NEW J Dilla Produced By Kanye West

We F’d Up- J Dilla (produced by Kanye West)

This sounds like it came from that batch of beats Kanye must have made around the time of “Takeover.” It’s still pretty crazy though.

Supposedly from Dilla’s unreleased album that he recorded for MCA a while back. My apologies for the terrible quality, the original mp3 was a big file. But just google the song and you should be able to find a zshare link.

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  • ThisIsMosel

    maaaan, Kanye and Dilla is not a good combination…This beat sounds terrible and Dilla and FrankNDank apparently didn’t care to write good verses…hook bad, concept bad, verses bad, WE MISS U DILLA

    • Re-yo

      Wow, you need your ears checked.

  • khal

    thanks now i can get NO work done!


  • bbbones

    yeah this song is real nice

  • realtalk

    this shit is wack…Kanye west beats ain’t even as tight as everyone makes them out to be…plus nigga be dressing gay as fuck…one

  • Leslie Gunslinger

    J Dilla was heavily over-rated. He had a few good beats, but most of his beats were just rushed 2 bear loops, which bore the hell out off you after one listen.

    Real producers actually compose their own melodies and make their own songs instead of stealing older songs and putting some lame drums over them.

    That is why Dilla wasn’t rich when he died.

    • 50 Crent

      Leslie, go fuck a big light pole. Dilla had been playing his own melodies since the first Slum Village album… lame drums? Tell that to Pete Rock or Primo, let’s see what happens then.

    • Re-yo

      2 Bar loops? Listen again.

      “Real producers actually compose their own melodies and make their own songs instead of stealing older songs and putting some lame drums over them.”

      Dilla could play mad instruments….

      You got sonned.

    • Phil

      YOU FUCKING SIMPLE-MINDED DICKHEAD. Dilla could PLAY ALMOST ALL INSTRUMENTS. He did this with Frank-n-Dank’d 48 Hours album! He played EVERYTHING on that record and played on Common’s Electric Circus and the ROOTS Things Fall Apart! He INSPIRED D’ANGELO’S VOODOO ALBUM with a BEAT TAPE. So, where the fuck do you get off judging a legend when you’re too lazy to do the homework? Dilla was the HOPE FOR THE FUTURE of this Hip-Hop shit. Lazy, hating, ignorant, dumb-ass prick! Google the young god and shut the fuck up.

    • dj mowgli

      ‘real producers’? like dr dre maybe? and didnt dre steal a ton of melodies from old albums to make his first classic ‘the Chronic’? Gunslinger…your comment sounds like you never made a beat…or you just cant appreciate the way dilla could make a melody out of a flipped, stretched, chopped and effected sample, re-play it, making it NEW!!! Plus his drums are sick!!listen to Donuts!! listen to Jay Stay Paid!! listen to fantastic Vol. 1 (Slum Village) !!! listen to ATCQ!!!(u know what ATCQ is right?) illshit u NEVER heard..PLUS dilla was RAW and WAY ahead of his time, which could be why he wasnt rich, not because YOU DONT GET IT!!! he influenced 99% of modern hit-makers, mostly the rich ones. rich producers like pharrell give dilla all the props. overrated??? not at all fool

    • kedordu


    • domonice

      u have absoulutley no idea wat the fuck you are talking bout, leave real music to real niggas

  • RL

    So basically what you’re saying is you hold “LEGENDS” like Pete Rock, Marley Marl, DJ Premier in the same regard as Dilla for sampling? Hmmmm…interesting.

    As far as his $$ is concerned, are you his financial backer or somethin? LOL who cares about what he made financially. He made a string of classics that’ll be on people’s ro’ 10 years from now. You can’t say that about 90 % of the artists out today.





  • A-Beatz of WTNRRADIO.COM

    Hot Track! West & Dilla. Thats wassup.

  • Shay

    loved it

  • Alexx Calvo

    you stupid ass mutha fuckers thats why we got all the bitch ass lames cause you little kids dont know real hip hop. DILLA is and to this day is every producers that lives now favorite producer. j dilla was not overrated you obviously dont know cause you dont jam dilla he is hip hop the beats took you thru a fucking intergalactic trip. not that stupid bullshit pretty boy swag. all you kids that think you like hip hop and dont know whats good on the real gods just die. dilla will live forever fuck everyone else.


  • Anonymous

    Umm Alexx Calvo dont call us little kids I’m a 13 year old Dilla had so don’t come up with judgements, even though Leslie Gunslinger is a stupid asshole.

  • Aven

    Im feeling the beat…the verses not so much.