Someone here please refresh my memory and tell me what major record label just signed Wale to a recording contract? Why in the world would anyone want to sign a deal with a dinosaur? That would be like me completing the postage paid card for a year long subscription to a Hip-Hop magazine. No one with any sense reads print media any longer. I mean by the time your monthly subscription arrives at your mailbox the whole beef with Fat Joe and G-Unit will be old news.

See what I'm talking about? Eminem and Royce da 5-9 are homies again. How crazy is this? By the time you had to wait for this news to come out in print they might be at war again. The old methods of delivering media, i.e. information to the consumer are dead and stinking. Wale stands a better chance of delivering his music to fans via MySpace or iMeem. Fuck it, RapSpace is more important now to the survival of rap artists than a major label is. The object for artists is to remove the politics that prevent their music from being previewed by the most people.

Major labels are political animals. The old way of administering politics is dead as well. Obaama is single-handedly going to change that. The internets has changed the entertainment industry's distribution model. The monopoly that these companies held over the information, i.e. music, video, etc content that we could receive has been broken. Without adopting a pure digital distribution model record companies are like dinosaurs trying to thwart the oncoming ice age. So what is the solution?

Record companies will have to create an iTunes model for their businesses. Forget about funding "albums" by particular artists unless you can bundle a group of songs around a cohesive theme. Instead they have market singles or "doubles". Remember the old school record? It had an 'A' side and a 'B' side. These ought to be the new record company offerings. There is no way to stop the digital evolution of entertainment. That train has already left the station. Record companies best bet is to try to get on board at the next stop.

And for all of you rappers on the come up keep your MySpace pages. Just look at what happened to this whore on the strength of her cock blowing skills.