R. Kelly finds another line to cross

What’s worse, the fact that R. Kelly is (allegedly) a serial child rapist, or the fact that he might lie to you about having sex with your daughter?

I thought I had my mind made up about Arruh (Let he who is without sin…), but this situation with Regina and George Daniels may have changed my whole perspective on shit.

I’m about to turn 27 in a few weeks, so I’m in an especially self-absorbed reflective mood. I don’t have any kids of my own. And if I’m lucky enough, I won’t, until I find some better white people to work for. But I do have a few friends my age who have (slipped up and) had kids over the years.

Now, it’s disgusting to even think about such a thing, but let’s face it: perhaps as soon as a few years from now I might find myself in a situation where some friend of mine might have some daughter who… shit, I don’t even want to say it.

Suffice it to say I could sympathize when I heard that R. Kelly used to cruise the same Rock and Roll McDonalds that his fellow retarded former Chicago street busker Wesley Willis once sung about looking for middle school-age broads in which to deposit his demon seed.

The flesh can be weak like that. And have you been to the mall lately?

But dropping it off in one of your partner’s kids is a whole other thing altogether. I mean, if you’re gonna have sex with a little girl, fine. Just let it be some other poor sap’s little girl. Presumably this was Regina and George Daniels point of view with regard to R. Kelly’s… um, “issues” up until just now.

Otherwise, how come this is our first time hearing any outrage from them? Not that I bothered to check Wikipedia, but I’m pretty sure when R. Kelly was shouting them out on the family reunion classic “Step in the Name of Love” it was already after everyone and their grandma had seen the video of Kells taking a piss on that broad.

And come on, it had been rumored since way back in ’90s (Aaliyah, anyone?) that R. Kelly got down like that. If this woman was his publicist, was it not her job to be aware of shit like that? And yet, she’s only severing ties with the Pied Piper now that she found out he led her daughter into his lair, i.e. his sauna.

(If you’re not familiar with this story, you might want to check MTV News. And the Miss Info blog has audio of George Daniels calling into a radio show talking about how the R “crossed the line.” Well, I’d certainly say he did!)

So obviously there were some allowances made with regard to their client’s “recreational activity.” And I’m sure a case could even be made that they weren’t necessarily in the wrong. I mean, you’ve seen the video (probably like 10 times). That girl obviously knew what she was doing.

R. Kelly might be functionally illiterate, but I’m sure he’s sentient enough to realize that a man can be thrown in jail for playing ball on the wrong field. He probably just figured those laws were unjust, and he might even be right. (It’s not like these girls were 10 years old.)

But the fact that he had to go and (probably) take a piss on a girl whom George Daniels describes as “essentially his sister,” suggests to me that R. Kelly might have less control over himself than I would have liked to think. If he did some shit like that, who knows what he might do.

In that sense, maybe he should be locked up. Or is the Daniels family just salty that it happened to one of their kids instead of someone else? What do you fruits think?

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  • http://www.fuckyou.com Sweet

    Dude should just stick to women his age.

  • ri067953

    Yo, Kelly gotta be sick man. He should be getting grown vag by the boatloads and not having to mess with young chicks. Maybe it’s the thrill of the chase running down the street yelling “I gotta lollipop for ya!”

  • that nigga

    He’s a fuckin perve. I don’t care who he Is or what he does.

  • Dub Sac

    The Daniels’ girl is 21, which is a lot different than peeing on a 15 year old.

    I understand why the Daniels are mad, but it’s kind of a separate issue from Kelly’s proclivity toward the underage females.

    • Amsterdam

      Considering the fact they know Kells for that long I think they now realize he was preying on their daughter ever since she was like 4 years old

  • Y. Fame

    The Daniels’ let Kellz’ rock for years but he pressed a button when he went after their little girl. I think that’s how we all are in a sense. People are starving in Africa everyday but as soon as we can’t afford to eat, all hell breaks loose. Nobody cares about the next man but we expect sympathy when it happens to us. Am I wrong?


  • b-ease

    I was disappointed that the daughter was legal…Kellz is slippin, he should have smashed that like 4 years ago.

  • King David

    If you look deep into R.’s history, you would’ve seen this coming. Remember that first single Public Announcement had in like 1990? The one about how they fuck with younger girls and it’s fun and shit? He was like in his late teens or early twenties then, and he wasn’t “R. Kelly” yet really, so people don’t pay attention to that. But I’m sure any oldhead who still likes rap enough to read this comment remembers that shit.

  • http://xxlmag.com Kane Corleone

    He’s a freak no doubt bout that but,the bitch you’re referring to is of age.She may be the only WOMAN he fucked so far but she was of age none the less (18 +).

  • Benner

    Bol says:

    “He probably just figured those laws were unjust, and he might even be right. (It’s not like these girls were 10 years old.)”


    • http://xxlmag.com Bol

      Yeah, seriously.

      Read up on age of consent laws.

      • Benner

        I “read up” a little on age of consent laws. Looks like most countries around the world follow the “age ain’t nuthin but a number” line of thinking. I still think that 18 is an appropriate age of consent. With a little wiggle room for people within two or three years of eachother.

        Obviously maturity is a better indicator of a person’s ability to appropriately consent to sex, than just age. But I think 18 is a perfect cutoff for determining peoples maturity levels. Especially, as young people (imo) are becoming less and less mature.

  • Tyler

    Bol, “I’m about to turn 27 in a few weeks” . . I could have sworn that U weren’t a day under 42. Anyway. Yea’ R. Kelly is a damn fool dawg. . I mean we have all hit sum youngster at one time or another. “Hey, if it’s old enough to bleed then it’s old enuff for my demon seed.” But unlike R. we don’t have millions of dollars and millions of female fans that will let U do pretty much anything to them at the drop of a dime and they are of age. Dude needs some real help but he can’t come out with it at this point and time cause I heard that jail thugs don’t take to kindly to childmolesters so note to BoL, try and stay outta jail at all cost, much like R. Kelly with the R standing for Running up in anything under the age of 12. And what’s up with that molester that knocked up Britney Spears sisters? And that dude from Heroes with the fucked up mouth fucking that little young ass cheerleader? ? which wouldn’t we all hit a cheerleader? They aren’t stylin’ on them so, No justice, No peace. Peace my brothas.

  • The Nicker

    How could the more inexperienced girls turn this down:


    Seriously, watch the whole thing . . .

  • jg420

    Man R. Kelly is wrong, he could be fuckin all those fine ass WOMEN in his videos. Bol once again you have dropped another classic post.
    And have you been to the mall lately?
    ^^ Man you got a point right there. The shit you see at the mall is just wrong nowadays

  • Worley

    Grown women cost too much and they always running they damn mouth. They can’t appreciate a happy meal and a pair of sneakers.

  • http://www.fakeshoredrive.com AB

    R. Kelly used to cruise the same Rock and Roll McDonalds that his fellow retarded former Chicago street busker Wesley Willis once sung about looking for middle school-age broads in which to deposit his demon seed.


    Hilarious and true. Kells lurks that whole area for young trim quite often.

    R.I.P. to the legendary Wesley Willis. Rock over London, Rock on Chicago. Wal-Mart, always the low price. Always.

  • Maddolies

    Hey if it got hair its Legit! Lol

  • http://www.plasticsquirtguns.blogspot.com thoreauly77

    good one with the wesley willis reference. a true american genius. r kelly, um, not so much. not until he is determined schizophrenic will he be determined a mad genius.

    and bol, the references to underage girls is really fucking creepy. not going to help your pussy deficit by the way.

  • http://www.billykincaid.com Billy Kincaid

    I can’t believe this is the only update this site has had for the entire fucking day.

  • trickdd

    R Kelly uz hurt my feelings uz I’ve been wanting to get with u for the longest. Fla stand up

  • http://google laney

    what the fuck is wrong wit dis man.

  • http://xxl jacob

    i wouldn’t give a damn how old my daughter is, 21, 25…if we boys..and u watched my lil girl grow up from da age of 4, until she is of age, then get with her..u would not be reading an interview, you’d be reading dat fuck niggas obituary….it would make me think “damn, how long he been wanting to get with my lil girl?!” dat sick fucc!!!

  • Youngz

    YO whats good in the hood???
    I mean shes 21 whats the problem…15 thats pushing it, but thats not phedofilic, right?

    Whatever..why hasnt there been a trial yet, its like 7 years ago now…

    I would have hit a 15 year old aaliyah she was stunning!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/sogentllc LowEndofDaChi

    Robert Kelly has a fucking problem.

    Being from Chicago, it always pisses me off when I hear idiots describe the man as a musical genius or this revolutionary R&B artist. Its almost like the fact that he’s on tape having sex with a teenager then ejaculating and urinating on her face doesn’t even matter.

    As far as this Maxine Daniels chick being 21, its still sick if you take the whole situation into context. Not only is that a close friend’s daughter, but he watched the girl grow up from the age of 4!

    Send that nigga to jail where he belongs.

  • Pierzy

    This dude has some serious, serious issues. I remember first hearing this in terms of Aaliyah and even with all of this, he hasn’t stopped. When Michael Jackson didn’t stop doing his thing, we all called him crazy, so what’s the difference with what R. is doing? Maybe that’s the real reason Jay-Z didn’t want to go on tour with him…Beyonce was probably worried about her little sis a few years ago…

  • http://www.picturemedia.co.za I RUN THIS..

    We can debate this shit until our balls turn yellow, fact remains, Kells is not gonna walk, I dont see him going to jail over that shit.

    Another thing is that alot of these kids lie about their age and to make this things even worse, they look, behave and play their “age”…So its kinda hard to tell that the kid is actually 15 especially lets say you bump into her at a club at 3am and you live with her. Unless all you fruits claim to always check for id..anyway thats just my opinion.

  • stoneyisland

    As a brother from chi-town I think I speak for a lot of cats. We all hate R.Kelly child molesting ass, any 46 year old dude with baby hair and braids has got to be a punk ass bitch, not to mention just plain silly. I hope he gets locked the fuck up and gang banged every night while in prison. Bump and grind indeed…………

    • http://www.myspace.com/sogentllc LowEndofDaChi

      LOL@Bump and Grind,

      But nah man, you’d be suprised how many times I’ve sat in the barbershop and heard grown cats with children of their own defending this man’s actions, the popular reasoning being that the girls participated willingly and fully understood what they were doing.

      Just last summer I was fucking with this stripper chick from Atlanta (strippers aren’t really known for their moral fiber, I might add). One day we were talking about baby making music, and of course Robert Kelly comes up. She turned out to be pretty anti-Kellz, saying that what he did was disgusting and that he should catch a severe beatdown in the clink. This came as a suprise for me b/c quite a few chicks in the Chi were quick to write the underage girls off as “hoes” and continued to support dude’s music.

  • tony starks

    yo whats baby hair

  • Not

    “Skeet skeet on a campus feminist

    Call me a misogynist if you want, but I don’t like the idea that I shouldn’t be able to walk around a college campus in a shirt that says Superman Dat Ho if I want to.

    First of all, college costs money – a shiteload of money. If my parents are laying down their hard-earned money, I’ll be damned if I’m not able to walk around in whatever the fuck I feel like. As long as my balls aren’t hanging out or anything. (Nullus.) So what if the saying on my shirt is a euphemism for a sex technique involving dropping a load on a girl’s back while she sleeps. Maybe that’s what I’m into.

    Also, what happened to free speech? People walk around college campuses all the time (er, at least the one I went to) in shirts with shit having to do with Jesus on them, but you didn’t see me trying to have that shit banned on the grounds of Jesus so obviously being a fairy tale, and not a particularly original one at that.

    I remember when I was in college, every once in a while the residence hall where I lived would give me a free t-shirt. I never wore any of them though, because they weren’t really the kind of shit you would want to wear, even if you were in Chicken Switch, MO; and they probably didn’t fit anyway.

    The University of Michigan must be a bit more liberal than the school I went to though, because they actually had a shirt you could buy that said Superman Dat Ho on the back of it. (For what it’s worth, this might be entirely de rigeur at an HBCU. I wouldn’t know. The school I went to was like 95% white.)

    They were only on sale for about a week though before some hairy feminist-types threw a bitchfit, trying to claim that a t-shirt with Superman Dat Ho on the back of it is demeaning to women. Pshaw!

    But you know how it is on these college campuses. To this day, I can still remember back during freshman week when it was explained to us that you could catch a sexual harassment case just from staring at a girl’s cans in the hallway (which is apparently known as “leering”), even if she’s wearing pink, which draws the eye (that’s basic optometry, I surprised you didn’t know that); and that if you have sex with a girl while she’s drunk, it could be considered rape, even if she doesn’t scream no or try to bite you or anything.

    All because of political correctness and the ridonkulous extent to which these so-called feminists have been able to enforce their will on our college campuses. (Not to get all David Hororwitz on you fruits. I’m just saying.)

    It wasn’t until a while later, after the umpteenth school-sponsored concert by some shitty, regional Christian rock band, that I realized that the real reason why there was never any worthwhile entertainment on campus was because it was decided that the budget for that sort of thing would be better spent maintaining a system of emergency telephones throughout campus. Never mind the fact that no one had ever actually been raped outdoors (or probably indoors, for that matter) on our campus.

    But I digress. Suffice to say that these ugly beeyotches have been getting away with all sort of bullshit on college campuses for a while now.

    Hence I was glad to read yesterday that free speech actually prevailed in the situation at the University of Michigan. A campus forum was held, in which of course the feminazis tried to tie in misogyny in hip-hop with violence against women and problem any number of other things (global warming, SIDS, etc.). But then the issue was put to a vote, and it was decided that people should be able to walk around in t-shirts that say Superman Dat Ho on them, despite the fact that there were some women on the committee.

    My guess: The girls on the committee who voted in favor of the Soulja Boy t-shirts are probably in a lot more danger of some guy actually skeet-skeeting on their backs than the girls who were against that shit. But you guys know I’m a hardened woman-hater like that. I wonder what TPAR’s take on this issue is.”


    LMAO! WTF @ yo whats baby hair.

    yo imagine haven a serious convertaion about someone who done somethin FUCKED UP and out the blue some idiot ask a dumb question like ” YO WHATS BABY HAIR?” lmao.

    I just thought that shit was HIL AR REE US! but anyway….SERSIOULY



  • Vanessa

    bahahahahaha. haha.

    Just read the first few paragraphs, and saw the mention of Wesley Willis. You are my new favourite writer (after myself, of course).

    Suck a cheetah’s dick. RIP.

  • Darryl

    Well people yall all talk about how age is this and that well it coming full circle with these chicks as well because a lot of them so called young ones are going straight for the older sugar daddies, because young dudes just aint right for them anymore. the young dusdes are too busy being gay or killers and just down right dumb when it comes to women. so the new thing now for younger girls is to have that older mand that getting them ed hardy, gucci and all the sex that want. and as for mr kells hugh hefner has been doing this for 65 years so stopping biting that is all said in the media because everyone now a days are looking to sell articles and music by any means necessary. the story is twisted in some way and you cant judge and excute


    George Daniels daughter is an adult. What R Kelly did was trifling but it wasn’t illegal.