Keep T.I. out of our schools

We aren’t actually gonna let T.I. talk to people’s kids, are we?

The other day, there was a story here (or was it at MTV News?) about how, since T.I. got off easy with his case a couple of weeks ago, requests have been pouring in for him to come speak to kids about the dangers of building a ridonkulous arsenal of deadly machine guns in your bedroom closet and what have you.

And I know that was one of the reasons why he managed to get away with only a year in jail or whatever, despite the fact that he already multiple felony convictions on his record. As part of his plea deal, he has to perform some ridonkulous amount of community service, and I guess him going and talking to these kids will count towards that.

I wonder if the government has any laws against using your court-ordered community service for self-promotional purposes. For all we know, the feds could basically be helping him promote his new album. He’ll almost certainly benefit from the promotion generated from his community service tour, regardless of whether or not he embarks on it in a van with a big-ass mural of his next album cover airbrushed on the side of it, cholo-style.

But I digress.

Presumably, the judge saw the photos of T.I. and his umpteen funny-looking children (which one is his wife, again?) in their Easter Sunday best, and heard about the stirring speech he delivered to his church (I’m not sure if there’s any audio or video of this – if there is, I could use a copy), and decided that, given his celebrity, T.I. could be much more of an asset to his community by enlightening today’s youth as to the errors of his ways – rather than just rotting away in some jail cell for seven.

It must be nice to have that level of celebrity. I’m sure those of us who are black have a relative or two who wasn’t nearly as fortunate in their sentencing.

However, I know there’s been some rumblings, at least out here on the Internets, that this community service tour wasn’t the only reason T.I. did as well in court as he did: People are wondering if T.I.’s lawyers are really that good, or if he got off easy the same way most jigs with a case get off easy, i.e. snitching.

Which is certainly understandable, since, according to the statistics (which I of course don’t have handy), 9 times out of 10, when you hear about someone with multiple felony convictions getting off easy on some gun shit, especially in a backwards-ass state like Georgia, it’s because they told on somebody. T.I. could very well be the 1 case out of 10, but who knows.

I would pose it as a question for my good friend TPAR, but I’m pretty sure I ran him off a long time ago. Good riddance!

I guess, for what it’s worth, there wasn’t any mention of T.I. telling on people in the stories on his plea deal here and at MTV News. All that was mentioned was the community service/promo tour. Only thing is, having been pre-med when I was in college, I’m not sure if your telling on people as part of your plea deal is included as part of the public record.

Either way, T.I. might seriously want to consider issuing some sort of statement, stating for the record that his plea deal didn’t involve him listing the names of any people he knows who are involved in illegal activity. Otherwise… you know how it is. People might start to assume shit. Especially in hip-hop, where there’s always some sort of controversy having to do with snitching.

I’m not saying T.I. told on anyone. I’m just saying.

But again, I digress. My issue is not so much why it is that T.I. is free to walk the streets – it’s that he plans to use his court-ordered community service to give lectures to today’s youth, what with their fragile, egg-shell minds. This strikes me as a bad idea for a few reasons.

First of all, the guy’s a fucking idiot, and I’m not sure if I’d want someone that dumb talking to my kids. The shit might rub off on them.

I mean, look at the shit he got busted for in the first place. What kind of dumbass, let alone a dumbass with multiple felony convictions on his record, agrees over the phone – to some bodyguard he’s only known for a brief period of time – to accept a cache of weapons in exchange for money, in a parking lot outside the motherfucking BET Awards? That just shows a lack of critical thinking.

I don’t even like to talk about illegal downloading (which I don’t do by the way) over the phone. But you guys know I’m soft like that. If I ever got sent to prison, my ass would be in the “Sean Levert room” in no time.

Also, and you guys know I hate to even delve into a man’s personal business like that, but there’s the fact that his girlfriend, the appropriately named Tiny, a) always looks high, b) got caught with drugs on her when T.I. got popped, at which point it was revealed she was with child, and c) has lost T.I.’s baby on more than one occasion. (Though obviously the guy has no shortage of offspring. No pun intended.)

Now, I don’t mean to suggest that there’s a connection between the one thing and the other. Because the truth of the matter is that I’m not a doctor; I just play one on TV. But someone seriously ought to look into that.

In the meantime, it seems absurd to me that anyone would think it’s a good idea for this guy to be talking to people’s kids. I realize he probably needs this tour to help throw off the scent of any other reasons why he might have gotten off easy, but certainly there’s something else he could be doing.

I’d even go so far as to argue that today’s youth would be better off reading my blog – which, oddly enough, according to many of my educator friends, is inaccessible in most schools. Hmm…

Maybe Alicia Keys was right.

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  • Mista WANG

    XXL get rid of all dem bullshit ass ads fo dat stupid ass Flava flav show

    dem thangs annoyin

    • ga_finest08

      I feel u on them ads. Can somebody please tell me anything about Outkast dropping new shit, sick of hearing bout TI.

  • N.O. in my viens

    keys was right and stop snitchin

  • dameSTAtus

    NAW Bol, you need to go in further (nullus!) on that ProShore self-styled non-Biatch-chicagoan biatch!

    TI can wait! His kids ain’t starving!!!


    • Bol

      I might have to go in on him here as well. (Nullus.) As long as he doesn’t figure out which city I live in before I get around to it.

  • HNIC

    If the Judicial system has taught us nothing else, in the case of celebrities like O.J., Jacko, Kobe Bryant & now T.I., is that money talks… (unfortunately, Vick might not be as lucky… If you prefer to call it that. His case won‘t just go away with the distribution of monetary funds to paid officials, public appearances & autographs.)

    Celebrity & highly paid Attorneys are your golden tickets to freedom these days, regardless of the alleged crime. It’s the American way. Just find R. Kelly on a grade school playground, Chuck E. Cheese or Girl Scout Meeting & ask him.

    Don’t get me wrong though, black celebrities didn’t invent this process by any means. It was created & perfected by many people of a much lighter persuasion, many, many moons ago. Real talk!

  • Youngz

    Its always goos to see a brother beat a case, I cant believe he only got a year…
    Alicia Keys need to shut the fuck up, that LESBO MULATTO dont know shit, shes trying too hard to be “black”, dumb as musicians dont know shit!!!

  • master cheef

    T.I.’s lawyers were going to stretch the case out as long as they could. Instead of spending years on it, the feds decided to go ahead and get it over with. He has still been made an example of.

    never ever thought i would say this, but cosign mr. wang sucka.

    keep it pimpin, pimpin.

  • Mee

    First let me say dang Youngz you seem bitter!! What, did you get yet another rejection letter from the Alicia Keys fan club?! Anyway, I’m with Bol. The last thing that T.I. needs access to is fragile little minds!! Don’t get me wrong, I like some of his music and the fact that he actually claims and takes care of his many many many offspring (some brothers refuse to do so with 1 or 2) but dang!! What was he thinking?!! These celebrities have to realize that @ some point one must concede to the fact that it’s just entertainment! Don’t try to literally live up to your professional persona. How many case of when keeping it real goes wrong must we witness before we’re able to separate music and movies from reality and let these people off the hook?! Don’t hold them to their lyrics and expect them to be who, how and what they portay in their work and condemn them when they prove to be but mere people!
    Get it together people!!

  • og bobby j

    even if TI did snitch…whats the big deal. What kind of man would put his ego and street cred in front of his family anyway? ANd besides…he got snitched on and set up first….thus making it acceptable to re-snitch if you will. And who cares if he speaks to the youth via school trips or through his music…they are listening either way. Its a shame we can get more “celebrities” to make these kinds of presentations to the youth without getting knocked.

    • Hip-Hop

      Good point

  • DocZeusX

    Philosophical Question: Is snitching on somebody else’s snitching, snitching?

    I think we need to err on the side of irrationality (because this hip hop and all) and assume it is snitching.

  • drydock

    I agree with Bol, this dumbass shouldn’t be let anywhere near kids. Let him pickup trash on the freeway or something.

    Also if he did snitch on some thugs who go around shooting people, he deserves a community protection award.

    And a thank you for snitching.

  • thoreauly77

    1. the school where i teach (junior high) allows both as well as the BC.C to be viewed; however, no streaming video in either case. it sucks actually in case you want to stream audio or video as part of a lesson, but that (unfortunately) is not a hip-hop discussion.

    2. i am on the fence about this subject bol; I agree that TI has made some moronic decisions, but to call him a “fucking idiot” overall seems like you might be a bit tipsy off the hatorade. yeah, that was some really dumb shit for sure, but if he ends up doing something positive (regardless of whether or not it is a part of a plea — it doesn’t matter to a kid who looks up to him and hears something positive), then i feel like it’s all for the good. if it is sincere, which granted is not an observable quality, then even better. to suggest that someone is completely invalid because of making terribly stupid decisions in the past is to suggest that people can never change, which is of course untrue.

    unless your name is robert kelly i mean.

    • Bol

      Maybe it’s true, but you object to it because it sounds harsh and you have such a delicate sensibility. Especially for someone who reads a bunch of hip-hop blogs.

      Were you raised by your mom?

  • thoreauly77

    how insightful byron! yes, i was raised by my mom, and my dad. it’s really strange but they also try and think about issues from multiple perspectives. no wonder i ended up such an obtuse man with delicate sensibilities!

    • Bol

      Who else detected some subtle racism in that response?

      Fucking cracka-ass cracka.

  • thoreauly77

    racism? has it really come to that? did pro get your panties in that much of a bunch? the comment stems from the fact that you have professed to living in your moms basement and listening to NPR with your dad. oh, shit, i commented on you having a two parent household, call the race-cop byron crawford, the gulliest blogger in the history of highschool wrestling! sorry if my comment insulted your delicate sensibilities bol; it’s just a blog after all, right? catching feelings doesn’t become you. i suggest a guiness and less time looking for inferences that don’t exist. or perhaps less gin blossoms, who knows?

    • Bol

      Who knew it’d be this easy to get you to prove my point?

  • MosBang Bang

    Americas youth is already is trouble, and T.I. is going to save them. OMG, LMAO. Why can’t they have someone like Bill Cosby talk to the kids(go buy that album FIRE!!!!!!!!!).

    If T.I. came to my childs school to speak either my child would not be in school that day, or he would be wearing a shirt that said SNITCH!

    Kids are not as stupid as we think.

  • MosBang Bang

    Oh and Bol thank u for addressing this SNITCH issue(better late than never). Others really believe he got off for the good he can do in the community, which is a crock of BS.

    You should read other blogs and see how people have fallen for this crap, and support T.I.

    P.S. Screw K Kills ghostblog that

  • giantstepp

    Can someone please explain how TI snitched? TI was snitched on!! TI has been an industry cat for years now, moving major units, movies, endorsements, traveling the globe etc. I hate to be the one to disapoint you youngins, but none of your favorite rappers IN THAT POSITION is connected to the streets anymore…despite what they’re selling you. He has nobody to snitch on!! He made a dumb move, he had a few dollars and was able to get a favorable outcome! Its the American way.

  • MI

    rap and the internet are so strange. it is a complete fantasy world.

  • blah

    Im no TI fan but his deal was pretty standard. I know two regular niggas who are doing the exact same time for the felon with a pistol laws. Dont let them old Johnny Cochran billboards fool ya, aint no room in the feds for gun charges. If you plead guilty, you’ll get a year (which a federal year is 10 months).

  • Repping Beantown

    “has lost T.I.’s baby on more than one occasion”
    “umpteen funny-looking children”

    Reading from this half-ass piece of shit of yours, it is obvious that you have no idea who these people are at all! Speaking of stupidity, how in the hell do you look when you can’t even have your facts correct while writing almost half of this shit! It’s sad that you would go this far to include someone’s child in your mixture of bullshit and very sensitive events from the past. I hope to God that if you have any kids or planning to.That the same things you tried and speak on other people’s children is 10 times WORSE! I would pray for these little sucka’s to turn out fucked up and straigh retarted…but naw. You’re not that important to me, since you are un-known. Karma is a bitch that bites hard! Although I don’t know who in the hell would want to get laid by your ass ugly pig-monkey looking ass(if that is your photo in the whit/black photo)
    Oh! and who is he going to snitch on dumb-ass? His self?!!!!!! *shaking head*

  • concerned hater

    I didn’t read your post, cause I’m internet like that, but the title made me lol

  • Liam

    “I would pose it as a question for my good friend TPAR, but I’m pretty sure I ran him off a long time ago. Good riddance!”

    good friend = alter-ego

  • sooch

    …”fragile eggshell minds”

    The Doors all up in and through this piece!