It was 40 years ago today that Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated by the CIA, and what better way to mark the anniversary of the death of the civil rights icon than to cast aspersions on another black man's sexuality.

No but really, has anyone else been following the shit with this kid SOHH Gyant? I don't follow the blogs over at SOHH too closely, just because I don't think they're very good. I know blogs are extensions of people, and thus it's somewhat Hitler-esque to suggest that some blogs are better than other ones, but... well, that's my opinion.

It just seems like, more often than not, they stick the names of some celebrities into the titles of their posts to hook you into reading them, and then when you do, it's just a bunch of bullshit they probably read at Media Take Out or somewhere. And maybe a YouTube video.

Otherwise, they seem like nice enough people, and I don't have anything against them. If I felt like the information was especially good, I'm sure I'd even head over there more often to "borrow" ideas for posts. Like Noz does over at okayhater.

I was over there the other day conducting some research for my post that ended up dying in its infancy, as if it was James Brown's twin brother (or was that Elvis that had the twin brother?), and I came across this video that was supposed to be of Bun B going at some bloggers, as is his wont.

I figured it might be another one of these videos where he was going at me, like that Shocking Online Moments video where they went around and asked various artists what was the craziest thing anyone ever said about them over the Internets. I was mentioned several times in that one.

And I'm not gonna lie, I still think about Cassie's appearance in that video some nights before I go to sleep. She couldn't even bring herself to say what she'd read about herself online, but I think we all know what it was. What a delicate flower of a woman.

But as it turns out, this clip was of Bun going at this kid SOHH Gyant, whom I guess somehow managed to run afoul of the lcd rap legend.

If only he'd waited a few days later to make his remarks, or done some research on this kid beforehand, like I'm sure he does with his stock portfolio.

When I had my own initial run-in with Bun B, he was all ordering me to shovr things in my ass, as if I was some kind of fudge. Meanwhile, I think we can all agree that I'm one of the straightest guys there ever was. (Ladies, feel free to call my bluff.) This kid Gyant, meanwhile, might actually be on the DL.

Now, it's at this point in the post that I'd like to note that I don't know this kid Gyant from Adam, though I am friends with him on Facebook (nhjic), and that it could very well be the case that he's not a DL pillow biter, and this is just some shit people made up because they were upset with him.

God forbid one of the girls in management should have to hit the kill switch on one of my posts for the second Friday in a row.

Intrigued (nullus), I checked out a couple of the guy's posts. I'd say the content was roughly par for the course as far as SOHH is concerned, but it was the comments section that struck me. Comment after comment consisted of mofos telling this kid Gyant how he'd just gotten ethered.

It was like deja vu... except they were also suggesting that he was a fudge.

So I did some research, and it turns out he may or may not have been arrested for violating a restraining order that had been taken out against him by showing up to a house party thrown by some DL brothers. The guy who took out out the order was supposedly an ex-lover of his and called the cops when he arrived.

Supposedly, this had all been revealed in some police documents someone had dug up and posted to the comments section of his blog at SOHH, after people had become suspicious when he up and disappeared for a three days in a row last summer.

(What kind of nutjob just up and disappears from his blog for three days in a row?)

When he returned, he claimed that he had spent three days in jail behind some sort of mix up. He was at this party, and some guy attacked him, and he ended up getting arrested, and the police somehow forgot he was in jail for three days.


I haven't actually seen the documents myself. I only read about them the other day over at Sandra Rose. She's been running a series of expose articles on Gyant, I guess because the two of them have been beefing with one another.

If you've got that kind of time, you might just want to check both of them in their entirety.

My response to Lloyd Dinwiddie aka Gyant

My response to Lloyd Dinwiddie Pt. 2

I went over both of them myself with a fine-tooth comb, but I can't actually claim to know what the origin of their beef is. Whatever it is, it escalated recently when Gyant published a post, which has since disappeared from the Internets (noticing a trend), in which her called Sandra Rose a lonely lesbian and fantasized about her receiving a beatdown. Which I believe is what prompted this series of expose articles.

But apparently, the two of them had once been friends and confidants, Golden Girls-steez. He used to provide bodyguard protection for her at events down in the ATL (where all of the trannies live), and she introduced him to some people or whatever.

Now that they've had this falling out, it seems clear to me that Sandra Rose has it as her goal to throw this guy under a bus. Take for example the second post in her series, in which she suggests that Gyant may have been involved in leaking a track by a prominent producer. Which could obviously carry with it a certain degree of legal liability.

That said, who knows whether or not any of this shit is true. What do you fruits think? Is this kid Gyant on the DL, or is Sandra Rose making this shit up? Also, would you find a hip-hop blogger that much less credible if you found out he was a closeted teh ghey person, or should his sexuality not matter one way or another?