Some of these bloggers calling foul on Polow Da Don for essentially jacking a preset from Apple's Garage Band are total idiots. What's more, few of them know anything about actually producing, so I just think they should take a seat on the sidelines.

Sure, it sounds like he ripped a few loops for the new Usher track "Make Love Up Up In The Club." Big deal. (I believe Rihanna's "Umbrella" is a Garageband loop too).

The only thing you should be bitching about is the fact that you were sitting at home trying to concoct some Mozart-type melody while your hit record was sitting right on your hard drive. You just had to copy and paste it together.

My understanding is that the loops in garageband and most of these other programs are available for use, without needing a license. That's dope, it's like free hit records waiting to be made, and you don't have to clear anything.

I know the common argument would be that it takes no creativity. And you're right, it doesn't.

But how is copying and pasting a few loops from Garageband any different from sampling the groove from some classic record, laying some drums behind it and calling it your own?

Same difference.

Right or wrong?