Ready To Die? Not So Much…

I can normally blame white for most of the shit on this planet that is fucked the fuck up. Let’s face it, colonialism is a beast. It has definitely ruined some cool shit. On the other hand, without colonialism and supremacy Africans might still be wearing loinclothes and living in grass huts. So I guess there is a give and take to be recognized.

There is some shit going on now in the U.S. that I can’t blame the white for. Okay, I can blame white, but that doesn’t stem the tide of insanity so at the end of the day it doesn’t help me if I throw white under the bus. Read this ‘deadly business’ article from the Wall Street Journal…

Violence Roils Black Funeral Parlors

This shit is fucking bananas. Shooting up a funeral is a total breakdown of our civilization. It’s bad enough that people don’t respect life, but when people can no longer honor death we have devolved as a species. I don’t care what popular culture media touts these acts, whether it be a ‘Godfather’ movie or some lowest common denominator rap music, this shit has to be stopped. Shake my head to the idea of a funeral director forced to carry a concealed weapon.

What happened to the sanctity of niggas in suits? A funeral might be the only day you see a motherfucker’s actual hairline because he finally took off his du-rag. This might be the only time a motherfucker wears some pants that his drawls don’t stick out above. BTW, I think that the trend of dudes wearing jeans under their asses is not only some feminizing shit, but these lil’ niggas can’t even run anymore. I saw a group of high schoolers waddling to catch a bus and I had to LOL. These fools is walking around like bitchmade penguins.

Shout out to the south again for leading the nation in funerals that have been interrupted by gunfire
. It’s ultimately poverty that causes these people to be so mis-educated and without a plan for the future that allows them to think that killing someone at a funeral is progressive problem solving. I don’t blame rap music despite the lyrics from some artists which tout these actions. Rap music isn’t that creative or courageous to shoot up a funeral.

Collecting guns is part of the rapper’s fantasy lifestyle, but how many rappers arrested with guns in their possession over the last year even had bullets in them? The answer would be zero. These niggas is using guns as fucking paperweights. Even my employer, Harris Publications makes a grip off promoting gun violence. How can young people NOT get caught up in the notion that equates manhood with firearms? They are attracted to the violence our society praises in cinema and in real life over in the desert. How many fools have been merc’ked for no money down in Iraq? And now BlackwaterUSA has had their U.S. government contract renewed?!?

The worst trend that the Wall Street Journal article highlighted is the fact that there are now more Blacks being murdered in the U.S. overall than white. If blacks and whites represented the same numbers of the population then we could shrug our shoulders to this info, but because Blacks comprise roughly 13%? of the U.S. population compared to 67%? for the white you can see that one group loses a larger percentage of their overall when you consider the numbers.

I don’t blame rap music for the fact that Blacks are getting merc’ked like Iraqi insurgents and funerals are getting shot the fuck up. I’m pretty sure this is some plan of someone out there making money from the sale of rap music AND firearms.

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    the south stay losing


  • yaman

    “fucked the fuck up”

    damn it’s funny how much you bite bol

  • geico lizard

    im glad you mentioned blackwater because that is bullshit that they got their contract renewed while they are still under investigation for those other unauthorized murders. thats just bush taking care of his friends and family with more money contracts while the rest of the country is struggling and 80,000 jobs were lost in march in this country. mccain will just bring more of the same nonsense to the economy so the dems need to get it together and win in november.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Does Bol place his dick on your forehead? I hope that is the reason you are shamelessly trying to become his bottom bitch.

    Instead of worrying about phrases as if this were cRap music, how about reading this drop and replying with a comment that shows you own the minimum in reading comprehension skills?

    If you just came to find out about XXL mag dot com blogs then you should shut the fuck up and sit down while grown mans is talking.

  • V

    “These fools is walking around like bitchmade penguins.”

    this line had me rollin’

    props billy. this was some fine writing. this also brought to light the sad truths behind the battlefields in our own backyards: south bronx, harlem, patterson, west philly, east oakland, etc, etc

  • Rizob

    you can’t possibly believe all the ignorant stuff you write. If you write for shock value just to be read then cool, but if you are really taking this stuff to heart then, you are just as ignorant as the shit you write…….
    Anywho, I got Memphis beating Kansas for the championship, who’s wit me………

  • Toivo

    March of the Bitchmade Penguins

    Narrated by Ice Cube

    Coming Soon to a theater near you.

  • Apollo Moses

    You dropped a gem on that. Read the WSJ article and it was a damn shame. Black people are shocked, sadden, and angry about this nonsense, while Ni**as just don’t give a f^#k! Our population is 13% and it seems like it’s on the decline. You can’t blame white, because I’m not worried about losing my life at the hands of white, I’m sure if I witness any violence towards my race, the face would look similar to mine on some Iraqi civil war shite. SMH at all these fools that would rather study gang knowledge than the knowledge that would actually earn a diploma or degree. These clowns are so “teh ghey” they fantasize about being illegitimate trap crap stars like the actors on the tube. We’re so deep in this mess, you can’t blame anybody. This is now the world we live in, Degeneration X.



    • render

      get a life nigga

  • Billy X. Sunday

    I deleted that bullshit. Your comments on this thread are a waste of space. For the people that come to my threads and actually read my drop and the subsequent comments I only want voices that are relevant to the argument.

    There are times when my drops are on some farcical shit. That’s when you can gladly submit your inane bullshit comments. Otherwise you need to STFU when grown mans is talking.

  • diamond district

    This is deep and the twist is, i have actually been worried that funerals i’ve been to could possibly get shot up. I know a lot of y’all fools out here cant understand, livin this fantasy life. It’s really fucked up out here, and it’s getting no better. When are we gonna realize whats going on? when are we gonna see that we’re never gonna get ahead if we continue this nonsense? what’s sad is that i’ve almost given up hope. I’m in the middle of the madness, and i know most of you out here are just on the net, talking a lot of bull shit, and for what? This is serious shit and we keep losing….

  • Incilin

    Oh man, props all around. This is the best post I’ve read from you in a while. Plus, thank you for deleting Purple Hulk’s comments.

    The great thing about this post is that’s it’s informative and opinionated. Which is why I read blogs like this in the first place.

    But as far as the writing goes I don’t know if I like it ending on the entertaining but somewhat delusional idea of “the man” who controls everything. Alas, a lot of truth is said in jest. But when you make points as fluid and on-point as:

    “It’s ultimately poverty that causes these people to be so mis-educated and without a plan for the future that allows them to think that killing someone at a funeral is progressive problem solving.”

    Well, then you ought to end with the strongest points so you can leave that as your lasting impression. I remember you once writing on your site that 90% of what you do is pure “fuckery,” which is true. But that %10 percent, minority it may be, should be put at the forefront whenever possible.

    • khal

      nigga sounds like its a freshman year creative writing course.

      real talk (no nigel) all throughout this post. props on that bitchmade penguins shit, too. it is kind of funny, seeing niggas with pants sagging to their mid-thigh, then wearing some white tees that look like skirts. some odd shit going on in fashion…

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Er, thx for the comment, I suppose. I’ve been doing this blog shit now for over four years. I think I’ll keep writing my shit the way I do. You could always get yourself a blog, if you were so inclined.

  • Billy Joe Patrick jr

    Thats my real name by the way. I’m from east central mississippi, country than a mother#@$#@. I’ve been to a whole bunch of funerals, some due to illness, murder, drugs, and you know the average ni99a stuff lol. I don’t know about other places in the South but in MS, shooting up funerals not cool. I have never heard of that i been here 23 years man. I’m pretty sure that stuff you are talking about goes on everywhere not just the south. The pants sagging that stuff is becomeing embarassing no joke lol @ waddling to the bus. If you’re at the crib chillin , thats your dmain do what ya want, but in public you have to pull them joints up c’mon my nigs dammm.

  • Yeeeeee

    Does anyone think that the rate of violence is going up because broke ass states have to release prisoners as fast as they can get them in? I’m not sure on this one but figured someone would have some shit to say about it.

  • Lefty

    lol @ bitchmade penguins…real talk, sagging your pants might lose more than shooting up funerals

    • BIGNAT


  • DJ Daddy Mack

    I like this, Billy. Black on Black crime is serious. No one talks about that shit. Shit is real out here.

  • these posts are racist


    I take great issue with your comment that without colonialism Africans would still be wearing loin clothes, or whatever. First of all, nothing, nothing can justify slavery or colonialism. Secondly, Africans had the highest form of culture at the time of the European slave trade and at various times throughout history when they were raped and murdered by Europeans. To suggest that Africans “benefited” in any way from some of the most disgusting crimes every committed in the history of man is (a) a lie and (b) believing the criminals’ lies. The irony.

  • Worley

    Man, I remember the first time I saw police outside a funeral was at Gilmore funeral home when a member of the Supreme Team was murdered. Shooting up a funeral is straight goonery. N*ggas lose points for that homes.

  • http://xxl gside

    Yeah that’s terrilbe but I have to ask myself what has somebody done in life to make somebody want to kill them twice. I mean a funeral is a refaxltion on how you live your life good poeple funeral standing room only you think your sad then you look up and you see everbody this person bourght together next thing you know it’s a party. A lier die everbody who show up goes up there say we love him but we never trusted him. Know if your out here kill poeple someone kills you then come and kill you agin and take some of your love one’s with you it fitting because that’s the way you live your life and if your love one’s rise you that way well as we so shall we reap. It’s about personal resonsopnablty and how you want to be rember.The shit about the young boys sagging is funny but sad to because if your in my age group 35 and up you use to sag to shit I just start to wear a belt about 5 years ago so were just pointing the finger at oursleve these are our sons, nehpew younger cousin Black man stand up own it take responablty for whats yours and change things that you can let kill a these nigga with education and let black poeple take over. Im a reform black person my self we all have done things that have been determental to our on race. So let start today on fixing our problems start at home our you self read a book do a pushup that shit really works one day at a time.

    • Intelligent Thought Prevails

      Billy S,

      Great post mans. I’m glad to see some shit like this being said by real people, and not just by Bill Cosby on some NAACP trip. If more of the 20 and 30 something’s in our society would speak out against this type of thing there might actually be a change.

      Now speaking on the reasoning behind these actions, I don’t think there is ever a time or place where they can be condoned. And as for why they occur, I personally think it can be traced for the most part back to parenting, or the lack-thereof, which is probably the main cause of the mis-education that you mentioned. I’m not saying parenting was perfect in the 80’s or anything, but the late 90’s – 2K’s rapid influx in teenage (and adult) violence, insolence, sexuality, disease and general buffoonery is ridiculous. I still remember when I was scared of my mom’s and yet kids now-a-days run circles around and over their parents. But with all that being said, I still don’t know how to explain the fact that we didn’t instill the same disciplines our parents taught us in our own kids.

      Another thing, with the mention of Backwater and the war in Iraq, I personally think that issue is a whole different monster. I’m in no way a crazy barbaric monster or mindless killer and I have been to the desert on 3 separate occasions. I’m not saying that what Blackwater did in that situation is right/wrong (to do that I would have to know all the facts, and the best way would have been if I was there) but I personally have put bullet holes in cars that came too close to a convoys of soldiers driving down the street to go catch some guy who was planning on blowing up soldiers and civilians alike. I won’t ever know if the person I shot at was in fact a crazy killer or someone who didn’t give a rats ass, but I know that I had signs saying “Stay back 100 ft.” (in English and Arabic), I gave hand and arm signals, and even tried to use scare tactics to stop them from getting close. After seeing people get blown up by crazy drivers, and living through mortar attacks and IED explosions I wasn’t about to let anyone get close to taking me away from my fam. Basically, shit isn’t always black and white… sometimes the grey is involved.


    In your first paragraph, I guess you are basically saying that if the whites (Europeans) would have not come to Africa and enslaved our ancestors we would still be living in huts today and be very primitive. So we need to thank them for 400 plus years of murder and rape in order for us to be living in American today. Blacks started civilization you dumb ignorant ass and are responsible for civilization, our ancestors we great scholars and scientists when the europeans were living in caves and kissing dogs in the mouth. Read a book on history you ignorant biyatch!

  • EReal

    I’m pretty sure this is some plan of someone out there making money from the sale of rap music AND firearms.
    Uhhhhh… Harris Publications?

    LMAO @ Bitchmade Penguins

    (Think about lil wayne chasin the bus, ROFL)

    They’ve used everything they can think of to hide the fact we’re still at war. Theres actually 2 WARS going on right now. I got boys over there and I got a homie that came home fucked the fuck up. That war is no joke, its the biggest mistake in US history. J.Mcain’s Iraq policy is a fuggin JOKE. We need out of there.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Supreme Blackman,
    You have a kool and the gang screen name but like that old R & B track goes, “Don’t Let It Go To Your Head”.

    Sure there were great civilizations on the African continent when the O.G. European occupants were still in caves eating their own children. What the fuck does that have to do with you?

    How do you know that your DNA is filled with greatness? You sit in a computer lab at your community college because you don’t even have a gotdamn computer at home and you claim to be a descendant from kings? Nigga please…

    If that was in your DNA you would be doing king shit now, but you aren’t. You are more than likely a descendant of the dudes that did the manual labor for the kings. You prah’lee spend your free time at the altar of the white baby jesus, chasing jewelry and broads infected with the clizzap.

    You want to start giving us the notion that you are from the lineage of kings and great thinkers I suggest you leave a comment that shows you have brain.

    • Around and Around


      Blacks started civilization you dumb ignorant ass and are responsible for civilization
      Ahhhh na The first civilization happened where George Bush fucked the fuck up.. Mesopotamia. (Iraq)

      But Blacks are responsible for Jazz

  • these posts are racist


    You did a whole lot of insulting in that last comment, but did not address the criticism of your racist and ignorant first paragraph comment.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    says TPAR
    Dear Billy,
    Wah wah wah.

    Read the paragraph again you simpleton. Better yet, we can all read it together…

    “I can normally blame white for most of the shit on this planet that is fucked the fuck up. Let’s face it, colonialism is a BEAST. It has DEFINITELY RUINED some cool shit. On the other hand, without colonialism and supremacy Africans MIGHT still be wearing loinclothes and living in grass huts. So I guess there is a give and take to be recognized.

    Everything I wrote is contextually accurate. Civilizations in south america have been uncovered where there were no colonial supremacists forces acting against them and those motherfuckers were still living in trees.

    Today is not my day to throw the white under the bus in the manner that you wish. If you are stuck on the first paragraph then that is your problem. Put an ‘H’ on your back and handle it. If you believed in the one true GOD then you would already understand the divine prophecy that brings the so-called Black man to the Americas.

    But again, that’s only if you had knowledge of self.

  • these posts are racist

    “Everything I wrote is contextually accurate. Civilizations in south america have been uncovered where there were no colonial supremacists forces acting against them and those motherfuckers were still living in trees.”

    Your logic is horrendous. Firstly, because there are civilizations in South America who “live in trees”, that means but-for slavery/colonialism Africans would be living the same? Secondly, even if there are peoples living in ways we deem primitive, does not in any way give us any right to mess with him. And certainly doesn’t give us the right to enslave them for hundreds of years, rape their women, sell their children and steal everything they have…even if hundreds of years later they would be living in a “modern society”. I don’t even know where to start.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    TPAR says, “I don’t even know where to start.”

    Exactly. So why don’t you sit down and STFU until you get your mind right.

  • these posts are racist


    I see you are on your insult game and do not want to have an honest discussion. The fact remains: your comment is not only inaccurate, but justifies and is in line with arguments used to justify the horrible atrocities of the past.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    I often use outrageous statements to whittle off the dimwits. If I wrote that the Sun was green would this statement even merit a conversation? The fact that you are clotheslined from the opening paragraph says to me that you don’t have the mental firmament to see the forest from the trees.

    There’s all kinds of shit going on in this drop and you, my obtuse gadfly, are stuck on stupid.

  • these posts are racist


    Much of the rest of your drop is hot, on point and educational. There is a lot in this drop that I respect and give you props for writing, but the comment I take issue with is so egregious, for many reasons, that I must argue against it (as I have above) or I would not be “adding” to the comment section. Again, those arguments are used by war criminials to justify these horrendous crimes. It is sad irony to even flirt with such an idea in the context of your overall drop. So yes, there is “all kinds of [good] shit going on this drop” and that is the very reason your first paragraph is so messed up.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    You gots to go in deeper.

    • Chaka

      Yeah its me again.Its not that I like taking shots at you but the problem with you is that you dont like being corrected.TPAR has a point.Some of the comments in Your first paragraph is inaccurate.Like this one which he had problems with:”without colonialism and supremacy Africans might still be wearing loinclothes and living in grass huts. So I guess there is a give and take to be recognized”.
      Your comment here is misleading.First of all who told you that in the entire Africa people where living in grass huts before the colonial masters came.That notion is wrong.Yeah some tribes had grass huts but this was by no means general.There were good stuctures in many places,e.g cario[Egypt],Alexandria[Egypt],Carthage[Tunisia],Sokoto[Nigeria],Benin[Nigeria],to mention just a few.Again,your think every one in Africa was wearing Lionclothes before the colonial masters came.This reasoning too is wrong.The first thing you should know is that it is not every region in Africa that has Lions so Lionclothes couldn’t have been available for all.Secondly,our people knew how to make clothes from fabric even before the colonial masters came.We still wear some of this traditional wears even till this day,and I can tell you that they are damn beautiful.So to cut the long story short you know little or nothing about the subject you were discussing in that paragraph.
      Actually,the cause of your ignorance is not you but those white history books that you have been reading.That is what they want you to believe that if it wasn’t for them you would still be living a backward life.So what did they do?They rewrite history,make a revision of it in which they down play the achievments of our people and paint them like men with little intelligence.Its sad that people like you are still buying that crap.Do your reseach my brother,we were civilised and knew Christ for more than a thousand years before the colonial masters came.They were three African popes before 400 AD,great African bibilical scholars[Origen,St.Augustine,etc] before 500 AD who knew more Greek,Latin and Hebrew,than our modern scholars.The list can go on.So get your mind right my brother and learn more about your root.Peace an Hip hop head in Africa wroe this.

      • The Kanadian

        Buddy, it’s Loin cloth, as in it covers your Loins. Nothing to do with Lions or tigers or bears!

        • Chaka

          @The Kanadian
          My brother I think I understood Billy correctly.He meant clothes made with Lion skin.I just dont get the point you are trying to make or what you mean by “it’s Loin cloth, as in it covers your Loins”.Read his statment again cause you are not making any sense here.Peace

    • EReal


  • LOL


  • the truth

    yeah of course..white people are making blacks kill each other in record numbers and naturally they are forcing them to shoot up funeral parlors.

    is there nothing white people can’t do?

  • gees22

    iu know im a day late but i have to address this TPAR individual. when you blame the white man for all problems afflicted blacks around the world, you fail to address in a realistic and sensible manner the problems of the black man in general. altough it is true that the colonialism of people of color across the world by the white man can be blamed for most of the problems that afflict worlds poor people. those same people played an implicit role in thier own slavery and depravation. blacks, Indegenous Americans Asians, and all peoples that were colonized played a role colonization process. Africans were selling each other as slaves long before the white man came to africa and the same can be said american indians who were far from being in a state of peice with each other. And while most of these countries have been in free of colonialism for almost a century. the civil wars and genocide that persist on the African continent can not be intirely blamed on the white man.
    As for the the united states while defacto systems of racism still exist in our country we as a people have to stand up and say enough is enough. blaming the whire man for all our problems will not solve any of them. blacks in this country have to begin to look inward in order to solve the problems that persist in communities. looking out ward and saying it s the white man thats fault and until he changes his racist ways will never work.
    TPAR you seem like an intellgent indivdual that is capable of thinking criticaly but you seem to either be afraid or unwilling to look within to see and recognize the true problems that afflict the community that you seem to love so much.
    when blacks are killing each other at a rate that far exeeds any other ethnic background that problem is not simply the fault of racism it is the fault of individuals like your self that are affraid to look within and say i need to change.

  • Mr. Foster Farms (get it?)

    Billy Sunday says…….On the other hand, without colonialism and supremacy Africans might still be wearing loinclothes and living in grass huts.


    Nigga u stupid. Not ALL africans lived like that. There were self sufficient african civilizations before white people came. They want us to think all africans, and dark skinned people in general are primitive. Learn yaself nigga.


    Checking in fresh on these hoes.


    YOUR SO FUCKIN STUPID!!! by the first paragraph….

    “On the other hand, without colonialism and supremacy Africans might still be wearing loinclothes and living in grass huts. ”

    this is some of the dumbest shit ive heard… how cold you say some shit like that, YOUR BLACK!! its all this ignorant rap shit that did this to you huh?. how could i read such a bigot attitude toward himself