doing so. Shit, he could probably have the real Phonte for hardly any money at all these days.

In this post of his, Lupe was going on and on about how his tax write-off vanity imprint, 1st and 15th (named for the days when he’d sell an especially large amount of heroin), is such a great label for its artists, and how he goes out of his way to make sure they’re taken care of.

But this guy Prolyfic begged to differ. In a response to Lupe’s post, he wondered aloud if Lupe was even reading the contracts he has his artists sign; and complained that his children are now starving, because his contract with 1st and 15th sucks balls and he couldn’t get any of his beats placed on The Cool.

Prolyfic had produced four joints on the first Lupe album, Food and Liquor. But the album ended up being heavily bootlegged a while before it’s release date, and the music wasn’t very good anyway, so the album ended up doing Little Brother numbers. But, between Food and Liquor and Lupe’s most recent album, The Cool, Prolyfic and Lupe had some sort of falling out.

At the time, I wasn’t sure what had gone on between the two of them. I figured Lupe may have let his success, so to speak, go to his head a little bit; and now that he’s kicking it with the likes of Kanye and Pharrell, he figured he wouldn’t bother with this guy Prolyfic anymore – since he’s not a very good producer anyway.

But it could just be that the guy’s a fucking insane asshole.

The other day, I had come across an interview Prolyfic did with the Chicago hip-hop blog Fake Shore Drive, in which he went in even further with regard to his beef with Lupe. He went so far as to call Lupe the most disloyal person he’s ever met in his life; and he described in vivid detail how Lupe gave him a fucked up contract to sign, and then wouldn’t even return his phone calls once Food and Liquor came out.

No sooner than I could excerpt a couple of bits from it on my site did this clearly disturbed sack of shit show up in the comments section, projecting all of his personal issues onto me, and making all kinds of thinly veiled threats against me.

Like the following, which I present to you in full, just because I’m at a loss for how to excerpt it in a way that fully conveys just how far gone this guy is:

I’m Mad Cuz My children are starving??? oh word??? aye homie, I suggest you chill out. Like straight up dawg. Chill da fuck out. You seem to take amuse to constantly making mock of people’s situations. All of whom you don’t even personally know. Never really steppin back and taking a look at how the world works. See there’s a lil somethin called karma and everything comes 360. So put out to the world the type of energy that you want back in return. You seem to be mad at how you was bullied or outcast as a adolescent. However your vendetta esq’ approach and abuse of “position” (so to speak) might wind up gettin’ you into a turbine that my be rather hard for you to “Type” your way out of. Maybe you have’nt ran across that right person yet to almost “force” you to have a different outlook, but that does’nt mean that you won’t. Just some personal advice on the way you “portray” yourself across this “shield” of a internet, as though their are no consequences for your daily actions. MY CHILD ain’t starvin’ dawg.. Watch ya Mouth… Have a pleasant day.

Caught in a turbine, eh?

He accused me of twisting his words around for maximum shock value. Meanwhile, I only posted my interpretation of the incident, along with links back to the source, so that people could view his words in their original context and draw their own conclusions.

Like, the part where he says his children are starving because he couldn’t get any beats on The Cool. Maybe he didn’t mean his children are literally at a loss for food; he just meant that they’re starving metaphorically, in the sense that their father is an insane asshole who can’t avoid lashing out at people and threatening violence against them, even if it’s gonna cost him his career, so to speak.

I can kinda see that. And if that really is the case, my bad. I was a little bit off in my interpretation. At any rate, here’s hoping his children aren’t actually at a loss for food. Hopefully, those poor bastards’ mother(s), or – more than likely – my tax dollars (who else got raped especially hard this year? nullus) are making sure that they don’t have to go hungry just because their father is so lacking in interpersonal skills.

Not to mention production skills. Ha!

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  • american lochness


    • wpg204

      this dude needs to shut the fuck up. bol, not prolyfic. its hilarious how hes still catching feelings after lupe ethered him on this website. all you are is some dude with a computer and no direction in life. lupes career > your life.

  • http://chlorococaina.blogspot.com miami_vice305

    WOW ! thanks bol. i never heard of Prolific or wanted to listen to Lupe’s first album till now. The Cool was a classic album though. It’s one of the few albums I actually bought recently.


  • http://hiphoponmymind.blogspot.com DJ Daddy Mack


  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER

    Damn. Prolyfic can’t even spell his own name, much less type a decent internet threat.

    That’s not to say that Lewpay isn’t dewshy. It’s just to say that Prolyfic needs to step his word game up.

  • The Spaniard

    “Sensitive thugs, you all need hugs”

    Is this shit real?

    Man, I love the internet! Tits, music, news, comedy, more tits…and internet tough guys. Constant entertainment!

  • Prolyfic

    my beats suck…not even lupe with rap on them.

  • ga_finest08

    Once again, who gives a shit.

  • og bobby j

    Bol – Im confident these threats will not come back to haunt you….dude cant feed himself, he damn sure aint getting out to Stl with that type of funding. Maybe if he spent more time on his beats and less worrying bout internet hate his shit might get some looks.

  • Young & Imperial

    Food & Liquor was a classic u fat faggot!!

    • http://hiphoponmymind.blogspot.com DJ Daddy Mack

      I think that The Cool is better.

  • B

    Everybody should check out the Parker Report with this dude in it talking… hearing his voice kinda ruined his posts for me… I never knew he sounded so, well… gay. This fool is hella funny tho. Check it out, but be warned, his posts might be forever ruined when you see and hear him live.

    • ga_finest08

      I just watched the Parker Report…I think he should be worried if he see’s any of the people who shit’s on. Seriously, from here on out, it will be real hard to digest some of the shit he says after watching that…Damn

  • Young & Imperial

    Co-sign, that video is precisely why I don’t take this herb ass nigga seriously anymore..

    • King B


  • The Spaniard

    Yeah niggas, I prefer men with deep manly voices!

    *checks chromosomes*

    Yep, the same as before, xx.

  • Liam

    i never thought that people at okayplayer ‘hated’ that much, tbh most music coming out is shit and deserving of hate/dislike/criticism etc.

  • DANJA29

    hahahaha… Proflyfic finna “jump off in your ass” like Wasalu was about to do that one time. Nullus.

  • stoneyisland

    Bol, dont tell me you let a cyber thug get your panties all up in a bunch? :) I mean seriously have these fools making threats are internet cowards, not one has a rap sheet unless you count their note pad with wack rhymes:) MAN UP BOL! stand by your story and if ole boy got beef then he can get it over it or he can drive by the salvation army and catch you leaving home (nullus)

  • LC

    come now Bol – you’re above this – leave the crazy man in the corner and let him be

  • random observer

    Ever notice how only dumb people like Prolyfic say “so to speak” to try to make themselves sound smarter? IT DOESN’T WORK.

  • EReal

    No way OKP is worse than the Site Of Heavy Haters.

    Lowpay Fagsco needs to give this dude some bread,but he does sound like a crazy asshole tho.


    • http://friendofthepeople.tumblr.com/ friendofthepeople

      I am a Lupe fan but “Lowpay Fagsco”? Lol. Thats classic.

  • M

    b, you’re being too passive aggressive with this one; go see that dude!

  • 618

    Bol u a damn bitch ass fool. but pro is an ass for that shit…..and lay off of Little Brother too

  • Iyah far I

    Tha kid Prolyfic really shouldnt even be checkin for Bol..To be honest Bol shouldnt even be a blip on his radar..Pro athletes regardless of their status or ability rarely argue with arm chair spectators who’s misguided opinions shouldnt even be leaving their(in Bols case) oversized, misshapend skulls..More less tha net! I can assure you Bol’s never written a rhyme or even so much as TOUCHED a musical instrument in relation to Hip Hop..Its pretty obvious in readining his wack ass blogs, that he’s one of those dudes thats found self validation in being some sort of Rap know it all to his small circle of uncultured friends..Kinda like the token black guy that could answer dumb sh%t for his boys like “who’s that lil guy thats always with Busta Rhymes?”. Some people are just like that..They dont grow up in black neighborhoods, have black friends or go to black schools, so they latch on to Hip Hop with tha same studious verocity as they did when they discovered Dragon Ball Z or any of that other wack ass suburbanite sh%t, in hopes of solidifying there blackness now that its cool.. Do your thing Prolyfic. One day 1 of his lil tight pant wearing, dunk rockin’ hipster friends that im sure he takes credit for schoolin on Hip Hop, will have evolved and will probably tell him after some presonal research just how dope you are as a producer!..Fuck em..ha ha

  • wooooow

    ….objectivity is a desired quality among journalists. byron lacks this to the highest degree…hes like fox news and now xxl done hired him. wooooow, you salty as a pork rind dog…u even like hip hop? and who are these people who actually like you? the world is a fucked up place

  • fasteddie

    yep, just watched the parker report also. TOTALLY different view of this guy now. not gonna stop reading his blogs; but now that i heard the voice it’s weird. what kind of chair was that, lol. and why was the camera at a side angle instead of straight on? i know one thing; THAT WAS A BIG A$$ ECKO SHIRT, LOL. the dude must be the rhino in the ecko emblem, lol.

  • http://www.illanoise.net iLLaNOise.Net

    actually the homie Pro produced Lu’s best song to me which is “Failure” also produced “Just Might Be Okay”, “The Pressure” feat Jay Z, &“American Terrorist” all from Food & Liquor

    Not many producers out there can say they had the best rapper in the game on their beat(s)… However, I know Pro personally and he’s a friend of mine… He’s definitely outspoken and opinionated individual – nonetheless, he’s my man 50 grand and VERY talented…. One of No I.D’s go to producers…

    Unfortunately, their (Pro & Lu’s) problems are being taken out of context, because Pro is not bitter and is a fan of Lupe the artist…. They just have personal issues that hopefully they can work out one day…


  • Jay W

    Neither Food and Liquor nor Prolyfic are bad, listen to just might be ok for production and master lyrics