How gully is The Boondocks, really?

There might be a cover-up going on with regard to those supposedly censored episodes of The Boondocks, but damn it if I can’t bring myself to give a shit one way or the other.

Part of the problem is that I could generally give a rat’s ass about cartoons. I was a big fan of Beavis and Butthead back in the day, but that’s about it. I never did get into South Park. And I’ve hardly ever seen anything that comes on Cartoon Network, except maybe once or twice when I was having some issues… you know, moving from the sofa and/or finding the remote.

I’ve been meaning to check out The Boondocks for the past couple of years though, because I know it supposedly deals with a lot of the issues that I personally find amusing. I just haven’t gotten around to it. So I’ve yet to actually see the episodes in question, though I heard they were briefly posted to YouTube before being taken down; and my guess is that you could probably find them on some of these ghetto sites that “sample” content from YouTube and various sites from around the Internets.

Also, I’ve grown a bit tired of the BET-bashing in the past year so, even though I’ll admit I’ve been guilty of it myself from time to time. Not that I hold BET in very high esteem, or that I would even know what comes on BET post, say, 1993, but I wonder if BET isn’t a victim of the audience that it caters to. In other words, is the content on BET so retarded because that’s the best its executives are capable of? Or is the content on BET so retarded because, come on, it’s the black station. It’s gonna have to be retarded, if anyone’s gonna watch it.

Take for example the fact that The Boondocks itself is not on BET, but rather on the Cartoon Network, where it’s probably mostly viewed by a buncha pot-smoking college-age crackety-cracks. (Though for all we know, all of these stations might be owned by the same secret cabal of tall Israelis.) This despite the fact that The Boondocks is produced by Reginald Hudlin, who’s supposedly mocked rather severely in these episodes. So it’s not like there would have been a problem getting a show like The Boondocks in the door over at BET. The problem is, who would have watched it?

In a story on the supposed censorship the other day at AdAge, it’s mentioned that BET has been losing viewership to some of these other cable networks, which have expanded into lowbrow black reality fare – like VH1 with its Flavor Flav minstrel programs, and which ever one of these networks was running that Bobby Brown series. Which, on the one hand, would suggest that an emphasis on reality programming wasn’t a very effective tack by the execs at BET; but on the other hand, it would lend credence to my theory that black folks still crave ignorance, regardless of who’s serving it up.

The story at AdAge doesn’t get into the continuing protests against BET and its parent company Viacom by a group of black religious freaks calling itself the Enough Is Enough campaign, but that’s definitely another reason I’d have a hard time aligning myself with any anti-BET movement. While these people cry out for more diversity amongst the network’s lineup of programs, it’s obvious their real goal is to make the network more palatable to a relative minority of Christian supremacists. If half the time you turn on BET these days they’re showing these god-awful reality shows, and the other half the time it’s religious BS, I’d say they’ve already achieved diversity.

Of course these people seem especially incensed with the sexual content of some of the videos shown on the network, but my question to them is this: In an age when the state of romantic dysfunction in the black community may have finally thrown the entire economy – not just hip-hop – into a recession, is our main problem really the fact people do want to look at a black woman’s ass? If anything we might need to see about getting BET Uncut back on the air, for the sake of the American republic. (Yep, I’m drawing a connection to the sub-prime lending crisis.)

Finally, it’s been suggested that this might all be some brilliant viral marketing attempt on the part of the show’s creator, Aaron McGruder. I supposed it’s worked, in the sense that here I am writing about it, regardless of whether that was his intention; but I’d be wary of giving him too much credit either way, if all he’s gonna do is float the idea that there may or may not have been some shenanigans going on. If he already had the sheer balls to go at his own boss like that, how come he’s yet to offer a satisfying explanation as to what really went down?

My guess is that a few phone calls may have been made.

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  • moresickaMC

    if u aint up on Boondocks….kill yaself!

    • Larry Brite

      co-sign 4sho

  • lookadeez

    I’ll be God damned Bol! I actually agree with you for once!

  • Worley

    I never watch the Boondocks. You can tell it’s a bunch of suburb n*ggas writing that show. The sh*t is corny.

    • grippy

      how would you know if you never watch?

    • beatz23

      actually it was created by and is executive produced by a black man

  • smog

    the last episode of the boondocks ethered the whole rap community in 26 minutes
    do the homie!!

    • therealwayno

      Homiez ova hoes!!

      • BIGNAT

        that episode had me laughing so hard i had to watch it again. “A pimp named slickback does not do shit for the homies. unless that homie wanna walk that stroll and get that money. he is not getting a god tham thing and the same goes for brothers, peeps, dudes, fellas dunnies, comrades. whatever the fuck niggas are calling each other nowadays. sounds like some gay shit to me” hahahahahahah

  • FPL

    Regarding yesterdays post………

    This post brought out more intelligent dialogue than any blog I have read in 2 years…Sure Obama is my choice, but I think its wayyy more important for us to debate and get involved with the process regardless of who we support….To be totally honest I would like to see them both on a ticket…

    moving on….Bol, that Nigga Mighty Casey just ate your lunch dawg and schooled me in the process…MLK, Ghandi, and Mandela all had this in common…they brought cameras to Alabama and filmed little girls/boys being attacked by Bull O’Conner an his dogs. That cracka Lyndon Johnson HAD to sign the Civil Rights Bill…for you to give him ANY credit for that is just wrong.

  • Atl’s own

    Man da Boondocks is the best cartoon 4 adults ever!

    It is like somebody animated a bunch of the Chappelle show skits.

  • K Kills

    What??? my IQ dropped reading that poorly written article. I daugther’s 11 and she can tie in points better. I guess xxl can’t find english majors.

    • Bol

      Really? Then I’ve got a proposition for you. (Nullus.)

      Go get your future stripper of a daughter, have her write a better story on this issue than I did, and I’ll send you $10 via PayPal.

      No bullshit.

      (If anybody else wants to chip in to the Nobody in K Kills’ Family Is Smarter Than Bol Fund, let me know. We’ll make this worth his while.)

      • DETROIT

        i got $50 on bol…lmao!

      • Fire

        Bol, you have me laughing my ass off. That was the funniest response I’ve seen you make in a while. It’ll be interesting to see how this one turns out. Anyway, what I’ve seen of The Boondocks is hilarious.

      • noz

        i got five on it.

      • K Kills

        Bol, you must be overly sensitive. Maybe I should have criticized your subpar writing a bit better. I apologize. Instead I’ll dis xxl for hiring an idiot to blog. Instead of donating to the
        “Nobody in K Kills’ Family Is Smarter Than Bol Fund,” hire a ghost blogger. For every dollar you raise for my sweet lil daughter, we’ll not only match you; we’ll raise you. Won’t be hard on a xxl salary.
        have a nice day and try harder

      • khal

        you really should check out an episode of the boondocks, bol. at least the last one:

    • The Spaniard

      I have $50 also.

      This should be hilarious!

      How do we verify the author…although I’m almost certain that any attempt at forgery will be equally priceless.

      • akaTheRealist

        lol yup co-sign 2 evrybody
        I got $50 on bol too
        btw, if you want to watch full episodes of the Boondocks, just go to, then comedy, and find Boondocks
        the episodes are in unordered segments, but if you click on “watch full episode,” I think you cAN watch the shit in order

  • Moe Real

    Obama’s wife can get it.

  • og bobby j

    no grown ass man should be watching cartoons on the reg. Having said that…a sparodic dose of ducktales, thundercats, transformers and family guy are exceptable.






  • I reign Supreme

    Boondocks is HOT!!! “smog” is right about the last episode ethering the whole rap game in 26 minutes. – Cosign!

  • Wedgie Rudlin

    Here is that Boondocks BET clip you are talking about,

    • Bol


      But something tells me that the entire episode is longer than 2:40.

      Or is that the only part that “leaked” to the Internets?

    • Fire

      That clip is on point. Certainly seems like a milder form of that is what’s going on in the BET offices nowadays. They and MTV (and whatever other networks owned by Viacom) need to balance their output to some degree. They have too many shows making people look ignorant.

  • liqthez

    What’s the name ofthat episode? Try’n 2 find it on youtube…

  • Flymasta



  • Dumb Nigga Hater

    Opinion based on ignorance and speculation is nothing but tabloid writing and wasted commentary. You’re judging a show you never watched? A situation you have no information on? Do your research and you’ll know that Reginald Hudlin is only getting a production credit because of a contractual loophole from his previous dealings with McGruder. He doesn’t work on the show. The ban on those shows being aired is very real and something BET pushed for for months. Not a marketing ploy. In those episodes, the Boondocks put BET on blast and BET felt some kinda way. Period. The Boondocks is the #1 rated show on Adult Swim, so someone is watching it. So if you “don’t give a shit one way or the other”, either watch the show, get your facts straight and write a well informed blog, or shut the fuck up . . . .

  • Jerod

    You’re more of a crackety-crack than I am bol, and I’m a white Boodocks-watching college kid from rural Iowa.
    Bald-headed glasses-wearin’ dumbed down scum-stash-wearin’ version of The Fresh Prince mother fucker.

    • Bol

      So you’re a wigger, but you’re upset that I used the term crackety-crack? I’m confused.

      Also, when’s the new Eminem album coming out?

      • Thizzy

        When he gets off the Nutrisystem

  • Brilliance Proper

    I’m not sure why no one else has gone to Wikipedia or anything else to research this fact but Reginald Hudlin is an executive only on the shows title. He left the show during the first season because of differences between him and Aaron. Per their contract his name HAS to remain on the shows title but he doesn’t even have any involvement anymore with the show and hasn’t for a while… until his network started getting bashed. He came back down and took the episodes out. All this info is easy to find for those willing to look for it all.


    ” homies over hoes yea , homies over hoes yea,homies the homie do the homie” HOT SHIT


    There is a new invention called TiVo or DVR set it to record all Boondocks you missing out. Aaron McGruder killed on the comic strip and this show is challenging the way people should look at hip hop and black america, positively and negatively.

    I got a YARD on K.Kills’ daughter.

    You suck Bol.

  • patkilpat

    Hey Byron, don’t watch the boondocks, go back to Africa, you and other dumb asses are fucking up our intellegent black percentages. I work hard to break “black” sterotypes and you and people like you hold us back like dead weight, and I saw your pic looks like you have a lot of it. But this is what you do go against the grain so you cause conflict so you get viewers so you get paid.

  • BIG O

    i know for a fact that alot of people watch the boondocks.normal ass niggas love that show cuz its funny as hell.when it comes to bet it is the worst thing created for black people.its sad when the best show is hell date.which is coonery at its best.i dont think people want more christian tv they just want more good tv where people dont act like niggers and sing and a new cosby or a different world.but by and large blacks are dumb and like seeing nigger shit.thats why flavor flave is so popular.and why niggas still think lil wayne is sooo good.its my generatons a 21 year old black man and i swear my generation set us back at least 10 years in addition to crack cocaine.the reason why the boondocks isnt on a bet is because it tells the truth about black coulture and black people and its by a young black man disgusted with his own people. just ask gangtstalicious or thugnificent

  • Youngz

    Lol..Bol is getting his beef on…First the 11 year old, then that cracka…he he,,but he has a point though…u da whitest, republican loving, redneck the black race has ever produced…but u entertaining as hell. But after your obama article yesterday its surprising how your love of the white woman makes u support Hillary instead of Obama…U must be smokin some serious shit homie!!

  • DJ Daddy Mack


    Bol, u need to watch some ep. Boondocks is the shit. Funny and educational.

    What I think…
    1. FUCK BET.
    2. I agree with you on BET Uncut
    3. No one can’t speak on dis ish except for aaron but he did say “Okay, so… maybe it’s a 13 episode season…”
    I also heard that he talked about it via bulletins on myspace. So, Im going to have to say that they were banned.
    4. I cosign the 1st commenter.
    5. Vote Obama!!!
    6. I don’t believe in taking BET off the air. I just think it needs a makeover. SMFH at the ppl who watch it.

    That is all.

  • Deez Nutz

    How the hell you gonna right a long azz bullshyt article on a show you never seen before? It could be the best show you ever watched…Its these people in the real world called Journalist and they actually do research before they write a story. Granted you are just a blogger which means that you may or may not have gotten out of middle school but hey to each his own. All im saying is if your going to bash a show…ATLEAST WATCH IT ONCE!!!!

  • clarknova

    Bol, way to spin a shit-tastic article out of…nothing. Normally I enjoy your posts, but this one…jesus, must you be so lazy?

    …oh, wait. Nevermind. I forgot who I was talking to for a minute.

  • boondocks

    bol aint gully at all so him saying this means that boondocks is

  • ArtiSiN

    Horrible article. You had no idea on the topic you were writing and it was written like a middle school student.
    How can you write about something you have no idea about? you just take what ppl say at face value, eh? I wonder how many dumb fucks on here are gonna do the same LOL

  • Jerod

    Nope. Bol, You made a pretty large assumption based on one and, or possibly two facts. The fact that I watch the Boondocks, as I said, and the fact that I listen to hip-hop music, which you most likely assumed.

    Also, unlike you, I try not to judge anything based on race. See, pretty much everyone has it in their genetic make-up, and from long existing authoritative influences to lump people into categories, but I try to look past that, because I just can’t go through life thinking all people are the same.

    And imagine if one day you wrote an article based on something you actually enjoyed for a change? That is, if you DO enjoy ANYthing. I think all of we dedicated readers would fall out of our chairs in shock.

    Oh, and I actually don’t know when the new Eminem CD comes out. ACTUALLY, I didn’t even know there was a new one coming. Tha Carter III comes out March 18th, though. I’m looking forward to that. Well… I don’t know. I heard some disparaging rumors regarding that CD, so I suppose we’ll just have see. You know he’s a G, and we the diseased, infected by Weez, yes, we still believe. Shit, if I was your boss, this note you’d receive: “Bol. You’re relieved. Please pack up your things, we need you to leave.”

    And since I don’t really rhyme, that verse was for free.

  • Kingofda718&212

    The Boondocks is one of the best shows period, cartoon or not. Dudes are denying it cause it speaks the truth. Some episodes go over the line but they are funny as hell. The one about rappers snitching on themselves is the best one yet. Here’s a clip:

  • Debo

    Nigga you a fool. Watch the Boondocks my nig, best show on TV.

  • che

    bol, ur tactic of bringing up something popular and dissing it to get a response from people is getting tiresome.

    i bet you don’t even believe half the crap you say. but hey ‘it’s just entertainment’, right?

  • Shawty J

    “This despite the fact that The Boondocks is produced by Reginald Hudlin, who’s supposedly mocked rather severely in these episodes.”

    Bol, you should do some research. Reginald Hudlin hasn’t been involved with The Boondocks since 2002 back when the show was pitched to Fox. Hudlin is only listed as an executive producer due to contractual obligations.

  • RotterdamSoldier

    Yo Bol Just watch a few episodes, i guarantee you that you would like it…Riley and Huey are some funny ass characters( their granddad & uncle ruckus too )By the way the boondocks is a big hit here in Holland and other European country’s too. The episode of ”Gangstalicious” is one for the books, it ethers the whole rapgame of today!

  • latino heat

    boondocks is the shit. hillarious and educational. edutainment at its finest, word to krs one. bet should have it on, it’s the highest rated show on adult swim, and i’m sure it gets better ratings then anything currently on bet. they ruined rap city, have u seen rap city lately? man that shit sucks! only thing bet has going is american gangster. and yes please bring back Uncut, i will be 1st to sign that petition.

  • AJG da Aviator

    Bol evryone been bashing yo azz on this blog. Noted the worst you’ve written. I always read yo shit before anyone else’s blog(no disrespect) but by far this has been the worst. So you never watched the BOONDOCKS….. R U Fucking SERIOUS!!!! but yo azz got the nutts to try and bring judgement upon one of the best fuckin cartoons made. Nigga get a life cuz you just like a hatin motherfucker from the hood, you dont have a real reason to hate, you just do. Oh well, lets see in the future if you clear this up. WATCH THE BOONDOCKS Bol………….. for that, you’re officially LAME right now!!!

  • Freddy Lawrence

    bol, you’re a terrible person.

    the adult swim website has all the episodes, but after the premieres, they format them into clips. it’s wack. but the show’s still funny.


  • Smoove

    don’t want to sound like a hater…but don’t you get tired of internet bitching? with as much as you complain about the aspects of the public that bother you, why don’t you try writing something positive and influencing a change?

    instead of sitting behind the computer, doing nothing. (I assume.)

    the boondocks is a dope show. you get life lessons, and important issues are addressed through the form of humor. just because its animated, doesnt mean you cant watch it because youre grown. if anything, Bol needs to check a couple episodes and loosen up a little bit. you don’t even have to get intoxicated to laugh your ass off, but I suggest that you (Bol) do.

  • The Spaniard

    By the way, The Boondocks is a pretty decent show. The classic hip hop lyrics sprinkled into the dialouge is enough to get me to watch at the rate that I do watch (which isn’t very often).

    It’s not really laugh out loud funny for me. It’s more of, Yep, that’s exactly what I’ve seen ignorant and/or retarded ass (negros/euros/latinos/etc…) do on a regular basis. Glad someone is pointing this shit out. I am of the (often mistaken) belief that reason and enlightment will prevail given enough exposure.

    • Fire

      “I am of the (often mistaken) belief that reason and enlightment will prevail given enough exposure.”

      I know how you feel on that one.

  • Max Profit

    How can you be Hip Hop blogger that dosen’t watch or even know about the Boondocks.

    You should only blog about things you know about.

  • Tyler

    BoL, why don’t U watch the show, atleast once before U comment on it in a negative light? I mean, it ain’t like U got anything better 2 do in your moms basement since your stomach is so fat that U ain’t seen your meat in years. Dude, take out a couple hours and hit up youtube and peep the show from season one on out. This is one of the greatest things to come along since fried chicken and we all know how U love fried chicken so give the show a shot. U will dig it dawg. Peace

  • homies over hoes

    “do the homie”…I swear the cartoonists made Gangstalicious look just like Baby

    Boondocks=the new Chapelle show

  • Kane Corleone

    boondocks is the’re a self hating fuck if you have not checked it out.this season not too many funny episodes as the 1st.the dude Riley or “Young Reezy”-lol is waaay harder than his brother.its a black cartoon dealing with real issues concerning niggas doing nigga shit

  • Amused barbarian

    Ah yes, Boondocks.

    I have come across this show a few times.

    Seems to consist of little more than some sour, grumbling nigga boy with an arching eyebrow problem sneering at suburbia.

    Watched a bit of it and decided I would start tuning in more often when his grandfather finally turned that scowling Junior over his knee and finally tanned his brooding little ass with a good switch.

    Metaphor or “life-lesson” in there somewhere?

  • Amused as fuck

    Set ‘em straight, Killa Kane.

    “Its a black cartoon dealing with real issues concerning niggas doing nigga shit.”

    Too much.

  • First among barbarians

    “real issues concerning niggas doing nigga shit.”

    Killa Kane, you’re too much.

  • Alex

    This is the 1st blog I’ve read from you. I can’t believe you haven’t seen a single episode of the Boondocks man! You must have been hiding under a rock for the past 8 years.

    When the comic strip came out I thought it was the funniest shit ever. But then a few years back they outdid themselves and put out the cartoon, which let them get away with stuff a little less PC.

    Do yourself a favor, and go to . Its a fan website, but you can watch every episode that’s ever came out. Even the new ones.

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