Red Dawn For Rap Music…

Rik Cordero is on the list of top five most important people in rap music right now along with Eminem, Rick Rubin, Will Smith, and Queen Latifah. This dude decides what the image of rappers is going to be, and subsequently, he determines how well their albums will sell.

Watch and see if the Roots don’t have a commercial success with their new joint that drops later this month. I haven’t heard it yet because I didn’t get the invite to the listening session, but I have seen Rik’s video for the latest single at OnSmash dot com, oops, I mean here, at XXL Mag dot com. Yeah.

Anyhoo, my point is that Rik Cordero has become an imagemaker within an entertainment subgenre that is desperate for a makeover. Rap music is becoming gheyer than a bag of Project Runway DVD’s. Someone has to return the edge to the music since no one accepts the lyrics anymore as groundbreaking or trendsetting. I would argue that Cordero creates these fantastic video canvasses because he also works with rap music’s most gifted painters.

Joell Ortiz for one. If you don’t recognize this dude as one of rap’s brightest stars you should prah’lee kill yourself huffing carbon monoxide in the boiler room in your parent’s basement. Cordero also helped Consequence show listeners(viewers) that his album wasn’t a Tribe Called Quest retread. Consequence had one of the best albums that dropped last year and people are finally hearing(seeing) that. Now Rik turns our ears(eyes) on Black Thought of the Roots. I’ve said this here before, but Black Thought is the best master of ceremony in the business right now. Almost anyone can rap, but how many rappers can actually control the microphone?

By diverting our eyes from the standard Hype Williams slash Lil’ X assfest that has been rap’s nom de riguer for a decade we get to see(hear) lyrics and music again that remind us why we love this rap shit. It figures that an Asian dude would be able to reverse engineer what was becoming a downward spiral. This is why white is also moving from the suburbs back to the cities. Chinese kids are making their children feel inferior in suburban schools. I always knew the Chinese had it going on. Their animation was just more hardbody. My first girlfriend evar was a Korean chick in my junior high school. Audrey Wong. I never hit though. But now I fucks with kim chi crazy.

I had this banging lil’ Filipina chick who was only 16 years old back in my early twenties. Her parents used to let her crash at my apartment. It turns out that shorty got around so her moms actually didn’t mind her staying at my spot since I at least had a phone so she could call home. If you can bag yourself a Filipina chick I highly recommend that maneuver. Those broads are typically hard working and a shitload of them become nurses.

In case you assclowns don’t read any mainstream newssites, the economy is extra fucked the fuck up and the only growth in U.S. jobs has been in the healthcare industry. So if you are smashing a Filipina nurse I advise you to lick that twat for good measure. The last thing your broke ass needs is for that cake to dry up. We are in a recession bitches.

All of this brings me back to Rik Cordero and how the Chinese have all of this shit figured out. As soon as we get some sick Chinese emcees maybe rap records will go platinum again. Think about it. There are over a billion Chinese people. That’s not even counting the ethnically attached Chinese people from Burma, or Myanmar as motherfuckers call it now. Fuck a Bape hoodie sonn, copp you a Beijing joint. The Olympics are gonna be bananas.

What was I talking about? Recession? Yo XXL Mag Dot Com staff, now that Eskay is no longer my supervisor who do I report to? Send me an e-mail or some shit. Don’t hit me up at XXL Block Talk though because I don’t remember my password over there.

What was I talking about?

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  • The Kid iz Nice

    Rik Cordero is not Chinese he’s Filipino you dummy! We Filipino’s on the come up, Jersey City and Trenton, NJ STAND UP!

  • Billy X. Sunday

    I know he’s Filipino you stupid war baby. You need to get with that Chinese shit and stop playing yourself. Them niggas keeps it gangsta. I watched the Flying Guillotine this weekend. Tell me what Filipino cats is doing it big like that? Exactly.

  • The Music Director, WWIB

    was just thinkin’ of Rik Cordero’s “Stomp” video for Smif N Wessun this morning… Not many people know about the secret Filipina underground in B; there’s even a joint out in Flatlands or Canarsie if you wanna eat that stuff in addition to lickin’ it.

  • Jeff

    It’s funny that is one paragraph you say rap’s lyrics are no longer regarded as groundbreaking or trendsetting, and then in the next you cite Joell, Consequence, and the Roots as evidence of “good” hip hop. Those are probably some of the most typical, boring hip hop artists around. Promoting artists that conform to the same old notions of what is and isn’t hip hop isn’t going to help the culture survive, it’s gonna help it stagnate even more.

    • Ghost

      Who should we look out for then? Seriously, I’d like to know…

  • master cheef

    my girlfriend is chinese. she if fucking awesome. everything she says sounds like some kind of ancient proverb and the pussy is grade A.

    Black Thought is one my favorites. Dude has got the flow and the lyrics and the swagger. dude’s a beast. and the seed 2.0 is one of the greatest rock n roll songs evar.

    Redman is a beast too, and he is half chinese.

  • TSF

    Kimchi is the shit! The spicier, the better. I want to be sweating by the end of the meal. And Korean girls are fine as hell.

  • Farouq Obama aka Fux

    Yo co-sign that Filipina’s get it in. Good thing I live in Diego where Filipina’s are in abundance. Filipina/Latina mix or Black/Filipina are some of the flyest looking chicks ever! I used to date this Filipina girl and my moms was like “Porque te gusta esa chinita por que te deja meterselo en el culo” . this loosely translated as ‘Why do you date that chinese girl cuz you can put it in her ass” LOL wtf! my moms is hardbody and I was disgusted at the thought. Fucking in the ass isnt Halal! Good Shit Billy

  • Larry Brite

    Billy – How in the hell did You get flip parents to trust YoBlacAzz??? I had a job @ a bank w/ & STILL had her parents steamed! (but i think they were more mad @ her 4 pickin another black dude – thinking back)

  • ant

    Yo definitly get u a filipino girl!….they definitly take care of u! They love niggas too

    And that kimchi shit was on sale @ safeway (chinamens went crazy over dat shit….i work @ safeway)

    And ummm does filipina twat taste like lumpia?

  • Billy X. Sunday

    “does filipina twat taste like lumpia?”

    Ha. Good question, I never snacked my lil’ mama’s seat because she was too young. You shouldn’t eat a chick out until she gets into her mid to late twenties. That shit freaks broads out. I didn’t want to create a 16yr old nympho.

    I wish I had my Filipina chick now. She would be just turning 30. Her box is prah’lee blowed the fuck out now though.

  • DJ Daddy Mack

    “Joell Ortiz for one. If you don’t recognize this dude as one of rap’s brightest stars you should prah’lee kill yourself huffing carbon monoxide in the boiler room in your parent’s basement.”


    “Cordero also helped Consequence show listeners(viewers) that his album wasn’t a Tribe Called Quest retread. Consequence had one of the best albums that dropped last year and people are finally hearing(seeing) that.”




  • h.e.r.

    for the most part… this was a good read, the 1st half lol.

    three 21 media – the revolutionary is being televised, go rik!

  • yoprince

    consequence and joell ortiz are both wack, no-flow havin ass bums.. ok cons is semi-decent, but when hyped i must call him garbage just to get my point across, and joell ortiz is certifiably wack for real for real..

    on the other hand rik is cool.. and i had a filipina broad when i was 16, she was 17, and she was the shit! and she was hard-working as a muhfucka and she was a nurse for a little bit, but now she’s in med school, gonna be a doctor.. if i ever go to el paso, i will find her and wax that ass again, yes i will..

  • Maddolies

    BXS is a Big Virgin!

  • LC

    We Asian motherfuckers on the way up – we ain’t going to bow down to the white man no more

    20th Century belonged to the white man – 21st century – whether you guys like it or not – belongs to us Yellow ass Chinks

    (we’ll still happily deliver Chinese take-out though)