[Blogger's Note: No matter the topic, bloggers can't win.]

Bol is hands down the most popular blogger on this site and arguably the best in the urban landscape, but some of you still manage to call him, "Norbit" or a "fuckin balled troll" (then complain about his typos) at the end of his posts. It's like bloggers can't win. No matter how good they are.

I admit, I set myself up by comparing XXL to the Lakers. I should have known dudes would be coming for my neck after that. Mind you, I could have came in and simply introduced myself and some douche still would have snapped, "we don't care who the fuck you are! This site sucks penis! Kill yourself!" Either way, I lose. Not that I was expecting you guys to offer me cookies or anything, but man, users here are as harsh as they come.

Yesterday, this dude Purple Hulk criticized me for allegedly admitting that "this site was inferior to the SOHH." Dude, if you've been following the current NBA season, the Los Angeles Lakers are the no.1 seed in the Western Conference. And though the Spurs are standing in the 3rd slot (behind the Lakers), they are still the defending champions. So how are the Lakers inferior? Let's be literal for a minute. Since Pau Gasol joined the team, aren't people saying that L.A. is the team to beat? That’s all I was saying.

As much as "I suck," Purple Hulk, though he may not have read my post, still took time to click just to tell me, "I suck ass at blogging." Thanks for the clicks, fellers. Per Flip, I'm "the shittiest blog this site has ever seen," but my shitty post somehow generated more comments than any other blogs on Wednesday, including the G.B.O.A.T, Bol. It's only one day, but I'll take it. Hate it or love it, I'm still sparking discussion.Yo Prince said, "I'm sick of your writing already," but he'll be back...under a different nickname perhaps.

Since you dudes are such "blog experts," Purple Hulk especially, holler at me. We're expanding here at XXL so if you're 2.5% as good as Bol, Maurice Garland, Noz, Billy Sunday, Gooch or Jay Smooth, I may just give you a job. Then again, dudes like Purple Hulk, when they're not busy trashing XXL, probably search for bangbus.com passwords, forgot what a woman looks like in person and will probably claim that they're above the job. Cool! But you could also earn some extra money, give it to Dirty Sanchez, skip the password search and spend more time trashing XXL under a new nickname. Maybe...the Green Hulk. But I diiiiigress!

As mentioned in my first post, I'm picking your brains here. You keep coming back to the site, so you obviously must care to some degree. When you're done crapping on my head, if you have suggestions, questions or criticism about XXLmag.com, feel free to hit me up at jackpotxxl@gmail.com...or just leave it in the comments of course.

So do what you best. Ask me who the fuck I am, tell me I suck, tell me I never should have blogged, tell me, "bloggers can win, you just can't," tell me bloggers can get breaks, but I can't, tell me others have already written better posts about the same topic, tell me my grammar is doo doo, tell me to toughen up, tell me to lighten up, tell me not to take it so personal, tell me I didn't make a point in this post, tell me, “2.5% as good as” doesn’t make sense, tell me I'm trying to pull an Eminem 8 Mile, but it won't work, tell me that 8 Mile analogy sucked, tell me I shouldn't have been hired, tell me I need to get fired, tell me to beg SOHH for my job back, tell me to take the quotes off of, "I suck” cause I really do, ask me why I'm still talking about the Lakers, tell me I'm only using "LOL" to make it seem like I don't care, tell me ain't nothing wrong with free bangbus passwords, tell me this blog is really about nothing, tell me the blog should be called, "Scatter Brains," tell me, “I’d trash you, but you just did it for me,” etc, etc. It's cool! I'll still be here tomorrow. Speak on it!

PS: I’m dead serious. I will post your blog entry and let the rest of your fellow users grade you. Now, who got money on Hulk punking out on my offer?