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  • jonathan

    why do you keep putting bol’s face on your articles! that is so lame! i will watch your video regardless dog!

    • Detroit P

      lol..What the Fuck are you talking about..Jay Smooth’s face is on there

  • henry

    whats this guy talking about

  • H Carter

    If you dont know what he is talking about , you did not watch the debate last night. If you dont know what ill is talking about you are out of touch of what matters, and you should stick to listening to soldier boy.

    • Detroit P

      lol..What the Fuck are you talking about..henry is talking about jonathan not the video..asshole

  • Yayza

    He means in the Bloggers section, Jay Smooth’s videos have all been showing Bol’s avatar. Kinda confusing.

  • Cal

    H Carter: Its SOULJA BOY don’t be so ignant and learn how to spell!

    • Dub Sac

      You just called a dude ignorant for spelling a word correctly. Tell me you were trying to be funny.

      • Detroit P

        lol…What the Fuck are you talking about..that guy didn’t spell a word right..he spelled a name wrong…like if I said Ludicrous instead of Ludacris…asshole

  • pee


  • Three4

    hahaha…that was funny

  • ga_finest08

    LOL..good shit.

  • MI

    nah, gibson, nah. great!

  • moresickaMC

    Saw this on Fox News…lol

  • BossGame

    They showed your vid on Foxnews yesterday brah. Said it was Soldier boy’s vid. Careful… I smell a lawsuit.Hope you got clearance.

  • BossGame

    Good job though

  • ddubbzz


  • Chris “Mundelz”

    Is it just me or does this not sound like Soulja Boy???… the voice, let alone the vocab???