Where Did Snoop Dogg Go Wrong?

So I just got this week’s Soundscan report and Snoop Dogg’s Ego Trippin’ has only sold 291, 286 units to date. Dude used to nearly gold in the first freaking week.

I know artists have been bricking left and right in this climate, but this is Snoop Dogg we’re talking about. Little do we know, Snoop could fall short of a gold plaque for the first time in his 16-year career. He usually does at least 200k on the first week off GP. I thought he was set for sure when “Sexual Eruption” came out. Folks just kept buzzing about how consistent he had been with his singles, especially in recent years. I thought it was in the bag.

Labels usually make a bunch of excuses for underachieving records, but it looks like Snoop had most of the ingredients to win as usual. Hit single? We’ve already covered this. The single got beaucoup radio spins and peaked on Billboard 200. Let’s not forget the clubs. Vultures got their slime ball on and had chicks pinned in corners the second the song came on.

Promotion? There was definitely awareness around Snoop’s record. The Dogfather did his usual run. Appearances on talk shows like David Letterman, Jay Leno and of course the requisite visits to MTV’s TRL and BET’s 106 & Park. Furthermore, Snoop Dogg’s “Fatherhood” had people talking around the time his record came out, so he was definitely getting great exposure.

Controversy? Unfortunately, it never hurts. Snoop got arrested a million times and was temporarily banned from U.K. prior to his record dropping.

Quality? Sometimes albums have a strong first week, but then sales decline when word spreads that the CD is doo doo. I don’t know what you guys think, but last I heard folks were feeling the LP.

Connection? Come on! He’s Snoop Dogg. People buy into him arguably more than his music at this point. And maybe that’s the problem. It’s like there’s a point in an artist’s career when we keep loving them, but stop buying their music. Like me and the Roots. I done bought every album them dudes put out, even Organix, The Legendary EP and The Roots Come Alive. I doubt I’ll be copping Rising Down, though. The group kinda lost my interest. But I digress. Look at Diddy and Busta Rhymes for instance. Their last projects were critically acclaimed, featured monster singles, but both didn’t sell as expected. At least they went gold in a reasonable time frame. Snoop’s current numbers are just underwhelming. Rick Ross’ Trilla (465, 719 units sold to date) dropped the same day and outsold Snoop with a single nowhere near as buzzworthy as “Sexual Eruption.” Don’t get me wrong, “The Boss” was hot too. “Sexual Eruption” just made more noise.

So what is it? Is the album not fire? Do people not care about Snoop anymore? Personally, I can’t quite put my finger on it. Speak on it.

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  • Chuck

    I can’t call it either, snoops album was actually pretty good.

    this will be the first time snoop won’t go platinum with a solo album in his entire career. Even those piece of shit albums he did on No Limit Records went platinum.

  • KQ

    he got other people to write his sh*t.
    he finally sold all-the-way-out.

  • og bobby j

    when are people going to realize that:
    1) sales are not always reflective of a good record. Its a shame, but ever since 50 blew up, it seems like the emphasis is not on the quality of the music but the quantity of units moved. Shit is stupid. When I was coming up, I never wondered how many records Biggie sold, I just heard it and copped it.

    2) rap is no longer a profitable career path unless the goal is ringtone money or self promotion. Snoops been in this a while…and has more arrests then business ventures. 16 years…no label? No resturaunts? a weak ass clothing line and lame reality show…..i guess that good got him lazy…

  • master cheef

    snoop’s rhymes could quite possibly be the weakest in the game.

    • ill G

      THANK U!!! dont get me wrong i love snoop dogg man i’ve been listening to him ever since doggystyle but i was also very young…now that im older im actually paying attention to what he is talkin bout…and HE AINT TALKIN BOUT SHIT!!! he just puts words together that rhyme thats it! he gradually fell off and what do celebs do when they fall off…they get a reality show.

  • A-Sun

    check how many times he got limewired

  • http://www.snicka.com SNICKA

    The answer is simple, the album should’ve dropped earlier when the single was just getting hot. the record company waited too long

  • Around and Around

    Dam you ever heard of a paragraph.

    Yeah people may buy into Snoop, but people are not buying his music because it sucks…flat out. He should have stopped at least 2 albums ago.

  • http://incilin.blogspot.com Incilin

    I don’t get it either. His album isn’t that great, but it aint that bad either. But I think Bol had it right about Rick Ross when he said “southern people will buy anything”

    But as far as Busta, his album was total trash. I mean it was just awful. The beats were crazy though, but Busta just doesn’t have it anymore.


    I honeslty feel that Ego Trippin is probably one of Snoop Doggs weakest efforts, I mean what does it tell you about motivation when you get others to ghost write half your records. It was interesting that he took certain tracks in a different direction, such as My Medicine, but if your going to create a hybrid song, it has to be half decent, say Numb/Encore. Plus, apart from Sexual Eruption, I never felt there was other stand out track. In my opinion, its not that Snoop isn’t capable, far from it, he went to great lengths with Tha Blue Carpet Treatment that he could still kick it with the best of them, but for me personally, to take a step back, because you feel that you are in a comfortable space isn’t productive for creativity. Ultimately thats what it came down to, there are far too many cuts and they just dont blend…

  • What’z Crackin

    To me the reason I ain’t even give snoops album the time of day is cause homie strayed to far to the left with his shit. most snoop fans, the ones that were there from the beginning, are into gangsta rap now his first single is a him singing, he tells us he ain’t even write the shit, and he staring in some gay reality show. in other words the album wasn’t presented right. the blue carpet treatment was on some back to basics gangster rap shit. Ego tripping took a step back with that concept watered down uncle snoop shit, and snoop got so much money, and rap really isn’t his main thing anymore he probably doesn’t even care

    • Josh


      I’ve been contemplating this for some time too.

      Blue Carpet did 400+ and “Vato” did not do well at all at a first single, the Akon song was hot, but hadn’t reached its peak yet, and the R. Kelly song wasn’t out yet. This was only a year and a half ago.

      As big of a hit that “Sensual Seduction” was, I think he lost some of his old school, hard core fans with it. I personally loved it, but can see how it would turn people off.

      The fans he gained with “Sensual Seduction” (teenie boppers) don’t buy records.

      That’s my guess as to what happened anyway…

      And “Life Of The Party” is just not picking up at radio…

  • Pierzy

    Maybe because this album was awful?? “Blue Carpet” was really strong (too many songs, especially about his son’s football team) but compared to Ego Trippin, that sounded like Doggystyle. I think the Doggfather needs to hand the reigns over to somebody else…maybe Game?

  • http://hiphoponmymind.blogspot.com DJ Daddy Mack

    The problem with his album is that he said that most of the stuff on it is written by others. So, people took that the wrong way and thought he did that his whole career. I think with this album, even tho he was trying to be creative, people felt cheated.

  • Suburbanpimp

    Once I heard that he wasn’t writing the songs on the album. I was not longer interested, Plain and Simple. And I’ma big Snoop fan too

    And I also think all rappers should have some kinda limit. I mean the dude is rich and he is father what could he possibly have to rap out that interest me?

    Nothing. Prolly why he had other people write his song

  • kells

    he waited too long to put the album out…

  • Gooch

    Snoop Dogg the entertainer is bigger than Snoop Dogg the rapper at this point. People want to see him, but not necessarily support his music in the form of purchasing it. Also, soundscan should not even be referenced when looking at how “hot” a rapper is right now. CDs and Records sales are not reflective of a rapper’s buzz or relevancy in the marketplace. Physical product has been leveraged. We need to look at more than just physical record sales. Snoop’s doing fine. Rick Ross could sell 2 million more albums than Snoop Dogg and Snoop will always bank more than Rick long-term. He’s just a bigger figure in entertainment all-round.

  • Neven

    HE DID NOT WRITE IS OWN SHIT FOR THE ALBUM . the only song I cop was My Medicine off I tunes and I deleted it that day………… It sounds to me both whitey and snoop fell off

  • http://www.xxlmag.com MGG

    none of the “southern people” i know bought Rick Ross. maybe me and my circle of friends are exceptions…but please believe…”southern people” dont buy everything…there’s only like 2 or 3 cities in the south that even rank among the highest in cities with high populations…so you thank your NYCs, LAs, CHIs, etc for bolstering the sales of the BS out there, dont hold Southerners accountable for everything…you give us too much credit sometimes…blame universally dumb niggas everywhere at the end of the day.

  • jay

    well… for one snoop abandoned his hard core fan base(me included)to make sell out music,two he went and fucked wit some wack ass producers(teddy riley,rick rock,shawty redd,etc.),he didn’t keep it west coast(in sound and style),and the worst of all:he didn’t even write the shit!ego trippin’ is wack and whoevevr thinks other wise needs to clean their ears out.i’m no longer a snoop supporter.

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  • Fell off

    He fell the fuck off on his flow, style, swag and heart just like all the other old pop-hop cats that sold the fuck out = trash album with no real meaning, no one gives a fuck about snoop he’s not the same guy anymore but he trys to be the same, we like the underdogs on the come up not washouts that try extra hard to sell records to teenage girls. The end of the day sales mean fuck all and the games going back to the cyphers on the corner like it should be.

  • b-ease

    It’s simple.

    There was too much time between the peak of Sensual Seduction’s buzz and the albums release. The SS vid dropped heavy in mid December and got played non stop. By the time the album dropped the song was dead.

    And “Life Of the Party”, while a pretty dope song, was a bad choice for follow up single.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com/?p=21191 WritersBlock

    sensual seduction was garbage and snoop went soft…so he lost his fan base that he had over the yrs.

  • bigg mike


  • Tonelocilla

    People don’t have the money to spend on cds. That’s it. Selling out didn’t help either.


    With record sales for hip hop down drastically, the real question that people should ask themselves is “Who are the best performers in Hip Hop?” “Who would you pay money to go see perform?”

    Ultimately that’s how the artists make their money so it pays to be a great performer like KRS-ONE, The Roots, Busta Rhymes, etc

  • Anonymous

    I Know This Is Old But,this is what it all comes down to.Nobody sells what they should anymore because,u can download everything for FREE,Now what if u couldn’t download for free you’ll have to buy it right?So with that being said we all know now.

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