Since most people would rather purchase or steal music via downloading at home on their computers, the record store as we once knew it, that home for musical knowledge and dialogue, is basically on its last legs. There's a lengthy article in today's New York Times about how rising real estate prices in Manhattan and declining sales have forced many great record stores in the big apple to shut down. So basically, in their place you'll either have a bank or a Starbucks to go to on a Saturday afternoon. You can talk about the new record you just stole off of bit torrent while you sip a mocha latte. Ghey.

Well tomorrow is Record Store Day across the country, where various record stores will be having in-store promotions, concerts, giveaways...etc. For a full list of the events, go to the site. But ummm.... yeah.... after Comic Con tomorrow at Javitz, it's to the record store I go. Not that they need any more support from me. I give them stores plenty of money.