Bill Cosby > OutKast…

For those of you that regard record sales as a barometer for greatness then you have to give it up to Cosby.

And for those of you that consider someone’s wealth to be the measure of their value then you also need to respect that nigga Cosby’s swagger.

Uptown Saturday Night >>>(infinity)>>> Idlewild

The Fat Albert Show pwns that Andre 3K cartoon.

Lisa Bonet is way more freakier than Erykah Badu

Lisa Bonet’s daughter > Erykah Badu

Raven Symone > KiToy(whatever that donkey booty girl name was)

Cosby tried to buy a television network and the t.I.’s merc’ked his son Ennis for that.

3 Stacks son is named Seven and that is the truth.

Let’s face it, Bill Cosby is way more influential to Hip-Hop than OutKast is.

Now, getting down to the business

I believe Fisty Scent put a shitload of money out for niggas like Buck(tooth) and Lloyd Snacks. Who paid those niggas taxes? Prah’lee Fisty. And these niggas can’t put on a fucking G-Unit t-shirt? Yeah those shirts sucked asscheeks, but fuck it, those same wack ass shirts and shoes are getting you niggas high as a kite every night.

I’m already sick of T.I. and this fool hasn’t been off house arrest for more than a month. The nigga is doing ‘Got Milk’ ads and fucking PETA public service spots. I don’t even know this dude anymore they got his ass apologizing for everything. I heard he has a commercial coming out where he apologizes for the Atlanta child murders.

Stacey Dash is a bad piece of ass to be over forty years old, but who is fucking with LisaRaye’s fifty year old pussy? That’s right, LisaRaye is on the other side of fifty and she is still getting fools sprung from the smell of that cameo.

Miss Rap Supreme just booted the one broad I would have hit. The rest of them chicks look like they don’t bathe on the regulack. If you live in your parent’s basement like me then I suppose that doesn’t matter too much, but if you are trying to be in the entertainment industry you should take a wash up. You know Khia shit stinks just by peeping the ring around her collar on every shirt she wears.

I just did the math on the website. XXLmag dot com finally overtook HipHopDX in January and was in a dead heat with AllHipHop and SOHH in February. Since that time XXLmag has been taking a nosedive. Nothing that can’t be corrected if Harris decided to show some serious attitude and go all in for the internets, but maybe the t.I.’s at Harris don’t feel like investing in a vehicle for a constituency that tries its hardest NOT to spend their own money?

Just some thoughts…

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  • Maddolies

    Wow u jus took 2 mins of my life i can neva get bak.

  • Bol

    >Cosby tried to buy a television network and the t.I.’s merc’ked his son Ennis for that.


  • raoul

    What was the point of all this. You misled us into thinking this was all about Bill Cosby. No wonder shit ain’t working in this website. Give us the fucking Info man!!


  • rob pursey

    Truly the most terrible and most pointless blog on the web.


    rap bloggers do that all the time

  • H-LO

    “3 Stacks son is named Seven and that is the truth” – Maybe he is a Seinfeld – Fan!

  • P-Matik


  • jonathan

    why you think that is! you know i got love for yall! bol is the shiznet and yall are good as well!

  • Young & Imperial

    BXS, are u stupid? Stacey Dash is 42 and LisaRaye is 41. U just made it seem like LisaRaye is a decade older than Stacey. Why does XXL still fuck with you? You are obviously the Tony Yayo of blogging.

    • master cheef

      that is way too generous. bxs is more like the t-pain of blogging. he brings absolutely nothing to the table

    • KFrizzle

      The Tony Yayo of blogging…that shit was hilarious but I think you’re giving BXS too much credit here. I mean even Yayo shines every once in awhile a la “I Know You Don’t Love Me” and “I Run New York” but this fucking guy??? Seriously.

      And BXS, stop having Bol write your blogs for you…he’s only got enough “decent” material to keep his fat ass semi-employed but this shit you been putting out is like saying you drink Cristal on the regular only because you sucked dick and he pisses that shit out.

      The last time you trashed OutKast with that Meth & Red blog I thought you were fucking around but now it’s obvious to me that you’re just a bitter and relentless swagger jacker who doesn’t have anything close to an original blogging style, nonetheless the capacity to evaluate quality hip hop.

      I mean if you want the $15 you paid for the Idlewild CD back so your sorry ass can get a bus pass and get on the grind for some original material, I’ll front the cake cuzzo. XXL: can’t we just get outtakes from Jay Smooth’s blogs instead of this fucking trash you allow this dude to post????

      • KFrizzle

        that shit edited my post…it was supposed to say:

        …but this shit you been putting out is like saying you drink Cristal on the regular only because you sucked (insert any East Coast rapper) dick and he pisses that shit out.

  • kevkevblazini

    Actually, LisaRaye is a couple months younger than Stacey Dash, which would make her 41, not on the other side of Fisty, but hey, whatever.

  • the chancellor

    Sunday, good shit, and zoe kravitz is a bad bitch! Haha oh ya one more thing…

    Keshia knight p > big bois wife

  • the chancellor

    Sunday, good shit, and zoe kravitz is a bad bitch! Haha oh ya one more thing…

    Shawty lo > tip

    “You say you from the westside? There must be two sides!”

    I think atl has a new king.

  • dirty south roc boys

    Another horrible post! you and bol are definetly the PREZ AND VP OF COONSVILLE U.S.A. WITH THESE WACK POST! I can’t call you BOL OR BILLY. I got to call you by your new names TOEJAM AND UNCLE REAMIS. STEP YOUR GAME UP, and REPRESENT HIP HOP LIKE YOU USE TO.

    • BIGNAT

      hahahahahah coonsville

  • Jud Buechler

    Silly Sundae,

    LMAO at you bringing up Outkast and saying someone is greater than them because you got ethered on the last post, about method man and redman being greater than outkast.

    You still heated cause it was like 20 people against you and you lost, so now you bring up Cosby just to show your stubborness.

    Your east coast bias is so glaring its not even funny its just sad. You sound like a bitter old man who’s mad cause he lost his farm to the industrial period.

    LOl, you’re also mad cause lil wayne is on top right now and it burns you up inside. It’s like that ex slave owner who is mad that the man took away his slaves. Shits disgusting b.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Jud Buechler,
    I don’t know nothing about owning slaves. I don’t think you do either. Your daddy’s daddy’s daddy was prah’lee a coward who worked for the plantation owner that purchased my daddy’s daddy’s daddy in the chattel trade.

    Niggas like you folks came over on a boat to escape famine and plague. Your folks didn’t even know how to farm. How crazy is that? But your folks, being the cowards they were, took the whip out of the plantation owners hands and cracked that whip on my folks backs.

    Your folks was too cowardly to represent for what was right and just then. I’m sure you have their DNA. This is Jud Buechler right?