Redman + Method Man > Big Boi + Andre 3K…

Yeah, I still have a password to insert my drops at this site. What?!? Would you rather something from Young Lip Gloss about how Lil’ Wayne is the greatest rapper alive? You prah’lee would.

Well, that ain’t what is coming off my keypad today playboy. I’m here to slow down all you clowns who might try to label OutKast as the greatest duo in cRap music history without submitting to the fact that Redman and Method Man do it just a little bit better [ll]. I will give OutKast their credit for being trendsetters in a region more preoccupied with lowest common denominator music that sounds like it was crafted with a Casio hopped up on Frooty Pebbles.

If there is such a thing as southern rap music then it sucks. But it sucks even worse than east coast rap music so I suppose we have an achievement of sorts. The one bright spot that I look to for creative Hip-Hop south of the Mason-Dixon line would be OutKast. But just because they are the best voices in a sea of horrible artists I don’t want to make their contribution more valuable than it really is. If you want to look to a duo that changed rap music and influenced a generation you need to recognize that Red and Meth are that group.

‘Kast were never hard rhymers like Red and Meth are. While I would say that both groups are colorful and evocative with their lyrics because they use pop culture and obscure references with equal aplomb, only Red and Meth require constant rewinding to unravel their lyrics. Andre 3K is no doubt that complex a lyricist, but even he falls short to the manic prowess of Redman.

“Yo-yo-yo yo, yo yo!
I got the Down South Funk when I clown out punk-ass
police wanna call dogs and sound off pumps
I short your Blaupunkts if you thump my tape
Yo dial funk if you’re mo’ stiff than Riker’s Isle bunks
Get out your seat, E, spit out the beat
The tracks plow underground concrete out the streets
From baldies to fades, when I rock MC’s wave
more flags than Puerto Rican Day parade
and give up, I got the rare footage, of fiends walkin
barefooted off my rhyme don’t dare cook it
You might fall in to intervene
And New Jacks and they girl become Pookie and that, PROM QUEEN
That bodybag won’t fit you tonight
You wanna blow up? Drop the mic, stick to the pipe
Hand to hand my crew’ll cripple your click in a fight
Take my tapes way Down South and triple the price
Step up on the scene like whazzup? Hey sugah
Before you cock-tease Doc, how that cash put up?
And only way I stop til your click say when
They had enough, cause I could bump to six A.M.”
-Redman, ‘Down South Funk’

Andre 3K comes close to Redman but his style is more subdued. Maybe if 3K didn’t always perform as the character that was too cool for school we might have heard something really trippy and profound. The Love Below notwithstanding…

“Synthesizer, microwave me
Give me a drug so I can make seven babies
Pump my breasts up, can you suck the fat up
Please make my life appear
like ain’t no such thing as bad luck
My, nose ain’t right
Like I need a new one
Just take your pick, a yellow red
A black or a blue one
Virtual reality, virtual, BULLSHIT
Synthesizer preachers can reach you
up in the pulpit
Who a bitch?
Give me my gat so I can smoke this nigga
Tell his mamma not to cry
because they can clone him quicker
than it took his daddy to make him
Niggaz bitin verbatim
Thought provokin records radio never played dem
Instant, quick grits, new, improved
Hurry hurry, rush rush, world on the move
Marijuana illegal but ciggarettes cool
I might LOOK kinda funny but I ain’t no fool
Now if you wanna synthesize I emp-athize
Now if you wanna synthesize I emp-athize
But if you synthesize I will understand
your synthesizer man”
-Andre 3K ‘Synthesizer’

I can’t say that it is a wash skills wise between Big Boi and Method Man since Meth is clearly a better lyricist far and away. Especially at this point and time when I think that Big Boi would much rather be like his ‘Rooster’ apparition and manage a few strip clubs in the greater Atlanta metro area.

Which brings us to the fact that ‘How High’ >>> ‘Idlewild’ in every sane person’s classic Hip-Hop cinema canon and the Red and Meth television show was superior to the Andre Benjamin cartoon. This drop isn’t meant to be a knock on OutKast who are prah’lee the only people that make listenable southern rap music, but rather this is a quick clarification for who pwns the classic rap duo title.

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  • Jerz!

    : /

    • EReal

      Man, I just had to throw this out there cause BXS mentioned it at the begining, lol. I was listening to “Pope Mobile” by Bishop Lamont and he was doing his usual trouncing of the rap game and I heard this line and wanted to share it, lol.

      “Her lip gloss was poppin, until I popped my cock in” – Bishop Lamont.


      Okay, on to the drop… peas.

  • render

    common homie, how you gonna say that mef and red are a better duo than outkast? Meth is a beast, reggie is a beast but theyve done what, one real major label album together? granted that album was dope as shit, but you stack that against 4 undisputed CLASSIC albums from kast and shit just doesn’t compare. I’m east harlem born and bred so it aint as if im on some southern dick riding tip neither

    Meth and red can murder tracks at will and they got a chemistry not too many other dudes can match (no homo) but true greatness in this rap shit comes from having great albums…id think you of all ppl would agree….cough,lil wayne, cough

  • DocZeusX

    Rae & Ghost > Both of these duos.

    • Worley

      For real.

  • boltfromthablue

    rae & Ghost definately ( honorable mention the clipse)

  • The Spaniard

    It’s weird, I prefer Redman and Method Man as MCs but I never listen to their collaborations. I enjoy Outkast more, much, much more. I couldn’t even remember the last time I even made an effort to listen to Red & Mef.

  • AJG Da Aviator

    U still slacked off on this, it’s your opinion so keep but dont try to spread the shit like its real(i aint tryna sound negative) but still i read those lyrics and i think andrea killed red off rip….. “because they can clone him quicker
    than it took his daddy to make him” or the other “Marijuana is illegal, but cigarettes cool”….come on, those are classic lines RIGHT THERE!!! get on yo level man

  • Zino

    outkast >>>>> meth & red

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Meth & Red are Hip-Hop icons that transcend rap music. How many people would recognize Big Boi and 3K outside of Hip-Hop circles?

    Red & Meth is bigger than Hip-Hop(mo M-1 & stic man)

    • N.O. 4 life

      on what forgot that those white people ate up that hey ya shit…dudes aint no where near icons..they had shine a while back almost mainstream but nowhere near outkasts

      • Burnout

        Man, “Hey Ya!” was bullshit. Nothing against OutKast though, they’re actually one of the better southern groups out there (Int’l Players Anthem). But who honestly gives a fuck whether a group sees mainstream success. It’s a lot of motherfuckers that never truly have a “breakout hit” that are making that rough, rugged and raw shit.

        • Detroit P

          rough, rugged and raw shit= wack, unoriginal shit that doesnt stand out

          Niggaz bitin verbatim
          Thought provokin records radio never played dem- Andre 3000

          Outkast made ill shit and they made songs that were different and but still commercially acceptable

          and BXS you are a moron…Red and meth are more known that the First Rap group to win a Grammy for Best Album..a Rap group who has gone Diamond..who all their albums either went platinum or multiplatinum…you lost

    • wells

      seriously its exactly the opposite… you cant transcend rap music without a gang of big singles… which outkast has and meth and red dont. how many people would recognize meth and red outside of hip-hop circles? only stoners and people who remember meth on the limp bizkit track

    • clarknova

      People recognize Andre more than either Meth or Red. It’s called “Hey Ya”… remember that video, and then all of Andre’s crappy movies? Yeah. You’re wrong on that one Billy.

  • nick fury

    that isnt ever close to either dudes best but.

    if red and andre kept it a little more real
    than red focusing overly on comdeic elements
    and andre focusing on feminine elements
    they would be top 5 ever without question.
    there close now anywayy

  • Sinistah aka 7Body Sin

    Jay Electronica is dat next dude from the South, and he from the same place as Lil Wayne with an 180 degree turn in terms of talent factor… him!

    • Re-yo

      Co-sign Jay Electronica.

  • i keep it 100

    UGK nuff said

  • No Mames Buey

    BXS, I’m no South stan, but you’re most definitely overlooking & shyting on the South here.

    Not sure if you actually believe that, or just trying to drive your comment count sky-high, in a shock post Byron Crawford/ mAnn Coulter/ Howard Stern manner.

    quality South rap groups go way beyond OutKast holmes:

    Geto Boys/Scarface
    Little Brother/Foreign Exchange
    Strange Fruit Project

  • major

    i love red n meth but they not fuckin wit kast..sorry..aquemini>>>>blackout

    • Were Read 2 Def

      I liked Aquemini too, but…


  • Bro

    Bro how in the hell you gonna say Meth & Red is better than Outkast? You trippin bro. And then you post up some Reggie Noble lyrics that aint even close to his best shit if you gonna put up some Red lyrics put up his best if you trying to compare him to 3 Stacks

  • dirty south roc boys

    THIS HAS GOT TO BE THE GAYEST BLOG I HAVE EVER READ. First of all no outkast album sounds the same and they have 5 great albums out of 6, and 3 are undeniable classics. meth and red are a great duo but they only have 1 album and 1 soundtrack I don’t think they could make 5 or 6 great albums together, they do have the talent,but until i see it i won’t believe it. No group has taken as many risk at outkast so I feel outkast is the greatest group of all time. You just wrote this blog because that royal flush is fire and you are mad that rae was spittin that fire on there with two of illest to come out of south. quit hatin on the south just except we here and we ain’t going nowhere!!!!

    • mrvizcarrondo

      Proabably ’cause they favorite rappers ain’t in control
      But just let go of the past ’cause it’s hurtin your hands – Bun B

      UGK – just quit hatin the SOUTH.

  • KaiserSose

    I will never look at/read this “poor excuse for a blogger” blogs again. Are you serious homie? There is some obvious regional hate going on here. Meth and Red are good, but they are comedic alot of times. 3stacks has been the most consistent MC out. Only hip hop group to do that was Kast. Billy Sunday you sir are a loser and how in the hell did you get this job–Must have married into this job or something. How many people would recognize outkast outside of hip hop circles—More than you think homie. Can you say Diamond!!!!!!!!!!


    Yo Billy X,
    I may be a little off subject but you said something I had to comment on.

    “OutKast are prah’lee the only people that make listenable southern rap music”

    I think you forgot about a list of southern artists who make some listenable music.

    The Clipse
    David Banner
    Trick Daddy (he DOES)
    Juvenile (you know that everybody in NY was bumbin “500 degreez” when it came out)
    8ball & MJG
    Goodie Mob

    There might be more, but that’s all I can think of. Holla back…

    • Chaka

      Like you,I was surprise that he forgot the likes of Scarface,Ludacris,8ball and MJG.Like KaiserSose rightly observed,there is some obvious regional hate going on here.The following comments from Billy Sunday proves this:
      (1)”I will give OutKast their credit for being trendsetters in a region more preoccupied with lowest common denominator music that sounds like it was crafted with a Casio hopped up on Frooty Pebbles”.

      (2)”If there is such a thing as southern rap music then it sucks”.

      (3)”The one bright spot that I look to for creative Hip-Hop south of the Mason-Dixon line would be OutKast”

      (4)”just because they are the best voices in a sea of horrible artists I don’t want to make their contribution more valuable than it really is”

      (5)”OutKast who are prah’lee the only people that make listenable southern rap music”
      All five comments are filled with southern rap bashing.
      Meth and Red are dope lyrically but as a duo they are not better than Outkast.What has Meth and Red done as a group?As a group,they have put out only one dope album[blackout] and that was since 99.So how on earth can they be better than a duo that has put out six dope albums of which three can be termed great and atleast two or one can be termed classic.
      Yeah,Meth is lyrically better than Big boi,and Red is also lyrically better than Big boi.But why not a comparism between Meth and Andre 3000?Andre is surely better.M even beginning to doubt these day if Meth as a solo artist can make a dope album again.As for a comparism b/w Andre and Red,i would say Andre is better because he has more substance and intelligence in his raps than Red.Red is too comedic in his raps.Peace an hip hop head in Africa wrote this.

      • NAWLEDGE

        Cosign you entire post homie. Chaka is from Africa and he prah’lee knows more about hip hop than these fuck heads like Billy X do in America. Which is by the way, where hip hop was born.

  • khal

    “I got the rare footage, of fiends walkin
    barefooted off my rhyme don’t dare cook it”

    that’s such a hot line. redman is a fucking don on the mic.

  • Atl’s own

    Wow! folk dat comparison is absurd.

    I can’t remember the last time i listened to red and meths album, or for that matter pass by somebody else playin it.

    they not like even really a group.

    there has got to be better groups to compare Outkast to than 2 soloist collabaratin’.

    FYI the lyrical comparison u used is a win for 3k; not quite sure where u were headed with that one.

    3 staxs could eat deez niccas and the actual groups they belong to all b4 breakfast.

  • Apollo Moses

    I was cool with your past drops and occasionally you’ve drop a gem, especially taking Lil Lame to task. However, you have went batshit if you think Red & Meth are better than that Kast. Let’s be real playa, the reason why there hasn’t been another album, movie, or sitcom from the Blunt Bros., is because there is no demand. After How High the single I could barely listen to them anymore, plus Red always stole the show. On the real and it’s sad to say this because I’m a fan of the Wu, but Meth was arguably the most disappointing when it came to dropping the album. Tical 2 was some hot nasty ace garbage. Speakerboxx leaves a duece on that disc with extra peanuts.
    And bruh you talkin bout a crew that doesn’t have nearly as many classic albums or songs as Outkast. Reggie Noble is elite with the rhymes but Andre 3000 is poetic, and in the realm of Hip Hop that makes you a lyricist … an emcee’s M.C.
    Say what you want about rap music from the South, yeah the popular brand is shitty … but mic check my Nicaragua, popular LEAST coast music and artist are just as funky(no James Brown sample)with the doo-doo … don’t act like Dipset was spittin that real gansta syntax with their mush mouth corney ace swag music. Why use southern producers, flock to Miami and ATL, or get Rick Ross, Jeezy, and Weezy for every feature? Uptop is in a crisis not because of bad music DownSouth, but because their braggadocio lost creative substance in a world that no longer needs to look towards them for trend setting or what direction to take Hip Hop style and “culture.” I think you need to revisit that Outkast catalogue … they transcend the genre; you think white folks or anyone for that matter doesn’t know about Outkast, I bet you they can point out a “Hey Ya” or “Ms. Jackson” or “Rosa Parks” or “SouthernPlayalistic” before any joint from Red & Meth. Name me 8 songs of theirs that can be heard through speakers to this day … don’t worry I’ll wait.

    • Were Read 2 Def

      Every single track thats on Blackout!

  • geico lizard

    meth and red put out one album and you are saying that was better than all of outkast albums which received 4-5 mics each time out? you are just hating because they are southern and you know it because redman doesnt focus thats why redman is more like ludacris because redman wants to make you laugh now but redmans first few albums were so hard i wish he had stayed on that path because he would be the best ever right now. andre 3000 gets better everytime you hear him he never takes a song off so you are letting your hate for the south influence you because if andre 3000 was from bed stuy you would have his name on your blog everyday praising him as the greatest of all time. meth and big boi are weak links but album sales arent even close for these two groups even when you put in the solo sales its outkast by 15million albums more

  • Brooklyn’s own

    Apollo Moses; pretty much sums it up.

    It is now clear no one can take yo opinion of Hip-Hop seriously any more.

    I have heard Southern hate b4 but this is ridiculous.

  • Pingback: mo high school

  • Jhon da Analyst

    EPMD, Rae & Ghost, Mobb Deep

  • Sinistah aka 7Body Sin

    word up, Peace to Re-Yo for co-signing Jay Electron……. dude keeps my pen game active in a world where most new shit puts me to sleep…….

    i cant compare Meth and Red to Dre and Boi, but a big shout-out to all 4 em, for the instant nostalgia of the 90′s talent-spree of a genre currently filling a casket in the newest gangster rappers youtube video dedication!

    and fuck it, edutainment, blogs, and an occassional song or 5….
    (shamelss plug til i get interviewed by someone who writes for a living)

  • Samie

    As far as duos goes, I rank Meth & Red and OutKast pretty high up there. Cannibal Ox, Blackstar, Clipse, Ghost & Rae (why didn’t OB4CL have Ghost’s AND Rae’s name tag on it?), Little Brother, Mobb Deep, Organized Konfusion, Tribe (well, two MC’s and a producer) are all great duos.

  • daz_oc

    BXS you are a dumbass…………The only reason red n meth are known outta hiphop circles is cuz they had that movie and show plus they act dumb as hell. ask anyone out of hiphop if they can name or have heard some of their shit and bet they know jack. 3000′s half of the album (Love below) took them to another level commercial wise so yea they are known outside of hip hop circles

    And how tha fuck you gonna compare a comedy show to a cartoon??? Andre wasnt tryin to make a boondocks/family guy show… was a childrens show

  • Ahrrenius

    you sorta lost there by trying to make a comparison with Outkast’s legendary “Synthesizer”.

  • KMay

    Mobb Deep>>Red and Meth>>Outkast

  • Toivo

    BXS, you should just rename yourself Stan Stanleyson from Stansville if you think that Red and Meth are even in the same league as Outkast. Now granted the lyrical prowess of the Tical and Doc are legendary…but seriously when ‘The Way You Move’ and ‘Hey Ya’ dropped shit was a wrap for everybody.

  • East Coast Rep

    I’m a East Coast Rep, but gotta admit Outkast sons RED and Meth mainly cause of 3 stacks though. I agree Ghoast and Rae are nicer too.

    3 stacks is the best out rite now too, the only rapper to admitt he never slung dope, and he’s still killen’m.


    Too bad Red&Meth have 1 fucking album. And they played themselves out with that shitty ass movie and tv show. And quality over quantity doesn’t count here.

  • Kaisersose

    Respond you lame (Billy X)!!!! We don’t believe you-you need more people.

    Andre 3000 wardrobe> Billy X blogging?

    Your opinion is weak as hell. Did you just start listening to Hip Hop yesterday.

  • xlwhite


  • ATL = All Trannies Live

    Not even gona read your post b/c the title is stupid

  • Mean Greene

    Billy your comment pandering posts are getting sad. Fortunately your reign on the top was short like leprechauns.

  • SouthernPlayalisticPimp

    Top 3 hip-hop acts of all time
    1. Biggie
    2. Pac
    3. OUTKAST

  • Kirk

    Your analogy seems logical to me. Two lyricist versus one. Everytime I hear big boi on a records I cringe he does rep occasionally and shows why he is in the game. But I’d much rather listen to Bring the pain by method man. I mean redman, method man, and andre 3k can all hold their own lyrically. While big boi style isn’t comparable to theirs. Besides how high the movie defined my senior year in high school it was funny, disrespectful, misogynistic and it was drug induced. It was like a visual rap cd. While Idlewild was wildly hyped but didn’t come thru as vicious. Outkast makes better albums mainly cause Andre does all the work. He makes the beats sings the hook then saves the song everytime. Redman does the same for meth occasionally, but he is much more reliable. Outkast is the group that should of broke up. Best rap duo: if it ain’t Method man and redman it’s Daz and Kurupt so. . .

  • Tha Ace

    can’t say i agree with this one, even tho i personally like meth and reggie better

    but i would take rae and deni over both of the above mentioned

    • ?

      Tha Ace has the right idea. Only Built For Cuban Linx (one of the best hip hop albums of all time) is better than Outkast and Meth/Red’s best.

      With that said, Southernplayalisticadillacfunkymusic and ATLiens are very awesome records.

  • daesonesb

    Meth and Red are dope, but I think people sleep on how lyrical dre 3000 and big boi were back on their old shits.

    Outkast albums always rely heavy on their production though, and they did get lucky early on to have so many gems given to them from Organized Noise.

    My list of best to worst Outkast albums would go a lil like this….

    5)Love Below

    I’d have put the Love below up at number three if it hadn’t had so many shitty skits and doozies like “dracula’s wedding” or whatever that song was…

    FOOTNOTE: If you like Outkast, check out CUNNYLINGUISTS. Remember that name, these dudes are a group from kentucky that make outkast esque musics.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    For the fifty eleventh time SALES don’t mean shit. Especially to a bunch of motherfuckers who don’t but CD’s anyhoo.

    My comparison is between Red + Meth versus Big Boi + Andre 3K and it was close, but at the end of the day Red + Meth are more influential artists.

    I like Andre 3K and the Love Below is in the top 50 GOAT Hip-Hip albums but when you talk about influence on Hip-Hop you need to recognize how deep Redman goes. He wrote Erick Sermon’s BEST rhymes. While everyone was busy acting like they were millionaire moguls Redman gave you a look inside of his home and how real he keeps his lifestyle.

    Maybe Red and Meth have been around too long for you to really know their shit. If ‘Hey Ya’ and ‘The Way You Move’ are your reference points then you really aren’t part of this discussion.

    The drop is comparing four legendary rappers. Two of which are better than the others at rapping. Period. Point blank. All this irrelevant shit about sales is for the birds. With that same argument someone could place Vanilla Ice or Cornell Haynes at the top of the pile.

    If you don’t agree with me you certainly don’t have to leave a comment. XXL doesn’t pay me for irate or laudatory feedback. You benefit because now you have to think about what you value in an artist. The discussion continues at AHH, HHDX, SOHH, OkayPlayer and other interested forums.

    • dirty south roc boys

      I’m not talking about sales it is the truth. outkast is the greatest group of all time and albums do matter and thats just what outkast has. NO album sounds a like and it is still respected in the hood and mainstream. It was a Gay and Stupid post and you know it,and that is why you are responding like a little girl who got her feelings hurt because nobody liked her dress. Get over it meth and red are great solo artist and a group, but they do not compare to outkast. Outkast means just a much to South as Geto Boys, UGK, Eightball and Mjg. So watch what you say about the south. I know you hate us but it will not stop us.

    • Around and Around

      BXS, no doubt people bringing up ‘hey ya’ and ‘the way you move’ have no place discussing this shit. But if you look at overall bodies of work, I can’t say one is better than the other, all four are legends period, and I’d rather listen to either over 99% of the bullshit out today.

      Southernplayalistcadillacmuzik is a classic beginning to end. Git up Git Out is one of the realist songs ever…..ever Billy.

      • Chaka

        @Around and Around,
        You said:”all four are legends period”

        correction:Meth and Red as solo artists or as a duo are not legends but are simply great lyricists.Big Boi and Andre 3000 as solo artists are not legends but as a group they are.

        @Billy Sunday,
        You said:”If you want to look to a duo that changed rap music and influenced a generation you need to recognize that Red and Meth are that group”.

        Correction:The duo Meth and Red did not in anyway change rap music,nor were their influence on their generation as enormous as you want us to believe.Even Red as a solo artist has made more contributed to hip hop than the duo Meth and Red.
        I got to agree with dirty south roc boys, your post was a stupid post.It is hate motivated.May be next time your comparism will be between Scarface and Nas.But I wont wait till that time,so I have to tell you now:Scarface is much more better since he is deeper and more consistent than Nas.Peace an hip hop head in Africa wrote this.


      Well BXS I dont even have to reply because Chaka and Roc boys completely ethered your entire post. As a duo and solo artists, Andre and Big Boi are legends in the game. They influenced an entire region homeboy. Dre 3k by himself would smash Red and Meth easily.

      Silly X Sungay just keeps getting owned and righfully so. What a gigantic faggot.

      • Chaka

        My brother NAWLEDGE its been a while.M tired of this coast supremacy thing in hip hop.When will people like Billy realise that we are all one,and that where you at(East,West,South or North)is only a location.When will People like Billy learn to recognize the greatness of an artist,even when the artist is not from their coast.Scarface is the truest thing in hip hop and he is from the South.Dr Dre is the best producer in hip hop and he is from the West.Jay z has the illest flow in hip hop and he is from the East.What m trying to say is that every coast some way or the other is contributing to the development of the culture.So kill the hate.Peace

    • clarknova

      What about songwriting, Billy? I love Meth and Red but they’re only a “duo” on one full length and a bunch of singles, and a crappy soundtrack to a shittier show. As a “Duo”, ‘Kast are better. INDIVIDUALLY, I’d say Andre is on par with Meth or Red, and Big Boi loses out (barely). TOGETHER we only have one Meth and Red album to compare with Outkast’s whole catalogue, and in that context, ‘Kast wins.

  • daesonesb

    haha i will admit that the funk doc’s episode of cribs was dope. considering that shit came out during the bling bling era…

    redman helped bring back def jam’s rawness with muddy waters… id say he set the stagr for dmx to drop…

    buuuut… i still think you are sleeping on how deep dre 3000 was on atliens, during his whole word association phase.

  • Pop

    Negroes thought M.O.P. stood for Mop and shit.

  • Federal Ranga

    Damn, Black Star doesn’t get honorable mention?

  • white.collar

    This is classic case of bias. To even attempt to relegate the greatness of OutKast, as just “southern” is ridiculous. The author of this thread apparently harbors a great deal of disdain for southern rap and FOOLISHLY (yes FOOLISHLY) tries to lump ‘Kast in that category. Rap as a whole (today) is substanceless and although I am from the south, I’ll be the first to admit that. But the undeniable fact remains, that over the course of their 14 year career, OutKast has consistently delivered CLASSIC, critically acclaimed, groundbreaking music. The same cannot be said for ANY (make sure you read that you simpleton) ANY other hip hop group.

  • moresickaMC

    Overall Outkast are better,but….

    Rockwilder>>>any Outkast song

  • b-ease

    While everyone was busy acting like they were millionaire moguls Redman gave you a look inside of his home and how real he keeps his lifestyle

    Wow…you’re one of those people that still think that was actually Redman’s house. Your an idiot.


    To anyone that thinks I can’t disagree with Sunday, I will now prove you wrong. By the way, preshate those DVD flicks, pimpin…

    Anyway, nah. Meth and Red just don’t have the range. That new Big Boi single, featuring 3 Stacks and Raekwon is just more added proof that even Wu-Tang had to respect the Dungeon Family.

    Red is better than Meth, even though Meth is the much better rapper by lyrical standards. Red is the entertainer, the true MC. Their balance made them a great combo. I’m still a supporter of both, even though that sitcom was straight euthanasia.

    In comparison, Dre and Big moved not only a whole coast, but also something like 20 million units. Grammy for Album of the Year (I know, who gives a fuck about a got-dammed Grammy). And neither Red or Meth could ever make an album like 3000 did with The Love Below. Not possible in any equation.

    OutKast > all other groups in Hip-Hop history because they maintained their style, while finding new ones, maturing, being able to speak on real life issues – not just fresh rhymes, and being recognized by all aspects of the entertainment industry for their creative value. That OutKast logo is a crown for a reason.

    Other than this, BXS is the homie. I’m still bumping that Dallas Penn The Dark Knight mixtape. Good business. Holla at your homie.

    But for the record, the title stays in the South.

  • da troof

    yo, who told yall, big boi’s flow was hot. The high mark in this rap game is not “classic albums” as another poster wrote. For me, its more of, who is the nicer m.c.? I am from the era of park jams, where the DJ was the man, and the mc’s vied for his time, to rock the crowd. Its who I envision is ready to rock ANYTIME, and rip the mic. Or who would you wanna hear in a cold PJ exit, in a cipher with 5 men and 3 L’s burnin’. Common logic also dictates, if Big Boi is the worst of the 4 mcs’ and dre is not the bonified best of the four, how can Kast be the best duo? That is not to say they havent done their numbers and dont have classics… But lets be real here..

    • chaka

      Andre is the best of the four.Try to prove me wrong if you can.I can bet Red would be your pick but wait and see I would kill you on this.peace

  • master cheef

    billy got ethered a new asshole on this one.

  • Rosalie Mcnamara

    If only more than 71 people would read about this..