Justice, Canadian-style

Does the rumors section over at AllHipHop have some sort of vendetta against Lupe Fiasco, or could it be the case that Lupe really is one of the biggest douchebags in all of hip-hop? Of course I’m leaning towards the latter, but you guys know I’ve had my share of run-ins with him.

A couple of years (man, time really does fly when your life is going nowhere!), I suggested that his career might benefit from his first album being leaked a while before its release date. Which seems like a reasonable enough claim, if you ask me. But then he retaliated by calling me a dreaded n-word and threatening to jump off in my ass. (Nullus.) This, despite the fact that he’s supposedly against resorting to violence and calling people the dreaded n-word.

Then there was the matter of me discussing elements of Islamic fascism there may or may not have been in his album Food and Liquor; and my wondering why his manager got buried under the jail for dealing heroin, while Lupe didn’t get any time at all, when the feds had all sorts of evidence suggesting that Lupe may have also been involved. And probably any number of other things I’ve long since forgotten about.

Suffice it to say we’ve had our differences over the years.

So when I read a few months ago, in the rumors section at AllHipHop, that Lupe choked the shit out of a broad at a launch party for a new cell phone, in New York, it definitely seemed to fit into a certain pattern of behavior. Supposedly, he was trying to holler at her, but she wasn’t trying to hear it, so she threw a drink in his face. Which had the effect of triggering his inner Latrell Sprewell. This, of course, despite his being against disrespecting women.

Similarly, I don’t know for a fact whether or not some Canadian kid took a shit in Lupe’s car, but of course I’m hoping it’s true. And it sounds like it might actually be.

Supposedly, this kid Babel was working valet at “the spot” in downtown Toronto. He doesn’t say which one, but it could be that he doesn’t want management there to know that he’s been taking shits in people’s cars. I can definitely relate, having exacted my fair share of service industry revenge on ignorant mofos over the years.

So Lupe pulls up in a drop-top rental with a couple of piff pocketers and a broad who may or may not have been his sister. He gets out of the passenger side, comes around to the other side, and tries to finagle some extra-special service for his rental – probably because he was too cheap to spring for the extra rental insurance.

Then, when Babel clarifies to Lupe his commitment to his chosen line of work, Lupe throws a crumbled up dollar bill at his feet and calls the poor kid a dreaded n-word.

As Babel describes the scene:

[Lupe] comes around the whip real celebritard like and he gets up in my grill, looks at my nametag and he’s all: “Ayo, Babel, you park this car real extra nice for me, don’t forget you represents Madison Ave”, so I say “Yo n***a, i parks every car wit the same amount of care. Don’t matter if you 50 Cents or Kriss Angel”… So the man takes out a dollar bill crumples it up, throws it on the ground and says “There’s yo tip my N*g”.


So supposedly this kid Babel took a shit in Lupe’s rental, in the seat where Lupe was sitting. He never saw Lupe again, but supposedly he ended up riding three deep in the back seat with one of the piff pocketers and his sister. Which of course makes me wonder if he got a grief-on from having to sit so close to his sister, who’s described in the email as being a dime piece like I’ve never seen befor[sic].

I don’t have a sister myself. And if I did, let’s face it, she’d probably be ugly as shit. But I always wonder if guys who have especially hot sisters don’t secretly want to fuck the shit out of their own sister. I mean, how could you not? Is there some sort of special brain chemical that keeps you from getting a hard-on if the girl’s your sibling, lest your kids end up all retarded?

But I digress. Like I said, I’m not sure if there’s any way I can say for certain that this is true, short of seeing a picture of Lupe riding around in the back seat of a Sebring with his sister on his lap. Which of course would be fucking hilarious. But it seems like it might be true for a couple of reasons.

First of all, it would seem to fall into the pattern of Lupe all of a sudden flipping on people and calling them the dreaded n-word. Also, given Lupe’s propensity to tell on people, I’m assuming he would have tried to sue this kid, if he was making this shit up. Or at least called his job and tried to have him fired.

What do you fruits think? Did some Canadian kid really take a shit in Lupe’s car, or is AllHipHop just making this shit up? Is there any way we could know one way or the other?

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  • http://www.plasticsquirtguns.blogspot.com thoreauly77

    yeah i read that a few days back and thought it was funny as hell. i dont think he took a shit in the car though, i think the guy was just exaggerating and being over-the-top, sort of like looking for islamic fascism in food and liquor.

    • ddubbzz

      LOL, yea i agree

  • S>I>C>

    Fuck Lupe, what a fucking faggit, I hope it was a fat stinky fuckin loaf. CA all day biatch.

    • BIG O

      niggas love to hate.i wonder why?he is a great lyracist with an ok flow.lup would pprobably murder damn near everyones favorite rapper.i hope he is a dick to everyone,just like kanye west and dame dash.yall either like the dumb quiet humble types or the dumb loud ass fake gangster bitches like 50 and lil wayne,or joe buddens soft ass.you ever notice that the only people you hear about being jerks are the best?like jay z,nas,eminem.thats just cuz of hating ass faggots like bol.

  • http://www.myspace.com/sogentllc LowEndofDaChi

    So you really had nothing to write about.

    • that nigga

      You ain’t neva lied

  • og bobby j

    I think its obvious that this Babel clown(brad pitt movie?) is making shit up. Rental or not, celebrity or not, I find some dookey in my valet’d whip and its someones ass.

    On a side note, I think lupe can spit…but he is not the GOAT that people (mainly islamic middle amricans and posers) think he is. He is aight…and thats it. Of course, this is my opinion.

    I was hoping you would go in on the weak ass patriots and how it is Hip Hops fault they got smoked…. 18 wins and 1 GIANT LOSS

  • Dub Sac

    It’s odd to me that Bol is more concerned with having us speculate on whether or not someone took a shit in Lupe’s car (how the fuck are any of us supposed to know for a fact?) than what it means that the new beacon of “positive hip-hop” can’t seem to refrain from attacking people verbally and physically in the same way he speaks out against in his music. That seems to be a much larger issue.

    Not saying the idea of a load in Lupe’s front seat isn’t funny, but damn, Bol, you seem to go out of your way to avoid making people think even when you’re tackling a thought provoking issue.

    It’s sad and scary that the pillars of positivity seem to have more demons than all the wanna-be thugs yelling about shooting people and selling drugs.

  • Butch

    Dude, you really are one to instigate.

  • Pierzy

    I don’t think AllHipHop has something against Lupe because, let’s be honest, there is already one major hip-hop site with a major blogger that may have something against Mr. Fiasco. Either way, a valet taking a shit on the seat of a car is pretty hilarious…that’s what anyone deserves for giving a crumbled-up shitty tip. My question is, why did they still sit in the car rather than take a cab and have the car towed or have one of Lupe’s weed carriers drive it back wherever it had to go? Lupe needs to learn how to work…

  • spade

    Its Bullshit!! Find some real shit to write about!

    • Cass’

      Not bullshit… Babel shit

  • EReal

    you know its bullshit,

    I thinkl for sure the first part happened,

    but the kid didnt do shit in retaliation, he jus wished he did, so he threw a half truth out there mixed with some e-thuggery.

    You really hate Lupe dont you? lol.

  • ukkh

    lupe is quality, yall talkin shit, wha makes u fink sum lil punk who works at a fukin car wash is tellin da truth abowt any ov dat shit? an wha abowt lupe an dat bitch, if sum slag threw a drink in my face id hit her like she a man!all u haters need 2 get off lupes back he 1 ov da realest dudes abowt da cool is gon b 1 ov if not the best hip hop album ov 08!

  • First among barbarians

    This kid Babel took a dump in Lupe’s car?

    No respect for celebrity these days.

    My respect for Canada increases.

  • master cheef

    i just hope both loop and gaym keep their word and retire after their third and final albums. hey, maybe even kanye will decide to retire after one of his little-girl-like temper tantrums.

    also, co-sign OG BOBBY J & DUB SAC

    Positive hip hop is as big a marketing scheme as fake gangsterism. Positive hip hop pisses me off just like anti-smoking commercials make me want a cigarette.

  • Fire

    Lupe Fiasco is overrated. Not because I can’t understand him, but because he doesn’t have beat selection skills and he isn’t entertaining enough. There needs to be a balance. Other rappers can be informative and entertaining, why can’t Lupe? Bol, you give him too much attention.

    If the kid actually took a shit in Lupe’s car (which, let’s face it, probably didn’t happen), that would show a lot of balls and would be pretty funny. It is rather interesting how Lupe acts positive and all these instances of him behaving badly come up. Something to think about. There aren’t too many areas in this world that aren’t gimmicks.


    This shit bogus, this the best you got i guess it’s a slow day… I could give two shits about this B.S. quit focusing on Lupe cause that nigga getting money and you worried about if a nigga shitted in his car B!



  • Neven

    Is there some sort of special brain chemical that keeps you from getting a hard-on if the girl’s your sibling

    YES YES YES bol you sick for putting that paragraph in because I’m from a strong family with hotties as cousins and my siter but fuck man we don’t think of that shit. I’ll sit beside any family with a arms around their shoulder DON’T meen I want to fuck them come on man you can write better than this.

  • gerald n. the birdman

    I once took(left) a shit outside Nas’ hotel room in Buffalo in 2002. At about the time of the whole jigga crisis. Nothing personal, I just had to take a shit and thought it would be funny. His bodyguards went apeshit and as did hotel security. All press interviews were subsequently canceled. All I came away with was a good story and a shitty areshole.

  • http://haterplayer.blogspot.com faker than fake

    it sounds like lupe’s a dick but he only seems like a big dick bc he tries to act like he’s jesus christ or something. every now and then he does stupid shit but most artists/celebs/bloggers do much stupider crap.

    he might be halfway diva-ish but its whatever. if he didn’t have a stick up his ass on his albums, we wouldn’t give a shit

  • Mr.Wang

    Giants baby!!!

    anyway dat canada nigga is bullshit.

    i cant get wit none of dat shit.

  • http://www.myspace.com/crockerishiphop Crocker

    Bol > Lupe. The End.

  • XXL

    Assuming this isn’t the first time you came across the AHH Rumors section, you’d know that they’ve been posting b/s stories about him (that nobody [except Bol of course] seems to give a shit about) since Fiasco-gate, as the incident seems to have struck a chord with the aging, Tribe-stanning, Illseed

  • Smash Gordon

    Man I just lost I.Q points reading that bullshyt… Say Bol?….GROW THA PHUK UP! Man reading your shit is like listen to “radio rap”….you the Soulja Boy of Blogs..it’s evident that credibility isn’t something you aspire to achieve…


  • marlon

    first off canada a run ting, google it. secondly i saw lupe’s performance that night not because i’m a fan of bitch ass niggaz but because i go to circa and he was there. easily the worst performance ever. it was fucking pitiful which i prolly shoulda guessed but the nigga forgot half his lyrics, made it to the chorus of every song and then just as the song shoulda been coming alive stopped and moved to the next track then at the end of the show he had the balls to say next time he comes he will throw on a good show. what the fuck is that? the guy has no integrity his lyrics are balls and if it weren’t for buying a dope beat here and there his career would not exist. shit in his car is the least he deserved.

  • avenger

    Man F Lupe that jig hasn’t made a album that didn’t put me to sleep yet. cornball pseudo-intellectual fake thugbitch N-word.

  • Shawty J

    Come on, man. Why does it seem like every other blog you put up you end up mentioning Lupe, and bringing up the fact he threatened you (you scared of this dude or something?). All these Lupe blogs seem real suspect, bruh.
    And all that talk about “sister-fucking”, man what kinda stuff goes through your head?

  • White

    That shit Babel posted is prolly true, I mean, why would he mention that shit about rather getting a loonie than a dollar bill? Seems like some real internal dialogue shit to me.

  • dat jig wigga

    now jigs on shitting in rappers cars

    fuck lupa and his osama bin momma wanna be
    a-rab ass

  • http://www.rizzleworld.blogspot.com allnice

    It is no surprise that he would do some lame shit like that. He’s a wannabe Nas/Jay-Z hybrid. All of sudden dude talking about he used to blast techs and all that shit, cmon man. How can you believe anything he says at this point?

    The only people that like Lupe are fake ass niggaz. They love that dude to death. He is the model for pretenders and people that just started listening to hip hop like 2 years ago.
    That’s why they download his album instead of buying it. They won’t even support their own.

    Lupe is corny for saying he is gonna retire like people care. He not even rapping because he likes it. He just doing it for cash and the best this nigga can get is a fucking rental. Nigga rapping and touring his ass off for a rental car and some pocket change.

    But don’t worry Lupe, alot of niggaz need to retire with you like Ghostface, Game, Joel Ortiz, Camron, Kweli, Mos Def, Saigon, all of Rocafella including Kanye West because even though the beats on Graduation was hot, that nigga is ultra flames and his rhymes are pre school. Oh yeah, I can’t forget Swizz Beats because everyone snored through that niggaz album. All these corny ass dudes need to hang up the mic and move on with their lives.

  • Around and Around

    Yeah I’m going to accept a fucking internet rumor by some dude named babel.

    I read a post at this random hip hop site you don’t know about from a dude named Verbel Kent that Bol gave BXS a donkey punch while watching a lupe video…

  • http://www.picturemedia.co.za I RUN THIS..

    Bol..i dont know anyone that takes any of the shit you about Lupe seriously..4real man..

    And as for your sister, well you and Oprah would make great siblings..lmao

  • http://www.picturemedia.co.za I RUN THIS…

    Even better..

    Bol and Oprah sitting under a tree, K.I.S.S.l.N.G


  • O.N.O. ((Oh No!!!))

    bol can eat a schlong tip

    ain’t nobody dookie in lu’s whip

    lupe all day

    if you don’t fuck wit “food & liquor” and/or “the cool” you don’t fuck with real hip-hop

  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER

    I tell bitches, straight up/
    Get in the car; I’m the shit in the car/
    I do like Alfred though – shit in your car/
    Cop a squat in the drop, take a drop in the drop/
    While you droppin’ the top, unlockin’ your locks… Damn!!

    - Cam’ron “Dead Muthafuckas”

    Shout to Babel.

  • DirtDoggy

    Either way this is hysterical.

  • VoiceOfReason

    Reading these comments, I don’t see one person with something substantial to say addressing the quality of dude’s music.

    Instead, you cats would rather pass judgment on his character, using stories posted in various online rumor mills to form your opinions. I don’t know where most of ya’ll are from, but thats some lame ass, female, gossip type shit.

    In addition to this, I peeped some of you dudes accusing the brother of being “fake” because he speaks out against violence and negativity in his music. What song was this? I must’ve missed that one. If you actually listen to the lyrics, Lupe is more objective than anything, documenting the ills of the hood but not denouncing the parties involved, a la Mos Def.

    This is one of the best brothers doing it right now, yet the lames would rather focus on the malicious rumors and speculation surrounding him instead of what really counts, the music. Just for the sake of argument, how may of you would really sit there and do nothing after some chick tossed her drink in your face?

    This shit is entertainment. Stop turning hip hop into some ACCESS Hollywood special and accept the music for what it is. I don’t expect Lupe to be some sort of saint because of his faith, the niggas human. I do expect him to continue to make good music, and hopefully he meets that expectation on his next album.

    Bol, you’re beyond pathetic. In your neverending crusade to drag this brother’s name through the mud, you not only accuse him of snitching on his business partner, but you also engage in a bit of dry snitching yourself, suggesting that he and other Chicago rap artists are involved in some shady organized crime ring. What’s funny is that you fail to mention that Lupe testified in court on behalf of the defense. You know, where the defendant’s attorney calls upon a witness to corroborate the testimony of the accused. Quit your dead end job in the “service industry” and try to reach some level of self actualization in your personal life. Maybe then your writing would evolve beyond the tired shock blogger aesthetic you’ve employed during the course of your miserable career. To quote my man’s Boosie, you’re the Soulja Boi of this hip hop blog shit. Now Crank Dat Willie Lynch, you morbidly obese fuck.

  • The Nicker

    Co-sign the Underwriter.

    Also, I believe this shit, the Jamaicans in the T-Dot (and I’m going to guess Babel is one of them) are straight crazy.

  • Youngz

    Bol u funny as hell, what the f#ck!!
    ” don’t have a sister myself. And if I did, let’s face it, she’d probably be ugly as shit”

    “A couple of years (man, time really does fly when your life is going nowhere!), ”

    I feel u dawg, I feel u!!!!

    Lupe is wack as hell!

  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER

    I think I’d laugh if a girl threw a drink in my face. If I could time it right, I would try to catch it and get a freebie.

    This wouldn’t be important at all if Lupe’s album was actually worth buying. I admit, after all my issues with The Fool, I went ahead and downloaded it for free.

    Verdict: There’s not much excitement there for real Hip-Hop fans. KanYe had the lightweight album of the year; Lupe tried to follow suit. As I’ve always said –

    Tribe > KanYe > Little Brother > Lupe.

    I feel you though, a little. We’re not discussing the real debate, which is how Lupe’s album or sales are nowhere near good enough for him to feel like the savior of rap music. I bet nobody ever shat in Jigga or 50′s car. I never even heard a rumor of such.

  • P

    if its in T.O. he be lucky if kid shit in his car…alot of dudes scared to come to T.O, fuckin crazy jamaicans and haitians, rappers been jacked up north fo real….anyway quick question can any of you even point out canada on a map? case closed.

  • ESL618

    Be 4real. so this kid took a shit in lu’s car & walked around all day with a shitty ass. come on its not true just some dumb fuck that dont like lupe and had nothing to do but make some shit up like u BOL. get a fucking life.

  • http://incilin.blogspot.com Incilin

    This shit is total bullshit.

  • Liqthez

    Well I know some niggaz trhat would’ve done it no prob. About ten years ago, I’m @ my homies house in the basement, and them niggaz is laugh’n hella loud, and watch’n a police car from the basement window. So, I asked waht’s so funny, and my nigga AD told me he crapped on a news paper and wipped the shit in the door handles, and my nigga Sleepy, pissed through the door window which had been left a little cracked open. Anyway, I waited about thirty minutes for the cops to get back 2 they squad car, and when they got shit on they hands try’n 2 open the door, and smelled all the piss in they car. nigga we fell on tha floor laugh’n at them mofo’s. I din’t stop laugh’n 4 a week. Tru story, no adlib, no extra…

  • http://nuncio78.deviantart.com/gallery Nuncio78

    I think that it’s crazy all the way around. First off it’s just a rumor and we know it’s a 50% chance of validation there. Second from the times I’ve seen Lupe and had a chance to talk to him in person he doesn’t seem like that type of guy to be that stupid. But hey anyone is capable of “goin’ there”.

    It’s ya’ boy Nuncio aka Nun Otha’ sayin’ Peace In Confusion Out!