The Roots Are The Georgetown Hoyas Of This Rap Shit…

If it’s March then it must be time to gamble your student loan money away for a chance to win someone’s NCAA basketball tournament pool. I don’t advocate gambling, but I assume that you folks are adults so here are my Final Four picks for your info…

Georgetown – East
Memphis – South
Tennessee – Midwest
Kansas – West

This is all determined of course by where the selection committee seeds these teams. Memphis and Tennessee are both in the south so one of them is going to have to be in a different bracket. No one is fucking with Memphis this year. G’Town and Uconn are my darkhorse picks to do some upset shit, but as usual I admit that you can’t predict this tournament to save your life.

If rap music were like the NCAA, and I know that is preposterous to say since rap music is 180 degrees from going to college, but bear with me, if rap music were like the NCAA basketball tournament then the Roots crew would be like the Georgetown Hoyas. They aren’t in anyone’s top 10 but these dudes stay winning.

Some of you humps would like to call Jay-Z the Memphis of this shit since they are clearly the best team and since Jay-Z’s fortune is bequeathed to Bleek, but you would be wrong. G-Unit is the Memphis of this rap shit and Jay-Z is like the Connecticut. He’s no longer top 10 but if you get caught sleeping he could make it past the Sweet 16.

I will call Lil’ Wang the Houston of this rap shit. Not the Phi Slamma Jamma Houston, but the current unranked edition.

Stop crying Wang stans, I’ll let your boy be the Xavier of this rap shit.

KanYe West is the North Carolina equivalent since he is ranked number one but he won’t make it all the way to the ‘chip. Everybody likes North Carolina’s powder blue uniforms. UCLA is pretty good too. I think I will make Blu the UCLA of this rap shit since niggas like myself slept on him. As usual, Duke is near the top. That’s NaS right there.

There is a NCAA tournament pool over at DallasPenn Dot Com and the winner gets a FREE pair of Nike Dunks. If you want in just say so.

Not in this thread though you big dummy, over there.

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  • midwest_resurrection

    wow, very unpredictable final four. they might all be number one seeds and everyone knows that all the number one seeds will never make it to the final four. at least one or two 2,3, or 4 seeds will be in there.

    p.s. don’t sleep on the big ten.

  • sooch

    big ten?
    i got your big 10 right here dunny

  • Jason Murk

    Why is wayne the xavier of this rap shit? Most people outside of Cincinnati don’t even know Xavier has a basketball team… even though they stay ranked year in and year out.

    I like Xavier cause they play in my city… I just don’t see the link between them and Wayne… the other comparisons were cool though

  • Ali

    Memphis takes it this year easy…Derrick Rose is tha Tournament MVP

  • C

    Lil wayne = wisconson,
    ranked high due to a weak confrence
    only decent teams are osu msu and indiana,
    the rest is a real let down

  • Billy X. Sunday

    St.Joe’s dropped Xavier from the Atlantic 10 tournament like how Wang’s guest verses got merc’ked on the KanYe and Lil’ Brother tracks.

  • WritersBlock

    lmao georgetown is a “darkhorse”….didnt know a potential #1 seed could be a darkhorse

  • Billy X. Sunday

    A “darkhorse” moreso for all the jig players they have. G’Town is studded, but they are still a longshot. As long a longshot as Arizona? No, but a longshot none the less.

  • Pierzy

    If Wayne is Xavier, then I’m even more proud to be from Philly since St. Joe’s smacked them around last night – the same thing Beanie should do to Wayne. Nullus.

  • geico lizard


  • Iceberg Slimm

    Glad to see you noticed them Jayhawks. Nas is the KU of this shit cause people stay writing us off but just when you think it’s over, my Niggers come through.


  • Incilin

    I don’t follow NCAA, so where tha cRap fantasy?

  • Billy X. Sunday

    I suspended the cRap Fantasy League for this quarter while I look for a sponsor to help me with the league administration.

    Any ideas?