No Homo Rap Apologists…

A few months ago I told you that it was time for rap music to have an openly ghey artist [ll]. Ghey is the new hot shit right now in civilization. Just look at the popularity of Project Runway and Perez Hilton. If theoretically ten percent of the population is teh ghey then it has been hightime for a rapper to come out of the closet. I think that was Lil’ Wang’s attempt with the imagery he uses in these condom promotions. I apologize for not recognizing this from the outset.

Just look at that image

The man that is giving Wang his rod isn’t a police officer as some people unfamiliar with the police have assumed. First of all, the man has no law enforcement identification on. He is wearing no clothing that says police, and if he were an undercover officer he should at least have a badge. The scene has Lil’ Wang splayed on the hood of a car with his pockets emptied and his hand jewelry removed. I don’t know how gheys do their thing exactly but maybe this man is letting Wang fingerbang him afterwards and Wang doesn’t want any doodee on his Jacob jewelry.

Them rings are a bit shiny too. Sonn, might be copping shit from the back of the XXL mag.

The man is wearing shades and has hair plugs. He is obviously one of those old rich faggots that drives from his home in the suburbs to the ‘hood strip mall where all the “hustlers” congregate. Male street prostitution isn’t put on blast like that since it deals with wealthy fags who want to maintain their class status outside of their dangerous liasions so they purchase the services of the people that are from the most socio-economically disadvantaged communities.

This theme could be part of the series of images that Lil’ Wang is creating for this condom manufacturer. I give Wang credit for being a pioneer to bring his faggotry to the public arena on some shit that says he is a hustler that uses protection. This is a valuable message since Black people now have a lock on contracting AIDS to the same degree that we contract sickle cell anemia and almost as much as our love for menthol cigarettes. It is positive that a gangsterlicious role model like Lil’ Wang is thinking about the welfare of his fans.

All this homo rap shit affords me the opportunity to present the idea of the pause symbol, or [ll], to you to assist you when discussing some issues on the internets. Byron Crawford created a term several years ago that enabled us to write some questionable shit on the web and then summarily remove the cooties of faggotry from our ‘net profile after the utterance of this phrase.


It was widely received and accepted for its clarity and its brevity. Think about it, ‘nullus’ requires only six keystrokes whereas ‘no homo’ required seven. [ll] is the future because it only needs four. By saving keystrokes you are saving energy. Using [ll] leaves me with enough energy to masturbate at least for an additional half minute.

Lauren Phoenix > Rita G

Trust me on that.

[ll] is meant to imitate the universal graphic imprinted on pause buttons on all of our electronic devices. This symbol crosses all kinds of language borders so I feel like it exceeds the accessibility of even nullus, which is latino based. A rare Bol shout to Mexicans I might add. A shout goes out to El Gringo Colombiano who developed the [ll] concept. EGC is also a consultant for the cRap Music Fantasy League which has been suspended while I straighten out my money situation here at the X spot.

Anyhoo, the point of this drop is to give some credit to Lil’ Wang for coming out of the closet [ll]. Now I’m ready to hear a duet with him an Lil’ Kim [ll].

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  • the truth

    I don’t trust none of this stuff. You were probably sitting at your computer with a tight t-shirt on and a scarf over your head like a hoodie with a dude that you call your best friend while you wrote this joint. Go outside and get some air and get a girl or maybe if you can…get a couple of girls. Take a step back from the computer homie. Talking about gay stuff while not getting with any girls iiisss….uuuhhhh….GAY.


    Jesus Christ…

    Hold on, let me finish reading…


    NOLO to this post.

  • hold on

    you know billy sunday is gonna take his man crush wit lil wayne to the next level. you should ask him out and get it over wit don’t worry if he says no.

  • cease and desist

    Bro why is everyone on the internet so obsessed with homosexuals? If you have to qualify your statements to make sure that people think you’re not gay then you may want to check your mirror.

  • Meka Soul

    i fucking quit this summamabitch.

  • Anyone who thinks this clown is funny is a retard


  • Billy X. Sunday

    The internets aren’t obsessed with faggery but these are the types of things that thrive on the internets because people can remain anonymous in their virtual interactions.

    I used to fucks with BlackPlanet dot com heavy until all these ghey dudes started posting girls pictures as their own.

    Then I started effing with MySpace but that became a haven for hebephiles and pedophiles.

    All I’m saying is that I don’t care in the general sense about anyone’s sexuality until they use it as a lifestyle marketing scheme. This is because of the value that entertainers have as influencers to young people.

    If wayng being a homo makes other kids also accept that lifestyle choice I am not happy, but if wayng uses his platform to promote safe sex then I have to at least credit that effort.

  • DJ Daddy Mack


  • DJ Daddy Mack


  • Maddolies

    Ur xtremely homo 4 writing this trash and i cant believe i jus layed my eyes on this bs. U obviously hv a gay liking 4 him. I bet ur Computer has Photoshopped pictures of U And Weezy Giving each other the nasty. No Homo.

  • Jeopardy

    I have to type nullus for reading this ghey blog

  • Suckapunkin’

    Who honestly gives a fuck? If Wayne’s gay, he’s gay, if he’s straight he’s straight, if he’s a Prince-like crazy androgenous elf who fucks everybody, then that’s what he is. It’s none of your business and it doesn’t really affect the music at all.

    And can’t people just be secure enough in their sexuality to write a sentence without finding ways to in as few keystrokes as possible say “Although the comment above has some homosexual undertones, the reader should note that I, the author, am not actually homosexual?” Do you really care that much whether anonymous dumbasses on the internet who have never met you think you like women or men? (Despite the fact that this always backfires, and those who shout “no homo,” “nullus,” or whatever are always gonna be suspected of being closeted homosexuals) Anyway, there’s just no point to this fucking blog entry Billy, and since you’ve clearly established yourself as the worst XXL blogger, I don’t see why Harris publications should keep paying your ass.

    • iceman23

      Suckapunkin,jus fuck you haterz with no vaseline..ouch.. LOL..I jus heard a Big daddy Kane song,its called,aint no half steppin,,this nigga said…………
      rapper’s steppin to me
      they wanna get some
      but im the Kane,so yo,u know the outcome
      another victory,they can’t get with me
      so pick a BC date,cause you’re history.
      before christ,, AMEN,BIG DADDY KANE.

  • Jeff

    I usually hate your little wayne posts (wayne > joell ortiz + roots + consequence + any other backward looking rapper posing as real hip hop) but you got him on this one.

  • iceman23

    Come on faggery has been the fabric of this screwed up world,nothing surprises me anymore,Except if i woke up 1 morn and its gotten me,But that would be a fucked up dream..But the gayrapper,man got flow and that nigga looks jus as hard as the next motherfucker,And ghey is the new hot shit,So all you hard ass niggas,better reach for the sky.when that gay ass nigga,walks by.

  • The Diamond District

    Y’all trippin, this shit is funny, and wayne is the ghey, straight up. and what alot of y’all got fucked up is, your boy wang be sayin “no homo”! shit’s ironic, he should put the [||] on the bottom of the ad… Billy X, you’re right, the way hip hop culture is, people look up to and emulate rappers, and i can’t support a rappin ass nigga who thinks its ok to kiss some other grown ass man on this lips (not that there’s anything wrong with that-jerry seinfeld), then makes ads that has him bent over in front of some cracker! y’all better wake up and see what’s goin on….


    Yo, that condom ad really is {><}!

    I met Wayne last year, backstage at a show out chea, and he looked like his eternal soul was tired. Like if you gave him a pat on the back he’d evaporate into dust. But he still came across as being highly intelligent without saying much. And he seemed aware of his surroundings, even though he seemed extra slow. I remember walking away from the interview like, “Damn, he’s a genius. Damn, I feel sorry for him.”

    Wayne needs to remember the days when he didn’t even need to curse to get attention. He’s underrated as fuck, but he’s keeping himself down with all this dewshery he’s putting on with the drugs and homo-erotic posery.

    This from a supporter. Drugs are bad!!!

  • waynes pimp

    wayne is sweet so what he takes it in the least he makes them wear condoms only baby gets to go in raw.

    • http://xxlmag iceman23

      Man you all are trippin,Wayne is the hottest poet out there..Maybe you think he’s gay,cause you can’t feel the flow he’s spitting at you..Any fuckin motherfuckers need to step back and breathe,cause you losin alot of non-precious breath talkin bout this nonsense.I mean i would think most of you niggas gay,cause you pretendin to damn hard on this shit.If a motherfucker aint use to gayness or hearing it..That nigga gay,if a nigga spends more time defendin he’s not gay,,,that nigga’s gay.if a nigga thinks he’s gotta sport 3 or 4 women on his side and he purchased them from Big Al’s,, that nigga’s gay as hell. let it go black people..

  • Cal

    That old timer looks like he’s makin wayne shaft him up abit from behind! Dude lil wayne may be a “star” or whatever but clearly his hill billy roots are strong coz no western, nothern or eastern broke ass rapper would do a faggety ass spread like that!

    • iceman23

      ok Cal,i’ll give you the spread.. dude was in an uncompromisin position fo real.But damn,where this info on his sexuality comin from,i’d like to read that shit,,this assumin shit..and we go out on my man’s lil weezy ..but answer me this,,how a nigga gone all-day,like a clock on the wall..what the fuck that mean.. And since im spittin with some of the rawess,closet gayess niggas’s this side of Chicago..then someone answer me that,,,riddle me that nigga. ONE. The Birdman you say is not lyrical,but that nigga gets those ends..Oh but you all will say its from gay sex..LOL,this shit is funny as hell,and its comin with all this east coast,west coast niggas all right wit ice,,the good,the bad and the ugly motherfuckers.

  • Matt Herbz

    Can somebody tell me where the bracket keys are on the keyboard?

  • Boosie


    Why are you using Bol’s slang?…That teh ghey shit is corny duke…Smh at you jocking a corny ass nigga for some slang…Get your own swagger fam…..

    Who the fuck says teh ghey?….Only niggas who repeats that shit is white dudes with sandals and curly fro’s….

    Now you swacking the word “Nullus”….You cant be original fam?…

    Ya’ll xxl bloggers kill me with cheezy shit…

    shits disgusting b.

    Marcus garland> all xxl writers….But Marcus garland sound like a nigga who steal now laters and chico sticks out of bodegas with a dirty ass doo-rag.



    • DJ Daddy Mack


  • droppey

    totally ridiculous discrimination. I have to admit they are constantly showing homosexuality on our tvs but still is it really needed for you to spill that hateful trash.

    Lil wayne is a good rapper the advertisment may look slightly towards the homo side but aslong as hes promoting it the targeted audience will buy it.

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    1. I don’t really think (and I don’t think you really think) that Lil’ Wayne is actually gay, but you don’t like him so you clown him at every chance you get. (just M.E.O.) Some of you cats get too riled up over the shit this cat writes.

    2. The post (and the picture) are hilarious! Good Work.

    3. Boosie is right about swackin’ words ‘n shit (especially from herbs ‘n shit). Not a good look. That’s his schtick. Stick to yo’ script. The same way no one would appreciate it if Chris Rock started doing “I’m Rick James, bitch” jokes.

    (oh yeah, that little rhymin’ portion of the “Larry Davis” drop was highly entertaining, I forgot to comment on that)

  • Dra4t-iQ Alkoholik

    what the fuck???, y’all I maen Wizzy got sum gay tendecies like kissing Birdman and shit but why the fuck is this shit on XXL,BURN THE CHICHI_MAN!!!!!


    I completely co-sign.

  • $.T

    i hate it when rappers say no homo at the end of a line! like what type of elementry shit is that u got niggas like camron whos in his fukin 30′s shoutin that shit! man like the line in bigggies me n my bitch “u look so good i’d suck on ur daddys dick” he aint shout no homo afta that and no1 thought big was a faggot. i think camrons gay!

  • master cheef

    the only problem with the pause is that it does not definitively clarify that you are no homo. You could be pausing to fondly reminisce over past cum-guzzling, anal invaded encounters.

    there is nothing wrong with wanting to let the world know that you, personally, do not suck dick. sucking dick is for fags. if you dont like pussy, something is wrong with you.

    and yes, wayne is becoming more and more suspect.

  • xoxo

    man this nigga stay on weezy dick…makin me think u his x bitch and shit…that nigga been busted hop off his dick

  • Sinistah aka 7Body Sin


  • INF

    And all the wayne stans are coming out the woodwork….

    or maybe the closet?

  • Johnny Fontane

    So are we mad that he promoting safe sex?if thats the case lets hate on niggas who wear seatbelts also.I dont know who’s the real fag the one who sucks dick or the nigga who talks shit about the nigga sucking dick? Where’s Og Bobby when u need em

  • LC

    Lil Wayne needs to permanently add Nullus to his name to save his cred

  • Dude

    ^”Lil Nullus” Haahahaha


    What’s crazy about Boosie’s comment is that “Marcus Garland” doesn’t exist. I think he meant Maurice, but maybe I’m wrong…

    I told you you could pimp this shit, MG!

  • niggafrommemphis

    Your opinion ain’t hittin on shit.I wouldn’t be surprised if any nigga in the game is gay,but I can’t come out and call one gay unless I know they’re gay,anything less is playa hatin and you my man (?) is a hata,point blank.So what ever it is that you are gaining by assaanating somebodys’character,keep gettin it….till someone take it from yo ass.peace

  • Billy X. Sunday

    That’s the difference between you and I, you are a coward. I don’t care who in the entertainment industry is a homo or a hebephile, but when someone aggressively markets that lifestyle thru their persona I have to tear down those golden calves. Its what my father taught me to do. You know, the man who raised me and taught me values.

    If you don’t see something wrong with a person calling the man who pimps him his daddy then I have to assume you prah’lee weren’t raised by your father. I’m sure that isn’t your fault either because maybe he and your mother weren’t totally cool when she had you. The point I’m making is that when you market an alternative lifestyle to children that is bullshit.

    Even if the audience is adult fatherless children.

  • boltfromthablue

    its like you guys have to actually see him giving another nigga head before you’ll accept it.

    me for one i dont agree with anybody who is trying to promote a lifestyle to the masses that involves being pimped by your daddy, kissing men in the mouth, or taking pictures of himslef getting shafted (albeit with a condom on)

  • Young Detroit

    man, u an ass, dat bitch lauren is nowhere near betta than Rita, dats false advertising nigga..lmao

  • iceman fears the human torch (doctor69) co sign

    billy funny but the gayest rapper outside wayne and baby is cam and jenny jones remember how he confessed his love for cam on hot97 as for lil gaye opps wayne he worships them and jay dressed liek them claims a fake blood set like them and kisses baby who knows what other men he kissed fuck the homothugs in hip hop and iceman shut the fuck up wayne is a bicth who can’t ryhme his ghostwriter get props

    • iceman23

      where im from lil nigga,co-signers aint shit
      on the line,talkin shine,but you da the biggest fag-get/
      now we can talk bout a nigga you wish u wuz
      you aint no blood or crip,but ima call you cuz
      nigga you a bitch motherfucker.
      you see me writin,
      once a woman,now a man
      cause its dat dick u likin
      now go get gangster,put in the movie, BELLY
      Or play yo fag game,u be the,peanut butter and yo boy the jelly.
      now im sleepy,im tired,so let me finish this line
      you a fake ass nigga,thats why you called,CO-SIGN.

  • lar

    props on the Lauren Phoenix reference my dude! makes me wanna move to Canadia