The gulliest TI in all of hip-hop

As events this week have proven, sometimes conspiracy theories are truer than we could even imagine.

Take for example this nutjob trying to sue Jay-Z for $6 gozilllion in reparations. He might not have actually been DJ Kool Herc (my bad about suggesting that he was on crack, even though he was), but damn it if he hasn’t managed to convince me that Jay-Z is at the center of a centuries-long conspiracy to enslave black people.

The evidence is just too compelling.

Similarly, I’ve uncovered evidence in the past several weeks that’s confirmed everything I ever suspected about the hip-hop community’s involvement with the global trade in blood diamonds.

It was a couple of years ago when I first became familiar with this guy Lev Leviev, one of the top TIs in the diamond business. A guy I know was quoted in this story in Vanity Fair about how Jacob the Jeweler had gotten caught laundering drug money for the Black Mafia Family; and in the story it was revealed that this guy Leviev, who’s Jacob’s cousin (no, really), is the secret owner of Jacob & Co.

(Also quoted in the story was one of the clowns from this site’s comments section, who had this to say: “Jacob da jewler better keep his mouth closed dem B.M.F. niggaz gona merck [kill] his rich ass.”)

At the time, I wasn’t sure if I was convinced that Jacob was necessarily guilty of any wrongdoing. Yeah, a bunch of drug dealers (and part-time hip-hop moguls) gave Jacob a shiteload of dirty money in exchange for jewelry, but you know how black people like to wear their wealth (such as it is) on their backs. If the BMF had spent that money on computers, something tells me Bill Gates wouldn’t be doing a perp walk.

Not that I was coming to Jacob’s defense or anything. I was just saying, as a matter of principle. This struck me as a matter of law enforcement coming down on a company for doing business with black people, just because they may or may not have been involved with some shady activity. Lord knows if you made it a crime to provide goods and services to black people who are tangentially involved with foolishness, we’d probably all starve to death.

Also, I believe it was Jesus who said (to the Jews), “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” If a company that funded the slave trade for 400 years and is probably involved in all sorts of apartheid to this day can have its own basketball stadium in Brooklyn, then the Black Mafia Family should be able to cop its pinky rings in peace on GP.

But I digress. As it turns out, this guy Leviev is involved way deeper than even I would have been able to imagine in the kind of ridonkulous bullshit I probably wouldn’t even be able to suggest about him without being accused of dealing in stereotypes for my own personal amusement, i.e. pretty much the only thing I enjoy doing these days, at least during daylight hours.

Atheist layabout that I am, I’m often at a loss for why some of the world’s most egregious criminals would even bother putting themselves out there like that, when they’ve probably already got enough money to live forever and ever. You’d have to think that at some point they would just get a bunch of coke and some hookers and call it a day.

With this guy Leviev, I’m not sure what the deal is. There probably is some deeper conspiracy, but part of it must be that he needs as much money as he can get to fund his ridonkulous lifestyle. A few weeks ago, I came across a story in Haaretz about how he just bought the most expensive new home ever in England, for $70 million. One staircase in it cost $1.5 million. He also owns homes in Israel, New York, and Moscow.

It’s also mentioned in the article that the house is equipped with a gang of high tech security shit right out of one of those Mission: Impossible movies, including a bulletproof door. It hadn’t occurred to me at the time why a guy in the diamond business would need all sorts of Tony Montana shit in his house, but then I wasn’t aware at the time the extent to which this guy is involved in shenanigans all across the globe.

I was aware that he owned a few diamond mines in Angola from which he extracted blood diamonds, which he then sold to rappers at a ridonkulous markup, but a recent press release by a group called Adalah-NY: The Coalition for Justice in the Middle East provides some insight into why someone might be compelled to fire an AK-47 at this guy’s front door.

You see, in addition to his 25 security cameras and his one-tone bathroom basin carved from a single piece of white Iranian onyx, Lev Leviev also uses the money he gets from Young Jeezy to build homes in these settlements in the West Bank, which Israel has occupied for the specific purpose of the continued subjugation of the Palestinians. Which, regardless of what this fruit Tray in the comments section says, flies in the face of the US’ interests as a secure, sovereign entity.

It’s why the terrorists hate us. And who knew the hip-hop community was so deeply involved with it?

This group Adalah-NY was trying to come down on some of these Hollywood celebrities who Leviev supposedly gave jewelry to wear to the Oscars. I’m surprised though that no one has take a similar stance in the hip-hop community, especially given the extent to which hip-hop has been involved in promoting the bling culture. Would Jacob & Co. be as big as it is today without these dumbass rappers?

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  • ayre


    • Umpington the Fif

      Watch it, you might stumble across some dangerous information and may have to purchase a bullet proof door in fear of gettin mercked (killed) no homo

  • Cara

    Nice post… Lev is also heavily associated with the Russian mafia

  • BossGame

    Food for thought

  • avengerxxl

    You could say the diamond industry was killing rappers family and they would still rock the shit. Hell drugs kill there neighbors and family all the time and everybody is still selling the shit. You know why foreigners all ways sale worthless shit to jigs at inflated rates because they are the only ones dumb enough to buy this ish.

  • Pierzy

    I think it’s very obvious that men wearing and craving diamonds is a product of hip-hop. Before hip-hop and the ‘bling era,’ diamonds were not that popular among young men, like they are now, and Jigga is a perfect example of that. “Reasonable Doubt” mentions platinum and ice galore…

  • og bobby j

    diamonds are status symbols…..and i truly couldnt give a fuck less about the bloodshed associated with how they get in my watch….so people loss, some people win. I also wouldnt go so far as to blame hip hop for the glorification of “bling”, especially when you consider that most of your everyday hip hop fans can not afford some flossy shit. Thats why god made Jamaica Ave….

    • Fire

      You know that innocent poor people, a fair share of them being kids, get their arms chopped off by rebels who are trying to corner the diamond market, right? Some people’s lust for diamonds contributes to hugely fucked up society in Africa. That’s something that shouldn’t be tolerated by anyone. A small measure of self gratification through a status symbol isn’t worth murder and mutilation of people, maybe that’s just me. Jewelry, diamonds, bling, whatever the hell you want to call it, it’s all glorified bullshit, nothing more.

      • og bobby j

        Agreed….but as I said before, its really not my problem. I’m not the one chopping off hands and shit. Whose fault is it that the economy of these nations calls for such desperate measures? Fact is, there is fucked up shit going on in all areas of the world, but that’s the way this shit works. I realize that, like the miners in Africa, there are chinamen with blistered hands working in sweatshops all over asia…but ima still cop my jordans when they drop….life aint fair. No one can tell me what I can and cannot purchase with the money I earn, or that I should feel some sort of way based on the production methods of the manufacturer (or diamond hustlers). I really coulndt care less even if it may seem amoral or heartless….

        • hipho

          so if u could only get hotdogs from the United states, and ppl all over the world made a big demand for them so that certain ppl in the US would began slavin ppl to produce hotdogs and wars and all kinds of shyt began because of forced hotdog labor…and u was one the ppl forced to manufacture hotdogs day in and day out for like 2 dollas a hour… and one day while watchin the news… u see some kid from another country saying “i dont care about how they make the hotdogs or ppl dyin in america over it, its not my fault”. i bet u would be pissed than lol.

        • Around and Around

          OG you’re one stupid bitch, yes it’s really ‘not’ your problem, all you do is enable these systems when you purchase your ‘bling’. But since the only bling your ass is getting is Cubic Zarconiewhatever you really don’t enable shit. Other than the thought that you’d rather buy ‘bling’ than purchase health insurance for your stunted seed.

          For the record fuck Ice.

      • Mr.Wang

        Bol ya gotta good post for once
        good job

        but og i agree wit Fire

        i hear wat u sayin but dat iz kinda heartless dat youll still cop da shit dispite da bloodshed over it

      • informed

        You saw that movie too?!

    • Ant Marshall

      Og Bobby J, that’s about the dumbest shit I’ve heard in a while. How can you NOT care about how the stones got into your watch? Do you care about how your moms is treated at work? Do you care how your little brother/sister is treated at school? Look homeboy we all family especially Black Folks. Those are our family over there in Africa being raped, killed, exploted, and because WE don’t care WE get played by shit we don’t even see. There is Money to be made, Land to be inherit, and Royalty to reclaim. But then again, some of US aren’t that smart to figure that out. Peace and Blessings…

      • og bobby j

        first of all…you are all some lying ass motherfuckers. More then half the clothes purchased in this country are made overseas…..but i bet you niggas aint naked (EXCEPT REACHAROUND) Or, all these rappers who own clothing lines, using these same practices, still have your support. Everyone does the exact same shit that Im saying…you proably just dont like to say it. As I said earlier…I am not condoning it, just saying that it is not going to effect my decisions. Sure, if I had a choice for some Jordans made here or some jordans made in a sweatshop, i’d get the ones from here (baring that the price is the same) I did not create nor do I support the travesties tied to the diamond trade….but i aint gonna loose sleep over it either.
        Fuckin hotdogs? I see your point, but horrible analogy……

  • ri067953

    Yo, are you serious? Black men have been flaunting gaudy jewlery for decades man! It’s just that hip-hop artist have taken it to a whole nother level and now you see it in the mainstream.

  • marko-V

    I work 2 jobs and sell my rap cd out the trunk in my spare time (when I have any) just so I can one day make my rap dreams come true. Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on who you ask, I never thought about buying a single diamond for myself when I make it BIG. So the perception of material wealth has always been glorified by the poor. Therefore, diamonds bring about the death of independence.


    What does “TI,” in “The gulliest TI in all of hip-hop” mean?

    Top Informant
    Trapp Infrastructure
    Terrorist Insergent
    Tranny Instigator
    True Impotence

    • og bobby j

      tall isreali …..referring to the big paper jews who secretly control everything………

  • FPL

    Most rappers are wearing fake diamonds….

  • Tyler

    Great post Mr.BoL. U should keep all your post in the deep areas of world conspiracy theories because there is much to be discussed as I mention to U before U all should slide thru youtube and peep the video called “Secret Rulers of the World” every last part as well before it’s to late. If U ain’t up on this shit then U are just sleep walking.

  • miami_vice305

    damn. this kid Bol is on to something. cracking the Matrix.

  • Prize

    Bol as a fan, Your posts are getting dumber every week.

  • JD

    Bol you need to take a few weeks off

  • Gepedol

    Like a diamond in the rough, these types of blogs only come rarely from u. I gotta give it to u tho.

  • flo rida evans

    hey if maurice clarrett could cavort with Israeli gangsters then why can’t the average industry rapper…..

  • Crocker

    Round of applause for Bol and some top-notch investigative work. Cheers to you fatman! You earned it.

  • Tray

    Bol, soon Obama’s going to be asked if he’ll reject your support.

    As for Israel, even if it was why terrorists hate us, and it’s not the only reason at all, 1, giving the terrorists their own little country to run makes us less safe. 2, we’re not at such incredibly grave risks from terrorists; your man Obama would tell you that (in private anyway, in public he has to pay lip service to the huge terrorist threat). 3, anyone with a mind would admit that it’s better to have one reliable ally in the region than none.

    • Around and Around

      1, giving the terrorists their own little country to run makes us less safe
      So Palestinians who have lived on their land for generations and have been fighting for their land and rights for over 50 years are terrorists?

      Blind support for Israel IS the major reason why much of the ‘Islamic’ world hates the U.S. not ‘us’ but the U.S.

      Watch some international news and not just corporate media and maybe you’ll get some better insight. We hear nothing here, around the world people see on their news check points all over Palestines land, people dying at check points, ladies giving birth on the side of the road because a 18 yr old Israeli soilder won’t let them through…..F-16′s bombing residential area’s, houses bulldozed with no warnings….children killed on their way to school..etc etc.
      3, anyone with a mind would admit that it’s better to have one reliable ally in the region than none
      Please tell me one thing Israel has done for us as an ‘ally’ in the region? Given us oil? no, they have none. Helped with Iraq? Fuck no.

      Tray was a ho in boyz in the hood.

      • Fire

        I think that this whole conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians would have been lessened if the Palestinians had taken the 1947 partition plan. If they hadn’t thrown their support behind nutjobs like Yasser Arafat things would probably be a little better as well. Israel also could definitely have taken some compromises. I also don’t think Israel should have been created to begin with, but that’s another matter entirely.

        In any case, we should serve as a mediator between the Israelis and the Palestinians so we can get this deep seeded religious conflict as under control as possible.

        • Around and Around

          Fire, so Canadain 2008 swoops in on boats looking some some Russian immigrants with a monster army and says fuck this US shit we’re taking the eastern sea board, Maine-Florida….. What ‘nutjob’ do you throw your support behind? Those fighting against Canada? Or would you just allow it?

          And ‘we’ (US) cannot be a mediator, our gov’t is obviously too bias.

          -And anyone? One thing our “ally” Israel has done for the US?

        • Intifada

          Why should the Palestinians have accepted a plan which gave the minority Jews more land than the majority Palestinians?

          Just today, the Israeli deputy defence minister threatened a “shoah” against the Palestinians, which is Hebrew for the Nazi Holocaust.

    • Ant Marshall

      Yo Tray, I’m really not too sure what your really trying to say (so forgive me if this offends you for the wrong reason) but it sounds like your being ignorant to the fact the AMERICA and its little sister ISRAEL have been acting like some of the biggest BULLIES aka TERRORIST in the world. Study America’s foreign policies. Study what covert opts the CIA have been involved in. And then, study how Israel was planted in the Middle East and consistently funded to carry out America’s dirty work. Just because you live in Palestine or Iraq or Iran doesn’t make you a terrorist. People, regular everyday people live there, and they are the same ones being killed, evicted, tortured (soldiers breaking down doors in the middle of the night to search for so called terrorist) and murdered. Do your homework son and then come back to the dinner table to talk politics with the adults. Peace and Blessings….

      • OG Bobby J

        Tray – you dont want to talk anything muslim/middle east related up in here….these cats are worse then Lupe on the corner selling beanpies.

        Around – we all know foriegn news channels are far more reliable….and unbiased of course.

        Ant – are you really calling Americans terrorist? Again, I understand your point and position, but lets not put america’s dirty work on a level playing field with bombings in the market.

        I agree with what you cats are saying about Israel and they need for the US to skate on em, but lets keep the obvious islamic rage to a minimum….dont need shit blowing up today (Reacharound)

        • Around and Around

          OG why you fucking up those little kids in Africa up with your Blood Cubic Zirconia Folex?

  • GMAN

    i like the post didnt no any of that shit til i read good post

  • Bolyfromthablue

    very good post only thing i dont like is the way all americans call anybody from the middle east a terrorist like its a race or something

    if your from there then americans are teroorists flying over in expensive planes and blowing up there cousins, sisters, mothers etc im not trying to start an arguement just saying its fucked up that you label them all terrorists its mad racist but hey america is the most ignorant and corrupt place in the world

    • og bobby j

      where you from….

      • Around and Around

        Who the fuck cares…….I bet not a double wide like hoe G

        • og bobby j

          The only double wide you would catch your boy OG in is your girls fat black lips….hoe ass nigga.

  • EReal

    Damn, how can you hate Jews and Muslims so much at the same time.

    I think Bol is just mad at the world cause he hasnt been able to see his pecker in years.

  • Enlightened


    I haven’t been coming to XXL’s website for probably 6 months to a year and I can honestly say it was because your idiotic, over the top, satiric, shock-jock type posts literally made me hate this site just for pumping you like they did.
    Now that I came back on here like twice in the last week, I’m surprised to see that you’re actually making some real points and writing about some real shit (along with still trying to be funny) instead of just doing bullshit to get people talking.
    I hope this is your new style and is consistenly what you do now. I applaud you and keep up the good (actual) work.

  • DJ Daddy Mack

    “Would Jacob & Co. be as big as it is today without these dumbass rappers?”


    But on a better note, BOL, I am really impressed by this post. This is the type of shit I was talking about. I knew you had it in you. Please keep this shit up. Don’t fall behind. Lets see how you top this post.

  • Who dat ?

    To be honest what rappers pay to Jacob for “ICE” is chump change to Lev. Only thing though is that it just has to be the easiest money he is making ( ridiculously high margins ). His so called “humanitarian” activities though are fucked up. This guy is like a caricature T.I.,

  • The eye of amen rah

    This is some crazy shit, but I think that’s why Hilter wanted to kill all the jews. He must’ve had a premonition of the future, and saw T.I.’s ruling the world.

    Bol have you seen the “secret rulers of the world?”

  • beer drinking gentleman

    Hmmm good post Bol one of your best … we shouldn’t let this go.This guy’s shady as shit and he seems to be behind all of this conspiracy shit. I wonder how much more information we can dig up on this guy. But wait i’m sure this a-rab paying pr to keep his name outta the paper ?
    Shit if tommorow if Bol dies by a kfc overdose ? You know who the main suspect is.

  • Eye of Amen Rah

    The United States iz a corporation, that has been the victim of a corporate takeover by the T.I.’s. Life repeats itself, and today the christians have again initiated the crusades to take the holy lands from the muslims, hence the twin towers being knocked down to incite the people=(employees) of the corporation to give the department heads the absolute power to do as they please(Start wars=Star Wars). The evil “Empire” wants to distract you by bringing reckognition to the fact that the slaves are wearing diamonds that were mined by their direct relatives for pennies a week therefore continueing the cycle of destruction.

    Example: When the corporation iz losing money, why is education the first exspence to be knocked off the chopping block?

    Ans: Because the department heads don’t want the employees to get too smart, and bring attention to whatever the real reason the corporation iz losing money…

  • dhampton

    i wish you were writing abt hip-hop when hip-hop was hip-hop. you’re wilder than bonz ever was, a true original.

  • RisingSon

    Though it’s correct to say that the current hip hop culture has glorified diamonds, to the point where they are a mainstream completely put the blame on rappers is completely ignoring tha wider picture. Question: How many rappers do you know buy their jewelry at Tiffany’s, or Cartier or De Boers?..exactly…and these companies have been in existance for even longer that hip hop or hip hop culture has been around…When observing the sale of blood diamonds you have to look at the Wealthy Europeans, Americans, Middle Easterns (Israel included), Africans…and in more recent times the Chinese and Russians (with growing affluence)…I think you african-Americans get a bad rap for it because you display your wealth so flamboyantly. The atrocities of blood diamonds are an international problem, because even though it’s my own people (Africans) killing each other for them, the main contributing factors of African poverty, diamond demand, And greed are internationally driven. BUT it does become more poignant when a black person endorses a product that got other black people killed. A Jew, Arab, Caucasian or Asian wouldn’t stand for that. It’s funny how you were all up in arms about Katrina and “George Bush doesn’t care about you” (No shit Einstien! boo hoo) But when a Katrina is happenin’ at a amplified scale in an African country (and not as a result of a natural disaster, but man made market economies) Not only does Bush not care but tha same people who insist on puttin’ an “African” in their racial description don’t either. I appreciate OG Bobby J for at least being honest..the world doesn’t give a f*ck about the impoverished and enslaved, that’s why you still watch a rap video, or watch the news with out feeling sick to the depth of our souls. The problem of the diamond trade and others like it..can only be solved if everyone became less detached towards the suffering of others..and actually went out and did summin’ about it..instead of merely whining about how other people should do summin’.

  • BoyOLean719

    The way i look at it is, Before you had the hip hop community glamorizing the diamonds, you had the white community doing it. Them old white people was the ones who made it cool ta rock ice. They rich as a mutha. So of course being from a poor community you gon want some heavy shit when you get in the game. Jus like in paid n phull where he says he dresses nice but his homeboys was like hoodnice. You kno whut the hell im sayin. Its jus the hip hop community taking it to another level, like everything else we do.

  • Vlad Loose

    these cats are just straight ignorant and they dont give a damm!! all they care about is their hood!

  • kid kash

    I’m with OG & Rising Son on this one. First, how many of yall that are talking shit about people buying diamonds, would actually pass up a chance to cop a custon Jacobs piece if you had a few hundred thousand to blow? I’d own me some diamonds thats for sure, and I believe if you say you wouldn’t then you’re leing. But also, if yall really think that the money from rappers is what makes the diamond trade so bad and deadly, yall are some dumb ass mother fuckers. Period. The money made off of the rappers is nothing more than a lil chump change compared to the money made off of the truly wealthy around the world.

  • Fire

    “would actually pass up a chance to cop a custon Jacobs piece if you had a few hundred thousand to blow?”
    Yes, I would pass that up. I’d spend it on something more helpful or more worthwhile.

    I also agree with RisingSon on his viewpoint that more people should actually start doing something about the world’s problems. Like Blood Raw said in the USDA song “Live My Life”: “Everybody got something to say, but don’t nobody wanna listen.” Actions speak louder than words.

  • wake up

    This is ignorants…the world’s issues with terrorism, blood diamonds and such ills can not be answered in posts to someone’s blog. Although i some what agree with what is written by risen son and og, i think that thoughts like og is the reason why such things haven’t been changed. If people continue to think “its not my problem” then these problems will still stay the same…look at the world we live in today. We are “in not my problem times.” look at who the hell we elected because ignorant people decided not to vote because shit thats going on “is not their problem.” and didn’t vote and the out come of that is a fucking idiot running the fucked up country we live in( but these asshole still complain about shit. did i pluck a nerve for the people who talking shit in this blog?), and assholes like the one the blog is written about came up. even if this asshole wasn’t relevant in the hip hop world he’d still been on the come up based on the way shit is run now days( but would we still be talking about him). America ain’t got love fa nobody face it. Terrorism been going on since creation why is it now all of a sudden when we get shitted on in a big way its all of a sudden a common word that we all use in a day to day. when countries like Angola and Liberia delt with its issues did we have the same uproar that we’re having on this blog. hell no. keep shit real. don t talk to just talk. because then u wind up look straight ignorant like some of the arguments made here.

  • Mental Gymnastics

    Bol,keep it up & fuck these lames who are only interested in that shock shit you moor yourself into @ times…

  • hovahsus

    i reserve my comments but you lucky bunch of ass holes need 2 get down to Nigeria.You think ya gangsters lets c how long you can survive down there……