How To Win If You’re A Southern Rapper…

There was a time when Atlanta was the crossroads for some serious underground Hip-Hop music. The thing about that city is that it is a hub for so many major southern cities from the surrounding states. Plus you could always find some northern and midwestern cats coming through and assuming Atlanta as their home because they couldn’t create a buzz where they come from. Atlanta was highly influential and nothing was more influential than the Jack The Rapper Black music conventions.

Everybody who was anyone in rap or R&B in the 1990′s attended those conventions. Even people that were nobodies, like myself. The thing I took home from the seminars and the scene was that in order to find yourself a modicum of success in any field of work you don’t just need to hustle harder, you also need to hustle smarter. Artists were encouraged to understand accounting and marketing, along with the technical aspects of producing music. The line I take away from these conventions is that the word “business” is twice as long as the word “show”. So you best be twice as nice when you are handling your biz.I was reminded of the old Jack The Rapper convention days when I received an e-mail touting the 2008 Atlantis Music Conference and Festival happening in September. Peep their mission statement…

“Atlantis is the only event in the country that focuses mainly on independents with nearly 90% of their performances coming from unsigned artists! All artists who submit are automatically granted a free conference registration, even if not selected to perform. There is no other event in the country that provides unsigned artists better access to music industry professionals! Through its series of day panels, evening networking parties, and special programs like the ‘Music Industry Face Off’ and the ‘Beatin’ Up da Block’ producer battle, Atlantis gives aspiring artists the best opportunity to meet the people who can help take their career to the next level.”

The truth of the story is that in 2008 the music industry should prah’lee get folded into a division of television production. Thanks to outlets like MTV and BET there wouldn’t be albums selling multi-platinum figures without the videos that promote the album.

Music videos > music

Just by virtue of the phrase containing more letters.

I would advise any aspiring producer or rapper that attends this festival to network not so much with “industry” persons, but with other artists trying to move forward as well. The internets allows you to become your very own distribution outlet. This requires time and effort, but it is very doable. Why not see what others are doing that works and doesn’t work. In today’s music industry climate where record companies are run by execs and not creative types you have to present yourself to the industry as a complete artist with a marketing direction already figured out.I would also advise you to come up off that thug life shit as well, that shit is washed the fuck up, especially if you aren’t as hardbody as my nigga Latarian ‘Real Talk’ Milton.

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  • i Fux aka Etheraldinho aka Farouq Obama

    Good Looking BS. Latarian is the truth, I havent stopped laughing.

    ‘Wanted to do Hoodrat stuff’ …….OHH GAWD

  • DJ Daddy Mack

    Truth be told, this could go for all artists. Cat from NY need to stay hating on each other and get together. Some great shit can happen.

    As from Southern Rappers, they need to stop being lazy. For over a year, I have been talking to some to get some records done and nothing has came out of it. It is really said. CATS NEED TO WAKE UP.

  • Worley

    Latarian “Real Talk” Milton says, “it makes me feel good to do bad things.” Grandma had the Durango rimmed up and all that. Shorty is a wild man.


    LMFAO at the little fat kid!

    I love laughing at you people… just stay the hell out of my neighborhood… lol


    I love Southern Music(kinda sort of) people like ScarFace, Luda and Goodie Mob, but, Music coming from down there right about now suffers from a illness called “Suckery”. I think nuckas is making Atlanta into Disney World with the way it’s gone totally commercial and quasi-Homosexual. My sentiments are Chicago Hip-Hop ===================> Southern Music

  • AntiHate

    Latarian is the next big thing though just watch. Good advice from BS though. Good lookin out.

  • Sinistah aka 7Body Sin aka Alias X- No Relation To Malcolm

    i remember readin those Jack The Rapper Convention Ad’s in The Source…..

    i always wanted to fly/drive (or when lint was weighing down my pockets more than pennies, walk) to at least one of em……

    as you can see it never came to fruitation…..

    this Atlantis shit sounds good, anyone know where i can cop an Econo-Grill from? I already have dreds, so i’m already 2/3rds to being a generic southern rapper image-wise now all i need is the generic cubic zerconium bling on a Cuban Link that weighs as much as a piece of wet tissue………. or a straw hat!

    Help Please!!!!!!

  • jackpot

    hardbody indeed. Dude said, “it’s fun to do bad things.” I heard they bout it in Palm Beach Gardens. I guess they start young…at 7.


    All I ever took home from those seminars is that I needed to be on that panel, because niggas didn’t know what the fuck they were talking about, other than to talk about the record they just “co-produced” or promoted.

    It was all just a bunch of two-waying and crispy collar popping. No real info. The real info was always simple:

    Make enough money to put your shit out yourself. Have connections, which might mean putting out more money. Have a strip club fund that will get the DJ at Magic City to drop your shit, and pray that he’ll let it play without interrupting 30 times to tell people that they ain’t tipping strong enough. Atlanta no longer supports new artists. Truth be told, you’d be better off dropping a mixtape in London.

    I’d advise anybody attending Atlantis to save their money and start a lemonade stand.

  • master cheef

    wow. 10 comments. you’re really killing them. be easy, killer.