I understand that King and FHM Magazine have different readerships, but the latter's 100 Sexiest Women list is just absurd.

Megan Fox, the actress who starred in last year's Transformers movie, tops this year's list. She's kinda bad, so I'm not too mad about her position. I know FHM usually only picks a few token black chicks for these lists, but this is a bit extreme. Out of 100 selections, only four black women, Rihanna (14), Beyonce (20), Selita Ebanks (27) and Halle Berry (33), were featured on this year's list. [See Entire FHM List Here]

Women like Nia Long, Lauren London, Meagan Good, Gabrielle Union, Sanaa Lathan, Melinda Williams, Paula Patton, Jessica Lucas, Stacey Dash and Melanie B, were all excluded. At first I thought the aforementioned women were omitted because they weren't big enough, but I'm not convinced that college white boys know Selita Ebanks like that, so I doubt fame is that big of a factor.

According to FHM, nearly 9 million readers cast their votes for this year's list. I'm thinking the list was fixed. I mean, even huge stars like Alicia Keys and Mariah Carey didn't make it. Meanwhile, dudes had the nerve to put Ellen Page, the chick from Juno, on the list. Even worst, they put Maggie Gyllenhaal on there. Pfffttt! I'm no Polow Da Don, but I don't discriminate. Bad is bad! I'd personally pick Alyssa Milano over Rihanna any day. But you can't tell me Lauren London and Paula Patton aren't more shaggedelic than Maggie freakin' Gyllenhaal. Beg to differ? Speak on it!