I'm not sure how many of you have the luxury and/or privilege of having random people run up on you handing you mixtapes but that shit is daunting. Why do so many "independent rappers" think its okay to just run up on you, arm extended, with CD in hand? 8 times out of 10, giving you some hot garbage.

There was a time when someone that wasn't on the radio or television ran up on you with a CD, you could halfway trust that it was gonna be aight. Granted, you wouldn't expect it to be the greatest thing in the world, but there was a time when cats actually thought to themselves "man, nobody knows who the fuck I am, I gotta go extra hard." Now, since everyone with a computer that burns CDs and has photoshop, everybody thinks they are an artist.

That being said, I'm sure that you all can agree that sifting through all of that, including all the stuff on the blogs, myspace or where every it is that you go for music, gets to be pretty difficult. Hell, its so much shit out there that I don't even click on the "big named" artists links when they pop up. Fugg it, its too much music out there.

But then, you fuck around and come across something that reminds you of why you like to throw random shit in the deck and hopefully discover a gem.

Playboy Tre is cat I've known of and known for a couple years now. He was always the behind the scenes dude more or less because he'd always been running with a rapper/crew who was a label priority or up and comer and the time. He started off in the Attic Crew with Youngbloodz, Jim Crow an'nem. Then he hooked up with Bohagon and formed the Georgia Durt collective that they still represent to this day. Nowadays Tre has been running with B.O.B., serving as a frequent collaborator and hypeman at his shows.

When he'd give me pieces of his music for review, honestly, I'd listen more as a fan instead of a magazine writer/critic. Because I mean, shit, it felt like I kinda knew buddy as more than some random rapper. So, most of the time when he'd ask me what I thought, I'd reply like a regular dude with "yeah, i fuck with it" instead of giving some journalistic ass answer.

Anyways, when he handed me his latest mixtape Goodbye America: Da Story of A Drunken Loner, I knew I was going to listen and enjoy it, but not as much as I wound up enjoying it though.

The title of the mixtape should let you know that it has a theme, that the music actually sticks to. Ya'll know how folks like to name their projects something and describe it as "a story" or "a day in my life" and the only things cohesive on the album are the skits? Well, that doesn't happen here. Tre is rapping about getting the hell up out of town and he gives various reason why, most of them revolving around family and loyalty issues.

"Goodbye America"

"Eagles Fly"

"Set Me Free"

"Ain't It Funny"

"I Know"

Overall, this project reminded me of what Southern Hip Hop sounded like before people (mainly lames and out of towners) started coming up with their bland idea of what its supposed to sound like.

If you liked what you heard, you can peep the rest here. If you fuckin' with it, you can hit up Tre here and listen to rest of his catalog.

Damn, I almost forgot...dude is funny as hell too. He has a group of skits on youtube that are hilarious! Some of these hard ass rappers should watch these and relax.