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  • Teddy

    hahah that happened to me when i saw common



  • MGG

    Jay…you a 12-stepper?

    but nah for real, great post…that happens to me often.

    • Jay Smooth

      ha, no but I know lots of people who are

  • Stakes is High AKA Professor P

    I actually respect you Jay for doing this blog. Cool post.

  • yaboy

    Jay, you are especially good at putting into words the thoughts that probably most of us have. The video blogs are a refreshing take on things and a break from the typical monotony to be found on this website.

    *stands up and applauds*

  • Billy X. Sunday

    I don’t think you are coin operated like I am (and that is a good thing), but whatever Harris is paying you isn’t enough.

  • Jerz!

    lol my cousin introduced me to Nas when I was in high school and all I could say was ‘Big fan’ when we dapped. Sigh.

  • Worley

    It’s best when you meet people drunk. I met Grandmaster Caz and Red Alert in a, um, let’s just say I met them in the Bronx. Dudes were mad cool. I asked them about all kinds of old school sh*t. They vibed with me a bit and then I was on my way.

  • Club Med

    I’m glad I pressed play. That was a really good post.

  • Larry Brite

    Good Point dOOd, because you gotta take advantage of every chance you get!

    Word up 2 Chappelle as well!

  • Calibud

    My advice to you though Jay, and anybody else is to not worry about what someone else thinks of you when it comes to whats in your heart. So if a bitch thinks you’re just tryna hit just because you’re nice to her then thats her loss on that moment of “connectedness”, and maybe that’ll turn into a lesson she could grow from later on if she’s a smart girl.
    The key to not feeling guilty about how someone reacts your acknowledgment of them (and whatever you comes after that)is to make sure its truly comming from the heart and you can be at peace with that regardless of how someone feels about you afterwards.

  • Jay Smooth

    Worley: Haha so uhh, are you saying you met Red and Grandmaster Caz at the Golden Lady?

  • Rotterdam

    nice post.
    you had dave’s voice down man. haha

  • CL


    you knocked it out it out the park homeboy. I am definitley gonna remember that in my future dealings with folks period.



  • Mind of Mencia fan

    why dave chappelle? Carlos Mencia is a LOT funnier! And if you disagree, you are a Dee Dee Dee!

    • Lancelot

      1st – i believe it’s DETT Dee DEE!

      2nd -while his show IS funny, i’ve seen a lot of ‘skits’ that are like watching a hispanic chappelle show re-run.

      Mencia is funny when he does original stuff, but the show recycles some ideas which is annoying.

      +++Chappelle will battle your ass on spot – not very well, but he a cool dude+++

  • Jay Smooth

    Purple Hulk: You’re right! When you keep chasing after someone to talk to them it can make you look like a groupie.

  • Dat_kidd

    True…You’re f*cking right!

  • pee

    honestly the ill doctrine has alot of knoledge and is very smart! good to know that there are people in this world who can share it and not keep it to they self! i was never into blogs but clicked on this like six months ago by mistake and became somewhat of a fan of your blogs they deliver strong messages and feed the mind and gives something to think or act about! unlike alot of the other bloggers this is not solely about hip hop but life and expirience! much luv from the kid pee!

  • dirty

    Jay your always on point but how can a dude that does blogs to millions of people be shy face to face with Dave Chappelle not like it was Barrack Obama

  • P-Matik

    Wow, great post Jay. I thought that it was really tight that you shot me that email after I ran into you downtown that night. I didn’t even think you remembered who I was for real.

    I feel you though. I see rappers and other known folks (mostly in NYC) and I never give them a shout out because I always end up saying something stupid, like calling them by someone else’s name.

  • Ghost Deini

    Good shit.