Saturday Night Spring Break

You guys will have to forgive me for having been gone three days in a row now. Four days, actually, if you count the fact that can’t actually read my post from this past Friday, about Miss Info, and Max B’s dueling publicists. (That is, unless you check the link to it in Google’s cache over at Unkut.)

As far as that whole mess is concerned… well, what can I say? I’m still not sure exactly what happened. Obviously someone got upset, and some phone calls were made, and somewhere along the lines a delete button was pressed, but that’s really about all I know. (If you’re that interested, you might want to check the post on the incident on my own site, from yesterday.)

I would pursue it further myself, but the truth of the matter is that I could give a rat’s ass. I’ve had posts of mine up and disappear before, and my m.o. is usually to keep it moving. Like, usually I don’t even sweat these things after I’ve done writing them anyway. I’ve written thousands and thousands of them over the years, many of which I’m sure I’d hardly even recognize.

The thing is, I think doing this for as long as I have has left me a little bit mental. When I sat down to come up with something Monday afternoon, after having worked a morning shift at the BGM, I couldn’t come up with anything other than just plain venom. Every topic I would come up with would just devolve into some violent fantasy involving… well, I’m not even gonna go there.

You guys probably would have found it amusing (some people said Friday’s post was some of my best work evar), but it really wasn’t what I wanted to write at that time. And I usually pride myself on being able to turn out pretty consistent work despite having hardly any support from this site’s management – or even knowing who this site’s management is, for that matter.

So you could say I was going through a bit of an existential crisis.

I think part of the problem was that this incident coincided with a time in which I figured I might cut down on my alcohol consumption, on the outside chance that I might find something else better to do. Or, at the very least, I figured I might save a few bucks, what the state the economy is in these days.

Also, I’ve been working essentially full-time at the BGM lately, and I figured cutting down on the pain go bye-bye juice might help me be a bit more functional there. You know how it is when you work all day, and then you drink a little bit too much, and you wake up all sore and shit – even more so than you would be if you didn’t drink.

Fortunately, I’m pretty sure I was over it as soon as yesterday, i.e. Wednesday. Not having published anything here two days in a row was beginning to bother me as much as my various lifestyle issues. I didn’t want anyone to think I was one of these guys who disappears for weeks at a time, because they don’t have anything to say, and then shows up trying to cop some sort of a plea.

And I would have come up with something yesterday, except, alas, I had to bust a shift at the BGM. So I ended up being gone three (or four) days in a row. The messed up part is that I didn’t even really enjoy my time off. I should have called in sick to the BGM and skipped town for a few days or something. Or at least spent some time over on the Eastside.

Anyhoo, my plan, from now on, is to try to get myself back focused on my writing, particularly with regard to the level of gulliness I project. No more of this trying to cut down on drinking, or not publishing something because someone might find it offensive. If management wants to delete the shit, they can just delete it like they always do.

Also, I’ve been meaning to find some more work that I can do, on the Internets or elsewhere, so that I could finally ditch the BGM once and for all. Let me know if you know of anything or have any ideas. I’m open to all sorts of suggestions. After all, I’ve worked here for the past two years.

Finally, and I really do mean this, my bad to Miss Info and Publicist #1. I mean, I still stand behind pretty much everything I said about publicists and bullshit gossip journalism, but I realize the sex shit was a little bit creepy. Lord knows I wouldn’t want any girls talking about whether or not they’d have sex with me over the Internets.

Wait, I would?

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  • Jimmy Hart

    I thought they fired you?

  • Caleb Folan

    Dude, you apologised.


  • stoneyisland

    Boring post………. Hey Bol if you wanna take 3 days off to go snuggle with your obviously gay lover then more power to you, you turd packing son of a bitch:) Nullus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yaman

    Oh, you’re finally gonna ditch the BGM? The ending of a legacy… Well, you did get some payment from those ads on your site, right? You could just up the advertising a notch, I assume you get a lot of hits.

    Also, is there anywhere I could read that other deleted post of yours – “Your Daughter Can Suck It” – that got deleted? I pride myself on having read all of your XXL posts except for that one… That’s a lil wierd, I know.

  • og bobby j

    Its a shame cause that miss info publisist shit had me rollin.

  • DocZeusX

    Seriously, Bol. Why HAVEN’T you gotten a book deal, yet? You’re pretty much the most famous hip hop blogger in the world (I know, I know…) but somebody hasn’t offered to let you write a book about your experiences as a low level peon in the service industry? What gives? They gave Maddox and Tucker Max a book deal so it’s clear they’re not interested in not offending people.

    It’s because you’re black isn’t it? Fucking racists.

    • Tray

      Bol’s got talent but I think he’s a little too informal and incoherent for book form, you know what I mean? Whereas I think Tucker has the chops to fit all his little stories into some kind of overarching narrative. Not that I’ve read the book.

      • DocZeus

        Yeah, but I think that would be the pleasure of reading it. It could literally be a bunch of essays or stories on fast food, hip hop, and how women are destroying the fabric of America. You’re telling me that wouldn’t sell.

        Bol’s the franchise over, here!

        • VoiceOfReason



          I’d cop the book just so I could silently disagree with the outrageous shit Bol writes.

          A collection of short essays and anecdotes would be ill. I mean, the way dude brought that White Castles, wigger with the samurai sword story to life was roflmao-worthy.

          Call that shit Mindset of a Champion.

          Get at TPAR for the legal stuff and you’ve got a potential New York Times bestseller on your hands.

  • Worley

    Come on man. Don’t let ‘em break your spirits. You and Sunday make this website worth the read. No disrespect to Jay Smooth. His sh*t is video.

  • Mr. Alex

    AWWWW SUKI SUKI NOW!!!! You done went and pissed off Bol . . . He bout to show you what he like in gangsta mode!!!

  • Jay

    i agree wit og bobby j.. that post bout the publistist had me fuckin rollin to just like all ur posts do.. w.e u do dont stop writin posts when i need a laugh i read ur shit

    and I figured cutting down on the pain go bye-bye juice..lmao!

  • Mista WANG

    Bol i feel yo pain my ni99a….

    well not really but i agree wit DocZuesX….u need a fukin book….

    an i even buy dat sh!t….probably b funny….

  • jimmyjoints

    so no one’s going to point out how homeboy was drunk off his ass when he wrote this?

    the pledge to bring back the gully made smile though. i remember the glory days man, with the let’s hunt and kills, the slaughtering of the (south asian) indians, the kanye petitions. that ye og BC.C mindset of a champion shit.

    and damn man, i just realized in writing this, that like y’alls fuhrer, i haven’t done shit in like, two years!!! damn. bout to go get drunk as fuck too then.

  • Yo!

    Censoring blogs is wack.

  • Jeopardy

    Blame it on the Chinese Secret Police!

  • cracka

    nice to see a glimpse of humanity.
    us crackas are really into that shit.

  • Bol had his meat cut off

    damn, after all the shit u pulled u apoligize like a ho after this????I am dissapointed in you.

  • http://yomama dat koon nigga




  • Penelope Rodriguez

    Hm. I was wondering where you were, Bol. I thought that you weren’t finding inspiration from anything and thus suffering from a mean case of writer’s block.

    It’s good to see that you’re still alive.

    I suppose.

    Another note: Where the f*ck is Billy Sunday?

  • the real Dude

    Real talk man. Keep up your excellent work.

  • b

    i cant believe i read 3/4 of that

  • Connor

    I think Billy Sunday quit.

    Don’t underestimate your capacity to think of new personas for yourself, if it comes down to it. This is working out for you great so far, but don’t feel tied to it if it gets boring for you. We’d be able to tell anyway, so if you’re really not feeling it you might as well just switch it up.

    Do you remember the Transient? You know what I thought of? I was thinking, remember how that guy left because he finally said something demonstrably untrue, that being that YN was going to give him his own blog?

    Now would be a great time for him to come back, as he could claim to have gone above YN’s head and seen to it that he was fired.

    I assume you have his contact info. You may want to get in touch. I miss that guy.

  • bitchmove

    ” you talk shit, apologise Nigga just ask Miss (Info)…”

    E-thug rule no 101: NEVER APOLOGISE

  • EReal


    Im not touching this post with a 10 foot pole theres so many jabs in it. lol @ bol gettin at pretty much everyone and yall think he’s apologizin. hahahaha.


  • Gooch

    personal relationships with the folks in that original XXL post not withstanding, that was the funniest shit I’d read online in god knows how long.

  • EReal

    Does anyone else think Max B. has the monster?

  • Cal

    I don’t care whatever the fuck Bol says he must surely love the guys who comment on his posts reading you guys is some of the funniest shit I have ever laid my eyes on. I dont know what the fuck dat koonz nigga is sayin but that shit had me rollin I love this post GATTAMNIT!!!!!!!

  • Hova

    ha ha ha ha ha

    This house nigga bol apologized! That’s fuckin historical . All the time I been reading on u nigga you never apologize. These bitches have you all fucked up. Pussy is powerfulllllll.

    OooooooW! If maxB has the monsta publicist #1 most likely has it too. Miz info fucks all the rappers as well. Industry hoes.

  • coop

    Bol, along with maddox and tucker max, the dude from just got a book deal too. get yrself a Blook-deal dude. “The Mindset of a Champion” is the gulliest book title evar.

  • Liam

    Vitamin water is where the moneys at Bol