Xenu 1, freedom of speech 0

Racist bastard that I am, it’s hard for me not to view the settlement of Will Smith’s case against the World Entertainment News Network (whatever that is) as a victory against free speech.

Just now, it was announced that Will Smith has been awarded some undisclosed sum from the agency, because they reported that he said that Adolph Hitler was a good person, when what he really said was… well, what the fuck did he say?

Here’s the exact quote, which I believe was taken from an interview he did with some magazine in Australia, and was in the context of a discussion with regard to his belief in $cientology, though it’s been a while since this shit happened, and I’m not gonna go back and make sure on a Friday when I have to drive through a blizzard to get to the day job here in a little bit.

That’s the kind of trade-off you get to make when you’re down with the winning team. A decade of dominance, people.

Will Smith:

“Even Hitler didn’t wake up going, ‘let me do the most evil thing I can do today.’ I think he woke up in the morning and using a twisted, backwards logic, he set out to do what he thought was ‘good.’”

And as I recall, the headlines went something along the lines of, “Will Smith says Hitler was a good person!”

So yeah, I could see how that might be misleading. And as I mentioned at the time, I could see why an actor – even an actor of Will Smith’s status in Hollywood – might be concerned about people thinking he said Hitler was a good person.

He could fuck around and end up like Mel Gibson, having to pay for his movies out of his own pocket – even though he might have enough money at this point to pull some shit like that off.

So Will Smith went and sued the World Entertainment News Network, which I guess he determined was the source of the “Will Smith is a Nazi” headline; or maybe he just picked a media outlet at random to make an example, lest anyone else have the sheer balls to slightly misrepresent one of his statements.

My issue is this: If Will Smith feels so strongly about his image that he’s gotta go around trying to bankrupt people for misquoting him, why did he even fix his mouth to say some silly shit like that in the first place?

I don’t know what the legal requirement is in a case like this (perhaps TPAR can enlighten us), but it’s not like the World Entertainment News Network had some sort of vendetta against Will Smith, and they were just sitting around in a room brainstorming ways to make him look like a Nazi. He said the shit himself; all they did was print it, albeit perhaps in a way that was misleading.

If you go back and look at the quote, it’s obvious that he didn’t mean that Hitler was good in the way that the first one and a half Jay-Z albums were good. But he still said that Hitler was a good person… in his own mind, according to his own twisted, backwards logic. As if Will Smith knows what was going on inside Hitler’s head. Either way, why would he even be speculating as to some shit like that?

Oh, that’s right. It’s because Will Smith is a $cientologist, and $cientologists like to think that they know what’s going on inside people’s heads.

So what actually happened here was that Will Smith made a statement which was, in essence, a religious statement; and it was offensive, because it was bullshit – as is the case with most religious statements, other than, say, thou shalt not kill. Which isn’t actually a religious statement, but rather a moral statement which has been co-opted by religion, as if religion has some sort of monopoly on morality. Never mind the ridonkulous history of immoral acts carried out in the name of religion.

But that’s a topic for another discussion.

The World Entertainment News Network printed Will Smith’s offensive, religious bullshit, and Will Smith used his ridonkulous legal prowess to have them silenced, lest the world realize that he holds religious views that are offensive and… um, bullshit, right when he’s got a new movie coming out. Just like the Church of $cientology was trying to lawyer websites into not running that Tom Cruise recruitment video. And just like YouTube mysteriously goes in and rolls back the view counts on videos that are critical of the Church, so that they don’t show up in lists of the most popular videos.

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Church of $cientology footed the bill for Will Smith’s case against the World Entertainment News Network. Never mind the fact that he’s donating his winnings from the case to charity (I wonder which one). Regardless of who footed the bill, it’s hard for me to view this as anything other than a matter of religious freaks using their ridonkulous wealth to enforce their will on the rest of the populace. But you guys know I’m a sad, lonely atheist like that. What do you fruits think?

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  • http://www.sportaphile.com Chuck

    I’m kinda sad to find out Will Smith is a scientologist… how late am I on this? He needs his black people card revoked.

    • these posters are idiots

      Should Issac Hayes’ card be revoked also?

  • Ryan

    Ha, eventually the scientologists are going to have their own version of the Crusades. Fucking insane.

  • moresickaMC

    I think these days if you even say the word Jew you will lose your job or get shut down.

    I agree with Will Smiths statement..people freaked out for nothing

  • moresickaMC

    Scientology is like creating joining a religion of Krypton after reading a Superman comic

  • avenger 7

    Well the issue is not about free speech. You said it yourself that the statement made by this company was a misquote or at the very least misunderstood. Something like that could cause serious damage to the career of a public figure like will smith. So of course you should sue over this and with the TI’s running everything.

  • EReal

    (Jay-Z Voice)

  • N.O. in my viens

    will aint a $cientologist…he is a supporter of tom cruise…BIG difference…but uhh that would make your post pointless…so ehhh forget about it

  • whatev

    The judgment came from the UK and the British take their libel law very seriously, which is why he won. Had he brought the case in America then he might not have won. It isn’t a victory against free speech, because British law and society places a stricter constraint on libel/slander.

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  • Tyler

    BoL, speaking of fruits.. . U must be out of your goddamn mind to be trying to talk negative about the Church of $cientology aka “the stupid shit I have ever heard of.” Dude, I am telling U as a friend U had better find a way to back out of your comments on “the Church with the bent cross” or never mention them again cause they don’t fuckin’ play as U can see from this bullshit Will Smith situation. Bro some guy that use to fuck with them on the regular over the past 10 years got on their shit list and they started doing some fuckin back themselves. I forget the dudes name but uh, he just turned up dead a couple days ago. The ClearWater Police are calling it a suicide but ClearWater, FL is one of the home bases for Church of $cientology. The cops are on their payroll.

    BoL, we love U enuff (no Homo) that we don’t want that one day out of the blue for it 2 look like U went off the deep-end and Murked yourself bro. We would like 2 kill U ourselves so don’t do this man. Don’t let Church of $cientology and Xenu pay U a late night visit in your moms basement and get our own private revenge. They will send her off 2 see Xenu 2 then there will be no more MILF loving 4 me and my crew, ya’ dig.

  • Tray

    One of your dumber posts; this had nothing to do with Scientology. What Will said was reasonable enough. Hitler did most likely think he was a good person; he certainly seems to have thought he was doing the right thing. That’s just a matter of historical fact. Hitler never expressed any sort of guilt in public or private as far as we know, and when his cohorts and top deputies were tried after the war, most of them expressed no remorse either. The headline was terribly inaccurate; thinking you’re a good person and being a good person are completely different things, and he had every right to sue for libel. The larger point that Will was trying to make, that everyone at least thinks they’re good, or wants to be good, is more debatable, of course, but that’s not at issue here. As for “thou shalt not kill” being a moral statement which has been co-opted by religion, I’d argue it’s more like a religious statement that has been co-opted by the secular world.

    • http://www.plasticsquirtguns.blogspot.com thoreauly77


  • Manka Cat

    Careful Bol…Fresh Prince might take your ass to court. Don’t embarrass Big Willie.

  • Flymasta


  • Around and Around

    First off how is this a blow for free speech…..the shit happened overseas, the ruling was in a UK courtroom. Yes Bol, very strong blow to prospects of free speech in the US. Dipshit.

    Second, who gives a shit about what Will Smith does to sue some euro-trash media company???? Is that hip hop? At least BXS is posting some real shit.

  • Pierzy

    I am also a “sad, lonely atheist like that” so I feel you on that…

  • projectnrm

    Man, you reached pretty far on this one. The Will Smith-Scientology connection is nebulous at best, and seeing as how the entire blog post is built upon it, the entire thing crumbles pretty easily.

    Ah well. They can’t all be winners.

  • render

    the fuck you talking about?

    When the fuck did Will Smith become a Scientologist? What the fuck does Scientology have to do with any of this shit?

    coherence motherfucker. do you have it?

  • stoneyisland

    Bol, you are one self hating obese black man. Anytime any brother makes some legal paper or has a fly house, girl, car etc, you get up on your high horse and talk shit about them. Could it be that you are jealous you didnt do anything with your life except eat cheetos and butter pecan ice cream all day while watching karate flicks? could it be you are so hateful because the only woman you’ve seen naked was your mom while peeking through the bathroom keyhole? Bol do the world a favor and go kill yourself. I will buy the gun, just place it under your tongue and pull the trigger, you fat fuck.

  • Maddolies

    Religions 4 suckas.
    But Scientology on the other hands is 4 sum real dumb muthafuckaz hu wil believe anything.

  • http://www.uptownempire.com Scientologist

    I am a scientologist, (and Will Smith is not, by the way) and it very amusing to say that his comments are in anyway related to scientology or the church. Xenu ??, Bol do you have any idea what you are talking about? Obviously not, but your a PTS

  • http://www.xxlmag.com paul

    You are a talented ass writer Bol u rule I read your posts all the time always gives me a fair giggle

  • kritiq

    Will aint no scientologist dude is Muslim, maybe if this post wasn’t made of lies it woud hav mo sense.

  • Jayvon

    Will Smith isn’t a Scientologist. Yes he may be a friend to Tom Cruise, but he has stated that they have different beliefs. Do better research. Terrible Blog

  • the Kanadian(the real Bruce Banner)

    Yo N.O. In My Veins!
    Do your Math son, Will Smith Is a card Carrying member of the church of Scietology. Get you research str8 ‘afore ya’ make a public statement Like that. Bol Maybe a silly Fucker but he does his research when he doesn’t know his facts. Maybe you should Follow suite lest you embarrass your @$$ in public by talkin’ $#!t ya Just don’t know about!!
    Just Sayin’, no disrespect!!

  • the Kanadian(the real Bruce Banner)

    Oh and TRAY, Your wrong!! Wrong Wrong wrong Son!!
    Not Killing has been the right thing to do( there fore Moral) Long Before Organized religion was a part of this world.You need to do your home work too, Take your Jesus nonsense outta’ here. We don’t Let TPAR get away with spittin’ that Allah $#!T around here with out jumpin’ on him so why should you spoutin’ Jesus rhetoric be any different!
    “The secular world” P’shaw & Puhleeze Take your mythology elsewhere

  • the Kanadian(the real Bruce Banner)

    Oh and Kritiq Your Wrong too!!
    Why ya’ll Actin’ like you know somthin’ about Will Smith, Big Jiggy Willy don’t know no Allah!
    “He’s a Muslim” Your a moron Do a google Search once in yer life an’ quit actin’ like you got the facts when relly you know nothing.
    Bol Your too easy on these @$$holes you need to tear ‘em a new one so they come correct. No Typin’ in all CAPS, No first Sayon’ and no posting if you don’t Know what yer Talkin’ about!! Come Correct or don’t come at all!!

    • nellz

      He’s actually a Christian. Nice try though. Chill with the wikipedia son.

  • tobasko

    Man y’all niggas is corny as fuck

    you come here every day and then talk shit about Bols fuckin argument crumbling?

    TFOH yall niggas some english professors? or some fuckin fans who show up here every day to read what the fuck this ignorant cunt Bol has to say?

    I show up to read what the fuck the man has to say and laugh.

    So keep your fuckin red pen for your own english assignments…

    fuckin 16 yr olds

  • Liam

    “Ha, eventually the scientologists are going to have their own version of the Crusades”

    lol, then sign me up for the anti-scientologist version of Jihad

    • these posters are idiots


  • beatz23

    its called slander and yes, its illegal

  • Joe Wayne

    Honestly I don’t think he was trying to get inside anyones head. Once again meadia flip words around to just to keep them in business. If the media didn’t have controversy they wouldn’t have jobs but back to the point at hand. Will Smith is one of the few black men that actually stay out of a lot of bull in the press. Misquotes happen all them time sad to say that people actually believed this crap about Will. If you think that his religion has something to do with what he said you probably need to think again.

    People say stuff like I this all the time “I think he believe he was right in his mind” How do misquote that.

    When it comes to trying to destroy a man lively hood you do what you got to do whether it’s sue, beat his ass,confront him or whatever. Will was just doing things so that he could get people to realize Hey why are you guys misleading the world on what I said.

    It’s that simple. But people sometimes are so full of shit they can’t see their own reflection but the world hear/believe what they want. Unfortunately I guess we all have lot of growing up to do if we can sit around down another mans religion regardless of what it is.

    Chuck, One question what does religion have to do with a person race?

  • Ali

    tha only thing i get after all this is a newfound curiousity for Will Smith’s religion

  • Matt Herbz

    Bol just mad at any nigga that don’t have to check his bank account for funds before he purchases a cheeseburger meal…

    Ol sourpuss’ ass nigga

    –Matt Herbz–

  • Around and Around

    All of you are some stupid fuckers Will Smith is Hindu.


    Scientology is for dumbass mofo’s who’ll belive anything. I mean c’mon!The church was started by a sci-fi author. Alien ghosts? Giant soul catchers? Evil lord Xenu? WTF?!?! Chritianity makes WAY more sense than that load of bull. So does Islam. And its not about religon, its about how you serve the Heavenly Father and if you accepted Jesus as your lord and personal savior. And who the hell cares which religon Will Smith is?!

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  • the Kanadian(the real Bruce Banner)

    Nawledge Needs Knowledge!!
    Arguing which religion makes more sense is like asking which lie is more true!
    And if any of you look into it you will find out that both Will and Jada are scientoligests (whatever) they enen had their kids baptized in Alien Blood (tongue firmly in cheek)!
    But for’eel ‘doh’ the smiths are scientoligists!!

  • ahaahah

    Xenu Saves….

    for a nominal fee