Record Store Day Is Tomorrow

Since most people would rather purchase or steal music via downloading at home on their computers, the record store as we once knew it, that home for musical knowledge and dialogue, is basically on its last legs. There’s a lengthy article in today’s New York Times about how rising real estate prices in Manhattan and declining sales have forced many great record stores in the big apple to shut down. So basically, in their place you’ll either have a bank or a Starbucks to go to on a Saturday afternoon. You can talk about the new record you just stole off of bit torrent while you sip a mocha latte. Ghey.

Well tomorrow is Record Store Day across the country, where various record stores will be having in-store promotions, concerts, giveaways…etc. For a full list of the events, go to the site. But ummm…. yeah…. after Comic Con tomorrow at Javitz, it’s to the record store I go. Not that they need any more support from me. I give them stores plenty of money.

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    Have you ever heared of something called limewire?All you have do is download the song that you like.Damn why should i waste my time to the store to buy Cd with an average of 4 ok song unless it`s my favourite rapper.
    I bet most people in the south are still living in the stone age since they buy all the garbage album hiphop had to offer not forgetting they are responsible for all these garbage rappers who can`t rap to save their life save for a few like scarface,outkast,little brother and the least go on

    • ceepizzle


      garbage comment.

  • http://xXLMAG jb-da b.stuy reppa

    I don’t know about you but I still buy albums. I like to know who produced what. What sample was used. Things like that you can’t get from downloading. I just brought some cd’s tuesday!!!!! As long as they keep making cd’s i’ll support the artist i’m feeling. End of story.

  • Neven

    I live up north north Canada where cd’s are 25 bucks plus……… plus it’s all top 40 shit and barley any raw hip hop you never see an indie artist here so first place I go is I tunes for 9.99 a cd that 40% of the time you get to booklet with it or .99 cent a song, why should I be buying a record store cd……

    for the record I do not support any free downloading website nor do I have Limewire on my computer

  • Mas

    Ill keep buying music from an artist or click until they make me regret it. Like rocafella i would buy all there shit back when blaze and kanye were on fire then towards the end before it all fell to shit i dled all there shit cause the quality wasn’t the same. I have a good idea of what cds are worth having aka one maybe 2 skip tracks and cds that ill download delete all the garbage n keep the 3-5 hot songs on my ipod.

  • daz_oc

    Co-sign JB……I do the same thing I like to read the books. yea u can sometimes get the booklet on Itunes but to me it aint the same. Plus if you buy the cd u never know when u can have a “collector’s item” like I think when stillmatic came out and it had that song with mary but then it was being taken off shelves and put back with versions without that song

  • Yayza

    Yeah, believe it or not, I still see ass-expensive prices on CDs, even when record companies must know nobody is gonna waste $30 on a CD in this day and age. I still support all my favourite artists. I slapped down just about that same amount for a copy of Strictly For My N.I.G.G.A.Z. because I know it’s a sick album. If you love a CD, you HAVE to buy it. I just like today’s business model, where I can preview a CD, and if it sucks, I didn’t waste any money. If it’s groundbreaking shit, you can be damn sure I’m gonna go to the store can cop that.



  • gkid12345

    i still buy cd’s from artists. Just copped fresh copies of ready to die, and life after death. Reasonable doubt and illmatic i bought new ones last week. New cats well, im getting hnic2 tommorow.