"1nce Again,"...it looks like we might have another example of a rapper/producer not quite being dead enough.

Yesterday I stumbled across a post about a Lupus/J-Dilla fundraiser/walk going down in my city. It was pretty much talking about how they set up the fundraiser/walk and have gotten absolutely no support from any of the "Dilla-heads" out there. I myself have never professed myself to be a "Dilla-head" although I've rocked out to the majority of his shit. But, upon first reading, the post rubbed me the wrong way. Mainly because it seemed like whoever wrote it was
trying to say "nobody cared" when in actuality "nobody knew." I guess they just sent emails to people who were Dilla's myspace friend or something. Even if they did that, shied, as many mah fuggas bombard the bulleting boards with party fliers and "check out my music" post, it'll probably still go unnoticed.

But then I thought to myself. Most (if not all) "Dilla-head" circles I've come across are very niche. It seems like they either all know each other or exchange clothes because almost all of them have at least one Detroit Tigers hat with "-illa" added to the D. Or they all rock some colorway of the "I {heart} Dilla" and "Dilla Saved My Life" shirts. So I would think that telling one is just as good as telling one-thousand. That's probably what the fundraiser organizers thought too. They probably thought the same way that "Dilla-heads" ran to the store and bought downloaded his catalog after hearing of his death...they would spread the word and hit them up with donations and commitments to the walk. Sad and apparently untrue.

But then, I thought again, fugg it maybe they just Didn't Know or pay attention because lets admit...the words "New Dilla Fundraiser" probably aren't as enticing as "New Dilla Track."

Either way, my little ramblings aside, it would be cool to see just how much support and money we can raise for the cause. The Dilla fundraiser/walk hopes to raise $1,000 towards research for a cure for Lupus. If you don't want to Drop any bread but will be in the area, you can sign up to join the walk. Not sure if any Runnin' is allowed though.