Life And Death On The Southside…

Since I’m prah’lee like the only cat at this site that has intimate knowledge of the peripherals into the Sean Bell murder case I would be remiss for not submitting my $.02 (even though I still don’t have my W-2 from Harris – WTF?!?).

Bol raises an interesting point with the fact that Sean Bell’s economic status has as much to do with his murder than any other factor. Poor people in the United States stay losing. That’s just the facts of life playboys. We were all born to die. Poor people were just born to die faster and harder (no Daft Punk shiny leather pantsuit).

Peep all the shit that poor people have to endure in their lifetime… State sanctioned terrorism from the police, a legal system that prosecutes them even when they are victims, mis-education from derelict public schools and malnutrition from the quarter water corner store a/k/a Bodegas. Someone needs to clone poor people because they survive some brutal shit on the regulack.

Sean Bell and his friends were poor people. The types of kids that would never think of taking a few stacks and putting that paper into an IRA Roth account. They prah’lee don’t even have checking accounts. The bar they went to was on the outskirts of their local neighborhood. Poor people typically don’t stretch themselves past the environs of the place they grew up. Shit is too complicated outside of the cocoon. Human relationships are too complicated with people who aren’t from the same neighborhood. Sheeeeeit, human relationships are already complicated enough with people in the same ‘hood.

In the county that Sean Bell lived in I can think of a dozen stripclubs better than the one he went to, but because he was poor he wasn’t going to find himself in an area that would be new or different. I keep saying that Sean Bell was poor. I don’t think you understand me though. Being a poor person doesn’t have to mean that you have no money or no expectations of yourself. It just means that you are mired in a caste system that devalues your existence. Sean Bell was going to be married the following evening so he obviously had expectations for himself, but he was raised in a community where the average person doesn’t achieve higher levels of education.

Let’s be clear on something else. I am part of the working poor myself. I have been waiting on my paper from XXL for so long that my cable and my phone are both disconnected, so I understand why Sean Bell ended up in that rundown shithole of a stripclub on the outskirts of the badlands. The police were poor people as well. Don’t think for a minute that even detective grade police officers can’t be poor people. Keep in mind that these men have a level of education equal to Sean Bell’s. These cops might even have been underachievers during their school career. Joining the police force in some ways is akin to signing up for the army. It gives the underachievers some measure of power and control when they never had these things previously.

The night of Sean Bell’s murder was a cocktail of drunken poor males, and several of them had guns. The drunks with the guns also owned a ‘Get Out Of Jail’ free card better known as a police badge. This exemption is critical since it allows the police to sober themselves and corroborate their stories prior to being presented to a query on their conduct. Ultimately, it is still the story of poor people killing one another. I wouldn’t expect you to not be upset about the turn of events that finally acquitted the police of murder. It is a shameful story of the abuses of conduct and deadly force. Similar to the story involving the Blackwater USA mercenaries that took place in Baghdad.

This is the modus operandi of supremacy. Poor people killing each other and being eaten by the system.

Wash, rinse and repeat.

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  • Bol

    As they say in the ghetto (I’m assuming), that’s real talk.

  • WillLee

    Wow.Reading since the get go,that was the first to make me put fingers to keys. REAL TALK (assuming like bol as im not from the ghetto either “per se” .Just a really small town with one stop light in Mich.)

  • Yayza

    Funny, because I actually just made a comment about this on Bol’s blog. So true.

  • Tray

    So say they were found guilty; this still wouldn’t fix the underlying problem that you so eloquently, and I’m not being facetious, describe. That said, what do you think would fix the problem, or at least go some distance towards it?

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Seriously, it will require us poor people to value education over everything else in our lives.

    Education is such a hard goal to pitch because human nature loves the soft touch of immediate gratification.

    Can we value education over material possessions? In the meantime and in between time, those of us that are most likely to taste the sting of bullets and bullyclubs must come together. In words and deeds.

    • Tray

      Yeah, I don’t think that will happen. Maybe some kind of massive education reform… realistically though, in a country that doesn’t have some kind of safety net or guaranteed employment – which is to say, in a capitalist economy – aren’t you always going to have some poor people regardless? There will never be enough jobs for everybody, and more importantly, there will never be nearly enough good jobs for everybody. What you can hope for, though, is that the opportunity to succeed is more evenly spread throughout society.

  • DP

    BXS, you’re the reason I come to this site, and this is one of my favorite posts you’ve ever written. As a fellow member of the working poor, I relate more than I can put into this comment, and out of all the shit I’ve read about this Sean Bell B.S. this has been the best at getting to the nuts and bolts of the situation and its utter tragic hopelessness.

  • geico lizard

    im glad you were honest about not getting paid yet because that is a big step in all of us coming together as a people is being completely honest with each other. im mad that they got off but maybe the family will get some justice in the civil case.


    This is another case of Non-Africanas being scared as Fluck of Blaques in the ghetto. Most images on TV and the portratyal of Blaques in popular media is akin to somethan you might see on BET, some stereotypical shit that is most likely not true. Honestly I send my condolences to Sean Bell and his Family, but, unless we change the system this shit will always be happening.

  • Worley

    Co-sign Chicago Papi. Police always saying they were scared. The force needs to get on some military sh*t where saying you were scared can get you court martialled. At the very least, you would be considered “yella.”

    Justice for Sean Bell.

  • allnice

    Whoa, spot on dunny. Being poor is definitely less about how much money you make. The new currency is information. With good information, you can have 2 bucks in your pocket, but you would know of many opportunities to succeed outside of the hood and even the country.

    The thing is reading books and going to school isn’t enough. I really don’t know how to describe how I feel, but I really think that unless you get lucky, you can spend the rest of your life stuck in a hell hole.

  • James

    I live like 10 minutes from south Jamaica(although you’d never catch me up in that ghetto ass area…Jamaica Ave is as far as I’d go) and I can honestly say that there’s only wack strip clubs out there. It’s seedy as shit out in south Jamaica, so Sean Bell and co. hit up one of the random ones you’d find on a corner. Everyone knows that the only decent strip clubs here in Queens are along Queens Blvd.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Its just a friendly game of baseball.” – (c)Main Source

  • Sinistah aka 7Body Sin aka Lord Of The Thingz

    yeah it’s a game of Baseball, and them muthafuckaz ain’t playin fair…..

    i’m talkin roids and corked bat crookedness!!!

  • Kev Lomax

    Good shit man.

  • Apollo Moses

    Very well written with the Sunday Schoolin. You never waiver in being honest about the social ills that claim so many victims and the need for placing more value on education.


    if you still don’t got your w2′s billy the irs going be coming for you. on the sean bell case it’s crazy it went down that way. police going be feeling more uneasy in nyc now which means i will be sure to be upstairs before those 10pm daily sweeps start.

  • Jenelle

    its good to see some one finally talkin bout real shit