Finally, a teh ghey male Superhead

First there was video ho Karrine Steffans, then there was Nas’ baby’s mother Carmen Bryan, then there was Mos Def’s white Canadian jumpoff Alana Wyatt, or whatever her name is. There were even rumors, a while back, that Ray J was thinking about coming out with his own sex-based tell-all – a sort of male version of the Superhead original. From what I understand though, it’s since been put on hold.

If he decided against it because he couldn’t find a suitable ghost author to work within his price range, i.e. the allowance he still receives from Brandy, he might need to holler at your boy. I know we’ve had our issues in the past, where I jokingly threatened to torture and kill the guy, but I’m willing to let bygones be bygones in exchange for money.

But I digress.

Anyhoo, I should have known it would only be a matter of time before some DL fudge in the hip-hop community came out (no pun intended) with his own version of one of these Superhead books – which would of course be that much more sensational, since it would promise to reveal once and for which of these rappers are on the DL.

I remember reading a year or so ago on that site HHNLive – which I believe has since gone the way of the dodo – that some fruit former executive from, if I remember correctly, MTV had signed a deal to write a book in which he promised to reveal various DL brothers in the entertainment industry and in the hip-hop community in particular.

At the time, I remember thinking, “Wow, is this guy really about to throw some people under a bus, or is he just bullshitting.” I wondered if he was really about to put forth any firsthand sexual experiences he’s had with ostensibly straight male rappers, or if he was just about to tick off a litany of teh ghey shit he’s heard has happened over the years.

I mean, shit. I could write an entire book based on the teh ghey shit I’ve heard about. (No homo.)

Well, I guess we’ll find out soon enough. The book, called Hiding in Hip-Hop: On the Down Low in the Entertainment Industry – from Music to Hollywood, is set to be released May 13th. Hopefully, then, it’s only a matter of time before someone gets their hands on an advanced copies and scours the index for names like Erick Sermon and Pastor Ma$e.

I did see a couple of items on the book over at, you guessed it, SOHH, but they didn’t reveal any juicy tidbits. Nullus. The fact that SOHH Teh Gyant apparently has yet to get his hands on a copy (you know he’s interested) suggest to me that the publisher might be playing this one especially close to the hip. Um, nullus.

The only thing is, I wonder if the real reason we haven’t heard shit about who’s gonna be outed in this book is that they’re just bullshitting. Maybe they don’t have any real “scoop,” but they just want us to think that they do so they can sell a bunch of copies the week it’s released. I mean, you’d think if they really had the goods on somebody, it could only help promote the book.

What do you fruits think? Is this guy Terrance Dean really about to throw some famous rappers under the bus, and if so, who do you think they might be? Or is he just bullshitting us?

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  • og bobby j

    Careful Byron…you might get outted one of these days.

    • bmac

      Co-sign, if you people haven’t figured Bol is “the gay” then….

      But it probably wont even be rappers like Kanye… I bet niggas like Cam’ron are gonna be the ones put out there. The most misogynistic and hard rappers are the most suspect. And yeah… Pac probably had a little sugar in his tank.

      I honestly wouldnt even care, does it affect their rapping ability, to know they are gay now when they were all along? Does it make them less of a man because of what they do behind closed doors with another consenting man? As long as it stays out of their raps, I won’t stop listening

      And I’m trying to think, what song did Jay-Z say “OG Bobby Johnson”.

      • og bobby j

        I cant really co-sign your opinion. I think that if Hov or any rapper came out to be a fudge packer, it would completely change the perception of their music. I think it would make the music less relative to my life, and thus less interesting. I just wouldnt feel comfortable having some buff darts music knockin in the streets….next thing you know, i be at a red light with the homo rapper track bumpin and I catch the cats at the bus stop lookin at me like I bat lefty…ya digg? If a rapper likes that leather cheerio, he would lose at least one fan in me.

        Also, Hov mentions OG in “the bounce” off blueprint 2…..thats all i can recall.

        • bmac

          To each his own bobby j. Of course it would change people’s perception, but I stand by the fact it wouldn’t affect their rapping ability. Reasonable Doubt will still be a classic to me if Hov came out to be a fudge packer. APPEARING gay is different than BEING gay (if that makes sense.) If Hov maintained his current mannerisims and was revealed to be gay, I don’t see the problem. But if he started rockin pink, flippin his wrists, and picthed his voice high, then I would have a problem.

          I would have your same opinion a couple of years ago until one of my friends came out. He said it was how he felt naturally and he wishes he wasn’t gay, but he is. He’s always depressed and shit, so I see things differently now. Not all gay guys fit the stereotype. But I dig what you sayin.

          Oh and now I remember. Jay says “OG” in “Bring It On” from RD. Classic shit.

        • og bobby j

          I can respect that point of view…shit never really hit that close to home with me so I guess i would cross that bridge if it ever did. Also, I agree that some past material could get a pass if the rapper came out later….but all material from the exposure on would be looked at sideways.

  • Sinistah aka 7Body Sin aka Pro-Hetero Flow

    i wonder if thats was the homo dude from Star and Buckwilds morning show once upon a time on Power 105.1…. they said dude was a former MTV employee that did behind the scenes work, not sure if it was some sort of director, producer, or whatever, i just know he’s a gay former MTV Employee and this Terrance Dean guy is a gay former MTV Employee….

    i’m not to sure i wanna check the actual descriptive content vs. laughing at these gay ass niggaz with ice grills and guns…..

    one things for sure, dude better be somewhere hiding underground……..

    lmaooo fuck it, this shit is too funny, i can imagine content like “and as he put his gun on the table, he gently tickled my booty with a pink feather bearing his labels logo on one end”

    and nah i ain’t gay, but ya favorite MC just might be!

    (makes note to snag back my King Mag to see the chicks i didn’t get a chance to look at)

  • N.O. in my veins

    people buy books these days?

  • Terrance Dean

    I got a story ’bout DJ Clue and Bol..

  • moresickaMC

    Well…in the 90s this book would have destroyed many a rap career. But in this hiphop is dead age, Wayne can have a dildo in his butt & would still go no.1 (see baby-wayne smooch)

    sadly the book will probably boost the careers of said fag rappers

  • Pierzy

    Percentage-wise, it’s IMPOSSIBLE that there aren’t at least a few homosexual rappers (and probably much more). I think we’ve all heard the rumors and the stories but I think it’d be good if this happened…it would force everyone to come to terms with this fact of life, not just the artists themselves but also their fans.

  • toilet bol

    Finally, a teh ghey male Superhead

    ima throw the no homo or pause or nullus or (ll) in there for you

  • master cheef

    list of gay rappers that are apparenty very skilled at fooling the masses.

    biggie and puff (how do those names not
    give it away?)
    wayne and baby
    kanye and lupe

    and also, each and every rapper that paid superhead to pretend she had sex with them in that fake ass book.

  • The Spaniard

    “Percentage-wise, it’s IMPOSSIBLE…”

    [editors correction]
    “Percentage-wise, it’s IMPROBABLE…”

    There’s an important difference.

    Anyway, I hope Pac is on the list so I don’t have to hear about “The Greatest Rapper Ever” anymore…not that it’s relevant one way or the other.

    • Pierzy

      You’re right…I stand corrected. Too much hyperbole


    I’m gonna go out on a limb and accuse Baby Bash of being gay. I mean, look at that dude…

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • TheCo!!inB

    this has already been discussed but he doesn’t name names he just gives description that are “easily recognizable”. but who in the name of choclate rose buds cares? this just proves niggas are the new bitches when it comes to gossip. *goes back to reading celebrity drama related blogs*

  • torontogirl

    Alana Wyatt is not white.

  • Sinistah aka 7Body Sin aka Pro-Creation!

    actually moresicka is correct….

    and don’t discredit the fact the general fan of new-era Hip-Hop rock outfits that now look like denim body-suits with rainbow-colored footwear and wrestling belts….

    oh yeah purses for niggaz and matching scarf’s….

    and the lack of love for females but constant praise of “huggin the block” wit the homieswhich is probably secret code for the “C” word that rhymes with it…….

    shit’s disgusting, i ain’t buyin that shit, but someone can post excerpts i’m garunteed to get a few laughs outta that shit….

  • dat koon nigga

    i iz dune suprize youz koonz dontz says lil brain and koonron dey iz bothz homoz

  • LaShawn

    dayym. entertainment is drivin niggaz crazy thse days. man sometimes i wish i was my mamas age. man i would be flexin in the 80′s and chilin lovin real talent in the 90′s. man being born the 90′s is fucked up. now days everythin thats goin on is jus fukkkkkkkked up. wats next 50cent a fag? man if that hapend i would jus stop listenin to music. period. man i kno weezy got a dick in his closet, i dont care i dont like his muzik anyway. thse fools be coppin his cds wat if they find out he a fag??? cant wait to see weezy cds on the streets, burned or jus thrown in the garbage

  • Tyler

    “I mean, shit. I could write an entire book based on the teh ghey shit I’ve heard about.” (No homo.)
    Good Day Mr. BoL. The word on the street is U did more than heard about it cuzz. U seem 2 be the one sweating this here Book situation. It’s all good U Booty Bandit.

  • @B-slackMac

    Nigga, Pac gone slap U-up in yo sleep, and then write a rap about scheduled to be released june, 16…

  • @ the Spankyard

    Damn, aren’t you spanish guyz all Teh-ghey by default? I mean all the long hair like a broad, loud azz colors, loud music with teh-ghey horns, and twist’n you hips like that helps w/ anal entry an shit don’t it?

  • Sinistah aka 7Body Sin aka Alias X


    sorry u missed all the great shit that Hip-Hop has evolved from, if u was born in the 90′s, what you’ve witnessed as far as Hip-Hop can be considered “stunted growth”

    honestly alot of the same shit has been going on since the begining of the genre, but the fans were more focused on who’s the illest MC, and not who’s fuckin who, who’s driving what, and all this other shit that people seem to gravitate towards artists for nowadays……

    Image was a big part of this shit too, like Slick Rick’s jewelry game, a Rakim outfit, Run DMC’s Adidas, you get the point……

    but at the end of the day, all that shit was just the icing on the cake, nobody wanted to embrace a wack nigga just because he was considered “street/hood/gangsta”, you either had to have skills, or kick bricks…….

    the money and fame fucked up the game…. but i can’t knock it, it employs many of us from unfortunate backgrounds who may have never had a shot of doing anything legit beyond sleeping at night!!!!

  • Josh

    Ha! You know that HHNLive is not defunct…


    Well my Fantasy Faggory Draft Includes:

    1.Sean “Pussy Pop” Combs
    2.Curtis “Mr. InterBloke” Jackson
    3.Ne-Yo ole’ Kojak lookin ass
    4. Dwayne “Best Faggot Alive” Crater
    5.Big Tigger’s Ole Essence magazine reading ass
    6. LL Cool J Ole lip-lickin ass
    7. Tony “50′s Drawers Carrier” Yayo

    Honourable Mention: Terrance J for looking like a “Fudrucker” doing kiddie shows for 14 year olds

    O. N. E.

  • mgs

    My picks:

    Tied for 1st:Cam’ron and Juelz.
    then in no particular order: Pharaoh Monch, Freedom Williams, both of the guys in Camp Lo.

    • sykotic

      mgs says:

      My picks:

      Tied for 1st:Cam’ron and Juelz.
      then in no particular order: Pharaoh Monch, Freedom Williams, both of the guys in Camp Lo.



  • stoneyisland

    Chingy, Camron, Ish from digable planets, Remy Ma and Khia, Nelly all are gay. Bol on the other hand isnt gay. At least thats what his boyfriends says:)

  • EReal

    Finally? Uhm. [II]

    This is just the pinnacle of the era where music means NOTHING and image is everything. The music to the masses has been dumbed down sofaking far, that all anyone ever talks about is “swag” and “whos gay” “who has the most money” “who makes what per record” ect. Noone cares about the craft, the artform anymore. Who gives a shit what Jay-Z does to Larry Johnson on his own time [II]? Everyone has known Jay was Gay since superhead talked about how that dude scrubs his ass in the shower on some OCD shit [II]. Does that affect his music? Because he’s not “real”? Everyone knows hiphop isnt real or the word “swag” wouldve never existed. Besides, being a homophobe is mad suspect. The only gays I worry about are bulldaggers, cause I dont want them stealin any of our females and takin em to the darkside. Dont get me wrong, Im down with the girl on girl no doubt, but bulldaggers are a much bigger threat to the common man than some tummy stick playin faggot. End of the day, hiphop being as homophobic as it is, its gonna matter. But not to me, cause I could give a shit whos gay, its called being comfortable with your sexuality. That and mature. Besides, you all act like being gay automatically makes you pussy or some shit. Just because youre a homo means you dont bust your guns? It dosent mean you still sat on that corner and hustled to get dough, that you struggled (probably more) like everyone else? End of the day, your level of ignorance will determine your level of interest.

    I.E. Bol’s excitement.

    1 hunned.

  • Penelope Rodriguez

    I’d be interested in knowing who’s gay or not. It is impossible for ALL these rappers to be heterosexual. They got to be hiding something. But other than that, it’s not gonna affect my being fans of them. If a rapper turned out to be, so what. As long as he’s got skills I’ll still buy his music.


    I’m gonna go off an a tangent and say that Em might be gay. And if not gay then turned on by homoeroticism at least. C’mon man…the ken kaniff skits? that didn’t make you look at that white boy sideways???? *shifts eyes to the left*

  • Worley

    “Hopefully, then, it’s only a matter of time before someone gets their hands on an advanced copies and scours the index for names like Erick Sermon and Pastor Ma$e.”

    Heeeey, Erick Sermon, heeeeey.

    “Thug thought he was OG Bobby Johnson.”

    That’s from “Bring it On,” Reasonable Doubt youngsters.