RIP Stephen “Static” Garrett

Stephen “Static” Garrett passed away on Monday. Although the official cause of death for the 33-year old Louisville, Kentucky-native isn’t known at the time, I’ve read on a few other hip-hop sites that it was a brain aneurysm. My advice, consider this an unsolved mystery until a source more credible than a gossip blogger steps up with information.

Static was one of the members of the R&B trio Playa, which broke up pretty quickly after their debut album Cheers 2 U. He went on to work his songwriting magic on tracks like “Pony” for Ginuwine (remember that guy?), and “Are You That Someboy,” “Try Again,” and “Rock The Boat” for Aaliyah (remember her?). Over the years he also worked with Jamie Fox, Destiny’s Child, Puff Daddy, and Pretty Ricky, among others.

In hip-hop though, he most notably wrote the hooks for Jay-Z’s “Change The Game,” and Nas’ “You Owe Me.” He was signed as an artist to Blackground Records at the time of his death and plans to release his forthcoming album, Suppertime, are set for later this year.

In any case, you’ll hear his work on Lil Wayne’s track, “Lollipop,” which he wrote on and is also featured. It’s the first official single from The Carter III.

Pour out a little Patron for Stephen “Static” Garrett (November 11, 1974 – February 25, 2008)

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  • Bol

    Sizzurp claims another victim. (Possibly.)

    • T.M.D

      no he had a brain tumor, or somethin wrong wit his brain

  • Kace Jones


  • Rizob

    DAMN! Static died?!?!? Static was that nigga, even tho he couldn’t rap or sing that good, he was a beast with the pen! He basically wrote all of Ginuwine’s hits, and alot of Aaliyahs stuff too. That “Cheers 2 U” album is hot as hell too……

    RIP Static…….

    • Philly’s Finest

      He could sing………

    • DRiKA


  • Richard

    Ohio’s finest So Cocky Vol 1 singles up check em out add me if you like thanks.

  • Khayan From The Bronx

    R.I.P hommie. It always sad to see stuff like this. I wonder who was the idiot who wrote this article. How r we not going to remember Aaliyah. So disrespectful.

  • c

    R.I.P Static. I’ve been a fan since the Playa album and your work with the Super Friends ( Ginuwine Aaliyah, Timbo, Missy etc.) I can’t believe you are gone. You were truly a genius with the ink pen. Most of the songs on the Cheers 2 U were written by you or Smokey. I will keep bumping your music.

    • http://xxlmagazine Britani

      N.R.I.P. STEPHEN’Lil Stevie”Garret
      I’m sick without you I miss hearing you sing and you making me laugh in church now that your there I you can finaly see sis again love you man.You still doing good on the radio.Now you can be my gaurdian angel.

  • Jo-B from tha Ville

    Bol you are a complete idiot. U should not speak on things you know nothing about. RIP Static Major. I got the opportunity to have a conversation wit dude and we exchanged phone numbers. Dude was very insightful towards me and my music endeavors. Static was a good dude. Rest In Peace.

  • paychexx


    i have the cheers 2 u cd it was crack.

  • Miss Resa

    Dang I liked the music he made & I thought he was cute! Soooooooooooo sad RIP Static everytime i hear Aaliyah I’ll think of u:~(

  • Miss Resa

    I love u STATIC!!! U were cute & talented!!!!!!!!!! Everytime I hear an Aaliyah song I’ll think of u:~(

  • Pierzy

    Damn… another dude with skills passes away.

  • E-man

    R.I.P to Static

    The person who wrote this is a fuckin’ idiot. Why u making shitty jokes about remember Aaliyah and Ginuwine, like we’re really gonna forget them. Dumb ass fool.

  • gerald n. the birdman

    This guy contributed to some of the worst music in the past 13 years! RIP

  • moresickaMC

    RIP to Static…talented brother

  • moresickaMC

    gerald n. the birdman says:

    This guy contributed to some of the worst music in the past 13 years! RIP
    no i think your namesake birdman wins that prize

  • adrian smith

    r.i.p..static sick songwriter

  • syncity

    To an old acquaintance of mines,

    I remembered how proud he was of his hometown that he wore around his neck a pendant made out of Kentucky state shape in diamond. When he performed, he gave it his all no matter if it was one person or thousands. He was a ladies man and lived up to his group’s name “Playa”. He didn’t get the recognition he was working so hard for but we will remember him always for his songwriting talents that made Aaliyah’s hits. R.I.P. Static

  • G


  • Ambition-1

    RIP Static – Cheers 2 U for holding down the Ville the way it’s supposed to done.
    502 Stand Up

  • Ryan Maxwell

    R.I.P to a great music producer!

  • vicious seiger

    Gone Too Soon- Static RIP!

  • TOOPair

    The one that made me understand what great songwriting was. he wrote a sleu of hits for the late (RIP) aaliyah as well as R.Kelly, tweet, missy, timbo as well.

    he produced most of, which is to me one of the best R&B albums i ever heard from a group.

    i just can’t believe that he is gone, i cry for the loss of all the talent that came from the basement. i wish to GOD there would have been at least another playa album.

    static, by me will genuinely be missed, although i never knew him. he is the kind of musical talent that i can actually call a genuine artist. he was making hits way before the likes of ne-yo, the dream and trey songz.

    now he is up there with GOD, which he had fascinating amount of faith in GOD and put a lot of his faith in his music.

    as a musician, songwriter and producer i truly
    loved what he did for music and him as well as an artist. what he did was so outside of the box and legendary, but now i don’t know where music is going, it’s no where close to what he did as a songwriter.

    no one can come close.

    Rest in Peace, bruh


    D’Argo Smith a very HUGE fan and admirer forever.

  • yung champ

    R.I.P. static this really hurt me i was looking forward to hearing his newst track i got my blow up i think its a great record and we’ll do great i really looked up to him and i am seriously hurt

  • yung champ

    R.I.P. static this really hurt me i was looking forward to hearing his newst track i got my blow up i think its a great record and we’ll do great i really looked up to him and i am seriously hurt

  • yo baby

    first peace to all big up static also peace to him as well as aaliyah, left eye, bigge,pac, yaki kadafi, big pun, freaky tah big l, pimp c, scott la rock shoulja slim, dj screw,fat pat odb, jam master jay, jay dilla,selena, easy, lyndell hall, troy outlaw and proof

  • Keisha

    My thoughts and prayers go out to Static’s family. Though I am not very familiar with Static, I am familiar with his work. I just saw the Lollipop video with Lil Wayne and I had to find out about this talented man. It is unfortunate that his life ended so abruptly. My heart is heavy with grief simply because another wonderful black man is no longer with us.


  • http://xxlmagazine Britani

    N.R.I.P. Stephen”Lil Stevie”Garrett
    I just miss you so much IM making sure Mark keeps your stuff cracking on the radio. im holding it down for you.I just miss hearing you sing and back in the days when we use to sing in the choir me you and crystal thought we were the stuff. But you truly are a blessing and gifted Now you can finaly see BIG sis face N.R.I.P. Malinda Garrett.
    And to everybody don’t know how he dead please do me and his family a favor KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT.

  • Kelvin

    every who had somethin bad to say can go to hell Cause yall aint doin shit with your lifes so go to hell
    this is to MORESICKAMC

    R.I.P Static Your Legacy Lives On

  • bebe

    What the f*ck do you mean do we remember Aaliyah? Don’t make me snap on here.. R.I.P. to Static and Aaliyah together you guys were magic. Rock the Boat is still my favorite song! God Bless

  • http://yahoo Mz. Steph.

    R.I.P brother. You left us too soon and too early. Lolipop is so hot, it’s on fire!!! We wiss you but you will never be forgotten. Love ya baby!!!

  • chantelle

    I miss static so much

  • chantelle

    I know static in heaven I just wish static would still be alive so I know him better

    • Alfred Wayne Cudjoe

      RIP big brother