Time to choose and lose

So, it’s Super Tuesday. How many of you fruits are planning on pulling the lever for your favorite candidate?

Also, how many of you are planning on voting?


No but really, today’s primary elections and caucuses could decide once and for all who ends up the nominees in this year’s presidential election. Or maybe they won’t. As we’ve seen so far this election cycle, these things can be impossible to predict. And the race on the Democratic side in particular has been portrayed in the media as being close as shit.

Either way, this could end up being the biggest day in a primary election evar. I’m gonna have it locked to MSNBC later on today, when they wheel out my boy Chris Matthews. Hopefully he says or does something completely ridonkulous. In fact, I’m pretty sure he will. It’s just a matter of what.

Shit, I might even have to vote. Later on, I’ve gotta go turn in the rent, or else I’m gonna have to pay some sort of extra fee. And my Jew is not too far from where I vote (natch?), so I could probably swing that.

The thing is, it’s all fucked the fuck up outside, and I already had to drive to the grocery store just now to buy some coffee, so that I’d be able to… you know, even sit up straight. And you know how bad it sucks dealing with old people in the grocery store during the day. My fear is that I’m gonna show up to the polling place and have to stand in a long-ass line of elderly crackety-cracks.

And then I’m gonna be tempted to step out of line and just say, fuck it. I’ve done it before, because I figured the state of misery Missouri was gonna go red anyway. And lo and behold, Missouri ended up going red. And it wasn’t by a one-vote margin either. This time it’s different though, because it’s a primary election. So it’s not so much a matter of red versus blue, as it is which candidate in each party ends up with the most votes.

And supposedly, Missouri is way important this year, especially on the Democratic side. I saw on TV, before I went to get this coffee, that a) the race here is way close, and b) every candidate who won the presidential election for the last 100 years won the state of Missouri. Or something along those lines. Suffice it to say my vote, should I get around to using it, probably matters more than most people’s.

As I’ve mentioned before on this site, it’s not like I really have a dog in this race. I find Barack Obama to be an empty suit, hardly distinguishable on the issues from Hillary Clinton, except for a) on the issues in which he’s to the right of her, and b) the fact that he wasn’t in the Senate to vote yes on the Iraq War. As far as that’s concerned, of course I’m gonna have to agree with Bill Clinton that the idea that there’s any difference between Obama’s stance and Hillary Clinton’s is a fucking fairy tale.

Also, I’m at a loss for why his line of BS with regard to “hope” is so resonant with people. To me, it sounds like some ol’ Ronald Reagan breakfast in America bullshit. (Or am I confusing Ronald Reagan with Supertramp?) It’s pretty much the exact opposite of my own world view, since I don’t find there to be any hope at all in this country. (Maybe I read too much.) If I was running for president, my slogan would be, “Expect the worst, plan accordingly.”

It’s weird, but on a purely rhetorical level, I find myself much more drawn to the… shall we say, realism of Hillary Clinton, even though I know Obama has gone to great lengths to try to invoke some of the rhetoric of the civil rights movement – things that ostensibly should resonate with me. People give her shit about claiming to have experience when all she was was the First Lady, but I can kinda buy the argument that she was involved enough in crafting policy to know that it takes a lot more than crafting catchy slogans, if you ever want to get anything done in Washington.

Face it, she kinda had a point with regard to MLK and LBJ.

That said, I’d much rather see Obama get the nomination than Hillary Clinton, if only because he’s black (-ish). Not that I derive any more satisfaction in knowing that Barack Obama could be president than I did when they made Condoleezza Rice Secretary of State – nor should I. But I figure Barack Obama would be way more interesting just to write about than Hillary Clinton, even with the caveat that electing Hillary would mean Bill would be back in the White House, with lots of free time on his hands.

What do you fruits think? Should I vote today, and if so, for whom should I cast a ballot? And why?

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  • http://xxlmag sparkplug

    obama give a black man a chance and if blacks do their research they will see that b clinton didnt do shit for us 3 strikes yall remember that was clinton and more bullshit he done

  • sparkplug


  • BIG O

    its funny to me now that black people are now going through this im not gonna vote for obama just cuz hes black thing now.when years ago we talked about how we would love to see a black president.but because we aint make him and cause he came from outside the box and path we set for a black man now he gets hated on.i like hillary also i think she would make a good president.but she talks about universal healthcare while being in the pocket of the healthcare industry.she also fucked up on the war in iraq when she voted for it.Obama doesnt owe big corporations favors like hillary cuz he wont take money from their lobbyist and he showed good judgment on the war.hes black not blackish.if he went to any lilly white heighborhood him and you would be followed by the cops just like you

  • obamaisnotagoodcandidate

    Ron Paul is the only real choice, he just won 220 delegates in maine, and should take alaska and washington

    • Fire

      Co-sign on the Ron Paul support. Really, there’s no good choices among the frontrunners of either party. If it’s McCain vs. Clinton I’d consider voting independent.

      • Manka Cat

        Ron Paul is the fucking truth.

        The only other person I can even consider at this point is Obama, but Paul would be the shit.

        Vote Paul (or Obama if you must go Blue)

    • Xannot

      Paul is still an obscure candidate. Amongst several other issues, the man lacks the poise to run the country.

  • Dude

    Chris Matthews is the truth.

    • http://myspace.com/mcmightycasey Mighty Casey

      get the fuck outta here. Obama was not in the senate but he did make a speach on the war in Iraq b4 it started in which he stated hi opposition and basically predicted the bulshit the war was gonna be. Dumb ass Hillary was on MTV defending her vote in Iraq(using the same Bush/Cheney arguments) still after Edwrds, Kerry and contless other democrats admitted it was a mistake. THe LBJ point was the biggest bullshit I’ve heard in my life. DO you think any of that shit would’ve passed if it wasn’t for Martin Luther King, hell know he just heard the voice of the people and realized that we were looking like assholes here and abrod so he did right after martin luther king became a martyr. Y’all cynical self haters kill me you’d rather vote for a shrill warmonger, whose only notable achievement other that to vote for war in Iraq was to marry bill clinton. Than a black man, eduacated articulate(he speaks so well) who worked as a community organizer when he ould’ve made big bux on wll street like Hillary.

      • http://xxlmag.com Bol

        First of all, roffle at being engaged in a political debate by someone who was on BET Uncut.

        As far as him being against the war in the beginning, well, there’s a difference between being against something and voting against something. For all we know, Hillary, Edwards and the whole lot of them may have been against the war, but they still voted for it. And once Obama was in a position to actually vote against the war (rather than just say he was against it), he didn’t. He voted to fund the war. Over and over again.

        As far as the thing with LBJ and MLK… would you mind explaining to me how marching out in the street was supposed to win black people civil without there also being some sort of law passed. If you look at every bit of progress in this country, it was always ultimately the result of some law being passed. Whether it was the new deal programs and the expansion of the middle class, protection for workers, civil rights for black people, suffrage for women voters (whether or not that was progress might be debatable), and what have you. In order for there to be any progress today, and I don’t think there will be, there’s gonna have to be some real policy involved, not just the crafting of catchy slogans. You see what happened when Hillary Clinton tried to pass universal health care in the ’90s. Was hope supposed to help that situation?

        • thoreauly77

          well looky here, an comment by bol that is devoid of satire and expresses his real opinion, brought upon by his hope perhaps that this may actually really be the “white girls” hero he has so adored (as well as his classic unkut cut) in the past? stirring the pot? hoping for a response? bol, you are better than this type of pandering, particularly when you have people with more insightful commentary and you never respond to them. mighty casey indeed.

        • Mighty Casey

          Voting to fund a war is not the same as voting to go in, once your in, I’ll agree that was fucked up on Obama’s part Hillary funded it too. I don’t think that it ws condoning the war more just if we in there we gotta spend it. Hillary also voted to name the Iran republican guard a terrorist organization, once again giving Bush authority to use viloence and kill babies. I can accept someone making a mistake, not learning from their mistake and admitting their mistakes i can’t. Obama still had to run for senate with his position on the war when Bush’s aproval rating was in 90′s and people believed in the war. If Hillary CLinton was against the war but still voted for it she is a hypocrite who shouldn’t have any postion of power.

          LBJ was an asshole who is reponsible for most of the violence and death from the war in vietnam. THe only reason he passed the civil right act was that Martin Luther King put America on the TV accross the world as the assholes they really were and LBJ didn’t want to lose the cold war because the rest of the world(majority people of color) saw the oppressing colored people.

          Besides being the author of ‘White Girls’ I am a Columbia University grad with a degree in political science(deans list bitch) Roffle at being involved in a conversation ith someone who works retail.

        • http://www.myspace.com/mcmightycasey Mighty Casey

          Agreed that Obama has voted to continue funding the war which I disagree with. Howeve I see it more as him understanding that the war will not end till George Bush is out of office and that we might a well fund to keep our troops safe. A more cynical view would be that he was covering his ass for when McCain attacks him for not supporting the toops even if he disagreed with the war. However that is not the same as voting to start the war and also never admitting it was a mistake even giving George Bush more power to start another war by labeling the Iran Revolutionary guard as a terrorist organization. When Obama gave his speech criticizing the war in Iraq he was not yet in the senate but he was running for it. At the time George Bush’s approval rating was very high as was the support for the war. Obama was risking his political candidacy by opposing the war yet he still held on to his convictions. If he Hillary disagreed with the war but voted for it because she was scared the war would be a ‘great success’ and would have been attacked by republicans for not supporting hit limiting her chances to become president. In Obama’s peach he showed clear foresight(good quality in a president) by predicting that the war would turn into an endless occupatation with countless civilian deaths. Hillary was either to dumb to realize the consequences of the war or to cowardly to express them.

          As for LBJ, he was an asshole who is responsible for most of the deaths in the Vietnam war. The only reason he passed the civil rights act was that MLK, put the atrocities and racism of the united states in front of the world at the time of the Cold War when Russia and the united states were fighting for control of the world that was mostly different shades of brown. Russia was using Amreica’s racism as way to convince other countries to side with them because America was racist. Would you give FW Declrk(former pres of South Africa) credit for ending apartheid or would you give it Nelson Mandela and the millions of black Africans who fought and died to end it even though Declerk passed it into legislation? Would you give the English provincial governor who signed the leglislation giving India independence or would you give it Ghandi and the millions who fought n died so India could be independent? Charimatic leaders come once in a lifetime while bearucrats are dime a dozen.

          Aside from being the author of White Girls I am also a Columbia University graduate with a BA in political science, roffle at being involved in a political discussion with someone who does retail.

        • og bobby j

          While I disagree with your LBJ analysis, I must say your disection of hillary was on point. She is good for nothing. Although i am not riding for Obama, I see your points. I think the LBJ reference was made to show that in our political system, it takes a willing and powerful leader to ensure legislation is processed. I dont think it was an attempt to discredit the impact and influence of MLK. In other words, while the marches and speeches create the undertone for the legislations necessity, the actual bill has to go through the oval office too.

          Oh…and i think it is safe to say you ethered his ass (no homo)

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  • J math

    Superbowl was bananas
    but you need to go out and vote

    vote and dont eli manning the last 2 mins
    make the righ choice

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    • KFC

      I’d rather get castrated by a large black man named Elizabeth than listen to that hot garbage.

  • DevilintheFlesh

    C’mon Bol u know “brothas” can’t resist them a white girl….lol

  • Truth

    What does the 3 strike rul have to do with Black people? Stop being so ignorant, thinking that harsher punishment for crimes is an injustiuce against Black people. Even if it is, we need to worry about not commiting them in the first place. That rule applies to all not just us. Give yourself more credit.

  • Ryan

    I think Hilary would fuck more white women in the white house than either her husband or Obama.

  • Zo

    I cant seem to forget how Hilary cried in order to get sympathy votes…That to me is extremly weak…I mean we all know women cry that’s what they do…Ok…With that being said…Do you want some ole cry baby ass broad running the show when shit gets down and dirty??? Persoanlly I would much rather have a “Brotha” up in there!!! No matter where he’s from. No matter how ghetto or non-ghetto he may be…Me being a “Brotha” myself would just feel more comfortable with someone of at least my skin tone running shit rather than a “Cry Baby” that had to pull the tear card because she was loosing…Thats just how this “Brotha” down here feels…

    • Tray

      I think Hillary’s a lot tougher than Obama, actually, and as Bol says, there’s no real difference between the two other than Obama’s being way more full of shit. Anyone who thinks Obama will bring massive “change” to the country is delusional. His own policies aren’t that big of a change from what we’ve got in place.

  • Tray

    Here are some comments from Will.i.am and the director of the “Yes We Can” video on the kind of “change” that Obama will deliver.

    Alicia Davis: Now, what are some of the changes you want to see right now?

    will.i.am: Education. Um, America’s finance. You know, getting our dollar up to where it should be.

    Jesse Dylan: Stopping the war.

    will.i.am: Stopping the war. Health. Um, international policies. You know, good things.


  • og bobby j

    Im not checking for either. Fact is, Bill CLinton gets far more praise then he deserves and hillary is is trying to ride his politcal influence into the white house. Plus, you ever argue with a women? Them bitches is nuts…all of em. I would hate to be Iran when she’s on the rag…. This is not the time for a female president….not yet.

    Obama, although i like him better then the smut, just doesn’t strike me as the right guy. He seems far more like the guy in grammer school student council elections who said “if elected, i will put soda in the water fountains”. He has ideas, but no clue how difficult they will be to bring forth and manage.

    I think I’m going with Ron Paul…

    See who you compare to at


  • akaTheRealist

    “…even with the caveat that electing Hillary would mean Bill would be back in the White House, with lots of free time on his hands.”

    best line of the whole good post. And I say this without being superficial.

  • Yaw Dankwa

    Vote for Obama, he’s black(-ish).

    Lol, but seriously, I think you should vote for Obama. I think he would actually act on his ‘slogans’, and he seems pushing for a positive change more than Hilary.

    Also I agree with to your argument that marching in the streets could not single handedly gain civil rights. Laws are needed to be passed for progress to be made. However the reason the law was passed in the first place was because of the all the marching and efforts of Martin Luther King Jr and others. To undermine MLK’s efforts (such as what Hilary did in her comments) is insulting and ignorant.

    Speaking of which, was LBJ an active advocate of civil rights prior to the laws being passed? My point is if he was, he wouldn’t have needed the protesting to do so. So although marching did not not solely grant civil rights, it is what lead to the laws being passed. The significance of either action shouldn’t be downplayed.

  • BinLadenisGovBoogeyMan

    fuckin’ superdelegates…!!!

    each one counts for 180+K voters. Fuck this shit. Status Quo protections are built into our election system.

  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER

    I drove from Atlanta to my sweet home Alabama to vote Obama in the primary. I don’t trust absentee votes.

    I always vote, just because black people died on the path to having the right. If not for that, I’d probably just be drunk right now without having done my civic duty.

    But I’m drunk and I did something for Amer’ca. Salute me.

  • http://gooddoctorzeus.blogspot.com DocZeus

    What no love for Mike Gravel?

    But seriously folks, voting Clinton would be a massive mistake over Obama. Clinton is way too partisan to enact any policy that she “alleges” she wants to enact and if you actually look at Bill Clinton’s history as president you will find that he sides way too much with the right wing on a variety of issues from free trade to 1st Amendment rights that voting for Clinton in some respects is the same for voting for McCain. Also, the fact that the Bush and Clinton dynasties are trading off the Presidency as if its their divine right deeply, deeply scares me. We don’t need the status quo in this country right now and a vote for Clinton is an ultimate regressive step.

    Obama (or Paul if you must vote Republican…)

  • Bill Mahr

    “…even with the caveat that electing Hillary would mean Bill would be back in the White House, with lots of free time on his hands.”

    First Jay Leno and now You, Bol I gave you more credit than that. Quit stealing my material you fat Jigg!!!

  • c. gabi

    These complaints about there being a Bush/Clinton “dynasty” is ridiculous. Some of us (Black folks) had no problems all 8 yrs when Bill was in office, now you’re bitching and moaning at the thought that Hillary has the opportunity to become President. Has it not occurred to some of you that the one President who truly had a “dynasty”, FDR, was probably one of the best Presidents in American History? Not to mention all of the things his wife, Eleanor, did for Blacks? Hillary is much like her in the same regard that the role she choose to make of being First Lady was not to sit pretty and twiddle her thumbs, but to forge her own way in D.C. by pushing her own policy initiatives and being politically active and astute.

    If you look at Hillary’s “resume”, so to speak, and compare it to Barack’s, he simply doesn’t have the experience or the credentials that is befitting for a President as she does.

    Our country is in turmoil and now is the wrong time to be wasting my vote on someone that I “hope” will make changes. I mean, yea, Barack will be a fresh face to the White House, but he lacks real substance. I like Barack, he seems like a great person, but the role of President isn’t to be likeable, that doesn’t equate successful.

    So, I’m rollin with my girl :-)

    Hillary ’08

    • og bobby j

      What expirience does hillary have? First Lady? And she couldnt even do that good…thats why bill was forced to dump loads on fat chicks from down the hall. Which brings me to the next point….Neither Hillary or Barack have the “resume” of an ideal candidate. But, if I had to choose, I would pick Obama…cause i dont trust that snake hoe.

      “The wife, Eleanor…big dike! A real rug-muncher”

    • http://www.myspace.com/sogentllc LowEndofDaChi

      LMAO@Hillary Clinton’s “resume”.

      What’s really funny is how she’s proposing healthcare for everyone now that she’s up to bat.

      Sounds awfully familiar, except last time around, that initiative never came to fruition because your “girl” climbed into the pockets of healthcare lobbyists.

      If Obama loses the nomination, I’ll seriously consider voting for McCain in the general election.

      Too bad Ron Paul isn’t a Republican frontrunner.

  • http://stuntingonprose.com J. Burnett

    In re: to Ron Paul supporters:

    Ron Paul doesn’t seem to know much about his own newsletters. The libertarian-leaning presidential candidate says he was unaware, in the late 1980s and early 1990s, of the bigoted rhetoric about African Americans and gays that was appearing under his name. He told CNN last week that he still has “no idea” who might have written inflammatory comments such as “Order was only restored in L.A. when it came time for the blacks to pick up their welfare checks”—statements he now repudiates. Yet in interviews with reason, a half-dozen longtime libertarian activists—including some still close to Paul—all named the same man as Paul’s chief ghostwriter: Ludwig von Mises Institute founder Llewellyn Rockwell, Jr.

    and this is with who ye wants to place thou faith…

  • Yinka

    You American blacks are kinda douche bagged out! I mean Bol you’re the funniest – it’s like you’re in a strange battle with yourself – it’s as if you find it hard to square being “intelligent” (which really in your case means educated) and being “black” – like the two are mutually exclusive and then being human – which in this case means being “biased” – if you’re trying to tell me that elections are ever won or lost on policy you’re actually just crazy. As far laws being passed – politicians – in the western world at least, have a strange habit of promising things that once they are in power they know the political process won’t allow them to do – so be real with yourself “sloganeering” with overt OR covert (which here means what you describe as Hilary’s 2realism”) is all that elections – especially in this age – in the western world are about – because policy wise there are usually few divisions. So I’m gonna be overt and say I’d support who my bias tells me to vote for – the black man. I mean you have centuries of everyone voting for a “safe pair of hands” i.e. a white man – so why not vote for “hope” or “change” – i.e. a black man or white woman? – I’ll go black thanks. Which brings me to the realisation I just had about you douches out there- you still are in love with white women!! This is what it’s all about – “don’t vote for a black man he might get shot” bullshit – you just can’t resist that traditionally “forbidden” fruit (and you’ve made it EVERY clear in your posts just how much you feen for white pussy!) and even better when the closest thing to a black man you can accept in your brains (Bill Clinton) is her P.I.M.P!

    I’m done

  • Yo Yo Yo

    Don’t be an Uncle Tom. Support Obama.

  • king equality victorious

    Who can you really beleive bottom line both of them are from the same gang lobbyist come at all the senators you think they gonna give him the super delegates when homie is dry snitching on mother uckers A black president would give us all a lil bit of pride I dont think its really gonna change our position in this country on a whole plus he gotta get them spanish votes and even though some like to be down and call themselves niggas they really dont give a uck about us either all polititians do is make promises they cant keep we need to be cocentrating on who we put in congress they make all the laws and real decisions.

  • FPL

    This post brought out more intelligent dialogue than any blog I have read in 2 years…Sure Obama is my choice, but I think its wayyy more important for us to debate and get involved with the process regardless of who we support….To be totally honest I would like to see them both on a ticket…

    moving on….Bol, that Nigga Mighty Casey just ate your lunch dawg and schooled me in the process…MLK, Ghandi, and Mandela all had this in common…they brought cameras to Alabama and filmed little girls/boys being attacked by Bull O’Conner an his dogs. That cracka Lyndon Johnson HAD to sign the Civil Rights Bill…for you to give him ANY credit for that is just wrong.

  • Liqthez

    I would luv 2 see both of them on the same ticket, it would almost insure a democratic victory. Let Hillary be prez, and Obama vice. 8 yrs later, Obama could could take the #1 spot, and that would mean this man would get the expirience az vice then be able to change policy in the manner he see’s speaking about now…