Is Fisty Scent Going Broke?

Everyone thought that Fisty Scent had backed down his baby moms when we learned that she was only receiving a paltry seven stacks a month after suing ol’ boy for fifty stacks per full moon. This wasn’t a case however of a Black man finally getting some equity from the family courts system, but the final reckoning that Fisty Scent was NOT an owner of Vitamin Water.

The lawyer that Fisty’s baby moms contracted was Raoul Felder. This dude is a legendary t.I. shiester. This is the dude that helped Diddy’s OG B.M. cake up out of control and Diddy has several kids so you know that Diddy must have some paper if Mysa Hilton-Brim is banking several hundred thousand dollars a year just in child support. The reports of Fisty’s fortune may have been greatly exaggerated, and at the end of the day I say that is a good thing for gangsta rap.

Those of us with any amount of intelligence will agree with the following…

Power Of A Dollar Fifty Scent > GRODT Fisty Scent >> The Massacre Fisty Scent >>> Curtis Fisty Scent. Actually, I would rank ‘Curtis’ over ‘The Massacre’, but walk with me on this shit. The more money that Fisty Scent has been reported to having the more shitty he has become as a rapper. You can’t argue with that statement. Okay, you could argue, but why?

All I’m saying is that Fisty Scent becomes a more compelling rapper when he is broke. His style becomes more crisp and sinister. The rich, mansion-owning Fisty just doesn’t excite me as a rap fan, but the Fisty Scent that doesn’t have enough chips to buy a fried chicken and biscuit dinner is the shit. It’s time for dude to get back to the basics. Here are a few items for Fisty to consider in order to get his money back up…

1) Get out of the rag business.
I just read this article about how hundreds of t-shirts were being sent to Nicarauga because they were silkscreened to say New England Patriots 19-0. That will be the same fate for the surplus of G-Unit t-shirts when the U.S. recession peaks. Anyone ever remember the Cross Colours or No Limit clothing lines?

2) Get out of the book business.
We are living in what I call a post-literate society. It’s not that people can’t read, but more like people choose NOT to. The masses want their infotainment via video stream whether it be the legacy broadcast system or the new fangled broadband way. You folks that come through this column read but how many of you are buying books when you can download them?

3) Get back in shape and trim the fat.
G-Unit should be two rappers. Three tops. After Fisty is Tony Yayo and after Yayo is Banks. Neither of these dudes have the work ethic that Fisty does but at least Tony Yayo recognizes his position as weedcarrier. If everyone want to be the engine that drives the car these niggas should get their own cars to drive. That doesn’t include of course the Porsches that were given to Mobb Deep for being ceremonial weedcarriers at G-Unit.

4) Get the legend of Fisty Scent back in the press.
The pedigree that Fisty Scent established for gangsta rappers will never be eclipsed. While some new gangsta rap dude may have a jail record, we will never get someone to claim they were shot more than nine times. First, that takes a ridiculous pain threshold that most normal people don’t have and secondly, most people that get shot end up disabled. MF Grimm notwithstanding, disabilities don’t typically work for gangsta rap artists. Although I would be willing to review the albums of any amputees that think they can spit some hot shit. I mean, hey, you only need one hand to shoot a gun.

5) Get back in the studio.
If Lil’ Wang had half the songwriting ability that is contained in one sweaty Fisty Scent du-rag the Carter III would be better than Illmatic because Wang certainly has the work ethic. Whatever Fisty Scent needs to make the recording studio the type of environment that he can’t be away from is what he needs to build into his studio. Sit-up benches, chin-up bars, floor to ceiling mirrors and pin-up pictures of Ja Rule and Fat Joe should be placed in the booth. I can’t pretend to know exactly what motivates Fisty, but he certainly knows, and he should get right to it.

I still feel that Fisty Scent has the space to re-invent himself in the rap game. It is going to take a lot of courage though for him to come back out as a rapper who had it all and then lost it all, but Fisty is one of the best actors in Hip-Hop and dude could pull that shit off. From rags to riches, back to rags again and then back to riches. I just made myself amped to hear the soundtrack.

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  • K Knux

    1st Bitches.

    • gggg G-unit

      i think 50 is one of th greatest rappers of all time he’s def up there wit pac and biggie his albums r good but he’s def not hungry anymore i’ll be th first to admit it but still nobody in th rap game has or never will do what he’s done. wit his first album i think he came up to hard thts y u i think his music is still good but it could be better

  • Silvano

    I feel you on this one. From my point of view though, its not just 50, its most rappers these days. They lose their hunger when they blow up. They got money now, they don’t have their ear or their feet on the streets. Back to 50 though, even though I’ve dogged on him, I still think he CAN make good music. “Many Men”, “How to Rob”, and numerous diss songs come to mind. Maybe he should stick to stirring up shit? Or rent the projects out for his next video shoot or something….bring him back to the harsh life we live everyday, that fueled his rise to success in the first place.

  • mike

    Fisty scent just needs to come out the closet, and show the world his other side. Fuckin transvestite that he is.

  • michael

    sorry but fisty scent is the most annoying name ive ever heard so is fitty fifty and any other play on words people come up with, the dude should just be called “failed rapper” i like that better.

  • N.O. in my viens

    “If Lil’ Wang had half the songwriting ability that is contained in one sweaty Fisty Scent du-rag the Carter III would be better than Illmatic…”

    lmao…it would be the greatest album of all time.

  • YoMom

    why do they call him Fisty Scent insted of 50 Cent… that shit is mad funny but it makes no sense

  • Fire

    Power Of A Dollar Fifty Scent > GRODT Fisty Scent >> The Massacre Fisty Scent >>> Curtis Fisty Scent.

    Truth. 50 Cent is definitely not a rapper that gets better with age, although I like his music.

  • MoneyManJ

    You didnt hear his new mixtape??? He’s back on his shit!!

  • Billy X. Sunday

    fisty got to stay on his shit with another mixtape in march/april and a studio release in sept/oct after *ahem* detox drops

  • J-Wlo

    I agree for the most part:

    F.S. has yet only unleashed 50 perscent of his potential as a rapper. If you go back to his Guess Who’s back collection you think he could have became the new Biggie/Pac, at least musically …

  • Bobo D

    Fiddy is facing the ‘MC-EO issue’.

    He wants to take over each and every industry but takes him away from creating great music.
    I knew G-Unit was in trouble when he started signing all these acts who wouldn’t really need 50 looking over such as M.O.P. & Mobb Deep the way 50 looked over Banks & Bucks projects. I agree 50 should just kick every body out and keep it to the core of what G-Unit was.

  • Ghost

    Umm…is that detox reference an insiders hint, or a hip-hop head’s hopeful wishes?

  • MoneyManJ

    Tru shit but i think he gonna do it

  • Pierzy

    With a very few exceptions (Eminem, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods), isn’t it true of most professions that when you garner major success, you lose something and you no longer are the young, hungry, up-and-coming person that flipped the profession on its ear? This is very true in boxing – age and success breeds laziness. I also think a huge part of 50′s incredible success was a perfect storm – his legend status of being shot, beefing with a half-rapper, half-singer (Ja), being on the most successful (sales wise) team in hip-hop history (Shady/Aftermath), and coming out in a time when the music hit a lull and some heavy hitters had either died (BIG, Pac), begun to move on (Jigga), or went insane (DMX).

    Back then, 50 was new and exciting. Now? He’s overexposed. And that’s the last thing that he should want..

    • Flymasta


      • Pierzy

        You’re absolutely right. The difference is, 50 at least has some musical talent, Wayne just rambles. But I agree with you – I think Wayne is a victim of himself…his (over)exposure has made expectations of Carter III go thru the roof so that it keeps getting pushed back. Regardless of the times, Wayne could never EVER match the success of 50 or Kanye or Eminem or even Jay-Z. There’s no way he ever goes 5x platinum or anything like that…



    • squadwildin

      No competition breeds success. Maybe 50 Cent is not being challenged. I know for one thing, he needs to lay off doin coke. Thats for damn sure. It’s sucking the creativity right out of him…just like Lil Wang.

  • me

    i buy books


      ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
      SO DO I.

  • d. b. cooper

    The most annoying thing about 50 Cent = The annoying nicknames people like to call him.

    First it was “Fiddy,” which white people esp. like to call him but I’ve seen black people do it too. I don’t believe he ever called himself Fiddy. He was always saying “It’s Fifty” on his mixtapes.

    “Fisty” while not annoying “white people ebonics” is still annoying.

    Please people let’s all agree to call him “Fifty,” or if you’re making fun of him “Curtis” or “The Guy Who Made Curtis.”

    • Around and Around

      d. b. cooper says:

      The most annoying thing about 50 Cent = The annoying nicknames people like to call him.
      If this is annoying you need to find something to do with your life.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    I’m gonna stay with Fisty Scent, because ot just sounds crazy.


      Fisty Scent
      Fishy Scent
      Snithty Scent
      Sissy Cent
      Bitchy Scent
      25 Cent

      Tony Gayo
      Tony Lamo
      Only Chango

      Lloyd Stanks
      No Thanks
      Lloyd Check Cashing Store

      Lil Wang
      Lil Gayne
      Lil Insane
      Lil bit of Change

      Solja Butt
      Solja Bitch
      Solja Fag
      Folja Toy

      Isnt making up names fun? Also…

      Toilet Bol
      Bol-ing Ball
      Bol of Shit

      Billy X. Fagday
      Silly X. Gayday
      (Its only a joke, Im not taking a shot at ya’ll homie.)

      • yourFATazzMAMA


  • 70fo

    xxl goin downhill

  • master cheef

    this was a good drop. before i selfdestruct will be off the chain, though. just wait and see.

  • Kane Corleone

    From the look of this drop it has the feel(n/h) like you’re fuckin 50′s baby mama,and both of ya’ll are eating a big bowl of corn flakes with feces sprinkles on top.Niggas are the worst type of haters,especially east coast niggas.

  • I RUN THIS..

    I just think anyone that takes Cocain is STUPID, PERIOD.!

    hey Billy, i buy books and guess what….i read them afterwards..amazing isnt it..

  • billy f. onegay

    maybe 50 just always sucked. and you’re a lame dick rider who bought into it because it was hyped up and marketed well. now the spell is wearing off and people are realizing he sucks.

    as far as some fag blogger giving advice to a rapper how to run his business what have you personally achieved that gives you any kind of credibility? typical nigga talking about what he would do with fame and money. i think the fact he has gotten there and you haven’t prove his plans are better than yours.

    fisty scent… not funny at all, you’re shit sounds like it was written by a 3 year old. someone needs to write out 5 tips for you on how to write a fucking blog.

  • Boosie

    Billy Sunday,

    Are that fat faggot nigga that used to get smacked up in Art and Design?

  • ty

    No one ever said dude owns Vitamin Water! He got paid, but going broke is a great exaggeration… Jay Z owns Rocawear…nope, some, never did he own more than a 1/3. There were 4 partners initially…2 Foreign guys, Dame/Jay… If we line up the money Jay made by this time 50 is still way ahead. Get a life bish.

  • Tyler

    Great post Mr. Sunday. Yea’ he need 2 do like Rocky did in the one movie when he was going up against that Beast of a Russian. He gotta get rid of all the money and the trappings of fame and get back on his grind. U my dear friend Sunday have an A&R trapped inside your Blob writting body waiting to get out. 50 hire U and myself as his new A&R’s so his projects can reach their true success levels after banging on them once more then he should continue 2 tour forever but otherwise leave the Rap game alone for the broke niggas. Say what U will Wayne still raps like a broke nigga. Jezzy still rap like a broke nigga. That’s where Big and Pac really won at.

  • Maddolies

    Co Sign on dat ridiculous ‘Fisty Scent’ Bulshit. Its Not Funny. Ur a Fuckin waste of space Bully SunGAY.

    And Curtis jus needs 2 stop rapping period cause hez actually getting more annoying than Soulja Boy and dat other lil Fag Arab(Dat Doodoo Head Dummy)

  • Breezy

    This dude 50 is getting progressively worse every album…I was really hoping he would hang it up after losing to Kanye but no such luck!

  • Shawty J

    50 Cent should stop rapping altogether. I haven’t heard Power of a Dollar, but I do know “How To Rob” is possibly the best 50 Cent song I’ve heard. “Many Men” & “Patiently Waiting” are close seconds (all three of these songs came from 50′s first two albums). 50 Cent has no hunger for rap, he isn’t even trying. I knew 50 screwed up when he got ahead of himself and expanded G-Unit (signing Olivia, Mase, MOP, and Mobb Deep). I also knew he was screwing up by releasing his too far apart. Is 50 really the great business man we think he is, I doubt it.

  • 50 CENT


  • dez

    Wayne could never EVER match the success of 50 or Kanye or Eminem or even Jay-Z. There’s no way he ever goes 5x platinum or anything like that…

    record sales dont matter vanilla ice sold millions.. jay-z>>wayne

  • Lancelot

    (strictly opinion) Didn’t 50 baby momma only start asking for the courts to ‘force’ curtis to pay (ironicly)$50k (or $600k PER STINKIN YEAR)like last year?

    And even then – it’s only because what she was ALREADY gettin paid with out court help for a while (i don’t kno how long, but she didn’t sue for back pay right??).

    This lady got like $300k last year to take care of a 12 year old – And now get’s over $80k to do the SAME THING.

    How Many Of Ya’ll that have 2 jobs an a kid make $80,000. per YEAR?

    Just wondering ya kno?


    It’s wild how quickly Phifty Sent’s stan club deteriorated at the same rate as Dipsets. It’s like when stars crash together they take each other out, leaving behind a black hole.

    And Kanye slid right in. NOLO.


    ok, i understand everyone thinks the unit fell off and everything, and how their quality of work after every album they put out decreases and how they are only one timers and ish.

    but you guys are horribly mistaking.

    lloyd banks said, “television caters to pop, not violent hits, the unit aint never fall off, its all politics”

    these guys, are signed to g-unit/shady/aftermath/interscope. last time i checked, dr. dre and eminem run those companies. Now those two guys are classic dudes in the game. the hardest too. and their record labels have the sickest line ups. now dr. dre and eminem signed 50 for a reason, because the dude is REAL. he is the most gangster rapper and he has it all, his writing, his looks, his appeal, everything. he’s perfect, and his crew is too.

    now, why would they keep them signed, if they suck so bad and they fell off and no body likes them anymore.

    this shit is a game, you think they would let them constantly release hot ass records every year?

    no, they will have them release the hardest, hottest shit. then have them slowly release hot shit, but not up to par with what they used to do, bu tthey will still sell records and make money. after a a few years, BAM, they will come out with the shit that will terrorize your speakers for years to come, like power of the dollar, get rich or die tryin, beg for mercy, ALL THEIR OLD MIXTAPES, straight outta cashville, the hunger for more, etc. i mean those are straight out classics.

    look at their new mixtape, return of the body snatchers, now if that shit isnt classic, then you should really consider suicide.

    i bet my life, all the shit that comes out from G-UNIT/SHADY/AFTERMATH will be the most classic shit of all time, better than any other albums they have ever put out.

    remember, you’re talking shit about 50 Cent, G-Unit, Eminem, Dr. Dre, and Mobb Deep?? kneegros please, cut the shit. in my mind, nas, jay-z no body alive can touch these dudes.

    and if anyone says lil wayne, oh my god, JUST SHOOT yourself in the fucking head, the guy flows decently on pop songs that he is featured on, he can’t make a good song on his own.

    till i die, its G-Unit/Shady/Aftermath, The Notorious B.I.G., Tupac Shakur and Big L. <======= The Realest.

  • G-unit Stick Up kid

    u know why 50 losin money?

    cause im stealin it


    da fuck if anyone care how much money shitty mint got…he needa be broke like me!

    I CAN SEE LIL WANG OUTSELLING them other folks..but since THE CARTER III comin out on Neveruary, bullshiteenth 2010, we aint gon find out huh.

  • yall haters

    50 rock 50 wasnt dirt broke he had like 3 cars and all type of shit he was never dirt poor on the power of the dollar he had cake he just matured and picky rap fans what that nigga that sold that crack

  • LC

    50 one of the best in hip hop? Yea Ok – I’ll give you that – but that doesn’t mean he should be acting – for fucks sake – the dude needs to learn how to enunciate