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  • JSO

    my thoughts exactly


    people love to talk about the problems in the black communities while the white communities are just as fucked if not worse, i.e suicide, homicidal, drinking, immorality, fucking animals, fucking siblings, paedophiles,priest and whole lot of shitty stuff they do and try to hide,expose these mofo and stop blaming hiphop for your own shit.


  • 11KAP


  • Burnout

    Lol at the Winnie the Pooh doll in the background.

  • moresickaMC

    lol Jay ..u corny. Obama dont need to steal no damn speech frm you. He’s an

    But yo Smooth…Obamas chances r done. You know “the man” done panicked over Jeremiah. Obama should have forseen this though.

  • The Kanadian (the real Bruce Banner)

    Good Post Jay!!
    Hope the angry purple man don’t jump down your throat for mentioning Obama’s name again. It’ll only prove my theory that his brains as small as his Pee pee!
    Curing my gayness??
    are you for real doggie?


    Jay why where you so Gung ho over Obama in the first place. All he said was I am different I am change etc…. 90% of the shit he said he could do or would do if he was elected would have amounted to a freaking disaster. Yeah I know the republicans are fucking things the fuck up too we just need to puch for better civil servants instead of better liars.

    Race in america is an issue and will always be an issue just like sex. When humans are not placed in groups we group ourselves and the only way we get out of this mold is through education and living and working together over time as customs change and become more cosmopolitan you see less racism. The more isolated and concentrated any group is you see racism more and more because. If I am white in an all white area it is easy for me to make up a lie about blacks based on the action of one and my fellow white citizens believe it. Folks are going to play to this shit all the time white folks knew it was coming oh God he talks about race so who gives a fuck if he does it is not like he can help black people in america for real.

    Jay you suprise and disappiontement me for jumping on the bandwagon of obama like a fucking hiphop hippy saying hey look at my one black friend I ain’t racist and not riding rhiding with your shitty selection until the end.

    Don’t worry though bitches McCain will be bringing the Pain soon.

    Peace out from the dark side of the force

  • Ace ( 7 Block )

    Look I went from Ida B. Wells housing projects on 39th Street in Chicago to Flint, MI even worst place. Obama was part of a church group back in the day in Chi-Town going around to the projects n fucked up areas tryin to do what he could then. He was fighting for a change then and he’s still fighting for one now, who the fuck wants to fix what Bush has caused. This race thing wouldn’t even had been as tough as a issue if the Clinton Campiagn would have kept that cracker ass bitch’s mouth shut, not Hilary but the bitch that said Obama’s only gettin this far cause he’s black(Bitch if he was white he would have already won). I’m not being racist cus I said cracker that’s just the way I talk so that will probably offend someone, ” go fuck ya mother “. As for Pastor Wright some of the shit he said was hittin n some was over board but i’m sure he wasn’t sayin shit like this his whole time preaching. Everyone is excited right now over all this bullshit n maybe he just wanted to jump on that road too. What scares me is someone is actually out there wanting to be the poster boy for this change and when it does come America won’t be ready for it. It won’t be Obama’s faught it’s gonna be on us, I can’t predict the future but I pray I’m here 2 see the outcome my unborn child gotta come up in this world. Oh yeah n fuck y’all this is my historic African American figure that tried to change the world, I just hope he don’t end up dead like the rest…

  • beatz23

    this dude is smart

  • sush

    um. black culture is imploding. and not in a good way.
    so heres a candidate who proposes change, genuinely believes in it, and his fellow black americans say ‘he cant do it, he should just give up’
    i guess i shouldn’t have expected anything better from such an inwardly racist and sexist publication.