“I Get Wild Like Larry Davis”

Hip-Hop died all over again when Larry Davis was murdered in prison. If you don’t know the story of Black Superman then check this link here.

For those of you that don’t get the YouTubes at your spot I will tell you the story. When New York City was under attack from crack, crack was the king of this rap shit. The king devil. The city was flooded with the drug. Every corner in the poorest neighborhoods held teenagers selling shit to their elders. Drugs fractured the bonds of adults leading the youth. The drug crack was the most powerful shit evar. The memory of what people did for this drug twenty years ago fueled rap music for the last ten years. But even rap music isn’t hardbody enough to describe the real pain that crack addiction caused. There exists a cross-section of multiple generations of impoverished peoples that have lost family members FOREVER.

This is my New York City. This is Larry Davis’ New York City. Larry stood on the block and pumped that rock, and then he put a team on the block with that rock for people to cop. But then God visited Larry and told him to stop pushing that rock for people to cop. So Larry quit and left the block. He kept all the paper he made from the rocks. Only problem was that the money belonged to some cops. A teenager from the Bronx might as well live in a box. That is the only way you leave the block. When the cops came to get their money from the block they had their guns drawn so Larry Davis licked shots. One cop, two cop, three cop shot. Larry Davis got away now the whole Bronx hot. Hell on Earth for two weeks straight, every block, every corner, every spot, every gate. Too much heat to bare because the jakes were everywhere. It took the FBI and five hundred NYPDetects to extract Larry Davis from the Melrose projects.

The police that couldn’t kill Larry Davis rue the day he went to trial. William Kuntsler was his attorney and he knew how to manipulate his sphere of influence in the media. For Larry Davis it was his chance to tell the truth that cocaine business controls America. When Larry Davis was acquitted of attempted murder charges the police almost rioted in the streets. The trial of Black Superman had ignited a powder keg of prejudice against the poorest community in the city. Larry knew that he would eventually be killed for this. And for a somewhat strange reason, so do I. At the end of the day there are no happy endings or rap songs for the real people that touched drugs whether selling them or consuming them. The desperation and dehumanization that is part of the drug trade eats away your soul from within. The memories of family and friends that were lost forever haunts your mind. This is our fate.

R.I.P. Larry Davis
R.I.P. MC Hood

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  • EReal

    “Thats why I represent for my niggas like Larry Davis, before he’d let yall cowards kill em he just aimed and sprayed it” – Young Buck

  • b-ease

    Can’t argue with anything in the blog. I really can’t…

  • cold war kid

    I wish 6 bubble gum, fruit snack, ringtone rappers ran up on Larry Davis like Flo Rida, Nelly, Solja Boy , Boosie, Gucci Mane, and Chingy.

  • Around and Around

    That’s a good post….

    Kids don’t do crack.

  • cold war kid

    ayo billy,

    you banged decep?

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    ^ Hail Meg!

  • Worley

    Larry Davis is one of the biggest figures in my child-hood memories next to Fat Cat. He gave me my first inclination that it wasn’t all good with Jake.

    RIP Larry Davis

  • http://www.plasticsquirtguns.blogspot.com thoreauly77

    billy- this is a real post; real truth and real feeling will always transcend irony and snarkiness, though they have their place. good read.

  • Jew-Z

    did you just say kuntsler

  • dsread

    This man is not someone to be looked up to it is wrong to lionize such a man who destroyed his community he reaped what he sowed and now faces judgment REPAEAT THIS MAN WAS NO HERO he destroyed his community and is now in hell

    • squadwildin

      You can’t say that shit. Paul the apostle was a persecutor of Jews until the Lord came and touched his life. Then he changed his life around and began preaching the gospel.

      DSREAD you have no heaven or hell to put people in. Only God can judge him. At least he stopped and tried turning his life around

  • render

    Larry Davis is a true American hero. After all, what the fuck is America about if not the basic principle of clappin niggas for fucking with your hood.

  • dsread


    If you are serious and i really hope your not please reexamine your priorities and opinions. If not then this is truly a sad day for America but just another sign of the coming moral apocalypse that is on our nation’s door step

    • render

      homie, I’m dead serious.

      Larry Davis was never a moral man. I’ve met dudes that grew up on that niggas block that say that boy was buck wild crazy. I’m talkin loco like Tyson. I don’t doubt for a minute that the nigga wouldn’t kill me for lookin at his dog wrong.

      But the reality is, that whatever Larry may have done in his life doesn’t compare to the wholesale holocaust of the poor and colored that started in the 80′s and hasn’t stopped since.

      It’s the Operation Condor that locked up a generation of youth for breaking windows so a bunch of crooked cops could get overtime pay. It’s the dirty 30 that sold drugs to the kids we went to school with. It’s the police officers that stopped giving a fuck about justice and started looking for out for their own ends the minute they put on a badge.

      Larry Davis may not have been a moral man but don’t think for a minute that any one of those cops he shot in self defense were any more moral or righteous than him. I aint talking about conspiricy theories. I’m talkin about basic human self interest.

      Jake don’t give a fuck about a nigga. Why the fuck should a nigga give a fuck about jake?

      That moral apocalypse you talk about? Fuck outta here. If you think America has EVER been about real morality and justice,outside of rhetoric and platitudes then you definitely need to reexamine your priorities and opinions.

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    Shut the fuck up with your moral platitudes. You act like the colonists didn’t give the native Americans blankets filled with smallpox. You talk like angel dust wasn’t placed in the poor communities for that purpose.

    When Larry Davis broke from the programming that tells ghetto dwellers to kill one another is when he had to be terminated. That he survived when the beast came for him is the best that anyone from utter poverty could wish for.

    Chose whoever you want to be your hero. If that man’s legacy is that he fought back against injustice then you have chosen well.

  • Capital G

    Co-muthafuckin’-sign! Larry wasn’t supposed to be a hero but the dirty ass police were so fucked the fuck up that the tables were turned in the court of public opinion. Realest shit I ever read on this site. Rest in peace to Larry Davis. Phenomenal Billy, fuckin phenomenal…

  • Capital G

    @ dsread – Larry wasn’t supposed to be a hero but who was the bigger piece of shit? A young boy from the Bronx who was a victim of circumstance, or the muthafuckin’ NYPD? Are the officers going to hell too? Or were they just doing their job? To quote NWA “Fuck the police”

  • Capital G

    ps. Peep “The Larry Davis Story” on DVD, listen to the man speak, then form an opinion. (I’m not beefin’ I’m just sayin.) I’m also sorry for eatin up so much comment space.

  • Maddolies

    Can EReal please stop jizzing his pants at BXS articles?

    • EReal

      I dont know what thats supposed to mean, but you can take your gay shit and get the fuck off my dick, you no opinion having dickrider.


    Good shit, Billy……

  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER

    Yo, I’m not even a quarter into this one (you already know – nolo), but it’s on par to be the best. It’s good to see that Harris actually paid attention; Sunday is in my top five alive for bloggers. Nolo not needed; my girl J-Boogie (whut up) says it’s not always necessary.

    *Goes back to the second parag.*

  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER

    Yeah, homes. Best post in a minute. I see it’s getting real out chea. I raise my Heineken in salutation. C’entanni!!

    Who the fuck is dsread? Good God; lord knows I’ve been missing some good beef – nolo – on these posts since the TPAR treaty.

    Not to play Devil’s Advocate here, but you’re on the wrong side of this one. Cats with your type of swag get bullyfooted out chea, my lady. Pull your sack back down and stay in your place. You’d never be brave enough to do what Larry Davis did, on either the positive or negative side. At least he wasn’t just a fucking commenter.

    But thanks for commenting.

    • the champ

      and you’re not just a commenter?

      you’re defending your block from corrupt cops with uzis all day long?


  • keith

    By Rahiem Shabazz

    Larry Davis was one of the most herald figures in hip-hop; it started in the late 80’s with now-deceased rapper MC Hood- on the ‘Scenario (Remix) with Tribe Called Quest. …Lay down ya wages/I’m wild like Larry Davis,” and followed year after year. Even Brooklyn native Buckshot spit Larry’s name on the now classic song, “Why We Act This Way” – Act like you don’t know/ who was there when Larry Davis blast po po… Buckshot that rapper nigga pants low/boxer show/ not a style for ya block to know/ Gangstarr followed suit on JFK 2 LAX, where he spoke about the ill natured hatred towards the police, “Five-0 makes me wanna flip, Larry Davis style/Got a nigga depressed, while he’s awaiting trial”/ The founder of ‘The Stop the Violence Movement, KRS-1 even did a tribute song to him called “30 Cops or More”: But when them come to arrest a black man, they need 30 cops or more.. well now When they arrest a black man, they need 30 cops or more… well now hey.

    It was widely known that G-Unit’s front man 50 Cent wanted to play Larry in his forthcoming movie. Even the Queens rapper felt the necessity to invoke Davis name in one of his raps. “You want the trigger man, y’all was the ones that pull it /that’s why we represent them niggaz like Larry Davis before he let you cowards kill him, he just came and sprayed it /Now what you wan’ do”- Don’t Need No Help
    On the groundbreaking Still Wanted Dead or Alive song Kool G. Rap pens his most sneering lyrics… Cause I’m spit on your ass like Larry Davis … I made another cop spin Now Uncle Sam really wants me … Then I’m off with the drugs and ends … Jay-Z’s lyrics on Best of Both Worlds places Larry as a martyr and embraces him as a hero in the struggle as worthy of admiration as Martin and Malcolm. “A combination of Pappy Mason and Larry Davis, Martin and Malcolm/ This is bigger than the album”

    Rappers Nas, Jay-Z, Jada Kiss, Busta rhymes, Lauren Hill, Kool G Rap, L.L. Ice-T, Chuck D and others recognized Davis in their lyrics. But, the biggest support came from Star & Buc Wild when they were at Hot 97 FM and the Kay Slay (The Drama King) as well as Kiss FM’s Kool D.J. Red Alert.

    A day after Larry surrendered to the police; Ice-T got the entire crowd at Prospect Theatre (Bronx, N.Y) to chant Free Lar-ry Davis!!! Free Lar-ry Davis. He then told the crowds he had his bail money before he dropped the mic and exited the stage. The crowd went berserk.
    There is no denying the love of the hip-hop community in regards to Davis courageous act against the murderous police. We whole-heartedly believed in his innocence. He was our avenging angel for every black youth who felt the thunderous blows from a cop’s billy club, while lying unconscious in the back seat of their patrol car.

    ‘The Streets Made Him A Man, Courage Made Him A Hero & History Made Him A Legend”
    Shams Dabaron (Right Hand Man of Larry Davis)

  • http://XXL King Jacob

    “I don’t give a fucc bout da law..da law don’t give a fucc bout me…fuc da laaaaaaawww…fuc da laaaaawww-aaww!!” Grandaddy Souf

  • http://www.wrgmag,com/tophatandcravat Kobi

    R.I.P – Larry Davis. Nothing but truth Billy.


  • http://xxl gside

    Yes he was a hero just like Nate Tunner was a hero any man that stand up to his oppreossor is a hero Gandi, King ,x,Hury p. Newton all Hero it make me proud to be a black man to see nigga ‘s ain’t buy it. I wish he his aim could have been a little strighter.Punk ass police fuck em.

  • victorious

    he wasnt no hero. he made a deal with the devil and the devil came to collect his ass.
    all that victim of circumstance nonsense.
    dude was a snitch BEFORE his dealings with the police..definitely DURING and some say after (while in prison) I don’t know,about after.

    I know some of you don’t care about who’s a snitch. cool.
    these same police he is so hardcore for shooting were his bosses.as well as partners. if HE had a problem, they protected their investment and HANDLED it for him. they put it work for eachother.
    then dude tried to DOUBLECROSS the pigs. he was a habitual doublecrosser. he double crossed his crime partners, his little soldiers…who by the way were kids (13-16).
    duke was a bully who was in bed with police. case closed.
    i DO give him props for shooting when he had his back against the wall.

  • Guds

    R.I.P Larry Davis.

    80′s Baby poster-child
    Playboys, british walkers, coca cola shirts, mickey mouse shirts, benneton rugby shirts, K-love beat boxing on inspector gadget. 92wktu, Hot Tracks, Fucking hot 97 played that freestyle shit all-day. 105.1 The Supreme Team show, Ultra Magnetic live at Red Alerts birthday part at Latin Quarter, The deuce was the deuce (5 dollar double image flicks). Red Parrot. RoofTop, The A-Team (*not to be confused with B.A Barakas’ crew), Decepts, chinees slippers,Mr.Magic and Marly Marl. Stetsasonic, permanent crease lee jeans,Mayor Koch, “the TR808 is coming” (pause) “bright and early in the morning” Arbys after USA..Sparkle…Nas being Shantes hype man…..Im so fucking QUEENS….Corona Co ro ro NA….Walk-a-thon, The Knicks on Channel 9, “Whats todays mathematics beatdowns” The Flip Wilson Show, Menudo sucks buttons lol, a fresh pair of burgundy suede PUMAs form Yugoslavia with the panther with a eye. Fat Laces, Graffiti Rock, Thats Incredible, The A-Team the one with Mr.T aka I Pity the fool.!!!!This was the 80′s just like larry one of 8 million stories in NY..dirty niggas dirty cops…its the fucking american dream ….