Black Eye Boom Bap Posse Rap Cage Match…

What had happened was…

I was discussing the scenario for those people who were playing the Dallas Penn Dot Com Final 4′Rizzle 4′Shizzle NCAA Tournament pool and who would win the free pair of sneakers depending on what team won the ‘chip.

I reminded myself how good the ‘Scenario’ (remix) was. I claimed that the ‘Scenario’ (remix) was the second greatest posse rap track behind Wu-Tang clan’s ‘Triumph’. When you hear that guitar sample you immediately start to wild out, plus MC Hood referenced Larry Davis.

Immediately rap fans started to tell me what their favorite posse rap track was. It turns out that Wu-Tang records are disqualified from posse rap status since the Wu is a group with a hundred members so they automatically make posse rap tracks anyrtime they record an album. Okay, I have to accept that. So I thought about what I would consider the GOAT posse rap tracks of all time and I realized that I couldn’t place some over others.

The key to the best posse rap tracks isn’t just about the overall number of rappers (a 4 rapper minimum), but how well each rapper complements and supplements the other artists on the track. If all four, or more, rappers sounded exactly alike what would we have? Dipset I suppose (no Miss Info). Posse rap tracks are their best when the rappers are as diverse and lyrically skilled as possible.

That’s when I decided to place all of my favorite posse rap tracks in the ring together on some rap battle royale (no Chinese action movie) type shit to see which one would prevail. Let’s see who the GOAT of this shit is. I also gotta warn you in advance to put on some protective eyewear so that you don’t end up with a black eye after you hear some of these joints.

‘The Symphony’ – Juice Crew All-Stars (Masta Ace, Craig G, Kool G Rap and Big Daddy Kane)
Imagine what you would do if you had to grip the mic after Kool G Rap?

‘Flava In Your Ear’(remix) – Biggie Smalls, Craig Mack, Rampage, LL Cool J, and Busta Rhymes
Busta Rhymes is one of the GOAT posse rap All-Stars. We’ll discuss this later…

‘Left It To Us’ – Cage, El-P, Tame 1, Yak Ballz and Aesop Rock
White may not be able to jump, but they can definitely get down on some posse rap shit.

‘Color Blind’ – Ice Cube, Kam, MC Threat, Coolio, WC and J-Dee
If you don’t own the ‘Death Certificate’ album you should stick your head in an oven and kill yourself. No, really.

‘Live At The BBQ’ – NaS, Fatal, Akinyele and Extra P
The legendary birth of NaS

‘4, 3, 2, 1′ – Method Man, Redman, Canibus, DMX and LL Cool J
How dare Canibus try to get at Uncle L?!?!

‘Simon Sez’ (remix) – Lady Luck, Pharoahe Monch, Redman, Method Man, Shabaam Shadeeq, and Busta Rhymes
Rewind this shit! Rewind this shit! Lady Luck just gave your favorite rapper a black eye. Pharoahe Monch is the truth! Redman and Meth, you already know nigga! Shabaam Shadeeq goes in hardbody! Busta Rhymes is one of the greatest of all time!

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  • Ghost Deini

    Simone Sez is the jam.

    • Og Bobby J

      How about the “rollin 25 deep” off Kayslay shit….
      SHit has everyone on it…
      Jae Millz, JR Writer, Grafh , Postaboy Cory Gunz, Stack Bundles, Main-O, John Doe, Papoose, Murder Mook, True Life, Aasim, Saigon, Pistol Pete, Littles, Lakey Da Kid, Paul Cain, Tony Basco, Coke, Ness, Shells, Calibur, Shark, Domination, Gravy.

  • Simon says get the fuck up

    Simon says get the fuck up
    that is the best out of what you mentioned
    second would be the symphony
    I listened to dipsets “symphony” and it failed in comparison to the real one

  • og bobby j

    word….good tracks. I would also nominate

    1)notorious thugs if that qualifies….
    2) N*ggaz Done Started Something – DMX, Mase, The Lox
    3) John Blaze – Even if I stutterd I would still shi, shi, shit on you!!!
    4) Banned from TV – Puns “pork chops and apple sauce” line was sick…and cam back when he was good.

    • khal

      how the fuck would notorious thugs qualify? 1, aside from the intro, bone thugs shit on this is forgettable, and the only dope verse is big’s!

      banned from tv is the shit though.

      • Pierzy

        No way “Notorious Thugs” qualifies. It’s a group featuring 1 person. I agree with the other three though… “Any nigga make it hot/Get found in ‘Vacant Lot’”

  • Posse-Rap

    seems alittle biased to new york. dont get me wrong new york is the shit but some variety has to be there. and i think groups should almost count as posse rap

  • yo


  • dead prezident

    Where’s Scenario?

  • dead prezident

    and the Scenario remix?

  • Sho’Time


    I believe God sent you to earth just to make Hip-hop fans happy lol

    Canibus totally dissected that track…uncle LL rebuttal was not strong enough to box with a god lol

  • bding7

    learn how to spell “pharoahe” for the sake of newcomers. there’s a reason he goes by “thirteen.”

    you forgot “watch for the hook” by dungeon family, among other things.

    • Rizob

      “Watch for the Hook” is Southern, therefore, this guy won’t acknowledge it as “good”. You forgot this guy hates the South (Everybody except Young Buck, don’t even get me started on that) just look at that list…..

  • boltfromthablue

    co sign bobby j plus fuff ryders anthem remix, symphony 2001,

  • boltfromthablue

    oh shit, benjamins was hard too

  • Kane Corleone

    I cannot deny OG Bobby on this one(olive branch my dude)that Big Pun verse was the shit & Killa killed it .

    • og bobby j

      for the sake of agreement, a temporary peace shall be invoked….until that line is crossed again…….

  • Casey

    Said it at, I’ll say it again, you need the I Shot Ya Remix. Plus one of my fav’s Rumble In the Jungle by Fugees, Tribe, Busta.

  • Brodie

    I gotta go with Luniz “I Got 5 On It (remix)” i still bump that til this day and i’m not even from the west.

    Cool Breeze’s “Watch for the hook”

    Jay- Z, Lox, Beanie Sigel, Sauce Money “Resevoir Dogs”

    DMX, LOX, Jay-Z- “Black out”

    • Larry Brite


      “5 on it” remix – shit is like a decade old and STILL played everyweek somewhere inDAclub in the Bay Area

      - i even herd that shit played @ the Warriors vrs Mav’s in DALLAS like a few days ago.

      ‘Draiped up’ Texas mix was dope as well as “Halla @ Me Baby” which kinda was the “start” of Kalid/Baby/Wayne/Ross/Fat Joe song’s (so hood/we taken over/etc.)

      • Larry Brite

        75% of the RAP tracks on Belly Soundtrack were f’in HEAT! I almost forgot that 1

  • angel jose

    What about The Grand Finale.DOC featuring Ice Cube,MC Ren, and Eazy E off the No One Can Do it better album.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    I don’t hate Southern shit, but I do hate wack shit.

    Are you telling me that the contestants in this cage match don’t deserve to be there? Go kill yourself dumbass.

  • Goon

    DMX, LOX, Jay-Z- “Black out”


  • cold war kid

    “battlin me is hazardous to ya health/ so put a quarter in ya ass cuz u played yaself”

    while the greatest posse cut debate might be up in the air i dont think there is any doubt that this is one of the TOP 3 bars of all time

  • The Spaniard

    “How dare Canibus try to get at Uncle L?!?!”

    Canibus ripped that fucker a new asshole.

  • The Spaniard

    “If you don’t own the ‘Death Certificate’ album you should stick your head in an oven and kill yourself. No, really.”

    I picked up my younger cousin to play some ball and I was listening to “My Summer Vacation” he was like “What is this? Here play this Rich Boy.” I turned around and dropped that little fucker back at his front door.






  • Billy X. Sunday

    And what did Canibus get for trying to murder LL on his own record?

    LL is a jealous fuck. He went back to the booth to get at Canibus personally.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    I always loved rap, but Ice Cube was the first rapper that I stanned out over. Even moreso than Chuck D and Kool G Rap.

  • Incilin

    Word to OG Bobby J. Big co-signs on “Blackout” “Niggas Done Started Something” “John Blaze” “Notorious Thugs” (and by extension, “Thug Love”)

    But let’s not forget tracks that are memorable, but less considered: “24 Hours To Live” “Got My Mind Made Up” “Bitch Please Pt. II” “4 Seasons” “Eye 4 An Eye” “Poppin Tags” and “It’s All About The Benjamins” Not saying these are all straight up classics, but they ought to be considered.

  • Incilin

    And oh, I forgot: “I Shot Ya” Illuminati got my mind soul and my body.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    First off meatrags, to be considered for a posse rap track there has to be at least four (4) emcees. Groups only count for 1 rapper.

    If DeLa Soul or OutKast gets on a posse track they only count for 1 space. Notorious Thugs is a great collabo, but not a posse rap track.

    • Chaka

      @Billy X.Sunday,
      Nice list you have got right there.But If I were in your position I would have made it a top ten list and added any three from this six:
      (1)’Some LA niggaz’-MC Ren,Hittman,Timebomb,King Tee,Defari,Xzibit,Knocturn’al,Kokane{My best west coast posse track.Thank you Dr Dre,you are a genius}
      (2)’John Blaze’-Nas,Big Pun,Jadakiss,Raekwon,Fat Joe{Big pun is surely one of the illest that graced the mic.R.I.P}
      (3)’Beast from the East’-Mr Cheeks,A+’Redman,Carnibus{Carnibus was my man on this one.Whats up with his rap career?}
      (4)’Banned from TV’-Noreaga,Big Pun,Nature,Cam’ron,Styles P,Jadakiss{Dem brothers were hungry on this joint}
      (5)’State vs Kirk Jones’-Sticky Fingaz,Rah Digga,Redman,Lord Superb,Carnibus,Scared 4 life,Guess who{I love the concept of this song.I have not seen/heard something similar.Great track}
      (6)’I got 5 on it’-Luniz,Dru Down,E-40,Richie Rich,Spice 1,Shock G{Heads are still bumping this joint out here in Africa.Its a timeless track}
      Peace an hip hop head in Africa wrote this.

  • Incilin

    What about the “Ruff Ryders Anthem Remix”? And “World War III”? Ruff Ryders got a lot of good posse cuts.

  • Mean Greene

    Lemonade was a popular drink and it still is…

  • Jose Gallo

    The Grand Finale by the DOC featuring Ice Cube,MC Ren, and Eazy E is one of the most underrated posse tracks of all time.

  • moresickaMC

    ->(4,3,2,1) -DMX,Meth,DMX,LL,Bis,MasterP

    (Meth went off,one of Reds sickest bars,DMX murked it,LL spazzed,Bis was dope..Master P was wack)

    ->(Beasts frm the East)- Red,Mr.Cheeks,A+,Bis

    (Bis massacred this..Red & A+ were sick too)

    ->Fantastic 4 -Pun,Bis,Cam,NORE

    (Pun was had crazy wordplay,Cam was sick,Nore was meh,Bis dismantled it completely)

    ->Blackout-Lox,Jay,DMX (Kiss had the best verse fav Kiss verse ever, Jay-Z spazzed,DMX was sick)

    ->(Ryde Or Die frmVol.1) – wLox/DMX/Drag-On/Eve

    (Drag-On had the sickest verse,DMX was hungry,Eve was stupid nice)

  • moresickaMC

    ->(I got my mind made up) – 2Pac,Daz,Kurupt,Red,Meth

    one of Meths best verses…Red was nice,Kurupt ill,2Pac was spittin

  • Billy X. Sunday

    I’m glad you fanboys are recognizing Red and Meth’s abundance of flavorfull Hip-Hop.

    • Chaka

      Yeah we recognise their[Red and Meth] impact in hip hop,most especially Red’s.But you made a lame move comparing them as a duo with Outkast.Peace

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Sonn, are you from Africa?

    If you are then how about getting some fresh water to your people and let us AMERICANS tell you about Hip-Hop.

    Red and Meth are more influential than ‘Kast. That was the point of my drop. Either you get it, or you don’t.

    • Chaka

      My brother because you are in America does not necessary mean that you have a good perception of music(in this case Hip Hop) more than me who lives in Africa.But may be you are one of those ignorant people overseas who think those in Africa are very far away from the modern world;no wonder you said,”how about getting some fresh water to your people[Africans]“.I guess you are a journalist.So please go and ask Jay Z,Busta,Snoop,Guru,Treach,DMX or other rappers that have been to Africa and they will tell you how developed the DARK CONTINENT is.Those cats were all shocked when they first came here.They admitted that they were fooled by their media back there in the states,in thinking that Africa is still a primitive place disconnected from today’s world.Wise up my brother,it was all about Hip Hop.So let it remain Hip Hop.Next time dont bring the place were I stay into this…
      You said the point of your drop was that
      Red and Meth are more influential than ‘Kast.Nah,that was not the point of your drop.The point of your drop was that Meth and Red as a duo are better than Outkast(go back and read your post).And this veiw was contested by myself and others who think Outkast are better.We gave you tangible proofs for our position but you never gave any for yours.Let it go My brother,that post on Meth+Red/Outkast was a dumb post motivated by regional hate.Peace.

      • E

        Hahaha, Billy got owned by the Zulu Nation’s finest. Dont expect him to respond, cuz lets face it thats what bitch ass niggaz do.

        “I know yo’ type, so much bitch in you, if it was slightly darker
        lights was little dimmer my dick be stuck up in yo’ windpipe!
        youse a busta slash hussy, soft as a Hush Puppy
        Must we break you down to estrogen most hated specimen’s
        a bitch nigga!”

    • Omar

      Whoa!!! Red and Meth more influential than ‘Kast. To the left with that bullshit.

  • John Brown


    What bout Hate it or Love it (Remix)…lmao Im just joking…

    What about “24 hours 2 live” feat. Mase, Black Rob, DMX, The Lose, Puff…
    “Grand Finale” feat. DMX, Nas, Meth, Ja Rule.

    Think bout it.

  • Big Family

    Hard body Posse cuts has to include Headbanger. Everybody came with their A shit on that one.

  • thoreauly77

    has anyone mentioned “The Anthem” from the Sway and Tech album “This or That”? The song features RZA, Tech Nine, Eminem, Xzibit, Pharoahe Monche, Kool G Rap, Jayo Felony, Chino XL, and the almighty KRS-One.
    The song is fucking sick; the emcees spit over the “Unspoken Word” beat off of the Bobby Digital album, then at the end Tech flips it to (I think) “The Bridge is Over” beat for Kris’ verse.

    I could you up if you need it Billy.

  • thoreauly77
  • moresickaMC

    April 5th, 2008
    at 1:58 pm

    thoreauly77 says:

    has anyone mentioned “The Anthem” from the Sway and Tech album “This or That”? The song features RZA, Tech Nine, Eminem, Xzibit, Pharoahe Monche, Kool G Rap, Jayo Felony, Chino XL, and the almighty KRS-One.
    The song is fucking sick; the emcees spit over the “Unspoken Word” beat off of the Bobby Digital album, then at the end Tech flips it to (I think) “The Bridge is Over” beat for Kris’ verse.

    I could you up if you need it Billy.
    ya….good one. thats one mos def up there with the best…

  • boi-dan

    Geographically selective.

    Take a ride down-south for some memphis posse cuts.

  • jimmybob

    er…Does Buddy count? If so it wins hands down.

    PS The Rap-A-Lot cut from the GB’s 4th is Fing large….smoking that weed, feeling fine, got me a 40…

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    That “Spontaneous (13 MC’s Deep)” Joint by Leaders of the New School (and all of their homies) was pretty cool. The beat was hot and the track was fun.

    You could tell that Busta was starting to get on some other spaced out shit with his verse too. He was ready for the next level.

    Alot of yous pro’lly never heard it.

  • thoreauly77
  • Black Ice

    No songs by the Dungeon family
    i.e Watch for the Hook, Black Ice, or Dirty South, or Thought Process

    Damn Yankees always hating

  • jeff

    ok…what about?

    Headbanger- EPMD feat. K-Solo & Redman
    Scenario- ATCQ feat. LONS
    5 on it (remix)- The Luniz feat. Dru Down, Richie Rich, Spice 1 & E-40

    i mean, how could you make a list without any of those three? not knocking the cuts you mentioned, but come on now.

  • Worley

    All uh y’all wilin’. The Symphony is the greatest posse cut ever. Those verses from Master Ace, Craig G., Kool G. and let’s never forget Kane would have and probably still will eat 99% of cats in the game.


    Wow, I agree on the list (especially scenario remix and the flava remix). Don´t get me wrong. I´m an old school head to the bone but i have to throw a current track in the ring…

    Luxury Tax with Ross, Jeezy, Wayne and Trick is chiquita (extra bananas) and one of the illest tracks in a goddamn while and will stand the test of time. Even though i gotta admit that the JUSTICE League production outshines the verses. But they still bangin tho.

    On the oldschool side i think the D&D project cuts and Crooklyn Pt. 1 gotta make the list

    • VoiceOfReason

      Luxury Tax is dope, but it does have a bit of a hook.

  • Hambone Deluxo

    Hot Boys “I Need a Hot Girl” f. Big Tymers

  • Combat Jack

    ^”N*ggaz Done Started Something – DMX, Mase, The Lox”

    Co-sign. Just listened to this last week. Effin bazonkers!!!!

  • VoiceOfReason

    “Niggaz Done Started Something”-Illest posse cut ever

    But yall sleep on this: Hypnotize/Cash Money-”Playa Why Ya Hatin’” feat Three Six Mafia, Juvenile, BG, Wayne, Turk, and last but certainly least, Baby

    • og bobby j

      Word to the Playa why ya hatin…shit was fire…

      Also…No homo for this but, remember that basketball song off the sapce jam soundtrack? Hit’em high? Busta, LL, B-real, Meth, Coolio? Shit was hot if you wsas ballin back in the day…

  • Crocker

    Kool G Rap feat. Ice Cube, Bushwick Bill, DJ Polo, & Uncle Scarface – Two To The Head.

    G.O.A.T. Posse Cut.

  • AG

    KRS One ft. Buckshot, Camron, Keith Murray, Killah Priest, Prodigy of Mobb Deep, Redman, Run of Run-DMC & Vigilante

    Notorious Big, Coolio, Redman, Ill Al Scratch, Big Mike, Busta Rhymes, Buckshot & Bone Thugs & Harmony – Tha Points

    How could you forget about these…

  • Re-yo

    You forgot THE HEADBANGER!!!!



    • og bobby j

      YOUUUUUU beta watch your step!!!!!!!

      “Off the books” thats the title…..shit is uber fire….
      Street pharmacist twist arboles….

      • BIGNAT

        thanks og bobby i am going get that joint right now then it’s going in the ipod

  • Forgetme not

    ante up – remix…WHAT???


    Is this a no no?

    and wasnt there a song with the hit sqaud and the def sqaud on there at the same time??