The Jeremiah Wright of Rap

“Your lease is up at the crib, house niggas get evicted. In videos with white boys talking about how you get wicked.” – Common, noted Obama supporter and fellow member of Jeremiah Wright’s church

“Black men walking with white girls on they arms. I be mad at ‘em, as if knew they moms.” – ibid

Seriously, how come no one told me Common was a member of Jeremiah Wright’s church?

I suppose I should have put one and two together, since this is apparently a church for racist, bourgeois black people in Chicago, but I was trying to give the guy the benefit of the doubt. I guess I’ve learned my less about trying to take religious people seriously[1].

No but really, the Chicago MC jumped to Jeremiah Wright’s defense the other day during a press junket for bound-to-be-excellent new film, Street Kings. Common explained that he’d been a member of Rev. Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ since he was a kid (it’s all starting to make sense now!) and that he never heard anything that struck him as being particularly racist.

And I quote:

“He never really was against white people or another race. It was more against an establishment that was oppressing people. I think we all can see that this country has problems and a lot of it starts in the political system.”

And also:

“What I picked up from being in the pews … was messages of love. Anything that was going against that love he would acknowledge and expose.” (via)

Alrighty then.

Only thing is, Common is probably as well known as any rapper, other than Death Certificate-era Ice Cube, for saying racist shit, so you wonder if he’d even be capable of distinguishing any racist statements made by this guy Jeremiah Wright.

In fact, I’m surprised the Obama campaign would even associate with a guy like Common, though it’s hard to say for certain the nature of their relationship. This story at Hip-Hop DX describes Common as an ardent supporter of the Senator, who’s made appearances on his behalf and mentioned him in his music. But you know you can’t trust the news departments of these hip-hop websites, with their copied and pasted bullshit.

We know for a fact that Common appeared in ads for that group that was trying to get people to send in early-voting ballots for the Senator out in California, so that he’d have the primary out there sewn before it even began, only come to find out that it was a front for some hispanic group that was trying to open the border. And then, ironically enough, Hillary ended up winning California in a landslide thanks to the overwhelming hispanic vote in her favor. (But don’t you dare suggest race had anything to do with it.)

Common was also one of the first rappers to mention Obama in a song, and thus has been mentioned in any number of subsequent stories about the hip-hop community’s support for the Senator, this despite Obama reading from Oprah Winfrey’s talking points re: hip-hop early on in the campaign, and his Ari Fleischer-esque suggestion that rappers watch what they say. Though again I’d be hesitant to read any racial issues into this or to suggest that the hip-hop community isn’t tres sophisticated in its political thinking.

Now that we know that Common is also a product of the Trinity United Church of Christ, I wouldn’t be surprised if the media tries to pull the same shit with him as they’ve pulled with Jeremiah Wright… except for the fact that a) the kind of people who live to criticize hip-hop in this manner never actually listen to it; and b) Common, like Obama, has always had this amazing ability to avoid actually being held accountable for his views – perhaps because, like the Senator, Common is also light skinted, and gifted with words. (I wonder if they share a common white ancestor.)

Case in point, the way Common was upheld as this paragon of virtue in the hip-hop community in the wake of the Don Imus incident. He was the guy the Oprah Winfreys of the world would point to as an example of a rapper who was actually doing something positive – presumably mostly on account of his teh ghey wardrobe, given the actual text of his lyrics. Ironically enough, he was the only rapper who took part in Oprah’s town hall meeting on misogyny in hip-hop, along with women from Spelman College, despite the fact that he’s the only rapper I can think of who’s actually called the women of Spelman hoes on a record.

It just goes to show: winning friends and influencing people in this life is never a matter of what you stand for or what you actually said. It’s about being light skinted, and well-spoken, and feeding into people’s egos, and pandering to their various prejudices and superstitions. Being considered progressive amongst the Oprah Winfreys in this country (and hence the Barack Obamas as well) is merely a matter of dressing like a fruit and condemning your fellow black man for loving white women. (As if.) Meanwhile, I’ll almost certainly be branded a racist just for exposing this shit.


[1] Also, it turns out that Jeremiah Wright didn’t actually say that the US had 9/11 coming to it. He was quoting some white guy who said that on Fox News. So basically, I take back everything good I’ve ever said about Jeremiah Wright.

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  • jonathan

    son you the funniest dude in the world! (perhaps because, like the Senator, Common is also light skinted, and gifted with words. (I wonder if they share a common white ancestor.) but you speak so well 2 and never are held accountable for your actions! your just black as all fuck like biggie my nizza! lolol! you a funny dude son!

  • og bobby j

    People with the ability to think critically will not jump on the popular bandwagon of voting for Obama. He has a good presence but provides no sound backing or plan for any of the issues we face as a nation. He is simply a good speaker….plus, he has been going to that church for the last 20 years….what about the first 26 years? Muslim?

    • ?

      You know, I really don’t agree with much of what you say, but your first sentence is the truth. The sad part is I don’t think anyone really has a plan to fix the country. McCain is mini-Bush, Hillary’s done whether she wants to admit it or not (and she’s completely incompetent politically), and Obama is very liberal, but easily the most likable candidate in this race. But don’t buy into that bullshit that he was a Muslim. His dad and stepfather were, but he was not.

      Bol, awesome post. Sometimes I don’t know what the hell to think of Common despite liking a couple of his albums.

      • og bobby j

        Im not saying he was a muslim….but as you said his father was….and stepfather and he has an islamic name….if it looks like a tomato, smells like a tomato…you know?

        • Around and Around

          OG get your dumb ass off the fucking library computer you waste of a father…..what the fuck is an Islamic Name??? And what about Arab Christians?? Dipshit.

          Who in this country says….”Oh he has a “Christian name”…

        • og bobby j

          what the fuck is an Islamic Name???

          Barack Hussein Obama

          If you had the ability to read at higher then a 4th grade level, you would be able to understand that I did not say he was a Muslim…just stating that his pedigree is Muslim and know one seems to know what he was for the first 26 years of his life.

          Dont lump me into your sorry life…If your good, maybe one day daddy will come back. Waste of a father? Not so much. I would gladly waste some babues on your mothers face tho….Hoe ass nigga

        • Around and Around

          Speaking of reading at a 4th grade level, I addressed your whte trash (WT)notion of an “Islamic Name” not Barack being Muslim…there’s no such thing as an Islamic Name other than maybe Muhammed, most of what you refer to are just Arab names.
          The names of Muslims are different all over the world, in South America, in Pakistan in the Middle east, in Malasia, or Turkey, or Chechnia that’s the point WT…….I can see Little Ho G is going to grow up to be quite the scholar with a father that spends his days on public library computers.

        • og bobby j

          seems like someone is a little tight (no, not your girl) when it comes to muslim shit. In the world where blowing yourself up is still considered insane, arab names and muslim names are the same thing. And, I’d rather be white trash then a black garbage man……pussy

  • Fernando

    Damn, black culture is so damn confused. It must suck having to worry about what everybody thinks about you all the time. If you dress too “street” then you get labeled a thug and cant get a real job. If you dont, then you get labeled a sell out and a race hater. If you date outside your race, then people like Common will hate on you for bailing out on your sistas. If you only go black, then your a racist.

    On the real though, Common is a lying a$$ fruit bag who acts one way and does another (a la Magic Johnson). Which reminds me, is there a better name for a guy who beat AIDS than Magic Johnson?

    • Frank White

      Not to mention that if you get with a black girl, you get stanky pussy, musky body odor, fake hair, bad breath, talkin’ out the side of her neck, nasty ass oblong titties, a stank asshole, cellulite on the legs, hairy legs, wanna act like her mama, don’t know how to dress, clumps in the armpit hairs, rather buy you some Fubu’s than some Levi’s, want a nigga that can put her in the house all day, won’t cook or clean for shit, thinkin’ a disproportionate ass is sexy, gossip-monger bitch.

      Get a white bitch and avoid all the above, plus they love a big black dick.

  • The Spaniard

    “Which reminds me, is there a better name for a guy who beat AIDS than Magic Johnson?”

    I just spit my food out on the desk while laughing, thanks a lot.

    “A library cop named Bookman. that’s like a ice cream salesman named Cone.”

    ~Krammer a.k.a. Michael Richards of the Aryan Brotherhood.

    • akaTheRealist

      Co-sign. I just did the same thing, but now I’m pissed this nigga made me spit out out my fresh-ass Firehouse sub. Magic.Johnson. there is no better name.

  • ymerej

    try actually visiting trinity before u say shit about it

  • LA

    Bol i think u r the one who is a racist

    • Bol

      I rest on your face.

  • Kane Corleone

    even though i’m westcoast bias, Common did tear Cube & them a new asshole(n/h).Plus i cant be mad at dude when you niggas start making moves in this shiesty ass corporate world you’ll realize you have to “go along to get along”. Man fuck Oprah that fat bitch dont run anything except white womens far as dating snow bunnies nigga do you,but not the fat white hoes go for the Jessica Biel types.@ ease cuz

    • Bol

      >Plus i cant be mad at dude when you niggas start making moves in this shiesty ass corporate world you’ll realize you have to “go along to get along”.

      Um, speak for yourself.

  • surfer dude

    Ey, common is a friggin 2 faced mulatto that is confused about his own “blackness”, he trying too hard to be “black” no one is buying it, taking about love and preaching shit, fuck him and his lame ghey music.
    That pastor is a hipocrite, he should at least stand up for his opinion, but now hes crying like a lil baby! Obama should diss commons bitch ass for good!!

  • wood grain grippa

    I know where you got this one BALLZ


  • Real talk

    Common at Trinity on New Years eve this year.

    South side stand up.

    Trinity is a great loving place. Why is it that white people always say we need to get our stuff togeather. And when we get togeather we’re seperatist.

    Anyway Trinity is a great place if you’re ever in the chi you should go by there.

  • Kane Corleone

    >Um, speak for yourself.

    thats why you live in Master uh Mommies house still to this day .Game is to be sold .

    • Bol

      Alright, you’ve convinced me. Where do I sign up to be somebody’s bitch?

  • beatz23

    While you may think Common is known for hate I think most people, including myself, associate him with love not “racist shit.” Actually I think thats what most people associate you with…The fact is nobody gives a fuck who the Jeremiah Wright of Rap is except you and your crazy little world full of obsessing over other people’s lives. No one else could have made the connection except you because we’re not all over Common’s dick and want to find a new way to get attention by talking shit about rappers over the internet. Do yourself and everybody else a favor and get your own life..if at all possible. Thanks.

  • bartholomewrichards

    I always thought Common was on some NOI Louis Farrakhan type shit. Who knew?

  • Ian Granda

    One of your better columns Bol.

    “Being considered progressive amongst the Oprah Winfreys in this country (and hence the Barack Obamas as well) is merely a matter of dressing like a fruit and condemning your fellow black man for loving white women. (As if.) Meanwhile, I’ll almost certainly be branded a racist just for exposing this shit.”

    This is so true.

  • Jud Buechler

    Bol= Unkle Rukus of Blogging

    We all know Bol, doesn’t like Common or Rev. Wright cause he speaks the unwanted truth about the oppressive “white” Government.

    You gotta realize, Bol is really a white guy, hence the type of Rap he likes. His affinity for Beastie Boys, and hipster rap is unparalleled.

    90% of Bol’s friends are white, so when black conscience rappers make their points, he takes offense to that. He calls Rev. Wright’s church “racist” cause as a white man, he was actually offended by his remarks. But nothing that Rev. Wright said that was racist towards a group.

    The reason why he is mad at Common, is because Common mentions about dating white women and Bol has only dated white women. So Bol took offense to it. That’s why he called him a fruit.

    What reason do you have, to be mad at Common and call him names? None. When People tell the truth, others are offended.

    Moral of the story= Bol dates white women

    Gist of the story= Bol was offended by Common’s line of “Black men walking……..”

  • Chest Rockwell

    Where the WHITE WOMEN AT!!!!… I need my dinner cooked, house cleaned, someone to degrade and still listens to what I tell her!…

  • bgrizz

    He stole that chickens comin home to roost speech from a malcom x speech from when jfk got assassinated

  • Billy X. Sunday

    I toldt y’all lite-skint people was making a comeback!

    Al B. Sure where you at nigga?!?!

  • Prince Ceasar

    I just need to say two things “Fuck Obama and Fuck Bol”.Bobby Brown for President. Let’s go!

  • Prince Ceasar

    Common’s last album was decent.

  • allnice

    It’s always been about who you know and not what you stand for. Common is corny though. Ain’t he like Kanye’s slave or something? He lost all credibility and respect to rock tight vests and shit. What a lame.

    Black people love them some light skinned people. They are all up on them. When they get a tan though, they fall back. They say shit like “oh damn you black now! You was so light before!”

    I’m not so sure White people love light skinned black people. I think White people like Africans. Obama is African, so they love that he isn’t a homemade bro. As for Common, I’m not sure that white people are up on him. I think he gets love from buppy sistas with college edumacations. Whateva, Hilary got that Rothschild love, so Obama might have to fall back and Common….cmon Street Kings?

  • major

    fuck all dis shit. VOTE 4 PEDRO!

  • da troof

    “He never really was against white people or another race. It was more against an establishment that was oppressing people.”

    That quote should explain it all. Wright is no more racist, than Chuck D is. He spoke what he saw. The establishment folks are using religion, and black folks desires to organize against black progress, and its pitiful. All of a sudden, now we are the racists. The oppressors are dissecting the sound bites and an end result will be “their” of re-shaping the message in black churhes where people of prominence appear, for fear it will be replayed elsewhere. Sad its to the point where blacks can’t have a private “community” convo, on sunday anymore.

    For one, we dont have enough power to be racist. We affect no change, nor prevent anyone from doing anything as an institition. Never have. The mere fact that you think you could be confused as one (racist), shows me how confused they have you boys, out there.
    Tell me this Bol, have you ever gotten/seen any soundbites, or video of the priest reactions, and dialogue with the catholic community after touching up all those kiddie booties? No, only in our churches

    Bol sounds like Elizabeth from the view, the other day… She is part of the establishment, and she knows they are wrong, but… She feels its also wrong for the oppressed to express views about their oppressors that would be deemed racist..

  • *Niggarachi 24*

    Bol is a bitch!!!

  • afreemind

    Has anyone considered that this situation is a classic spin move perpetuated by the Clintons and their supporters. The facts are rather simple if you have come to that conclusion. No candidate knows what the hell they are doing. McCain is a capitol hill whore. Hilary is a political maverick who holds no water. Obama is youthful and has a powerful delivery in speeches, however he doesn’t know how to run a country. Senator’s vote on laws, Obama skimly voted or looked to actively participate in the on goings on the hill. Let’s be honest young black men, WE have NO candidate. There is no candidate that can save the nation. As a nation we have to save ourselves, no one politician can have a cure-all plan. Not gonna happen. As for Mr. Bols, you are very witty however have you considered that we as black americans are all mulatto. Is there any slave house that master didnt visit. Keep in mind the South wanted not only to keep there plantations but also there concubines. STOP it Bol’s you are creating a divide that isnt needed. I wonder though because you are a dark skinned man like myself do you feel the way you do because you think lightskinned people have advantages in life and women that you do not possess? If you do feel that way you are wrong. By the way to the young bloods, bang as many white girls as possible until everyone is badge!

  • gerald n. the birdman



  • Rhap

    Come on ya’ll!!

    - Light skinned vs. dark skinned?
    - Bringin’ up Common lyrics from +10 years ago and trying to make them relevant in 08??
    - Callin’ a brotha a fruit because of his choice in odd apparel?
    - Bashing the good Rev for real talk amongst his people??

    WTF! That’s some straight slave mind bullshit.
    First of all… stop relying on the mainstream new to get your information. That shit is ridiculous. Second… go to tha youtube and watch the ENTIRE sermons that these so called “controversial” sound bites were taken from, and tell me he’s wrong. The rev was speaking truth to the people. With the exception of the aids comments, Wright was on point.
    And finally…. Leave Common alone. This House Nigga vs. Field Nigga attitude has got to stop!!

    Never rely on the media for the whole story!! Seek the truth out for yourself and come to your own conclusions.

  • The Spaniard

    Let me help you clowns out.

    Main Entry: rac·ism
    Function: noun
    1 : a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race
    2 : racial prejudice or discrimination

    Function: adjective
    1 a: subject to two or more interpretations and usually used to mislead or confuse

    J.Wright hasn’t said a single thing that can be reasonably considered racist. Maybe a bit paranoid (and that’s a big maybe), just a tad bit, but who can realy blame him? Jim Crow isn’t ancient history & it’s quite obvious that something is purposely fucked up in this country (probably more to do with class).

    And perfering white (or whomever) women’s looks to other racist is not “racist” in any any significant way. If you happen to like blonde hair and pale skin instead of brown skin and dark hair then more power to you broham. Bad parenting usually produces idiot kids not your genetic makeup (not counting mutations).

    …and Common is a “fruit” becasue of his obsequiousnes and over the top pandering to his core audience (educated dummies, mostly females), it just so happens that he knows how to rap better than the average bear.

    His clothes are a matter of personal taste…but when you see someone dressed like that you can safely assume that they were in the mirror for quite a while getting the look just right, like a woman would, hence, he’s correctly classified as a fruit.

    You’re welcome.