When NYOIL's first video, "You Should All Get Lynched," hit the Internets, a couple of years ago, I was reminded of that sketch from Mr. Show where that performance artist was gonna take on a shit on the American flag, but he couldn't quite squeeze one out.

On the one hand, I could definitely agree with a lot of the guy's views, i.e. the fact that a lot of rappers these days are an embarrassment to black people. But on the other hand, you couldn't but wish he'd develop a sense of self-awareness, if not an actual sense of humor.

NYOIL has been back in full force, in the past week or so, mounting a series of responses to my new favorite rap song evar, except for the fact that it's not that good, Nas' "Be a Nigger Too."

A day or so after the Nas record hit the Internets, NYOIL let loose with a guest post over at Unkut, in which he accused Nas of ripping off the concept for it from his song "What Up My Wigger Wigga," explained the difference between his position and Nas' position with regard to the dreaded n-word, and alleged that there was some vast conspiracy amongst the TIs to promote Nas at the expense of artists such as himself.

The shit's so convoluted I'm not sure if I could really do it justice here without getting way long-winded. To continue with what's apparently gonna be my theme for this post, I'd compare NYOIL's guest post at Unkut to David Cross' bit, from one of his stand-up specials, about the article in High Times magazine about who really killed Martin Luther King, Jr.

How can I be paranoid, when it's the paranoid motherfuckers who are really after me who are making me paranoid?

So you might want to check that post out for yourself:

Nas Sharks NYOIL? [Unkut]

Essentially, you get the idea that NYOIL is upset that Nas stole his shtick, i.e. sensational rap music about contentious race issues, and has already had more success with it in the past five days or so than he's had in the past five years. There's definitely a certain similarity between the Nas record and his "What Up My Wigger Wigga," but not to the point where you'd think that Nas definitely heard the NYOIL record before he went and recorded his own.

And then I guess there is the issue of the genuine ideological difference between the two of them with regard to the dreaded n-word - though that aspect of it struck me as fairly secondary. If all this was was a disagreement over whether or not Eminem should be able to call his black girlfriend a nigger when the two of them were having relationship issue (my take: it depends on what the bitch did - ha!) you'd think he could just debate Nas on that issue, instead of trying his damndest to throw Nas under the bus.

Which is what he's been doing. In the guest post over at Unkut, he all but suggests that Nas is some sort of Jermaine Dupri-style tool for the tall Israelis. Which just plain doesn't ring true, given what we know about the difficulty Nas has had releasing this album. Just because NYOIL didn't agree with the message of Nas' record doesn't mean the TIs put Nas up to it. Then a few days later, in a YouTube interview with Peter Rosenberg, he goes so far as to call Nas one of the most overrated MCs of all time. He even says Illmatic is just alright. Pfft!

Meanwhile, I don't think he did a very good job articulating his beef with Nas in the clip, at least as far as this dreaded n-word issue is concerned. Which is ironic, since one of his main gripes about Nas, as put forth in this clip, is that Nas didn't do a very good job explaining his stance on this issue when he was interviewed by CNN on the red carpet at the Grammys. But in this interview with Peter Rosenberg, NYOIL mostly just comes off as an angry Nas stan. At one point, I think he even complains that Nas won't contact him personally.

Someone cue the Dido sample already...

Finally, I rolled off of the couch at the ass crack of noon today figuring I might go in on this Nas-NYOIL issue, and damn it if there wasn't yet another NYOIL video in my RSS reader. Called "The difference between Blacks and Niggers," it might be my favorite thing he's done to date - which is not saying a whole lot, but still. Like the video that first put him on the map, I think it's especially brilliant in the way it combines his bitching and moaning with images of celebrities and clips from various films. Only thing is, the whole fucking concept of it is ripped from David Cross' Chris Rock's classic "Black People vs. Niggas" bit.

You wonder whether this occurred to him while he was putting it together, and whether he thought twice about going through with it, given that he's currently engaged in this (mostly one-sided) beef with Nas over essentially the same thing, or if he's just that dense. Something tells me it's the latter.