25 Things That Killed (And Are Still Killing) Urban Music

Hip-hop is dead, right? Well now there’s a post over at SoulBounce.com that is beginning to make the rounds on the internets, detailing the top 25 things that killed off not just hip-hop, but urban music in general. In these lean times in the traditional media business, I try to keep a relatively positive disposition on things, wake up with a smile and lay down with one. But seriously, shit is all fucking fucked the fuck up at this point that it’s becoming damn near impossible to feel good about the direction things are moving for urban music. Seriously, folks are jumping ship like rap was the fucking Titanic or something. In short order, here’s the list of 25 things that are sinking the ship, with my own little spin on them. Go to Soulbounce.com to read the original post and the author’s reasonings.

1) The End of the “Event” Album- How about the end of the album, period?

2) Big Name Hip Hop Producers- see: Flo Rida’s 2nd single, “Elevator,” produced by Timbaland

3) Deaths of The Notorious B.I.G. & 2Pac- see: every rapper post Biggie and pac

4) “Neo-Soul”- This shit still exists? I thought even coffee shop fag artists were now selling their ass for some BET play

5) Reality TV- Diddy’s biggest acts since Biggie come on the strength of a reality tv show. Need i say more.

6) Lazy A&R Departments- these guys are fucking useless. Every one of them needs a club banger, but something that can play on the radio, that is sort of ballady, but with a hip-hop feel, that can also play in the street, that can get a lot of burn on mixtapes, and cross over to top40 radio at the same time, as well as be good enough for T-Pain or Akon to feature on.

7) Scarface and The Untouchables- see: every episode of MTV Cribs

8) Thugs- i don’t agree with them being on the list. You need these guys to run up in the TIs office once you get dropped from the label

9) Crime- need this too, what else are people going to rap about? Something positive? get real.

10) Ringtones- depends on what you’re downloading, I guess. My ringtone is Wu-tang’s “C.R.E.A.M.” Is that kind of ringtone rap bad? I don’t think so. We all have choices, nobody’s saying you gotta download some Soulja Boy shit and put it on your phone.

11) Lack of Music Programs in Schools- Eh, i don’t know the statistics on this. But i do know quite a few kids who have put together full albums with their classmates and whatnot in their school’s recording studios. I didn’t have that growing up.

12) BET- You mean to tell me watching “Rip The Runway ’08″ didn’t make you feel better about the direction urban music is heading in? Shame on you.

13) The Radio- don’t even own one anymore. Radio is irrelevant in the internet era.

14) Spineless Club DJs- cosign. Club DJs are horrible these days. Truly horrid.

15) Mainstream Hip Hop Publications- ummm….

16) Bloggers- blogging is the new rapping. Unfortunately most people who blog about urban music are like those who rap…. they have no real writing skill, and just post gossip items about nothing. And most rappers have no real writing skill either and rap about nothing, so you see the correlation, right?

17) Youtube & Myspace- a vast wasteland of media.

18) Singing Rappers, Acting Rappers & Rapping Athletes- I don’t agree with this one. People, particularly creative folks, shouldn’t be boxed in to doing one thing. If an athlete wants to rap, then fine. If an actor wants to rap, fine. But at least do something mildly amusing or keep the shit to yourself. That’s my advice.

19) The End of Real Singing Groups- when were singing groups every really real? It’s show business, people.

20) “Kanyitis”- supposedly this is when someone says something in front of a camera just to have their WTF? moment. Yeah, that’s wack.

21) Death of Aaliyah- I think her passing was a loss, and she was one of urban music’s most talented people, but I don’t know if it created a real void in the marketplace to the point where we have bad knockoff Aaliyah’s out there. Sure there’s a few, but it’s not that serious.

22) Money- we gotta eat, right?

23) Products & Brands- isn’t this what America is? A bunch of products and brands? Art has been co-opted to sell people shit, bottom line.

24) People That Aren’t in Any Way Associated with Music- yes, hangers-on in the music biz are completely useless.

25) Teenagers- yes kids are pretty stupid these days. They’re also pretty smart, depending on how you look at the situation. If anything, I think teenagers are picking and choosing exactly what it is they want to be into right now, not being dictated to, for a change. That’s why the game is so messed up, because the kids have tuned out. They’re into what they’re into, and the industry just doesn’t have a clue.

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  • jonathan

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    • Og bobby j

      is! this! guy! serious!

      • Around and Around

        OG is that your ‘seed’ typing that shit? WTF you teaching him?

        • og bobby j

          dude looks like he got that state penn education with your pops…..and if you are looking for my seed, check your girls pillow case.

        • Around and Around

          I’ll take that state Penn edu over being home schooled in a double wide any day.

          So are you the envy of the trailor park with a double wide. “OG’s rich he got himself a double wide”

  • k swanger outta alabama

    Great fucking post…my state is has a real “bandwagon” mentality…Nobody around here will like a song until the ATL likes it…

    I don’t know how I survived the “Laffy Taffy” era…

    If only “Rocks the Bells” would come my way…

  • Neven

    YA Crime and thugs are who progress hip hop and got the most attention (NWA) then you had the east doin that criminology rap……… the one thing that i think ruined hip hop is the money and bling area everyone wants the riches and wants to rap about it but the streets are still hungry or they waste there money on designer clothing they don’t need to impress and show that they are more hip hop than the other guy……. I have money cause I work and save I don’t want to hear that you have I might be interested on how you got it………… Another thing is YES TOP NAME PRODUCERS and the problem here now is not their music is lack of effort they don’t put out whole albums unless it’s theirs and then it sucks. Producers chuck their beats around like crack and only give a little to many instead of a lot to one. WE need to go back into making ALBUMS not singles and ring tones , that is another good point up above is that the tune has to be catchy to make money not serious or with a message. I too have Wu Tang ring tone and also have Know the Ledge and NY State OF Mind……………. It’s just sad to me being a fan of hip hop and watching the culture die and the people (blacks)that invented it ruin there own people and reputation by rapping about stupid shit that only they have or they can only buy…….. the underground runs the most anti political and most social rap records but the TI’s will have no part in hearing the truth come out on records anymore………..


  • j.calderon

    I’m seriously considering not visiting this site again on the strength of this post.

  • 7 V5A 7

    26)Blogs about whats killing hip-hop

  • http://suckapunk.blogspot.com Suckapunkin’

    #26: The amount of time creative people spend whining about what bad shape everything is instead of making good shit on their own or showing people what kind of good shit is out there.

  • springhook103

    if you do not like what your hearing,turn off the mp3/cd that is playing.there is quality music out there and it isn’t all happy-go-lucky “positive” rap(eg.re-up gang,joell ortiz,etc.).people need to stop complaining and start creating.just be true with your speak.fools tend to jump on bandwagons but after they spend their hard-earned cash on trash albums with two solid tracks they wise up very quickly.

  • Cinsere

    #25 should be teenage girls! I remember once when I was in high school, I was bumpin’ to Liquid Swords, reciting Killah Priest’s verse on “4th Chamber”, and some chick that heard me was like “what are you listening to?!” That’s how it was, and that’s how we liked it…the girls had their R&B, and we had our hip hop. Then they started marketing hip hop to young girls who just wanted to shake their little asses, leaving horny young dudes no other choice than to listen to the same bullshit in order to see these young girls shake their little asses. Fast forward to 2008, and you have an entire population of young urban teens who listen to a bunch of bullshit just so that young girls can dance to it.

  • http://www.myspace.com/crockerishiphop Crocker

    You know something, you can sit up there and stand up on ur soapbox and list all the fucking OBVIOUS reasons hip-hop may or may not be on the verge of collapse, but let’s keep one thing in perspective. When was the last time you heard a truly! classic album? Yeah, I hear dope rappers everyday. I hear punchlines, metaphors, similies, and so on and so forth, but where are the classics of my generation? Country Grammar? Get Rich Or Die Tryin’? All I’m sayin’ is instead of these artists bitching and moaning bout the climate of the industry; get your shit together and make a musically cohesive album. Dope beats. dope rhymes. Timeless records. Fuck sales. Make music. Fuck the status quo. Get off your lazy ass and change it. Holla.


    # 26 – 808 claps
    # 27 – Autotune
    # 28 – the whole sample clearance industry

  • ga_finest08

    We’re ruining music cuz we accept that shit. Music hasn’t been music since 2002.

  • H-LO

    Tell me, which rapper has been inspired by the movie “The Untouchables” ?!?
    (Yes, I know it’s from the same guy who made the infamous Scarface remake)

  • Maddolies

    Rocks the Bells?
    No Homo Man!

  • Cicerosuave

    Co-sign what Cinsere said….The demographic most of hip-hop music is targeted to now is teenage girls…This takes into effect the TOP PRODUCERS (i.e. Timbaland) b/c historically, these producers are the ones makin the beats that young teenage girls will shake their asses to. Now don’t get me wrong, I like to hit da club and grind on sumthin like the next man, but that’s not ALL hip-hop is about. I like me a slow deep record with a blunt or just some bumpin gangsta sh^t once in a while too. I don’t think hip-hop is dead (or dying), I just think it’s reached a stalemate. In a couple years all these ring-tone rappers will be long gone and the true artists are still gonna be doing this damn thing.