Yeah, I still have a password to insert my drops at this site. What?!? Would you rather something from Young Lip Gloss about how Lil' Wayne is the greatest rapper alive? You prah'lee would.

Well, that ain't what is coming off my keypad today playboy. I'm here to slow down all you clowns who might try to label OutKast as the greatest duo in cRap music history without submitting to the fact that Redman and Method Man do it just a little bit better [ll]. I will give OutKast their credit for being trendsetters in a region more preoccupied with lowest common denominator music that sounds like it was crafted with a Casio hopped up on Frooty Pebbles.

If there is such a thing as southern rap music then it sucks. But it sucks even worse than east coast rap music so I suppose we have an achievement of sorts. The one bright spot that I look to for creative Hip-Hop south of the Mason-Dixon line would be OutKast. But just because they are the best voices in a sea of horrible artists I don't want to make their contribution more valuable than it really is. If you want to look to a duo that changed rap music and influenced a generation you need to recognize that Red and Meth are that group.

'Kast were never hard rhymers like Red and Meth are. While I would say that both groups are colorful and evocative with their lyrics because they use pop culture and obscure references with equal aplomb, only Red and Meth require constant rewinding to unravel their lyrics. Andre 3K is no doubt that complex a lyricist, but even he falls short to the manic prowess of Redman.

"Yo-yo-yo yo, yo yo!
I got the Down South Funk when I clown out punk-ass
police wanna call dogs and sound off pumps
I short your Blaupunkts if you thump my tape
Yo dial funk if you're mo' stiff than Riker's Isle bunks
Get out your seat, E, spit out the beat
The tracks plow underground concrete out the streets
From baldies to fades, when I rock MC's wave
more flags than Puerto Rican Day parade
and give up, I got the rare footage, of fiends walkin
barefooted off my rhyme don't dare cook it
You might fall in to intervene
And New Jacks and they girl become Pookie and that, PROM QUEEN
That bodybag won't fit you tonight
You wanna blow up? Drop the mic, stick to the pipe
Hand to hand my crew'll cripple your click in a fight
Take my tapes way Down South and triple the price
Step up on the scene like whazzup? Hey sugah
Before you cock-tease Doc, how that cash put up?
And only way I stop til your click say when
They had enough, cause I could bump to six A.M."
-Redman, 'Down South Funk'

Andre 3K comes close to Redman but his style is more subdued. Maybe if 3K didn't always perform as the character that was too cool for school we might have heard something really trippy and profound. The Love Below notwithstanding...

"Synthesizer, microwave me
Give me a drug so I can make seven babies
Pump my breasts up, can you suck the fat up
Please make my life appear
like ain't no such thing as bad luck
My, nose ain't right
Like I need a new one
Just take your pick, a yellow red
A black or a blue one
Virtual reality, virtual, BULLSHIT
Synthesizer preachers can reach you
up in the pulpit
Who a bitch?
Give me my gat so I can smoke this nigga
Tell his mamma not to cry
because they can clone him quicker
than it took his daddy to make him
Niggaz bitin verbatim
Thought provokin records radio never played dem
Instant, quick grits, new, improved
Hurry hurry, rush rush, world on the move
Marijuana illegal but ciggarettes cool
I might LOOK kinda funny but I ain't no fool
Now if you wanna synthesize I emp-athize
Now if you wanna synthesize I emp-athize
But if you synthesize I will understand
your synthesizer man"
-Andre 3K 'Synthesizer'

I can't say that it is a wash skills wise between Big Boi and Method Man since Meth is clearly a better lyricist far and away. Especially at this point and time when I think that Big Boi would much rather be like his 'Rooster' apparition and manage a few strip clubs in the greater Atlanta metro area.

Which brings us to the fact that 'How High' >>> 'Idlewild' in every sane person's classic Hip-Hop cinema canon and the Red and Meth television show was superior to the Andre Benjamin cartoon. This drop isn't meant to be a knock on OutKast who are prah'lee the only people that make listenable southern rap music, but rather this is a quick clarification for who pwns the classic rap duo title.