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Killer Mike- “Shot Down”   (sorry, the audio program here be tripping ON ME sometimes)Forgive me for the lateness…I’ve been occupied all day talking to students at my old high school. So I’ve been shut off from the world for most of the day.As soon as I turned my phone back on, I got a barrage of IMs and texts with numerous variations of “WTF!” and “I’m Pissed.” About what, I did not know. So I replied “what happened?” And they of course hit back with “nigga you don’t know?” I soon found out when I got back in front of a computer and logged on.All three of the pigs who shot Sean Bell got off.Yeah, I’m pissed. Yeah, I’m angry. Yeah, I’m frustrated. But what now?That’s what I had to ask myself before I started typing this out. What now?And I’m sure I’m not the only one thinking that. What now?Its almost as if cops killing people is a right of passage in this country. Its to the point you really don’t know what the hell to do. Part of me wants to start a riot. Really, all of me wants to, but shit, what will it prove? The L.A. riot didn’t do nothing but cause even more racial divide in this country and it sure as hell didn’t stop cops from killing people, evidently.I don’t know man, its just too much shit going on right now and I’m not even sure if I should even look to Hip Hop, or music period for answers. Because outside of a select few artists, it seems like no one cares. I mean really, what’s gonna be the music that defines this time we are living in right now?The 60′s had Motown to serve as a soothing sound to combat the conflict and tension of that era. The late 80s and early 90s had Public Enemy, Ice-T, NWA, BDP and the like to define, motivate and even prod people into some sort of action.But for this time that we are living in right now, I’m not even sure if our beloved Hip Hop is even strong enough to say or do anything at this point. I mean, its so weakened right now that it can barely support itself, so why should I expect it to initiate any kind of action. Especially in a time where molotov cocktails and picket signs have been replaced by blog comments.I dunno man, fuck it man.

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  • oneofthemyos

    nobody knows dog but the funny thing is we all know,u cant ask for equality, history shows n e 1 who achieved equality from the womens sufferage movement to the emancipation of slaves from wherever u cant just ask u gotta fight not neccesarily in the physical sense but just taking shit over and over dont help, niggas gotta stand up we have to get educated in these old laws these old crackers made even if all u do is smoke weed nigga read a fucking book aint no knowledge bad but I aint gonna rant I prolly already did but I still aint ruling out the physichal shit either my point is standing around and asking whats next aint shit DO SOMETHING there r a whole bunch of community groups and shit either go educate yourself or catch one of them cops off guard do YOUR PART peace.

  • Batman3000

    I feel ya man but y iz that killer mike joint shot down speeded up he wuz spittn sum truw shit on there

  • Gina T!

    It makes me upset. WE need to do something about this.

  • jonathan

    what the fuck can you say when rappers and strippers and prostitutes and criminals are stealing billions of dollars and killing each other over stocks live on the internet@! covering up molestation and bullshit! get real niggas

  • DC

    Rioting and looting has to be the least productive shit ever. The people who are actually responsible for the injustice don’t get effected; the guy barely supporting his family with the menial income he gets from the bodega that was just burned down does though. Not only that, it just furthers the negative stereotypes that upper class America holds about urban communities. I guess the people need to do like Dead Prez said and run up on these crackas in they city halls. Fight the power, but don’t let the powers have us fighting each other.

  • the chancellor

    Another reason why black people will never get their just due in this country. We’ll always be looked at as inferior. That’s a hard pill to swallow. Its almost like we don’t matter today just like yesterday. Real.

  • Greg E.

    Whatever is gonna be done, people gotta realize it’s gonna be a process. There can and will not be an instant solution for injustice.

    In my opinion, the thing that all of us as young black males need to do is take this time and focus our anger and frustration on educating ourselves on this system. That may sound like a soft, passive answer, but I seriously think in the end, it’ll evoke a more positive outcome. The more we know, the more we can figure out how to change shit. If there is ever going to be a revolution, it damn sho aint gonna be broadcasted…its gonna have to be from the inside out.

  • DAVE


  • Vee

    Black Ice, you know exactly what to do and can do. I don’t know you but I’m sure you’re smart enough.

    Coming up with effective constructive solutions is not that difficult. Talking to students definitely helps, in more ways than many can imagine. Will it directly deter tragic incidents from occurring, probably not. But it will hopefully help indirectly by making sure people understand that there’s a certain way to behave and conduct yourself around police officers, especially when you’re not protected or organized. Just play your position for now. That’s a great start.

    But the “I dunno man, f*ck it” outlook, does not serve anyone.