A few months ago I told you that it was time for rap music to have an openly ghey artist [ll]. Ghey is the new hot shit right now in civilization. Just look at the popularity of Project Runway and Perez Hilton. If theoretically ten percent of the population is teh ghey then it has been hightime for a rapper to come out of the closet. I think that was Lil' Wang's attempt with the imagery he uses in these condom promotions. I apologize for not recognizing this from the outset.

Just look at that image...

The man that is giving Wang his rod isn't a police officer as some people unfamiliar with the police have assumed. First of all, the man has no law enforcement identification on. He is wearing no clothing that says police, and if he were an undercover officer he should at least have a badge. The scene has Lil' Wang splayed on the hood of a car with his pockets emptied and his hand jewelry removed. I don't know how gheys do their thing exactly but maybe this man is letting Wang fingerbang him afterwards and Wang doesn't want any doodee on his Jacob jewelry.

Them rings are a bit shiny too. Sonn, might be copping shit from the back of the XXL mag.

The man is wearing shades and has hair plugs. He is obviously one of those old rich faggots that drives from his home in the suburbs to the 'hood strip mall where all the "hustlers" congregate. Male street prostitution isn't put on blast like that since it deals with wealthy fags who want to maintain their class status outside of their dangerous liasions so they purchase the services of the people that are from the most socio-economically disadvantaged communities.

This theme could be part of the series of images that Lil' Wang is creating for this condom manufacturer. I give Wang credit for being a pioneer to bring his faggotry to the public arena on some shit that says he is a hustler that uses protection. This is a valuable message since Black people now have a lock on contracting AIDS to the same degree that we contract sickle cell anemia and almost as much as our love for menthol cigarettes. It is positive that a gangsterlicious role model like Lil' Wang is thinking about the welfare of his fans.

All this homo rap shit affords me the opportunity to present the idea of the pause symbol, or [ll], to you to assist you when discussing some issues on the internets. Byron Crawford created a term several years ago that enabled us to write some questionable shit on the web and then summarily remove the cooties of faggotry from our 'net profile after the utterance of this phrase.


It was widely received and accepted for its clarity and its brevity. Think about it, 'nullus' requires only six keystrokes whereas 'no homo' required seven. [ll] is the future because it only needs four. By saving keystrokes you are saving energy. Using [ll] leaves me with enough energy to masturbate at least for an additional half minute.

Lauren Phoenix > Rita G

Trust me on that.

[ll] is meant to imitate the universal graphic imprinted on pause buttons on all of our electronic devices. This symbol crosses all kinds of language borders so I feel like it exceeds the accessibility of even nullus, which is latino based. A rare Bol shout to Mexicans I might add. A shout goes out to El Gringo Colombiano who developed the [ll] concept. EGC is also a consultant for the cRap Music Fantasy League which has been suspended while I straighten out my money situation here at the X spot.

Anyhoo, the point of this drop is to give some credit to Lil' Wang for coming out of the closet [ll]. Now I'm ready to hear a duet with him an Lil' Kim [ll].