You know what would suck balls? If Hillary Clinton somehow still managed to beat Barack Obama.

As I've mentioned before on this site, I don't really care too much for either of them. But between the two of them, I'd much rather see Obama get it, if only for the sake of journalism. So a few weeks ago, I voted for Obama on Super Tuesday. This fall, however, I'm gonna be taking a serious look at who ever's running as a third party candidate, regardless of which candidate gets the nod for the Democrats.

The other day, Barack Obama won the Chesapeake Primary, which I had never even heard of, and he's won something like the last eight primaries in a row. So he's obviously got the Joementum on his side. But I read just now that Hillary Clinton is dominating him in the polls in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas - all of which have primary elections coming up in the next few weeks, and all of which are fucking huge states.

What gives?

I'm assuming Obama has all but written off a win in Texas, for the same reason he got fucking trounced by Hillary out in California. Namely, because hispanics are too racist to vote for a black candidate. Or, if you want to take the PC route (which I'm sure is better for your career), because [insert the world's most convoluted excuse for obvious racism evar].

But I'm not sure what's going on in Ohio and Pennsylvania. As far as I know, there aren't nearly as many hispanics there (yet). Supposedly, both states have been hard hit by economic issues such as factory closings, subprime lending and what have you, and Hillary's line of BS is more appealing to people who need money more than they need hope.

Which of course strikes me as odd. The part of me that's given to hating on shit, i.e. the only part there is, wonders: if these people work in factories for a living, why is it that they're smart enough not to buy into Obama's audacity of hope BS, and yet so many college-educated types have? They're probably just racist. Either way, Obama's got his work cut out for him.

Then there's the issue of superdelegates, which is again some shit I never even heard of until just now. Conspiracy-prone black man that I am, it sounds like some shit they just came up with for the purpose of stealing this election. But apparently they've been around for a while now; it's just that primary elections usually aren't this close.

This one is though. Mathematically, it's one's gonna have to be decided by superdelegates, regardless of which candidate has more "pledged" delegates going into the convention, in August. The issue is whether the superdelegates, which are Democratic party establishment types, are all gonna side with Hillary, who's the establishment candidate in this race.

In the comments to one of these posts the other day, it was suggested that, if Hillary managed to secure the nomination through such shenanigans, there was gonna be a scene at the convention along the lines of the protests at the 1968 Democratic Convention, in Chicago, when the cops beat the living shit out of a bunch of dirty long-hairs who were pissed about the war or whatever.

However, I seriously doubt that's gonna be the case this time around. This year, the convention is being held in Denver, CO, which, as far as I know, doesn't have a whole lot of angry black people. And it's not like black people were turning over cars and shit down in Florida when Sieg Howdy stole the election from Al Gore back in 2000.

Nah, black people would probably fall in line behind Hillary and vote Democrat in ridonkulous numbers like they always do. Or would they? What do you fruits think?