The Carter III > ILLMATIC…

Let’s call this a social science experiment and see which artist has the dumbest dickriders…

For my generation, ‘Illmatic’ is considered the greatest rap album of all time. I’m pretty sure that I nominated OB4CL or some shit by Public Enemy, but after the votes had been tallied ‘Illmatic’ stood at the top. And why not? It was ballyhooed with tremendous fanfare when it was first released. Everyone acted as if the landscape had been altered for Hip-Hop. NaS gave rappers a blueprint to describe their surroundings. The public bought it up because it felt like we were sitting beside NaS looking out the housing project window while he narrated the scenery.

That feeling also comes across when you look at the album art on ‘Illmatic’. There is a noisy, confusing streetscape looking through the housing projects and a young boy superimposed in the center of it all. This was a high art photo concept for a rap album. This was also released fourteen years ago. That would be ancient history to someone who is only 18 yrs old now. In that time rap music has moved on from the introspection of why the ‘hood is so troubled to the place it exists in now where the ‘hood is celebrated for its shortcomings.

No moral platitudes from me on this fact. It is what it is. My point being is that the cover art for ‘The Carter III’ reflects the reality of disenfranchised youth today. As a matter of fact I think it takes the swagger aspect of the disenfranchised and places it on a ridiculous higher level. This album cover will inspire some parents to have their children tatted before their baby pictures are taken. At least the children will be accessorized with a pinkie ring. ‘The Carter III’ cover art speaks to the values that are held by today’s rap fans.

The question of whether ‘The Carter III’ will contain musical entries that evoke the same passion 15 years after the release date like ‘Illmatic’ does really doesn’t matter anymore. The fact that the album is being discussed prior to its release guarantees as much. There will be a whole contingent of young people between the ages of 13 through 18 years old who will hear ‘The Carter III’ and have their lives changed forever.

I don’t give too much credit to Lil’ Wayne as of late because he has had more of the wrong images of his likeness publicized, from the surly mugshots to the horrendous p.r. fiasco of those condom advertisements it didn’t seem to me that Wayne had the right people calling the shots. His new album’s cover art is a step back in the right direction for someone who is being handed the keys to rap’s kingdom. Albeit still only a baby step.

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  • Detroit P

    Ummmm….Illmatic wasn’t bought up..It didnt go platinum til 2001

    But I guess this is a nice little spin you put on this subject..although you’re talking like you’re some kind of expert

    • that dude

      Um, but it bootlegged 500,000 copies before ots release.

      • Detroit P

        again..hardly “bought up”

  • moresickaMC

    Wow that post title was for shock value i guess. smh

    Lil Wayne is garbage

  • sinisster

    It’s a terrible album cover, but accurately reflects the sad state of hiphop 2day

  • DevilintheFlesh

    I kinda saw 2 sides to the Lil Wayne cover…it was either pure genius or completely fucking idiotic. Kinda like his raps….you either love it or hate it.

  • Pierzy

    How is it possible that these two albums are even mentioned together? Illmatic is so good that not even a mature NaS can even come close to replicating it…how does anyone expect an illiterate rap flunky to do so?

    Cash Money is a big reason why hip-hop died…

  • Mista WANG

    im a youngsta but even ill tell u dat Nas izz way betta than wayne

    im startin not ta even like wayne no more
    ……dis nigga b sayin some retarted shit fo real

  • MGG

    Speaking of Illmatic…after my dude JB hinted at it…upon further review…Blu’s Below The Heavens reminds me of Illmatic alot…just as good if you ask me. Only thing Blu didn’t do on the album is some out of body narratives for an entire song, eventhough he injected some everyonce in a while on a couple of songs when he’d talk about being a potential father…sure, BTH isnt going to bring LA Hip Hop “back” the same way Illmatic did for East Coast/NYC Hip Hop…but musically, its fucking with it…and it just might be a little better…too bad there arent any young whippersnappers to express that the same way a dude who was 16,17 when Illmatic dropped would for Mr. Nigger.

  • weezy

    wayne sucks dick real shit. he doesnt chop it up, he doesnt flow, he just talks on the beat and rhymes. he is a joke to the rap game and if he can get a deal “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE” its all bout who u know not how good u are. weezy sucks dick and balls

  • dez

    carter 3 is on its way

  • fakerthanfake

    carter3 differs from illmatic in that, illmatic had a hype machine pretty much only in the hiphop community. carter3 has a hype machine in the mainstream but not as strong anticipation amongst heads.

    the people who are gonna be remembering hiphop 15 years down the line won’t really be looking at carter3 the same way as we see illmatic bc it doesn’t cater to an audience that’s probably gonna still be listening to hiphop in 15 years.

  • MJM

    Illmatic was a cornerstone for hip hop. The first ranked hip hop classic album. It told everybody to step their rap lyrics up to a different level. NaS his self has two classic albums. Lil’ Wayne doesn’t even have ONE!!! And if you listen to LYRICS like the New Yorker that I am, Lil’Wayne is starting to “BITE” off rap lyrics like Jay-z Got busted for. When Lil’Wayne makes a classic album, then you can put him in the class of 50 Cent, Kanye, DMX, & Common. When He makes Two Classic Albums, then you can put him in Talk with NaS, but until then, he can keep kissing Baby and be his BITCH!!!

    • Chaka

      You said:”[Illmatic was]The first ranked hip hop classic album”.
      Which people/magazine/establishment’s rating are you relying on?I guess its the Source(that mag that was put out of biz by shady/aftermath).But Illmatic was not the album they first rated five mics.Infact,when Illmatic first came out,it was not that ground breaking as you seem to think.Yeah Illmatic is a classic album but lets not exergregate the facts.Peace an hip hop head in Africa wrote this.

  • LOL

    Billy X Sunday does not care about black people

  • Sinistah aka 7Body Sin

    well the content matches the covers i can assume….

    one displays awareness…..

    the other confusion and incoherency…….

  • Rizob

    Lollipop #1 Single in the country…..yeah, Wayne gonna do it……

    • EReal

      Yeah and that song is complete and utter TRASH. Thats the point.

      I hope garbage ass Wayne flops like Baby’s dick on his forehead so we can try to put this fuggin trash rap era behind us.
      This ish goes in circles, people seem to forget shit like MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice, people forget Doo Doo Brown, and ish like that. Theres always been crap in rap and I think in time, HOPEFULLY, things will come full circle and real hiphop will reign again.

      Do yourselves a favor. Goto the damn Rock the Bells Tour. Listen to The Middle Passage EP, or Jesus Price, damnit. Listen to anything by Crooked I. Because it is literally beyond my comprehension that people think “Lil Wayne” is a talented lyricst when theres MCs of that caliber putting out music on a consistent basis.

      But, to each their own. Times change and so do people.

      1 hunned.

  • Crocker

    You can tell Mr. N-Word & That Auto-Tune Using, Syrup Sippin’ Pygmy to fuck off and die. Nas is too damn old to be using shock tactics to sell records. He just needs to admit that he’s shit outta ideas. And Wayne…Carter II will forever be his pinnacle, that being said, he better beg Baby for a bigger allowance to hire some better ghostwriters, cause I have a sneaking suspicion that the third installment of New Swagger Jack City will be some unadulterated baby back bullshit. Oh. SMH at you Sunday. Has boredom brought you to this? WTF was the point?

  • smog

    comparing nas to wayne in cover reveals “that rap music has moved on from the introspection of why the ‘hood is so troubled to the place it exists in now where the ‘hood is celebrated for its shortcomings” i think is a great point and well written

  • Hatin

    People that listen to Wayne:
    white people, people that dont understand hip hop, lyrically challenged, club hopping lames..they only listen to him coz someone told em lil wayne is “best rapper alive”, ye he had some good punch lines, ye ‘fireman’ was a club banger and the girls got dirty to it..but even 50cent has put out tracks that everybody rides on like wow! 50 so cool!!!..

    when that lil nigga speaks i cant understand wut he sayin..he tryin to look street n talk like he a big star..he only big coz of hype..i can see this album sellin in the first week..the rest of the Hip Hop ‘lovers’!! just DL
    my 2 cent

    point of story: wayne needs to crawl back into that excuse for a hole he crawled out of,brainstorm n come back wit fire..if thats ever possible

  • Jerz!

    “In that time rap music has moved on from the introspection of why the ‘hood is so troubled to the place it exists in now where the ‘hood is celebrated for its shortcomings.”


    But real quick…

    It’s just funny to compare the two because one cover was about moving the art forward, innovation, and saying something about their individual craft. While the Wayne is about the constant claim that shit is like it was. More like Joe Budden said,

    “Used to be if you strive for so somethin’
    You could achieve it
    Now just say shit,
    These n****s will believe it.”

    More so, the Jay-Z esque cover for Carter II,
    Nas for III? I mean, I guess so?

  • LaShawn

    im 1 of those (very few) teenagers (17) that actually love RAP music. i hated crank dat from day1, ive hated everything released for the past 5years with only a few exceptions (documentary, get rich etc etc) hiphop has died. everybody knows it. look at all these 1 hit wankstas like MIMS. he says ‘i can sell a mill sayin nothin on the track’ and that was his first mother fukin single!! if that was back in the 90′s he would get murdered by the pacs, biggies, nas, jays.. rap aint about poetry no more. it aint about truth. now its all about how much i got. i dont wana hear dat, right now i got all the classics from back in the day and unfortunately ill have to keep them till my adult years. we will never see another classic rap album… its dead..

    weezy was supose to be 1 of the best lyricists but wat the fuck was lollipop about?? i aint even gona cop that album. thats jus garbage..

  • dan99

    Illmatic should not be mention with anything dealing w/ lil’ wayne, period.

    • BIGNAT

      i agree with your comment also i didn’t really think he was going use that cover. that shit is comical he need to put the sizzurp pills and whatever else he taking down. rethink this shit for a second because the carter 1 was a very good album. the carter 2 was okay he has been hyping this fucking album for almost 2 years now. if this shit is not on par with the carter 1 or better i don’t wanna hear no more of his shit.

  • Eric

    part of me says niggaz take shit to seriously and that lil wayne is a breath of fresh air because he is having fun and he is pretty good at it. another part of me believes that lil wayne and his whole generation of rappers have destroyed hip hop with all style, no substance rhymes. Wayne is witty and as a way with words, but his content doesnt flow. doesn’t matter if he’s talking about money, cash, and hoes or if he’s talking about struggles in the hood, his punch lines don’t make any damn sense. But I dig wayne because you can tell he loves the music. In his heart, I think he really believes that he is good for hip hop, and i can accept that.

    Its like when niggaz get mad at jay-z for doing the little deshawn stevensons freestyle. hov is just having fun, he loves the music, he just having fun with it. why every time he pic up the mic people expect some deep introspective shit? If you want that from wayne, you’ll never get it. let the little nigga have his fun!

  • relest

    lil wayne da best rapper alive yall dont got 2 agree yall dont even got 2 lyk it but nas tyme is up he lyk a caveman in the modern world the industry speaks 4 itself lil wayne runnin shit not naz not jayz they might have been runnin the game b 4 but wayne iz the leader of the new skool…so all lil wayne hatas eat a dick..ya dig ..yung mula baby

  • boss

    yall sayin yall cant understand lil wayne dats cuz yal mind aint fast enough 2 keep up wit his lyrics everything he says is lyk a riddle u jus got 2 figure it out on ya own jus cuz u dnt get it dnt meen he dnt make no sense …get of dat nigga jock n stop hatein

  • Ali

    gotta give it to u on tha title….caught everyone & their mommas attention lol

  • Incilin

    “In that time rap music has moved on from the introspection of why the ‘hood is so troubled to the place it exists in now where the ‘hood is celebrated for its shortcomings.”

    Fucking genius.

  • Chaka

    Billy said:”For my generation, ‘Illmatic’ is considered the greatest rap album of all time. I’m pretty sure that I nominated OB4CL or some shit by Public Enemy, but after the votes had been tallied ‘Illmatic’ stood at the top”.

    Like you Billy Illmatic is surely not my greatest rap album of all time.What albums were nominated?And who are the brothers that voted?Illmatic the greatest rap album of all time!I think that can only be possible if the majority of people casting the votes are from the East.That is not to say Illmatic is not a classic album.It is.But I feel people[most especially those from the East] are exergregating the facts when they speak as if Illmatic had such an enormous effect when it first came out.The fact that it took the album seven good years to go platinuim,shows how little known the album was in its day.Even today how many people really listen to every track on the album?If we Minus the skit we have 9 tracks on the album.Out of this 9,4 tracks are no longer fit for the present time.They are out dated relics and we fast forward them when we listen to the album.This leaves us with 5 tracks.Out of these 5 tracks only 2 tracks get regular spins in the tape deck of most heads.This certainly is not the quality of the greatest rap album of all time…peace an hip hop head in Africa wrote this.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    You must NOT be from the part of Africa that has internets service. The 25 greatest Hip-Hop albums was discussed amongst the internets a long time ago.

    Come out from the goony goo goo jungle and stop trying to make a career out of contradicting everything I say.

    By virtue of the simple fact that you are African means that you don’t know what the fuck you are talking about.

    • Chaka

      You are one dumb brother.It should have been obvious to you that the part of Africa m at has internet service since m able to communicate with you on the net.The fact that the top 25 greatest Hip-Hop albums was discussed on the net a long time ago,doesn’t necessarily mean that every one who took part in that discussion no a thing about Hip hop music(you know the majority could be Westlife’s/Spice girl’s stans).Even if they know a thing or two about Hip hop,they might not be objective(You know like you with your East coast bias).So where does that leave us?The internet discussion is worthless since it failed to take into consideration the caliber of people that were meant to vote(The one those so-called MTV Hip hop brain trust did in 2005 too is worthless,since it was motivated by coastal bias).
      You also said something like an advise to me,that I should come out from the goony goo goo jungle and stop trying to make a career out of contradicting everything you say.First of all,Africa is no jungle but one of the beautiful place in the world to be(I keep telling you stop messing with those white history books they are making you to feel low about yourself).Secondly,i wasn’t contradicting your statment on the present blog but was in support of your ideas in the few lines I quoted(Read my post again).But I can see where the problem lies.You are still mad at me because I attacked you on that silly Methodman+Redman>Outkast blog you posted some weeks ago.Let it go my brother.I know you know Hip hop but most times you allow your coastal bais to over ride your reasoning.Peace

      • Chaka

        Additional note:
        Billy said:”By virtue of the simple fact that you are African means that you don’t know what the fuck you are talking about.”

        My reply:If you are not proud to be an African then go take a bleach and become the Micheal Jackson of bloggers.Peace

  • meech

    I’m 18 and Illmatic is my favorite album, but I feel you, most people my age are tweeners: they either like Wu-Tang and Biggie, or they listen to Soulja Boi or whatever

  • http://xxl gside

    Wack ! What happen to the number one rule in hiphop ? Don’t know what it is be orginal.Thats why hiphop fuck up cats don’t know the rules. WAnyes a sucker mc !

  • LOL

    People who say only white people listen to lil wayne , have 0 observational skills.

  • khal

    “A Millie” rocks my mp3 player. I espcially like when the bass booms so loud that I can’t hear what Weezy is saying.

    Although that “tougher than Nigerian hair” line is essential.

  • Keeping It Real

    Billy gets owned by Chaka once again XD

  • Dra$t-iQ Alkoholik

    i put shit out last week and I aint seen it fuck you!

  • Schwinger

    dude the sign in the headline points in the wrong direction!!

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