No, really, God damn America

Every once in a while I’ll have one of these moments when I realize just how different my point of view must be from everyone else. The other day, watching so many otherwise reasonable people fawn over Barack Obama’s race speech was definitely one of them.

Other than his still-surprising facility with the English language (he really does speak so well), I just plain couldn’t see what people were so impressed with. And as such, I was left with no other choice but to ask myself: Am I really that off-base here, or was that not some of the most egregious bullshit I’ve ever seen on TV evar? Of course I’m gonna have to roll with the latter, if only for the sake of my confidence in my own sanity at this point.

I’m so right about this.

One of the things that first clued me into the fact that Barack Obama is full of shit is the fact that, not only does Barack Obama belong to one of these black churches, but he only got into it as an adult. If I’m not mistaken, he was more or less the same age as I am right now. That just didn’t seem right to me.

I used to go to one of these black churches every once in a while when I was a kid (with Easter Sunday coming up, we’re rolling up on something like the 15th anniversary of the last time I was there), so I know what it’s like. Pretty much the only people you see there are elderly people, children who were dragged there by elderly people (which was how I got there), lonely black women, and maybe a few closeted teh ghey guys, who had the fear of God scared into them by AIDS.

I’m sure plenty of you fruits in the comments section are the products of these black churches. Tell me I’m making this shit up. They just aren’t the kind of place you go if you’re intelligent, and anything at all is going right with you’re life.

So it was obvious to me that joining this church was all part of his plain to break into politics, along with doing community service in the projects, and marrying a black chick who’s often at a loss for tact (consider what his options must have been), and what have you.

I figured I probably shouldn’t sweat it as much though. After all, plenty of white politicians have pulled the same shit. So for me to come down on Barack Obama for it would just be racist. Bill Clinton used to go to church. Remember, back when it was revealed that he had been letting Monica Lewinsky work on his joint in the oval office, and he announced he was gonna have to do some serious soul-searching with his spiritual advisor, Jesse Jackson?

Come to find out, Brother Jesse had also been getting his share of extra-curricular pussy. Shit, that’s probably what they were talking about. (They may have also compared notes on how not to get caught. With Hillary Clinton’s day schedules from when she was in the White House having recently been released, it’s been revealed that she was in the White House more often than not while Bubba was getting some stank on his hanglow. Damn.)

The big debate now is the extent to which Barack Obama ever believed any of the shit that’s preached at this church he goes to. In interviews in the past couple of weeks, he’s claimed he wasn’t in attendance when this guy Jeremiah Wright delivered some of his more controversial sermons. Otherwise, he would’ve risen from his seat and been like, “I can’t believe you said this country is racist,” and walked out. No, really, this is the kind of shit he’s been going around saying.

Whether or not he’s telling the truth I suppose is hard to say unless you were there. It seems ridonkulous to me that this guy could have officiated at Obama’s wedding; and baptized his children; and delivered the sermon that inspired his historic speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention as well as his best-selling book, the Audacity of Hope; and yet, Obama wasn’t aware of the text of his speeches. But who are you gonna believe, a guy who’s thisclose to being this country’s first black president, or just some asshole who sits around in his mother’s basement looking for shit to hate on over the Internets?

At any rate, I’m sure Obama is sweating his balls off right about now hoping no one actually digs up footage of him failing to dramatically exit the building when this guy says some shit about how the US itself may have sewn the seeds that eventually led to 9/11. You know, lest it look like he said some shit that wasn’t exactly true. I’m sure Obama would find a way to explain his way out of it though. The guy’s a fucking rhetorical genius.

And it’s not like he has to sweat losing the black community at this point. He’s got them (us?) in his back pocket on a level I wasn’t even aware was possible. Pimps don’t have this control over their whores. Never mind throwing his pastor under a bus; Barack Obama could shoot a black baby in its face on live TV, and black people would be like, “Well, maybe that’s what he needed to do to win the election. Let the nigga get in office first and see if he’s still shooting children.” That’s how ridiculous this shit has gotten.

Case in point, what did this guy Jeremiah Wright say that was so offensive that Obama had to make such a public spectacle of throwing him under the bus? At least Sista Souljah sorta kinda advocated killing white people. Jeremiah Wright did nothing of the sort – which, as far as I’m concerned makes what Barack Obama did even worse than what Bill Clinton did back in 1992.

Which is not to say that Jeremiah Wright didn’t occasionally spout some silly bullshit. The guy was a pastor, fer chrissakes. It was his job to spout silly bullshit. I’ve heard that he was one of these people who claim that the government invented AIDS, which is just impossible to prove. Until we get access to the CIA documents, we’re just gonna have to go with the theory that the AIDS epidemic is due to letting too many Haitian people immigrate to this country. Which it probably is.

Also, as David Mills, the jig from the moonie newspaper who did that interview with Professor Griff, recently pointed out, Jeremiah Wright doesn’t have his facts quite right when it comes to the Tuskegee Experiment. In the Tuskegee Experiment (which I’ll have you know my grandfather was in), the government didn’t actually give a bunch of black guys syphilis. They just found a bunch of black guys who already had syphilis and didn’t bother to treat them. But that’s the kind of minor factual error I can chalk up to the guy just being not that smart. Like I said, he’s a pastor.

Otherwise though, I’m having a hard time finding a fault with anything this guy has said. And you know I tried. Shit, if it wasn’t for the whole Jeebus thing, I might have to go to this guy’s church myself. (Let it be some hoes there…) That shit he said about this country being founded on racism? I find that to be true. Same thing with that shit he said about how the US had 9/11 coming: I didn’t want to believe that was true, since I live here and all. But as an adult, and as an educated person, I’ve got the emotional maturity to accept that it is. Even that shit he said about the CIA flooding the ghetto with drugs has been fairly well-documented.

Is Obama saying this shit is definitely not true? And if so, how do you reconcile your support for him with the fact that you know how to read? Or are you willing to set that whole “respect for your own intellectual ability” thing aside, because he’s black-ish? I’d really like to know.

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  • The Kanadian (the real Bruce Banner)

    Props on a sick @$$ post Bol!
    I’m so glad I’m on the right side of north America and I don’t have to deal with all that election nonsense and even better I don’t have to decide which one of these schmucks will fuck up the world the least!! Good luck U.S.A. If I was religious I’d Pray for you poor Fuck’s!
    Peace Out!
    Oh and Purple Hulk has a Lil Pee Pee!

    • O-BAMMA


    • Uhmm…

      Yo why you worried about the size of another mans johnson? Ugh!

      I call homo on the Kanadian Fruit Kake ( The Real Butt Banger).


  • UARK

    The election process is why people fight and die…have you no respect? You can keep your sorry lazy no good ass in Canada for all I care.

    Props on the post but that pastor said some crazy stuff like wanting the U.S. to be nuked…

  • Tray

    I agree that a lot of it’s true in some broad sense, though he doesn’t really have his facts straight, but we white people find it offensive when we’re referred to as “rich white people” and then blamed for all the problems of the world, just as you might find it problematic if McCain went to some church where the pastor talked about “poor black people” and how they’re responsible for all the problems of society… even though statistically they do commit more crime, ditch more kids than whites, drop out of school more, etc. You’re allowed to mention that too, you can even say that blacks themselves are, in part, to blame, you just can’t do so in a way that sounds racist. I don’t really think Wright’s views are that terrible (although the whole don’t vote for Hillary because she’s not black argument is pretty clearly reverse racism), I think it’s more his tone that’s the problem. Like pretending to be having sex on the altar to graphically illustrate how Bill screwed over black people “just like he did Monica.”

  • b-ease

    Wow…you went in (pause).

  • og bobby j

    I aint fucking wit Obama cause platform is baseless and his whole campaign is off the stregnth of his swagger. He has yet to provide me with a solid and realistic stance on any issue….I couldnt give a fuck less what his pastor said. Thats like not fucking some broad (electin Obama) cause someone else (the pastor) said she (America) was a smut….If the broad (obama) got work…ima be balls deep. (No Homo)

    NOBAMA 08

  • The Spaniard

    Another excellent post sir.

    “The guy was a pastor, fer chrissakes. It was his job to spout silly bullshit.”


    Boy, am I glad Nader as entered the race so I can “waste my vote”.

    If Nader drops out though I’ll still vote Obama. He’s certainly a better option than Clinton or McCain…even with his obvious pandering. I don’t agree that he threw is pastor under the bus either. He said he disagreed with some quotes that he, for obvious reasons cannot co-sign. I would love for a politician to come out on some Bullworth type rant but the realist in me knows that would most likely (99.99999999%) be a death blow to his (or anyone else’s) chances.

    That church seems to be a gathering place for upper middle class black folks and local politicians, so I’ll chalk his membership up as a tactical social/political networking ploy (quite similar to his campaign tactics) as oppossed to an actual heartfelt belief in this religous nonsense.

    Now that I think about it, he should have thrown his pastor under the bus for having religous beliefs at all. That would get him my lifetime respect & support (and a quick exit from the election)

    Oh yeah, everyone have a happy Holy Zombie Day (i.e. Easter)

  • Tyler

    BoL, 1st U were on Hillary’s Dildo. Then U jumped off and on Obama’s lightskined dick. Now what? U are jumping off again? U fakeass nigga. One long post deserves a long comment ya’donkeyhead looking motherfucker.

    Obama didn’t throw him under the bus U fat funny looking motherfucker. He said that he could not dis-own ‘dat nigga just like he couldn’t dis-own his white grandmother who had called a nigga, a nigger a time or 2. Did U even watch the speech? Or did U watch the tv while the talking heads that have been going over every fuckin word of the speech since he spoke it? Dude, yes U are Wright when U say that Rev. Wright didn’t say anything that was so fuckin bad. It was the way he was sayin everything that really blew white americans minds. U know how those preacher dudes got the gift 4 gab. They can make reading the phone book sound scary and for most white people that was the 1st time they had ever even seen the inside of black church. Shit. . We have been forced 2 watch theirs on Sunday morning while we are getting ready 4 our on service 4 years.

    And nigga please, do sum research or read a real book on sum real shit or something dawg. It has been published a long time ago that Aids is a man made virus. They could tell by how the thing is put together when U really look at it under a micoscrope. Plus yea’ the word has been out 4 years that they have the cure, U asswiping homo. It is a known fact that our governement put small-pox in blankets when they were taking all the land from the Indians. Now that was a long time ago so why the fuck would your dumbass be shocked or would U put it past them 2 have given your old ass grand-daddy syphilis 2 bring home 2 your old ass grand-mama’s vagina walls which is probably what’s wrong with U right now as we speak? If they did that back then why would it be such a huge leap to think that they would put Aids in the black community? After it was J.Edar Hoover mission in life to bring down the Black Panther Party along with Black people even tho’ he was really supposely Black himself? U readily admit that they were spreading drugs so why would it be such a reach for them 2 be spreading Aids?
    Dude, U need 2 check out COINTELPRO: FBI’s War On Black America” on Google u dumb fuck. Also again for the last time on youtube peep “The Secret Rulers of the World” which I am telling U 2 watch these cause they say that if U want 2 hide something from a Blackman all U have 2 do is put it in a book so I am making it easy 4 a house nigga like U, boo.

  • The Spaniard


    Wouldn’t marrying a chick with a lack of tact be a detriment to breaking into politics?

    I guess his original plan could have been to break into local Chicago politics where the City Council has had it’s fair share of black women whom, shall we say, were lacking in traditional public etiquette (as well as dabbling in the time honored tradition of kickback and extortion).

    • Bol

      Well, she was probably an asset in local politics, where all of that neck-rolling and what have you really resonates with people.

      A lot of white people enjoy that shit too, on the low. If she was fat, she could probably be the next Jennifer Hudson.

      They might not be sure what to think about a black woman that’s relatively skinny.

  • Ace (7 Block)

    Look man, give that man a lil more respect he is our black hero for us in this era(since there really don’t seem to be any more). Yes he had to go public, I am in Afghanistan right now n the only channel I get to watch is CNN and Fox News who are jabbin hard at him about the subject he had to address it. It couldn’t have come at a worst time, Hilary just had ol girl makin this about race when it should have just been about the position. People need to understand this is begger than the black community n we are not the only ones he has to please, this man is about to accept the responsibility of the U.S.A. after Bush. I hate this war I didn’t choose 2 be here but everything that man said we could be doin with our money is true. How are we gonna go help another country and we can’t even take care of America. I come from Flint, MI do u know how fucked up life was for me n every one else who has to be raised there. My day care when I was 5 was next door to a D-Boy’s house n I understood what he was doing that’s no way for a kid to grow up. Somebody did a drive by on his house n we(the kids) knew what it was all about, maybe we can take the focus off this war(that’s so full of shit) and focus on the U.S. and if this is the man thats wants to do that, then I support him. I wanna be home 2 see my first child be born n stop seeing my friends die…

  • dameSTAtus
    • The Spaniard

      *after reading link a week later*

      I knew it!

      Gotta do what you gotta do.

  • jonathan

    if you know whats good! then you know what politics is! if you spew off the mouth about all the real real obvious bullshit this country does than your considered radical and millitant! in order to make change you have to be in a position of power to effectivly bring about change! you cant do that if the people that have the power to rail road you on your way to acheive that goal because you admit there is a bunch of racist shit! you think he does not see the racist shit! your stupid! you cant do much about any of it as a senator or sitting on the sidelines! your effect is limited! to acheive true change you have to be in a position of power! and sometimes the only way to actually get there is to actually is to bight your tounge on issues the man or people in position of power are not really comfortable admitting there behavoir on certain very controversial and obviously racist issues. dont be confused between doing the politically correct move and being a sell out! trust me! there is no other politician that has even stepped up and admitted to what is being done to me! that in it self is enough to cause problems and it has for him. dont be confused to make change you have to be in a position of power! to get there you have to be somewhat guarded and politcally correct! or you will never make it! you should no this! he did not totally dinounce his minister he said they have difference in opinion on different views! and its true! he also said he cannot disown the man for the fact that many people in the black community have views similiar from the standpoint of what they have lived and experienced! dont get it confused! and trust me i know the other comments you are trying to make about the baby getting shot in the face! its out of control! this is justice! its beyond real doggy! for real for real! it truly truly is! my life and the lives of my children mean absolutly nothing in this world! for real for real! its beyond real! thanx for all the info! for real for real! and take care! its not easy for you to do that! i know bol. just like it aint easy for him to put himself out there as much as he has. its beyond real! for real for real! it really really really really really is. take care my nigga! your the realest blogger out! dont ever forget that! but dont hate on mr. obama he is just doing what he has to in politics! trust me! he knows what time it is! HE IS BLACK! TRUST ME!

  • Matt

    He didn’t really throw his pastor under the bus, as you said. Don’t know where you got that idea. Did you watch the speech?



  • JR

    i did go to the black church for most of my life. but then i started to read the Bible for myself and they got a lot of problems. i aint judging but i know what the Bible says, i know what the black church says, and the black church doesnt match up with the Bible. thats a problem

  • CaesarDuke

    I do have to say that pastor Wright might be right about how america founded racism think back in slavery we and when i say we I mean my ansisters didn’t ask to come to america they were told to come to america they didn’t ask for this shit and whoever said that racism doesn’t exist needs to really take a closer look at what kind of world we live in 400+ years of this shit and won’t stop crazy sometimes I feel like the boogyman just because i’m black crazy and i shouldnt feel like that I should feel like a human being just like white people forreal


    Hey Bol, don’t hold your breath waiting for the CIA to publicly release the documentation that proves the government invented AIDS. (That’ll prolly happen right around the same time you actually get to fuck one of your fantasy underaged white girls. What do you see in them, anyway?…)

    BTW, Obama’s a politician — they’re all full of shit. In this election, it seems he’s the lesser of 3 evils (himself, Republicans and Hilary.) Therefore, Barack the vote in ’08!

  • Mad Bol hater

    I hate ur Fuggin gutz( 90%Ur body wieght), U Fat-Azz-Tub-O-Lard…

    I know ur erase’n comments 2 show ur own fan outcome…

    Fugg-U-U-Fuggin Biiiiiiiaaaaaaat-che

  • The Kanadian (the real Bruce Banner)

    To Uark
    I have all respect in the world for the sereiousness of the situation, I’m jus’t sayin’ it’s a bad time for the U.S of A and I’m glad I’m currently not facing the prospect of making a dicision. We got Steven Harper runni’n our Countr and He’s finnin’ to pull a Bush on us and sell our country down the river! Our ellection Aint ’till 2009. I know the names of all the Candidates for both party’s in your country? Do you Know who the leader of the Democrat Party over Here’s name is?
    Didn’t think so!
    Next time you assume someone is Lazzy or ignorant take a good strong look at your self Homie!
    ‘m jus’ Sayin’

    • Canadian

      There isn’t a Democratic Party in Canada. It is a far different system from the one in the U.S. You barely know English, let alone anything about politics, American or Canadian. Please don’t participate in society from now on.

      • The Kanadian

        How ’bout you take your hollier than now attitude and you out of check eago an’ gobble a bag of hammers an’ die!! Turd faced fucker!
        N.D.P.= New Democrats Party!!

        You Misinformed Malnutritioned Neanderthal!!
        Participate in society?? Are you F’real Dukee?
        WTF? Tryna’sound smart an’ endin’ up lookin an @$$!
        UP Yerz’ KerekT Speller Boy!Canadian, that’s a lame handle

        • Canadian

          It stands for New Democratic Party, and it has nothing to to with the American Democrats. No one in Canada refers to them as the Democrats. The Liberals are a far closer equivalent to the Democrats. The idea that you are somehow more well informed than these people because you have a limited knowledge of both countries is ridiculous. You’re exposed to Canadian and American media on a daily basis, so it’s just a matter of circumstance that you know a handful of names from both sides. Go back to school.

  • The Kanadian (the real Bruce Banner)

    Really Really Really For Real for Real.
    But totally like Really for real for real!
    (LoL)Couldn’t help myself!

  • The Spaniard

    “i aint judging but i know what the Bible says, i know what the black church says, and the black church doesnt match up with the Bible. thats a problem”

    Another slight problem is that the Bible, being the ‘infallible’ (Ha!) word of Yahweh, doesn’t match up with itself, logical thinking, or reality.

    So, I think a judgement is in order.

    If this is the best plan an omniscient being could come up with, I judge that being to be an tyrannical goofball and a total failure.

    But since Yahweh/Allah/Buddah/Apollo/Krishna/The Q/(Rakim?) is an imaginary concept I’ll place part of the blame for our problems on the general stupidity of humanity.

  • Byron is an idiot

    You are officially the most annoying hip hop blogger on the net… seriously man. Do you ever like stop and think before you write? I mean dude… be original. You are another dumbfu** critic and I hate you. For real man lighten up.

  • Eye of Amun Rah

    Co-sign Jonathan

    @ Hoe G bobble head – Fugg U

    @Tray – God reveals himself 2 everone, EVERONE! If you don’t believe, then maybe ur not ready 2 hear tha truth, hence you haven’t recieved your revelation. In due time, respect it, or reject it, God is real.

    @ Bol – C @Tray, & damn your off like a light, tha boat has left tha harbor, Ur missing a few cards frum tha deck hommie. U must’ve watched the speech with shades on in the dark, and cotton in Ur ears. The pastor wasn’t thrown under a bus. Barack pulled him 2 safety, then tongue lashed him 4 being careless. Now U know, u can’t say ni99a to another ni99a in front of a room full-agh-Crackers.

    @ (the real Bruce Banner) – “Oh and Purple Hulk has a Lil Pee Pee!”

    He was part of the Tuskegee Experiment, and was injected with syphillis virus. Hence he gets mad, turns green, and tears up science lab look’n 4 tha cure.

    • og bobby j

      @ Loaf of marble rye

      God just revealed to me that your bitchmade…

  • Kane Corleone

    It doesnt matter if white people or internet fags vote for Obama or not,he’s still going to be president.I hope it scares the shit out of white people cuz it should.And may his 1st act in office be that he declares “Smack a Tom/Bitchass Peckerwood Day” ,kinda like the next day in school after a “Roots” marathon from the previous night.Just walk around knockin white boys the fuck out.

    6star nigga @ease

    • og bobby j

      in conjunction with your educated thoughts…I hope he also gives the okay for creating the teflon laptop…so gangsta ass “peckerwood punchers” can feel even tougher in there “hood”. Your comments stink like envy….twinklestar.

  • Whiteteenagepussie

    @ Bol – “In the Tuskegee Experiment (which I’ll have you know my grandfather was in), the government didn’t actually give a bunch of black guys syphilis. They just found a bunch of black guys who already had syphilis and didn’t bother to treat them.”

    So Bol, Ur grandfather was never cured of syphillus, and Ur tha result of a blackhead fallin of his dick into a petri dish. So if they evar find a cure, will U be worried ur life is in Danger?

  • Tyler

    Let’s try this again: Part 2 Way earlier today I sent a long comment in your comment section just giving the real deal facts on the way out of line post that BoL put up. . I sent cross words but I was cool yet they have yet 2 post my comments. I think it was more do 2 the fact of showing how the so call TI’s really control BoL and this forum. This is why U heard a slave mentality in the words that BoL choose 2 use in his post. U guys should look at the world a little deeper by peep on Google “COINTELPRO: FBI’s War On Black America” as well as on youtube “The Sercet Rulers of the World”. . .I am only tryin’ 2 help our situation, ya’ dig.

  • Kill Blacky

    ^^^ shut the fuck up nigger.

  • allnice

    Obama is going to do and say anything to get elected at this point. Negroes are going to vote for him because he is black and not because of the real issues. He hasn’t addressed dismantling the Federal Reserve Bank, universal healthcare, or shorting the work week to the same ill set up they have in France and the rest of Europe.

    I admire his ninja like rise to power. The dude has some serious mentals. And I also appreciate how he is single handling getting black dudes all types of new, quality white and Asian pussy. I mean before they had to keep it on the low, but now it’s all out in the open. White dudes aren’t pissed because Obama is Bagger Vancing them.

    I am still skeptical about Obama’s ability to get out of the first round. I still think Hilary has more ninja tricks left up her sleeve. Damn all the major candidates suck….

  • May

    I saw the entire speech last night on youtube. obama did not say anything new or fresh. i was tempted to stop watching him in the middle and say, “whatever.” there is nothing significant that distinguishes him from hilary in regards to the issues that this country is facing.

    and then i heard people going, “oh wow, that speech gave me the chills!” and how obama’s speech was on some MLK jr. sh*t. I’m like, “Chill, relax. It ain’t even that serious folks. don’t get ahead of yourselves.”

  • Tyler

    Awhile back all U fruits were acting like Obama wasn’t Black enuff 4 your taste. Now U come 2 find out how hard that nigga really is rolling by kicking it with a dude like Rev. Wright on the regular and U hating on him because of that. . . Y’all trippin cause of what sum other n-word said while he may or may not have been in church? Now how stupid do y’all sound? Ya’ll n-words act like this n-word can just come out infront of the this whiteman’s world and hit everybody over the head with the really real . . like dismantling the Federal Reserve Bank. Yo, ‘dats the type of shit ‘dat got JFK murked in the most famous headshot in history. Obama is playin’ this game real tight yo. It’s Chess not Checkers, U dumb Baboons. He has 2 get in the WhiteHouse aka the biggest Trap in the world before he can make a real differences. He can’t come out with anything 2 heavy just yet just like U wouldn’t if U pussiess wouldn’t if U were in his same position.. . atleast unlike U fruits he will be puttin his life all the way up on the line once he has the seat of power. I am glad that most of U and especially BoL weren’t alive or in a position 2 voice your opinion while MLK or Malcom X was alive and making a better world 4 us here in the now future. With Niggas like ya’ll. . . Who needs Enemies?

  • Jamon

    Interesting piece BOL, made some good points. But when it comes down to it its politics man, they would say the earth is flat if it would win them some votes, take McCain for an example, he’s still trying to scare Americans into voting for him even though a large portion of his views regarding the Middle East have no base.

  • RW

    I don’t see why Obama is being questioned for what his pastor said. All this seems to be is ill seeded criticism of the first serious black canidate ever. If you watch the speech he has never thrown his pastor under the bus. He just disagrees with what he said. But ya know, this is the BULLSHIT I would expect from an ass living in his mother’s basement. Hater of da fuckin year!

  • R.S.

    All anger isn’t righteous anger, B. I appreciate your right to express the belief that Christianity is “silly bullshit”, but understand that many in this country don’t agree. Rev. Wright made some points that cannot be easily dismissed with a few mouse clicks or a couple of snarky remarks on a blog. Some of his claims reflect the (deserved?) paranoia in Hip-Hop as well as America at large.

    Obama’s doing what he feels he has to do to get to the point where he can change the game. If he spent all his time trying to read bloggers like you and me who try to please people who can barely spell in their comments, this whole scheme goes to shit. And I’m so right about this.

    Rant/Rave – Opinions Since 2006

  • The Kanadian

    Stands for new Democrats party! Shit lips

  • 2allcrispers

    1st Fugg U

    2nd Real talk, Rev Wright talked about y’all like y’all talk about us, sept y’all don’t admit it. Now yah know y’all be like “Nigga this, nigga that, damn nigga,” behind closed doors. Simlimar 2 these internet thugs, cause you don’t have 2 worry about retribution.

    3rd Know how you have a friend who less racist than you, and that friend says some crazy shit, and you look @’em like WTF? Just like ya’boy the radio DJ who talked about those “Nappy headed ho’s!” Y’all spanked’em on the had, and took his job for six months. Then turned around and gave’em more money than he was making B4? WTF? Same as Barack is doing Rev Wright? I hope he get a raise 2…

    Whatcha Got 2 say know crispers???

    @kill Blacky
    That’s nigga, not nigger!
    That way U only get 2pieced & a biscuit, instead of a whole Bucket-Uh-Niggaz whoppin that azz…

  • lirix

    Wow. Just wow. I feel dumber for having read this shit. I guess you’re supposed to be outrageous to try to get people to read your puerile bullshit.

    The tuskeegee experiments were a perfect example of Why black americans do NOT trust their governments.

    and simply because you find it hard to get pussy so you’re willing to risk ‘the gheys’ to try to get some church pussy, doesnt mean that some people to take solace in religion as an institution, a community, and a vehicle for change and positive behavior.

    So yes, while ‘god damn america’ may be, at least in some ways, an accurate description of rev wright’s perception of america, what FUCKING GOOD comes about with that type of mentality?


    And what good comes from a tacit acceptance of that mentality by Obama?

    Again, None.

    Let the only viable politician who would work toward dismantling the military/prison industrial complex, provide healthcare to all americans, develop a true working majority in this country, and reaffirm America as the first world nation it should be, instead of slowly letting this nation slip into second world status–all while transcending race as an issue for every dumbfuck and blog-idiot out there.

    We fucking need it.

    • ?

      Concerning your last paragraph, there aren’t that many politicians that actually care about those issues. Empty rhetoric usually prevails over focused action. It’s a damn shame, and we should do something about that.

      I agree with you that race should be completely irrelevant when it comes to judging the worth of a person. Class should be irrelevant as well. I see race and class as completely irrelevant (you can’t choose your race or how much money you’re born into, plus they’re merely superficial differences), but it’s human nature to categorize, and as long as the world turns, there will always be prejudice. The effects and feelings can be lessened, and I think we should fight against prejudice, but those elements will always exist in our society.

  • Slizzard

    What is is exactly that you’d like to see happen. A coup or some shit? Who becomes president is going to affect what happens in the fucking world. Most of what you’re criticizing is just politics and not the candidate. Dude had no chance without this whole myth behind him and a church life and all that bullshit. Read his speech again, its more subtle than you give it credit for.

  • geico lizard

    Bol you have to realize obama cant act too pro black because he will scare white people and they wont vote for him. thats why he lost texas and ohio because hillary made that 3am ad and instead of it showing the middle east or a terrorist attack it showed white kids asleep and it made whites think about the big bad black obama man breaking in the house and hurting them it had nothing to do with 9/11 or safety it was good old fashioned scare white people ads. im glad obama does so well with educated people because they dot fall for that but in pennsylvania the governer is a clinton supporter already said whites in his state are not going to vote for a black man because he says thats why he beat out hall of famer lynn swann for governer even though lynn swann is a republican and he smiled from ear to ear to try to make whites not be afraid of him. he also was on the 4 super bowl teams for the steelers and he still couldnt win so obama is doing what it takes to get into the white house even though i know the clintons are so evil they will try to steal this nomination because they loved black people as long as the blacks vote for them dont do better than them and they dont have to work for any.

  • Brian M

    Bol, he did what a select number of political figures have done…use the power of speech to turn the tides. Ok ok bol fuck the blogging shit fuck the witty comeback im sure youre gonna say in your mind if u read this and just fuckin read…..If you look at some the most powerful men in history including now they all had the gift to use the mouth to sway the public. Shit wtf u think bush did?! All those speeches about terror, justice, war and shit..he used speech to pull those emotional strings most people have. Thats why the USA is shitty now cause we got duped by a smart ass idiot!!! Now think about how we’d do with obama as president with his talent to sway peoples opinions and see things his way….not just america bol the whole fuckin world…just think aobut it. Oh yeah and we still got the fuckin bombs and nuclear shit so really? U think some shit pop off he aint gon have the heart to blow shit up?! Cmon bol with him in office we will have a proverbial combo of “walk softly and carry a big ass stick!!!” U got some sense but u got blast all that corny shit…its still relevent to how things are in the world…

  • 11KAP

    vote for mccain then, monkey ass nigga.

  • Pierzy

    Now that it’s come out that the preacher was just quoting a guy named Edward Peck (an ambassador and former general in the Reagan White House). It just come out on YouTube. Apologies are welcome.

  • Crispy Bacon

    Bol you are sick fuck that will burn in hell for your comments.

    Where the fuck is TPAR when you need ‘em?

    • ?

      Bol is TPAR.

  • Fuck Bol (no homo)

    Move to China fuckbag….

  • Nigerian/Russian

    FiRst i’ld like to say
    God bless Nigeria.
    Seriously i don’t really care what his pastor said on sunday. but Barack is the best option you all have out of the 3. to me it doesn’t really concern me
    but as you can see
    so many people are watching you guys.

  • Kane Corleone

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    • og bobby j

      im still trying to decipher that fake gangbanger jumble…but let me see…. “have gun will travel chump”??????
      I cant figure out your “thugs and bars” language….and why the 6stars…what are a good movie? nope…just an actor.

      YOU need far more then my vote….

      Ask wifey for my address…hoe ass nigga.

    • ?

      Kane Corleone and Hoe G both need to quit their net posturing. Nobody believes either one of you. Nobody ever has, nobody ever will. Shut the fuck up.

  • LC

    Bol – Beware of syphilis

  • Intelligent Thought Prevails


    It is great to see more people actually paying attention to what is being said instead of only hearing the rhetoric and seeing the skin color, then deciding to cast their vote. Realistically speaking, and after looking at their platforms, both Democratic candidates seem to be pushing the exact same policies. I have encouraged a number of other young voters, who would otherwise be swayed by B.O.’s “swagger” alone, to educate themselves, by actually listening to what is said during the debates, and not just voting on flash and style. I wont lie, if this was a popularity contest, then I myself would most likely vote for B.O. However, the country needs someone who actually has plans to go with their “good ideas”. It is outstanding that B.O., and H. C. as well, can tell me exactly what I want to hear. But a more impressing thing would be if a plan could be concocted to fix al these problems. Their views on the Iraq war, National health care, helping the working class, etc are great. But what good is stating the problem if you don’t have a way to fix it. Even worse, what good is saying, “I will end the war in Iraq” without having an actual plan to do so? Telling me, no us, what we WANT to hear is not good enough for me. Tell me what I NEED to hear, no matter how bad it might sound. Level with me please. And if you have a “bight idea” at least have a way to implement the idea.

    Till next time,


  • Hoe-G-bobble head

    Hey fucknutz..

    U can kiss my ass till ya lips bleed!

    You alwayz have the stupidest shit 2 say, is Ur daddy, and Ur uncle the same guy?

    • og bobby j

      listen stanley, your bitchmade and there is little to discuss. No, my father is not my uncle…unlike you, I know who my father is.

  • this-is-from-the-man-you-fear

    You’re all shitting your pants over a distraction.
    Wha-whatch me now.

    Your Blog was used by the gov’t listeners as a glory hole.