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For this weekend I suppose some of you meatwads are cranking your illegal downloads of Biggie Smalls catalog in celebration of his death. I wish that Hip-Hop didn’t have such a love for celebrating the day that our artists are taken from us. Instead we should celebrate their birth or at least the release date of their classic albums.

In the case of Biggie I don’t think we celebrate his passing as much since I bump Biggie shit all year long. Lord knows how many times we hear his verses quoted wholesale in Jay-Z lyrics. If you are in NYC this weekend and you are a Notorious B.I.G. fan I invite you to partake in Hip-Hop Karaoke’s annual tribute to the legend.

Hip-Hop Karaoke is actually saving Hip-Hop. Imagine if you can, a few hundred people in a room that all love the essence of Hip-Hop’s rap music. People sign up and get on stage and attempt to go line for line with their favorite rap songs. Hip-Hop Karaoke reminds me why I love rap music in the first place. The lyrical dexterity of some of the greatest rappers can’t be truly appreciated until you attempt to perform their song in front of five hundred people.

I’m not just talking about a song from Twista, which is nearly impossible to duplicate, but try to recite any random Kool G Rap song or even Busta’s most energetic anthems and you will see that real good rap music is done by professionals. Hip-Hop Karaoke is like church in a way because it brings people together on some spiritual shit. For last years’ B.I.G. tribute O.C. came through and did a few songs including ‘Unbelievable’.

The best part of Hip-Hop Karaoke is that it is the ONLY Hip-Hop party in NYC that is totally FREE on a Saturday night. You can’t beat that with a baseball bat. So if you are in the mood to convene with a few hundred like-minded Hip-Hop fans you should come up from your parent’s basement and into Manhattan tomorrow night. My fat ass may even get on stage and do ‘Juicy’.

R.I.P. Biggie Smalls.

Hip-Hop Karaoke
Knitting Factory, 74 Leonard St., NYC
Saturday, March 8
Doors/Sign-up @ 10, show at 11
As always, FREE to enter, FREE to sign-up

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  • cold war kid

    i wanna see how many people fuck up his “notorious thugs” verse…especially the “no aphorisms to quit the game”line

    • HHS1982

      no ‘aspirations’ to quit the game

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    Armed and dangerous
    ain’t too many can bang with us
    Straight up weed, no angel dust
    Label us notorious
    thug-ass niggas that love to bust
    It’s strange to us
    y’all niggas be scramblin’
    up in restaurants with mandolins and violins
    We just sittin’ here tryin’ to win
    try not to sin
    high off weed and lots of gin
    So much smoke, need oxygen
    steadily countin’ them Benjamins

    Nigga you would too if you knew
    what this game would do to you
    Been in this shit since ninety-two
    Look at all the bullshit I’ve been through
    so-called beef with you-know-who
    fucked a few female stars or two
    Then a bluelight niggaz move like Mike
    shit not to be fucked with
    Muthafucka better duck quick
    ’cause me and my dogs love to buck shit

    Fuck the luck shit
    strictly aim
    no ASPIRATIONS to quit the game
    Spit your game talk your shit,
    grab your gat call your clique
    squeeze your clip
    hit the right one
    Pass that weed I gotsta light one
    All them niggas I gotsta fight one
    All them hoes I gotsta like one
    Our situation is a tight one.
    What you wanna do? fight or run?
    Seems to me that you’ll take B
    Bone and B.I.G. nigga, die slowly
    I’m a tell you like a nigga told me
    cash rules everything around me
    Shit lyrically niggas can’t see me
    Fuck it
    Buy the coke
    cook the coke
    cut it
    Know the bitch before you call yourself lovin’ it
    Nigga roll the Benz, fuckin’ in it
    Doesn’t it seem odd to you?
    B.I.G. come through with mobs and crews
    Goodfellas down for the Mo Thug crew
    Who’s the killa? Me or you?

    Straight hardbody genius…

    • Mr.Wang

      dam…..good job Billy

  • http://hiphoponmymind.blogspot.com DJ Daddy Mack

    “Lord knows how many times we hear his verses quoted wholesale in Jay-Z lyrics.”

    lol zingggggggggg.

    yo u aint going to write about the latest lil wang act?

  • cold war kid

    me and my niggas had this argument in 97 when life after first dropped..i ain’t even know what the fuck an aphorism was till my nigga told me what it was…i thought it was aspirations too..shit got so serious we found some drained batteries and put the tape (niggas was still rockin tapes back then…it was 97)in…u know…dj screw’d that shit…and damned if big don’t say “aphorisms”…but that just speaks to the lyrical genius that he was..go back and listen to the verse now and tell me…i dare u…the truth is out there..

  • http://www.myspace.com/crockerishiphop Crocker

    This song is dedicated to the one wit the suit
    Thick white skin and his eyes bright blue
    So called beef wit you know who
    Fuck it he just let him kill all of our troops
    Look at the bullshit we been through
    Had the niggas sitting on top they roofs
    Hurricane Katrina, we should’ve called it Hurricane (Georgia) Bush
    Then they telling y’all lies on the news
    The white people smiling like everything cool
    But I know people that died in that pool
    I know people that died in them schools
    Now what is the survivor to do?
    Got to no trailer, you gotta move
    Now it’s on to Texas and to (Georgia)
    They tell you what they want, show you what they want you to see
    But they don’t let you know what’s really going on
    Make it look like a lot of stealing going on
    Boy them cops is killers in my home
    Nigga shot dead in the middle of the street
    I ain’t no thief, I’m just trying to eat
    Man fuck the police and president (Georgia) Bush
    So what happened to the levees, why wasn’t they steady
    Why wasn’t they able to control this?
    I know some fok’ that live by the levee
    that keep on telling me they heard the explosions
    Same shit happened back in Hurricane Betsy
    1965, I ain’t too young to know this
    That was President Johnson but now
    but it’s president (Georgia) Bush

    [Chorus - 2X]
    We from a town where (Georgia)
    Everybody drowned, and
    Everybody died, but baby I’m still praying which ya
    Everybody crying but (Georgia)
    Ain’t nobody tried, there’s no doubt on my mind it was (Georgia) Bush

    I was born in the boot at the bottom of the map
    New Orleans baby, now the white house hating, trying to wash away like we not on the map
    Wait, have you heard the latest, they saying you gotta have paper if you trying to come back
    Niggas thinking it’s a wrap, see we can’t hustle in they trap, we ain’t from (Georgia)
    Now it’s them dead bodies, them lost houses, the mayor say don’t worry ’bout it
    And the children have been scarred, no one’s here to care ’bout ‘em
    And fash out, to all the rappers that helped out
    Yea we like it they calling y’all, but fuck president (Georgia) Bush
    We see them Confederate flags, you know what it is
    A white cracker motherfucker that probably voted for him
    And no he ain’t gonna drop no dollars, but he do drop bombs
    R.I.P. Tay cause he died in the storm, fuck president (Georgia) Bush
    See us in ya city man, give us a pound
    Cause if a nigga still moving then he holding it down
    I had two Jags, but I lost both them bi-tch-es
    I’m from N.O. the N.O. Yea!

    Yeah….Biggie Homage? Or Just Straight Bitin’? You Decide….

  • Pierzy

    Something obscure would be hot… like I would try to get the C.R.E.A.M. beat and cover the freestyle he did with The LOX on Flex’s 2nd album…

    “Pop the gat, aim squeeze precisely/
    Where them niggaz at? Them feds are sheisty/
    See the problem’s that/You way too nice?/
    Where that coke at? Fuck where it might be/
    Don’t be like me, hard-headed, extroverted/
    When my gun burn, much hotter than sunburn/
    You got one turn, I suggest you show/
    Me the stash to the cash and the blow, yo/
    Wherever I go, my crew, is true to swarm/
    Got stripes in New York like Yankee uniforms/
    When I was born/
    I know I make the world darker/
    The age of fifteen, tote gats/
    Quick to spark ya/
    Like Bob Barker, if The Price is Right/
    Lay your ass down for spite, anybody aight?/
    Went from eatin no frills cereals with food stamps/
    to Armani materials, coppin Rembrandts”

  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER

    Relax and take notes
    While I take tokes of the marijuana smoke
    Throw you in a choke
    Gunsmoke! Gunsmoke!

    Biggie Smalls for mayor
    The rap slayer
    The hooker layer
    Mother fucker, say your prayers

    “Hail Mary, full of grace…”
    Smack the bitch in the face
    Take her Gucci bag and her Norface
    Off her back
    Jap her if she act
    Funny with the money
    Oh, you got me mistaken, honey.

    I don’t wanna rape ya
    I just want the paper
    The Visa. Capicha?
    I’m out like The Vapors

    Who’s the one you call Mr. Macho?
    The head honcho?
    Swift fist like Cumacho.
    I got so
    Much style I should be down with the Stylistics
    Make up to break up
    Niggas need to wake up

    Smell the Indonesia!
    Beat you to a seizure
    Then fuck your moms
    Hit the skins to amnesia

    She don’t remember shit!
    Just the two hits…
    Her hittin the floor
    And me hittin the clit
    Suckin on her tits
    Had the hooker beggin for the dick
    And your moms ain’t ugly, Love
    My dick got rock quick

    I guess I was a combination of House of Pain
    And Bobby Brown
    I was humpin around and jumpin around

    Jap her then I asked her, “Who’s the man?”
    She said, “B.I.G.”
    Then I bust in her e-y-e.

    Who got it goin’ on?

    Yo, I was just starting to plan on doing a Hip-Hop karaoke night in Alabama, whenever I have time to ride up and promote it. Sounds dope.

  • Swizzie

    “I spit phrases that’l thrill you, you’re nobody till somebody kill’s you”

    “Don’t you know my niggas kidnap kids, fuck em in they ass throw em over the bridge, that’s how it is”


  • i am hip hop

    my dude …

    if you can post the verses hespit on that tracey lee shit “Keep Your Hands High” you will officially be my favorite internet celeb. He starts it with “them rings and things you sing about bring em out /its hard to yell when the barrels in your mouth”

    About ten years later it becomes the chorus to one of T.I ‘s biggest hits via Jay bitin ass . Cant remember all the words tho . Help anybody ?

    Thats what made B.I.G. so official tho. He spit with anybody and he never took a verse off . I mean come on the nigga even did a song with Shaq and he still killed it .

    Jay bit some of that too..” A lime to a lemon my D.C. women…”

  • http://www.MySpace.com/GrimeyHipHop.com Stan

    I think its “know the bitch b4 u catch urself lovin it, nigga wit a benz fuckin it”…. I was wonderin what you were gon write cuz I was wonderin myself… I checked OHHLA n they got wit a benz too… Im from Boston and Id Love to come through but cant get work off… There aint shit goin on in Boston that I kno about… Last year we did…


    “Hail Mary, Fuck Her.. I Never Knew Her.. Id probly Screw Her.. Then dump her body in the sewer..”

    Thats some shit…..

  • Ether

    Man I’d Love To Be There, But Unfortunately I Live In LA. Maybe My Cousins’ll Show Up…

    RIP: Biggie (G.O.A.T)

  • Enlightened

    To Billy X. Sunday-

    Good try but you missed a couple small things too:

    he didn’t say “up in restaurants” he said, “I’M in restaurants with mandolins and violins” as in while y’all niggas scramblin, gamblin, “I’M” on some high level classier shit.

    He said “nigga you SHOULD too” not “you would too” but hey, that’s a real small thing, too

    But the last thing you fucked up on -
    he said, “know the bitch before you call yourself lovin it, NIGGA WOULD HAVE BEEN FUCKIN IT”

  • Enlightened

    To Billy X. Sunday-

    Good try but you missed a couple small things too:

    he didn’t say “up in restaurants” he said, “I’M in restaurants with mandolins and violins” as in while y’all niggas scramblin, gamblin, “I’M” on some high level classier shit.

    He said “nigga you SHOULD too” not “you would too” but hey, that’s a real small thing, too

    But the last thing you fucked up on -
    he said, “know the bitch before you call yourself lovin it, NIGGA WOULD HAVE BEEN FUCKIN IT”

    Where the fuck did you get “nigga rollin a benz fuckin in it?” Just count the syllables, that shit is impossible to squeeze in that space and you would be way off beat, like one of them dipset verses or something

  • master cheef

    you are right. a lot of rappers like busta dont get enough credit for how hard it would be to recreate their flow.

    biggie had a tight flow but was the fakest gangsta there eva was