Since I'm prah'lee like the only cat at this site that has intimate knowledge of the peripherals into the Sean Bell murder case I would be remiss for not submitting my $.02 (even though I still don't have my W-2 from Harris - WTF?!?).

Bol raises an interesting point with the fact that Sean Bell's economic status has as much to do with his murder than any other factor. Poor people in the United States stay losing. That's just the facts of life playboys. We were all born to die. Poor people were just born to die faster and harder (no Daft Punk shiny leather pantsuit).

Peep all the shit that poor people have to endure in their lifetime... State sanctioned terrorism from the police, a legal system that prosecutes them even when they are victims, mis-education from derelict public schools and malnutrition from the quarter water corner store a/k/a Bodegas. Someone needs to clone poor people because they survive some brutal shit on the regulack.

Sean Bell and his friends were poor people. The types of kids that would never think of taking a few stacks and putting that paper into an IRA Roth account. They prah'lee don't even have checking accounts. The bar they went to was on the outskirts of their local neighborhood. Poor people typically don't stretch themselves past the environs of the place they grew up. Shit is too complicated outside of the cocoon. Human relationships are too complicated with people who aren't from the same neighborhood. Sheeeeeit, human relationships are already complicated enough with people in the same 'hood.

In the county that Sean Bell lived in I can think of a dozen stripclubs better than the one he went to, but because he was poor he wasn't going to find himself in an area that would be new or different. I keep saying that Sean Bell was poor. I don't think you understand me though. Being a poor person doesn't have to mean that you have no money or no expectations of yourself. It just means that you are mired in a caste system that devalues your existence. Sean Bell was going to be married the following evening so he obviously had expectations for himself, but he was raised in a community where the average person doesn't achieve higher levels of education.

Let's be clear on something else. I am part of the working poor myself. I have been waiting on my paper from XXL for so long that my cable and my phone are both disconnected, so I understand why Sean Bell ended up in that rundown shithole of a stripclub on the outskirts of the badlands. The police were poor people as well. Don't think for a minute that even detective grade police officers can't be poor people. Keep in mind that these men have a level of education equal to Sean Bell's. These cops might even have been underachievers during their school career. Joining the police force in some ways is akin to signing up for the army. It gives the underachievers some measure of power and control when they never had these things previously.

The night of Sean Bell's murder was a cocktail of drunken poor males, and several of them had guns. The drunks with the guns also owned a 'Get Out Of Jail' free card better known as a police badge. This exemption is critical since it allows the police to sober themselves and corroborate their stories prior to being presented to a query on their conduct. Ultimately, it is still the story of poor people killing one another. I wouldn't expect you to not be upset about the turn of events that finally acquitted the police of murder. It is a shameful story of the abuses of conduct and deadly force. Similar to the story involving the Blackwater USA mercenaries that took place in Baghdad.

This is the modus operandi of supremacy. Poor people killing each other and being eaten by the system.

Wash, rinse and repeat.