What's worse, the fact that R. Kelly is (allegedly) a serial child rapist, or the fact that he might lie to you about having sex with your daughter?

I thought I had my mind made up about Arruh (Let he who is without sin...), but this situation with Regina and George Daniels may have changed my whole perspective on shit.

I'm about to turn 27 in a few weeks, so I'm in an especially self-absorbed reflective mood. I don't have any kids of my own. And if I'm lucky enough, I won't, until I find some better white people to work for. But I do have a few friends my age who have (slipped up and) had kids over the years.

Now, it's disgusting to even think about such a thing, but let's face it: perhaps as soon as a few years from now I might find myself in a situation where some friend of mine might have some daughter who... shit, I don't even want to say it.

Suffice it to say I could sympathize when I heard that R. Kelly used to cruise the same Rock and Roll McDonalds that his fellow retarded former Chicago street busker Wesley Willis once sung about looking for middle school-age broads in which to deposit his demon seed.

The flesh can be weak like that. And have you been to the mall lately?

But dropping it off in one of your partner's kids is a whole other thing altogether. I mean, if you're gonna have sex with a little girl, fine. Just let it be some other poor sap's little girl. Presumably this was Regina and George Daniels point of view with regard to R. Kelly's... um, "issues" up until just now.

Otherwise, how come this is our first time hearing any outrage from them? Not that I bothered to check Wikipedia, but I'm pretty sure when R. Kelly was shouting them out on the family reunion classic "Step in the Name of Love" it was already after everyone and their grandma had seen the video of Kells taking a piss on that broad.

And come on, it had been rumored since way back in '90s (Aaliyah, anyone?) that R. Kelly got down like that. If this woman was his publicist, was it not her job to be aware of shit like that? And yet, she's only severing ties with the Pied Piper now that she found out he led her daughter into his lair, i.e. his sauna.

(If you're not familiar with this story, you might want to check MTV News. And the Miss Info blog has audio of George Daniels calling into a radio show talking about how the R "crossed the line." Well, I'd certainly say he did!)

So obviously there were some allowances made with regard to their client's "recreational activity." And I'm sure a case could even be made that they weren't necessarily in the wrong. I mean, you've seen the video (probably like 10 times). That girl obviously knew what she was doing.

R. Kelly might be functionally illiterate, but I'm sure he's sentient enough to realize that a man can be thrown in jail for playing ball on the wrong field. He probably just figured those laws were unjust, and he might even be right. (It's not like these girls were 10 years old.)

But the fact that he had to go and (probably) take a piss on a girl whom George Daniels describes as "essentially his sister," suggests to me that R. Kelly might have less control over himself than I would have liked to think. If he did some shit like that, who knows what he might do.

In that sense, maybe he should be locked up. Or is the Daniels family just salty that it happened to one of their kids instead of someone else? What do you fruits think?